Friday, July 21, 2006

Drive in the Country

By: Matt (Amanda's boyfriend)

It was a beautiful day for a drive.
So, that's exactly what we did.
We decided to take that familiar road that led to the lake. The same lake that we drove out to that night.
We sat on the dock all night long that evening, forgetting all of our cares, and just taking in the moment.
We both were eager to go back to that spot.
The spot that brought back a flood of wonderful memories for us.
But, getting there was half the fun!
With the window rolled down, I remember the wind blowing through your beautiful hair.
The sundress that hung loosely made you look exceptionally sexy.
Don't think I didn't notice how the wind blowing on you chest, made the fabric cling tightly against your wonderfully firm breasts.
I could tell that you were not wearing a bra.
My imagination was running wild!
That was when I placed my hand on your knee.

Did it feel nice when I rubbed my hand softly over your knee?
I rubbed over the inside of your knee, then maybe a few inches up from there.
I was imagining how your sweet nectar might have been moistening your flower.
I slowly rubbed my hand a bit further up your thigh, further under your dress.
I could definitely feel the heat from your body rise, as I continued up your thigh.
You looked so sexy, with your eyes closed, your head tilted to one side, and that slight smile.
That smile that told me that I was making you feel completely relaxed.
I took the edge of your dress with my fingers, and slowly moved it up your leg.
With every inch I moved it up, I was exposing more and more of your beautiful, soft leg.
This alone was making me hot. I could feel my excitement pulsate through my body.

It was so hard to keep my concentration on the road.
With one hand on the wheel, and the other on your thigh, I managed to keep control.
Finally, I found my finger reach your soft mound of skin.
When I did this, I remember feeling you shudder.
You took in a huge breath in, and moaned as you slowly let it out.
This was so erotic! Your velvety juice nicely lubricated your soft lips.
I looked over at you, to see your eyes were closed, and both of your hands were massaging your breasts.

Did that feel good? I could tell I was making you feel wonderful.
My fingers wandered further up your steaming sex.
Dragging my fingertip between your lips, it finally met your little clit.
Oh, you moaned so loudly then.
With my finger nicely moistened, I rubbed it in circular motions over your clit.
Slow circles, then a bit faster. With my thumb and index finger I rolled your clit between them. I could see that surges of ecstasy were racing from one end of your body to the other.

Faster I rolled, and louder your moaned.
"Oh god, Yes!" I heard you moan.
Your fingers pinched tightly around your nipples. your sundress was pulled all the way up, and your hands were under the fabric. You reached down and leaned the seat all the way back.
My finger then plunged deeply inside of your body.
It was so incredibly hot, and wet.
As I pulled my fingers from your burning sex, your sweet juice stuck to it.
I lifted my finger to my mouth.
Taking in the smell, the texture, and the taste.
It was intoxicating.
I then, let you taste a bit of your own smooth juice.
I rubbed it over your lips, coating them.
It looked so sexy to see you lick yourself off of your mouth.
Your burning pussy was screaming for me.
I soon returned my hand to between your legs.
Relentlessly I began rubbing your clit again. Going from that, to fucking you with my two fingers, you literally screamed!

My finger tips worked so nicely over your little button.
Faster, and faster they rubbed.
Then, you felt it.
Slowly it happened.
First you started to shiver, then you felt the surge of ecstasy come over you.
It completely washed over you.
Your back arched, your hand reached out for my arm.
You dug your fingernails into my forearm.
Mmmmm, your muscles were tightening around my fingers as I continued to thrust them in and out of you.
I then slowly rubbed my fingers over your lips.

My fingers were soaked from your silky smooth cum.
I offered it to you, and you gladly accepted.
You just laid there with a huge smile on your face as I continued to drive.
The time had just flown by, but we had arrived at our destination.
That warm familiar place, where we had sat on the dock all night long.
We both knew that we just couldn't wait to get out of the car.

The warm summer wind was going to feel so nice on our naked bodies.
Very soon we will experience how nice that feels...
(to be continued)

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