Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Dunes of Pleasure

by BardNJ

"Hi," I hear your voice from over my shoulder.
I turn to see you looking as stunning as ever in a red half shirt and short black mini.

"Hi ya," I return.
"Sit....Want something to drink?" I ask as you settle into the booth across from me.
You nod and I signal for the waiter.

"You look great tonight," I add.
"I'm glad you came down here to see me."
"Thank you," you say, "so what did you want to see me about?"
"Well, I .....," I lean forward, as do you, my eyes drift down the front of your shirt then up to look into your stunning blue eyes.
"I just wanted to ask, well, I wanted to know.... Wanted to say .......... Well........"
"What?" You ask.
"Well what I ......"
The waiter interrupts, you order and I continue.
"Well I just wanted to say is that I've known you for a long time now.
And ..... I don't know. I just think of you as a great friend."
The waiter brings the drinks, I glance around the crowded bar. "I don't know ....."
"I think of you as a good friend also," you say laying your hand over mine. "
Do you want to stay here and talk or get out of this crowd and go for a walk?"
"I don't know...... Let's get out of here..... I hate crowds and talking over the din," I say, and gulp down my drink.

Outside the breeze is warm and sweet with the smell of summer flowers.
The full moon gives your face a warm beautiful glow.
Leaving the bar we head towards the beach.
"So what were you trying to say back there?" You ask.
"I..... Well you know..... Me and the wife are having our problems..... Again.... And..... You and your hubby..... Well..... You know..... And we did used to be good friends," I stammer.
"Well, what are you trying to say?" You ask, grabbing my hand.
"I just want to say, that I've always thought that you are a beautiful lady..... Even back in the old days when you treated me and everyone else like crap..... And I wish we could have.
Should have gotten together back then..... But...... Well you know... I ....."
"You're so sweet, but that's the past, and I did say I was sorry about all that" you say and kiss me on the cheek.
"Don't start, you never know where that will lead," By now we've walked all the way down to the dunes.
"Are you saying you don't want to have sex with me?" You ask.
"No! It's just that..... I do..... I do..... I want to...... Since the first time I always have.....Always will..... But, maybe when we're both divorced.
Maybe then.....I mean it was great when we did that long time ago ."
I blush but luckily you can't see.
I shift my weight from one foot to the other.

"You know, I've known that. I see the way you look at me.
But, what you don't know," a smile crosses your lips, "is the way you make me hot. I've thought of you often.
You showed me a lot when I was a mere teenager. You've been in my fantasies. (now I'm really blushing) You know I've wanted to fuck you again for a long time and I don't care if we're married or not. What about you??"

"But.... But.... But, I thought you said you'd never cheat on you husband, and YES I do want to fuck you. In fact I love to do it right now!!"

"Then lets not talk about it.... Let's do it," you squeal, grab my hand and we run into the dunes.

After about fifteen or twenty yards from the path, I stop and pull you back to me.
Our lips collide.
Tongues thrusting at each other as our hands explore each others backs. Your hands reaching down to grab my ass.
Mine running up under your half shirt to feel for your bra strap, my other to grab your ass cheeks.
Finding no bra and no panties.
Nice to know something's haven't changed since the old days.
Your hands start to pull my tee shirt up out of my shorts, as my both hands run under your short skirt to grab you naked ass cheeks.
We break our kiss and your lips move around to nibble my earlobe. You step back a half step and pull my shirt up over my head exposing my hairy chest to the warm night air.
My nipples harden. You lean forward and kiss my neck, slowly you move around to the other side then moving to my shoulder and down to my chest, licking both of my nipples.
Bring a deep moan from me.
You straighten up to kiss my lips again. I grab the hem of you shirt and pull it up over your head freeing your tits to the night air. I pull you close and we kiss again.
You hard nipples digging into my hairy chest.
Now it's my turn I move my lips around to your earlobe, sucking and nibbling on it.
Moving down your neck licking behind your ear making you shudder.
Then moving around to the other side licking the sweet salty sweat from your neck, finishing by sucking on the other earlobe.
I move my way down to suck on a nipple, I hold one tit in each hand and lather the nipples.
Causing them to harden even more, now bringing a deep moan from you.

