Friday, June 08, 2007

Hard to Find

by T. R. Murphy (Oct 99)

Being a private eye isn't the busiest job in the world, even if you happen to be female and good looking, so I spend a lot of time in my office playing with myself.
We've all got our bad habits, and an itchy trigger finger is mine.
I was using that finger when she walked in.

She didn't know that's what I was doing, of course. I've got a nice big desk that covers up the fact that my trousers are down around my ankles four or five hours a day.
At first glance, I'm the most respectable private dick youâve ever laid eyes on when I'm behind that desk.
Take away the desk and the illusion is gone.
It's hard to look professional with a spare finger or three in your snatch.

'I need your help,' she said, with a breathless voice that reminded me of high class call girls and phone sex lines.
I looked her over, and it was a satisfying process.
Smooth legs, thick round tits I would have killed for, and a tight round ass that just begged for a rough squeeze.

I could have finished myself off in another five minutes or so, but I decided against it.
First impressions are important, and I can't afford to let a job go by just so I can get my rocks off.

'Sit down, doll,' I said.
I reached into my desk drawer and pulled out a bottle of scotch.
'Drink?' I asked.

'Sure,' she nodded.

I got a glass for her, because I doubted she wanted to drink from the bottle.
If only she'd known where the neck of the bottle had been yesterday afternoon.

She took the glass and knocked back the shot like a pro.
A soft shiver rattled her body when the booze hit the back of her throat, sending those fabulous tits into little convulsions, and she swallowed.
It took a second or two for those sweet liquor fingers to calm her nerves, and she finally pushed the glass back toward me.

'Another?' I asked.

She nodded. 'Another,' she said.

I poured. 'Tell me your sad story, sweetheart,' I said, as the booze gurgled into her glass.
'Let me know what I can do to help.'

'It's sort of embarrassing,' she said.

'I don't embarrass easily,' I said, shifting a little bit in the squishy pool I was sitting in.

'I guess I don't either,' she shrugged.
Once again I watched those lovely globes on her chest shift underneath her red dress, and thought about suggesting that she set them free.
'I'm looking for a penis,' she said frankly.

'Aren't we all?' I asked, letting my hand drop back to my lap.

'This is a specific penis. It's curved in a very specific and unusual way.'
She searched for the words, her face blushing fiercely. 'It does things for me.'

'I assume that this penis is attached to a man?' I asked, wanting to get the specifics down at the outset.

She nodded. 'Yes.'

'What's the man's name?' I asked.

'I don't know,' she said.

'Where does he live?'

'I don't know,' she said.

'What does he look like?' I asked.

'I don't know.'

I sighed, sliding one of my fingers lazily inside my pussy. 'This isn't
going to be easy.'

'I know.'

'Tell me how you found out about the penis but not who it belonged to,' I suggested.

'This weekend, I found myself in the middle of a very unusual costume party,' she sighed.
'There was a whole lot of party there and not a lot of costume. Things get out of hand at a party like that real fast, and before I knew itÉ'

'You had your hands full,' I finished for her.

She nodded. 'And just about everything else was filled up, too.'

'Sounds like fun,' I said, secretly wondering why I never get invited to parties like those.

'It was fun,' she agreed enthusiastically.
'I had a cock in either hand and one down my throat, so when he slipped it in from behind, I wasn't facing in his direction. I couldn't get a good look at him.'

'Couldn't you ask his name?' I asked.

'It's not polite to talk with your mouth full,' she reminded me.

'Do you have anything I could go on?'

'Well, there was a girl underneath me, maybe she got a good look at him.'

'Who was the girl?'

'I think I heard her say she's a stripper at the Puss in Boots. She's got a birthmark on the inside of her left thigh.
A natural blonde with boobs so big I can still feel her nipples on my belly.'

'Why don't you talk to her?'

'I don't want anyone to know who I am. If it gets out that I go to parties like that, they might not let me into the county club anymore.'

The sound of the words 'country club' and the dollar signs that went with it almost made me cum, but I bit my lower lip and fought it.
'Five hundred dollars a day, plus expenses,' I said.
'One thousand dollars down.'

She looked disappointed. 'I didn't bring any money with me,' she said.

'I don't work for free,' I said.

'I can lick you off if you like,' she offered hopefully.

My mouth went dry. 'What makes you think I would be interested in something like that?' I asked, shocked enough to stop feeling myself up.

'I can smell it in the air,' she smiled.

I thought about it for a minute, studying her lips. 'I'll lock the door,' I said.
'You take your dress off.'

I moved fast while she cleared off the desk.
When I turned around, she'd wriggled out of her dress and was unsnapping her bra.
I watched, amazed, as those massive tits burst free with an exuberant jiggle, nipples already

hardening. 'I think we're going to like working together,' I said, positioning myself on the desk and sliding out of my top.

'It looks like I'm getting a bargain too,' she sighed, her hands roving over my body, tracing my skin and finally sliding down to my soaking cunt.

I ground my hips into her hand, liking the feel of somebody's else's fingers down there for a change.
She watched my face, amused by how anxious I was to get off.

'Lick it,' I whispered. 'Please..'

She nodded and pushed a stray hair out of her face.
She opened me up with her fingers and her warm, wet tongue flashed into my crack.

'Oh my God,' I moaned, so warmed up from my own personal whacking off that I knew it wasn't going to take long.
I grabbed her head, her silky hair locked in my fingers, and I made sure to aim her in the right direction.

I let her come up for air after a few glorious minutes.
My body was shaking.

'Let me rub my tits on it,' she asked.

I nodded anxiously.

She watched my face as her hard nipples slid into the wet lips of my pussy.
I shuddered, and she began to move her body up and down, the thick weight of her pressing warmly against my crotch.

'Faster,' I whispered, 'Please go faster.'

She did.
My eyes were squeezed shut, but I could picture the whole thing.
Her heavy tits smeared with my juices, those hard nipples sliding in and around my clit, I could see it all pretty clearly.
Down to the last drop.

'I'm cumming,' I warned.

'Good,' she answered, sounding pleased.

The first spasm went through me and I knew it was all over.
I let out a scream that might have summoned the police if I'd been in a better neighborhood.
Wave after wave hit me, orgasms so fierce I knocked the lamp off the desk, until finally they subsided, leaving me shaky and warm all over.

'Well?' she asked. 'Will you take the case?'

'Lady,' I said, 'Consider me on retainer.'

She smiled. 'Call me if you need another advance,' she suggested promisingly.


There was never a Part 2 posted


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