Sunday, July 09, 2006

Dunes of Pain

by BardNJ

I've seen you out there body boarding time after time.
Your soft sexy body makes me so horny especially when I see it encased inn that tight rubber wet suit.
I've only been able to watch you from the dunes time after time as you surf and then finish up.
Sometimes you have to be modest and change under your tee-shirt, other times taking it all off under the warm sun letting me see your shaved snatch and tan tits with ever hard nipples (you'd look great with them pierced and a fine gold chain hanging between them).
So far I've only been able to jerk off in the dunes because there's always people around, but, today is different it's the day I've been waiting for.
We're alone on the beach.
Just you and I. I'm totally prepared for you, I know all of you routines, I've waited and practiced this for a long time.
Today I'm gonna fuck you good.

As I watch you make your last run towards the shore I move to my intercept point, just behind the second big dune you always pass on the way out.
I'm watching through my binoculars as you peel down you wet suit, to your waist, reach behind you back and unhook your bikini top and allow your golden tan tits to breath up the fresh air.
My cock is already stiffing under my black gym shorts.
You then press the palms of you hands against your nipples massaging you tits in their freed state.
You then proceed to push your wet suit down your tan thighs and I see your bikini bottoms come into view.
You step out of the tight rubber suit and then unhook the sides of your bottoms and let them drop to the sand.
You spread your legs and rub your shaved pussy letting your fingers slide between the pink lips.
You then bend over and pick up a pair of shorts and pull them up your beautiful legs.
I watch as you shimmy your damp body into the shorts making you tits jiggle.
Then you bend over and pick up a white tee-shirt and pull it over you head.
It immediately picks up the moisture from your tits allowing me to still see you nipples.
As you pick up the rest of you stuff I quickly scan the beach with my binoculars, I want to make sure we won't be bothered.
My gaze returns to you and you've started to head my way.

I slide to the bottom of the dune, take off my shirt, put on my black wrap-around sunglasses ( with strap so I won't lose them), and pull up my bandana to cover my nose and mouth.
I place my binoculars and shirt in to my gym bag, take out my diving knife and strap it to my leg.
Then I pull on my surgical rubber gloves. I'm hard and ready for you and you should clear the end of the dune in a few moments.

As I see the start of your shadow, I'm ready to pounce.
You clear the end of the dune, and I thrust myself forward.
My elbow catches you on the side of the chin, your soft body crumples under my weight and on top of all of your stuff.
Moaning you look up at me and I swiftly back hand you across the face.

"Shut the fuck up if you know what's good for you bitch," I say in a harsh whispering tone.
My left hand grabs the front of your tee-shirt, to keep you from getting away, and we both stand up.
I reach down and remove my knife, your eyes widen and your lips are trembling.
" Don't worry baby I'm not gonna hurt you, as long as you co-operate that is," I say laying the cold shinny blade against your cheek.

Letting go of your shirt I reach down with my left hand and grab the yellow tie rope on your board.
With a quick downward slash I sever it right at the board.
" Turn around and put your arms behind you, lay your forearms together. Just try to grab the opposite elbows. Now."
You turn around and do as I say. I put my knife back into its sheath and begin to wrap the cord around your arms tightly.
After tying a good knot I turn you around, pull out my knife, turn the blade around, place it between your shirt and body, and with one swift motion cut the shirt from the hem to the neckline.
You start to whimper.
" Don't worry baby I'm just gonna fuck you then set you free," snicker, snicker then meaner, "So shut the fuck up, unless I tell you to speak or I'll gag you."
With my left hand I push the remains of your shirt off your shoulders.
I put my knife back into its sheath and grab both tits roughly, bruising them, pinching the nipples hard and pulling on them.

So far you've trying to stay quiet, I can see your eyes tearing and your lips are pressed tightly together.
I bend over and suckle your right nipple then your left, a slight moan escapes your lips and I bite down on your left nipple hard.
A loud gasp and moan from you and it is returned with a fast backhand from me.

