Friday, June 15, 2007

An Unexpected Outcome

by The Dreemer (Oct 99)

As they walked to the door, he felt pleased with the way the evening had gone.
Resisting the urge to make any sexual overtures, he had played the perfect gentleman hoping that by doing so she would be very receptive to any subsequent sexual advances.
They paused at her door.
"Thanks for a lovely evening" she said, and then added, in a very sweet but matter -of -fact voice, "Will you have a wank when you get back to your place ? "

The question caught him way off guide and his first thought was to bounce the question right back to her.
But he hesitated. His second thought was to ask her if the thought of him wanking, whilst presumably, thinking of her, would turn her on .
But, again, he hesitated.
Then, he heard himself say.
" Yes, I will , as you say, be having a wank ".
She gave him a lovely girlish smile and said, " That's nice", and then added, " I've never watched a man wank himself off ".

He was still feeling shaky but he knew a golden opportunity when he saw one.
" That's interesting " he replied, " because I've never wanked off in front of a woman" - he paused and then added, " but there's always a first time for everything ".

She led him back into her apartment.
" Do you want to do it standing up or sitting down?" she asked.
It was a simple question but it filled him with such excitement that he knew he would re-run those moments for the rest of his life.
" Look at me when you're doing it " she ordered, " and keep your eyes open when you come ".

Even as he started to wank, he was wondering what she was thinking.
Was this simply a case of her wanting a new sexual experience or was she playing with him.
She was certainly in control , and that turned him on. He wondered if being in command of the situation gave her a sexual buzz.

He looked into her lovely face .
Her eyes were starring deep into his.
" Don't rush it!" She said, " you look beautiful doing that ".

Part of her wanted her to talk really dirty to him but he knew she wouldn't do that.
And then, he had a sudden thought: he desperately wanted to see her naked, to lay her on her front with her bottom raised and to lick her bum.

Then, he felt it coming.
She must have noticed something in his eyes and she begged him, " Keep your eyes open ".

Then it was sweeping over him and he heard her whisper, " Say my name ", and he did over and over and over.

After, as his senses were returning, she said " There's something else I've never experienced before. Perhaps you'd like to hear what it is? "

He nodded. " Well ", she said " it mainly involves your tongue and my bum."


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Sensitive Man said...

laffing a little at the guy who was so slow catching the clues...

.. and who didn't even attempt to turn them around to his advantage. like "I will continue if you get naked"...

and a bit later "I have never wanked with a beautiful naked woman kneeling between my legs"...

(Camilla, new to reading your blog, but I'll be back!!.. definately!)

Sensitive Man