"You know these tan titties would look great with gold hoops though the nipples," I whisper in-between engulfing your rock hard nipples.
"Well, when we get married that's where I'll wear your ring," you moan back.
You reach down grab my shorts and yank my shorts downward, freeing my hardon.
"I want this everywhere!!" You say as you hand encircles my rock hard cock.
"Yes, everywhere. Just don't cum in me, the asshole may want to fuck when I get home," you say.
"But, I'll swallow the whole load for you baby."

"Anything you want sweetheart," I say reaching forward to yank down your skirt and seeing your shaved snatch.
"Now that's what I want and just the way I like it naked."

Before I can do anything else you drop to you knees and engulf my hard manhood.
You start to slide you hot mouth up and down, cupping my balls in your hand and running a finger around my asshole.
"Oh, Babe that feels soooooo goood......But, please stop I don't want to cum yet," I moan.
"I want to eat you out till you scream first..."
You slow your head bob down to a crawl licking and sucking the whole length of my hard cock.
You slowly insert one finger into my tight ass, pushing me close to the edge and bringing a deep moan and a shudder from me.
"Come on baby, it's my turn to please you," I moan.
"Please let me taste your sweet juices. I'm a starvin' man."

You release my cock with a loud pop, give my asshole a few more strokes before removing your finger.
You lay back into the dune, cup your tits in your hands squeezing the nipples, then run one hand down between your legs.
With your legs spread wide, you open your pussy lips to let me see your hot pink juicy hole it shines reflecting the full moon light.
At this point I drop to my knees and plunge my face between your legs, I immediately attack your hard clit with my tongue flicking it in all directions.
Up, Down, Right, Left Faster and Faster.
You start to moan louder and you hips are bucking upward into my mouth and flicking tongue. As you start to cum for the first time you grab the back of my head and thrust it into your drenching hot pussy.

"Oh God, Don't Stop PLEASE!!!" you moan.
"I haven't been eatin' like this or cum this much in such a long time."

"Who said I was stopping," I say lifting my head from your pussy for one nanosecond, then I plunge my face back to the task at hand.
Two, Three, Four more orgasms just from my clit attack.
To let you rest and catch your breath a bit I lick my way down to your sweet pussy lips lapping up all of your ambrosial nectar.
After slurping up all of the juices I follow the trail of juices down the crack to your beautiful little pink anus.
I run my tongue around and around your rear aperture lapping up all of the pussy juices that ran down here.
I then force the tip of my tongue into your anal ring, bringing a load moan and a shudder from you.
I reach up with my left hand and start to thumb your clit back and forth as I tongue fuck your asshole.
I love doing this to you.
Just to watch you cum under the attention of my finger and tongue.
After several minutes of licking your tasty little rosebud and thumbing your clit, you start to cum strongly, your hips bucking and twisting towards my thumb and tongue.

"Cuuummmmmming Again!!!!!," you moan. "FUCK ME NOW, please Baby, Please stick your hard cock in me NOW!!!!"

"No not yet baby, I want to eat your sweet snatch some more," I say sliding my tongue back up the juicy trail from your sweet little rosebud back up the dewy lips of your pussy all the way up to your rock hard clit.
I again attack it with wild abandon.
Within the first fifteen stokes of my tongue you cum again, bucking and humping at my chin.
This time I'm not stopping or slowing down I keep licking and sucking your love button.
I reach up with my right hand and thrust three fingers into your sopping wet snatch, triggering another set of orgasms.
I'm still not going to stop (my personal best is 15, do you want to try and top it??).
I begin to thrust my fingers in and out of your pussy slowly keeping pace with my tongue, gradually picking up speed, bringing you closer and closer, building and building towards a massive cum.
Faster, Faster, Faster...... Your hands grip the back of my head and thrust you hips up into my face and start to cum with a loud moan.
I don't stop and neither do you, you cum again and again, bucking and humping my face against you cunt.
After about a dozen consecutive orgasms I slow down my pace a little and you relax your grip on my neck.
At this point I thrust the thumb of my right hand into your snug little ass.
You squeal and burst into another set of rapid fire orgasms as I assault your clit, pussy, and ass.
Faster and faster... After about another six cums you beg.