" I'll teach you to be quiet one way or another," I then proceed to slap your face back and forth with my right hand as my left hand keeps a firm grip on your right tit.
After a dozen slaps I let go, you waver but don't fall.
I reach down and pick up your wet bikini bottoms and bring the to your lips.
" Do I have to gag you bitch?" You shake your head.
"Good then keep fuckin' quiet!" I drop the bottoms and with both hands I yank your shorts down to ankles.
"Step out of them and turn around slowly, I want a good look at you up close."
You step out of the shorts, and slowly turn around, you beautiful round tits heaving under you heavy breathing, nipples rock hard, and glistening with sweat and sea water. As you turn back to face me I say, " This won't do." I see you freeze and your eyes widen in horror as you hear the knife unlock from its sheath again. "Hold still." I then run the knife up each arm hole and cut the shirt away. " That's better. Now, continue." I watch your ass undulate as you make another slow complete turn. " Kneel," you do. "Pull down my shorts with your teeth." You lean forward and grasp the waistband between you teeth, you pull my shorts away then down. My hard cock catches in the waistband, then springs free slapping you in the face. You continue till the shorts are around my ankles and i step out of them. I walk over pick up your board and jam it into the sand. I then pick up your wet suit and proceed to cut a strip out of the side about three inches wide and close to two foot long. "Come here," you start to rise, "on your knees, bitch." You crawl over your knees grinding into the hot sand. "Stand," you do, "bend over and place your chin on the board." Once again you do."Now I'm gonna soften you up a bit." With that you hear the whistle of the rubber as it cuts quickly through the air just before it contacts your tender ass with a resounding whomp. You cry out. "That will cost you ten more, the more you scream the more you get and I can keep this up all day." Whop, whop, whop, whop !!!! After a dozen quick swats you ass is turning good and red. I then slow down making sure each new swat hits the area just below the previous covering the area from the top of you ass crack to the back of you knees. " Fine, that's enough, on you knees again bitch. Now sit back onto your heels." What a beautiful sight you crimson ass cheeks look against the white soles of you feet. I walk around in front of you and rub my hard cock all over your face smearing your tear tracks and my precum. Taking my hard cock in my hand I place it against your quivering lips and without me saying anything you open your lips allowing my cock to enter. I place my hand on the back of your head and press your face towards my pelvis shoving my cock deep into your throat. I curl my fingers and get a good grip on your hair, then I start to swing my hips back and forth slowly fucking your face.
After a few dozen strokes I pick up my pace, your lips and jaw already achy from my flying tackle and slapping , now really start to hurt.
Each one of my strokes is full, bringing my cock head out to your lips then cramming your lips to my pubic hair.
Faster and faster, getting closer and closer to cumming.
" I'm going to cum in your mouth bitch, you'd better swallow it all, or your ass is gonna get whipped again."
Cramming you face all the way down my cock I blow my load deep into your throat, you gulp and slurp it all up.
"Good girl," I say and pull your face away from my now deflated cock.
I push you over onto your back, your sore ass and legs making contact with the warm rough sand.
Tears are streaming down your cheeks, and a small drop of cum sits at the corner of your mouth.
I pick up your tee-shirt and dry your eyes and wipe your mouth.

" I don't want you to think I'm a total animal," I say as I drop to my knees between your legs, my limp cock slaps at your shaved snatch.
I lean forward and start to lick and suck your salty nipples, which immediately harden.
My hands work their way up and down the outside of your sore thighs.
I move my face down your heaving belly towards your hairless pussy, my bandana moving up to the bottom of my nose.
I run my tongue up and down the outer lips.
Lifting my face from pussy I say.
"It's all right to make noise now bitch. In fact moan all you want slut."
Smashing my face back into your pussy, you start juicing up almost right away.
As my lips and tongue attack your clit, your hips buck skyward.
You're really starting to enjoy this.
I take one finger and slowly slip it into your tight snatch. It's gripping and clasping my finger as it's getting closer and closer to cumming, you're moaning from deep in your chest.
I lift my juice cover face and yank my finger out.
"Want more?" You nod. "Then ask me to eat your cunt!"
"Ea-ea-eat my pussy, please?"
" That's not what I said," taking a good pinch of your sore ass.
" Please e-e-e-eat my c-c-c-unt !?!"
" I cunt hear you, BITCH!!!" This time I grab both of your sore ass cheeks and squeeze hard.
You yelp then say. "Please eat my c-cunt !!"
"That's better!!"
And I bury my face and four fingers into your pussy.
You moan loudly getting closer and closer, your hips pumping your pussy into my mouth and chin.
You start to cum, oozing juices all over my hand.
Removing from your snatch i take two fingers and jam them into your ass.
You go completely berserk, squirming, moaning and pumping your hips into the air and bouncing your sore ass off the hard rough sand.
"Feel better Bitch?" I ask.
You nod, "Good to see I'm not that bad am I ?"
You shake your head slightly, good to see you're learning.
"Ok, roll over. Time to Fuck."
You roll over, your face on what is left of your wet suit.
"Open your legs Bitch." I get between your legs and in one quick motion I thrust myself deep into your hot wet pussy.
I reach up and grab a handful of your long hair and pull your head up, using your hair like horse reins.
We're moving at a fast pace my hips slamming hard into your sore ass and thighs.
After awhile I slow my pace and release your hair, your face slumps back to the wet suit.
Now I'm using long slow strokes, so I can wiggle my left hand between us and shove my thumb up you tight ass.
Thrusting my thumb and cock at the same pace.
" You're as good of a fuck as I thought you'd be Bitch."
I can feel your pussy starting to quiver around my cock telling me that your cum is approaching.
As you start to cum my right hand slaps your sore ass, leaving a dark red hand print on your already red ass.
And bringing a loud moan from you.
Even with the pain you still keep cumming and moaning as I continue to spank you throughout your cum.
After you finish cumming I stop pumping my thumb and cock and remove them both.

