Wednesday, July 19, 2006

On the dock

By: Matt (Amanda's boyfriend)

The sun was just setting when we arrived at the lake.
A warm summer breeze was softly blowing past.
I parked right next to the boat ramp. I opened the trunk and got a thick blanket.
The breeze seemed to be a bit more insistent down near the water, but it was warm, so it felt really nice. When we reached the end of the dock, I laid the blanket down, and we both sat down on it.
It was so quiet, the only thing to be heard was the water lapping up against the wooden dock.
We sat, and held hands tightly, just looking up at the sky.
The stars were becoming more visible, as the sun continued to hide behind the mountains.
Just as the sun's last visible part tucked away, is when I turned to kiss you.

Do you remember how nice it was.
It was a long, slow kiss.
Our tongues teased, and rubbed against eachother.
My lips wrapped around your bottom lip, and sucked on it.
I remember you moaning as I did this.
We both laid back on the blanket, still with our lips locked together.
My hand touched you just under your dress.
Your leg felt so soft. You seemed to quiver.
It was probably tickling you, because my fingertips were lightly brushing against your skin.
I remember seeing your back arch, as I moved my hand further up your thigh.
As I continued upward, my hand moved to the outside of your thigh.
I stopped kissing you.
Sitting up on my knees, I removed my shirt.
I moved over to straddle your thighs.
Your eyes were closed, and your hands were softly caressing you breasts.
I love watching you touch yourself like this. I sat there, and took in the moment.

You felt my hands return to your hips.
As my hands moved up, so did your sundress.
With every inch of my upward movement, I was exposing more of your beautiful, silky soft skin.
I remember feeling the radiant heat coming off of your sex.
She was probably screaming at me for attention, but I paid no mind.
In due time. My hands moved further and further up your sexy body.
Lightly touching your stomach, then your breasts.
Your dress was pulled up to your chest, so we removed it.
As you placed it to the side, I removed my pants, along with my cotton boxers.
Oh, your breasts looked so lovely.
The breeze had made your nipples slightly hard, yet it felt so good.
It seemed like the warm air was enveloping us.

I lowered myself on top of you.
Our lips met once again.
Our kissing had become more intense.
Our tongues touched, and licked eachothers lips.
My teeth lightly nibbled on your bottom lip. You could feel my immense pleasure.
I was throbbing, presses against your thigh.
Could you feel my heat?
This felt so nice. I rubbed my stiff cock against the softness of your upper thigh, as we kissed.
My lips moved to your neck, then your shoulder.
My hands slowly moved up and down your waist.
Then, you felt my hot breath on your chest.
My lips met your nipples.
I kissed them lightly, as if I was greeting them. My kisses started getting harder and harder, until finally, I closed my lips around your nipple.
Sucking you in, you moaned! I gave each of your nipples equal attention.
Kissing them, licking them, sucking upon them, and nibbling them.
You appeared to be enjoying this very much.

You felt my tongue move its way from your breasts to your stomach.
Again, you quivered.
I kissed around your belly button, then to your hips. I could feel the heat intensify as I got closer to your sex. I kissed each side of your hips, then your inner thigh.
Mmmmm, I could taste you already.
I slowly licked up your thigh, introducing my tongue to your freshly shaven lips.
I reached out with my tongue, and brushed it between your lips.
You tasted so nice! I had been craving your pussy since I had tasted you in the car.
I moved my head up, and covered your flower with my mouth.
I was in heaven.
My tongue played with your lips, and lightly rubbed against your clit.
How did my soft tongue feel on your clit?
I am sure you were enjoying it. My hand fell to the side of the dock, and dipped in the warm water.
With my fingertips dripping, I moved it up over your breasts.
That cool water slowly dripped on your nipples, making them incredibly hard.
My fingers squeezed tightly around your nipples, one at a time.
While my other hand was rubbing over your dripping womanhood.
My lips wrapped around your clit, and began sucking... lightly, then a bit harder and more intense.
Your back arched again as my fingers entered you. I slowly thrusted my fingers in and out of you, as I sucked on your clit so nicely.
I remember your hips bucking, and twitching.
Your hand reached down to meet mine, just so you could coat your fingers with your sweet nectar.
With you fingers dripping, you returned them to your mouth.
Licking yourself off of your fingers, I could hear your purr.
My mouth pressed harder against your soft pussy, and my fingers fucked you faster.
I sucked, and sucked upon your clit.
The warmth in your body continued to rise.
I could sense that you were getting close.
Your twitching became more intense.
I remember how much you were sweating.
Beads of sweat slowly dripped down your chest, and stomach.

You moaned louder and louder.
Then... that familiar, extreme pleasure came washing over you.
A feeling that started in your pussy, spread like wildfire over your entire body.
Your toes curled, and your fingers dug into my shoulders.
As the feeling began to subside, I continued to give your dripping lips soft kisses.
Your body continued to shake.

I moved myself up next to you, and wrapped the ends of the blanket around us.
There we lay in the glow of the moon and stars, wrapped up in a blanket, completely naked.
Our bodies pressed against eachother.
I put my arms around you, and kissed your mouth softly.
I made you feel safe and warm in my arms.
I think it was you who suggested we go up and start a campfire.
We both put our clothing back on, gathered up the blanket, and walked back up the dock... holding hands.

(to be continued)


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