"Stop, please, STOP! I won't be able to walk straight, please Baby. Fuck Me NOW!!!"

I lift my wet face from your dripping crotch with a wide grin.
"Had enough, huh, I think that should be enough of a warm-up. How that for foreplay baby?"
You just whimper as I draw my fingers from your pussy and ass.
I rise to my knees and shuffle closer to you, placing my cockhead against your tenderized pussy.
With one quick thrust I'm all the way in. "God you're tight baby," I moan.

"That ain't tight yet!" With that you clamp your twat even tighter on my cock.
Now it's my turn to moan.
You relax your grip and we begin to fuck, not a slow relaxed screw either just an all-out-make-your-eyes-water-fuck.
I'm sure the slapping of my thighs against your ass can be heard up and down the beach.
I bend my head down and grab one of your nipples between my lips and suck hard on the already rock hard nipple.
You moan and squirm. I close my teeth on it causing you to moan louder, I then give it a little nip causing you to squeal, "I cumming!!!!"
I stop fucking and wait as your cum nears it's end.

"What's the matter baby?" You ask.

"Getting to close. Want it to last a little longer" I reply. "Just got to hold still for a few seconds that's all.... Why don't you put you luscious legs on my shoulders and I drive it deep." You slip you legs up and I slowly slip my love muscle in and out.
I can feel the bottom of you snatch on every down thrust.

"OK baby, switch I want to be on top for a while," you moan.

I pull out and roll over to feel the warm sand on my back and ass. You throw you leg over me and impale yourself to the hilt.
I reach up and get two handfuls of your firm tits, rubbing your nipples with my thumbs.
You start to fuck slowly your beautiful ass rising and falling.
You quickly pick up pace and soon we are back up to our hundred-mile-an-hour-fuck.
You cum falling forward smashing you tits into my chest.

"Pull out baby I'm so close," I groan.

"O.K. baby just lay there and enjoy," you say.
"I can't wait to swallow your juices."
You slowly withdraw my hard wet cock from your tight little honey pot, you move down and pounce on my hardon with wild abandon.
You swallow it to the root, your one hand encircling the base the other juggling my balls.
Up and down your head bobs, faster and faster.

"Gettin' clooose baaaabbbeeee," I moan.
You double up your speed and extend the middle finger of the hand on my balls and rub the rim of my asshole.
"OH God I'm sooo clooose." You thrust your middle finger into my ass to the hilt.
I grab the back of your head and thrust my cock to the back of your throat dumping my full load of cum.
Now its my turn to moan, thrash, and thrust my hips.
You swallow all of my cum, then release my spent cock with a pop.
You wiggle your finger around my ass then slip it out, and then crawl up next to me.
You plant a long wet sloppy kiss on me, and I run my tongue around you cum soaked mouth.

We cuddle in the sand for a while.
"You know I've always LOVED You," I say staring into your eyes.

"I know.... I LOVE YOU too," you say in return.

"Let's go for a dip to wash off and go home before anyone misses us."
We pick up our clothes and run naked towards the surf.
As we run hand and hand we can hear more moans echoing off the dunes.

The End..............
Or Till We Meet Again.............
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All of my stories are written for a girlfriend, (love you mw) she gives me the idea and I run with it.
The first one "Dunes of Pain" was rough sex on the beach.
This one she said married old friends meet at a bar and then have sex in the dunes.
Email me with comments or questions.

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