" Roll over slut," obediently you do.
"Ever been fucked in the ass slut?"
You nod.
"Good because that's what's next."
I lift your legs up and drape them over my shoulders, take my rock hard cock in hand and dip it into juicy snatch. "
Ready?" You close you eyes and nod. I move my cock down and aim it at your sweet ass.
" Don't worry, bitch, slow and easy. Trust me."
With that I let a glob of spit ooze from my lips and drop to where my cock and your ass hole are kissing.
Slowly I move my forward, your ass hole expands and my cock head pops in.
Bringing a moan from both of us.
Millimeter by millimeter.
I can see the sweat beading on your forehead.
I reach up with both hands and rub you nipples with my thumbs.
" You know these nipples would look perfect peirced with hoops and a chain between them. What do you think? Would you do that for me, my lover-slut?"
You nod. I'm finally all the way in, and I start to pull out just a little faster than I went in.
All the way out then back in just a little faster.
I move my right hand from your tit and start to rub your clit with my thumb.
"We're both gonna cum now, bitch."
More and more I pick up the pace of my ass fuck, faster and faster with my thumbs on your nipple and clit. You start to buck your sore ass cheeks into my thighs.

"Come on bitch cum." Faster and faster.
Both of us moaning and groaning.
I feel your ass clench my cock telling me your starting to cum and with one last hard full thrust I empty my hard cock deep in your tight ass hole.
Twisting your clit and nipple with my thumb and forefingers producing a scream of pleasure from you.
I stay in your ass until my cock wilts then I pull it out covered with our mixed excretions.

After resting for awhile I pick you up and slide you down your board.
So, the board is between your arms and back.
I take your head in my hands and place your lips on my soiled cock.
"Clean it! Or I'll whip you again."
You start to lick and suck my cock clean.
After awhile I pull my now semi-hard from the warm suction of you mouth and take it in my hand.
"I need to pee bitch. Open wide."
I start to piss into your open mouth, then I move my hot amber stream to the rest of your face, tits, and pussy.
Finishing up on your tits.
Little yellow drops hang from your nose, chin, and nipples. I then reach down and pick up your bikini top, place it between your lips, and tie it behind the back of the board.
Then I tie your ankles together with your bikini bottoms.

"Trust me, someone will find you soon," I then cover your eyes with your ripped tee shirt.
I pick up my stuff and the rubber strap, then get dressed behind the next dune.
You sit there on your very sore ass cheeks and thighs with your ass hole seeping gooey cum.
Hours later, as the sun is almost set, your arms, jaw, ass, thighs, and ass hole aching. You hear someone far off calling your name, at first you think it's a dream, but as it gets closer you realize it is real.
You grunt and groan through the gag as loud as you can.
"Over here," you here a voice say, "I found her!!"
The blindfold comes off and you blink a few times, you see a coast guardsmen kneeling next to you.

"Trust me, we're gonna get you out of here, now just take it slow and easy.
Your husband called and told us you never came home, then someone else called and told us where to find you.
So, just trust me, I'll take good care of you."
With that the coast guardsman reaches down and pulls out a divers knife from its sheath and cuts your neck free, then your arms.
Just then the firstaid comes around the corner of the dune with a stokes basket.
"Take it easy boys she looks like she's had a rough time."

They place you in cool white sheets, cover your naked body and strap you into the basket.
The coast guardsmen leans down and says "Trust me, your in good hands now !!"

The End ???

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