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Party Time Truth is wilder than fiction

The Dreemer (Oct 99)

I arrived at the party with some friends to find the place filled with an equal mix of 20 something men and women.
The atmosphere was lively rather than wild and for a while I mingled quite happily.

My friends had told me to look out for a particular woman named Rachael.
They described her as being outrageous but they wouldn't expand on exactly what that meant.
They did, however, suggest that I keep an eye on her - particularly after she'd had a few drinks.

By about 2am there were only a handful of men and two woman left at the party.
Rachael was one of the women and we had all been playing various party games.
We were right in the middle of one game when Rachael suddenly blurted out, " This is getting really boring . Let's play something more exciting. "
" Like what, " somebody asked.
"Well," said Rachael, with a wicked smile, " let's have a competition to see which of you guys has the biggest cock."
Everything went very quiet for a few seconds and then Jim, a friend of mine, spoke, " Well, that's sounds interesting but a bit limiting. Why not broaden the competition to include other qualities."
" Like what?" asked a Rachael, sounding rather puzzled.
Jim suggested that a man's cock should be judged not only on size but also on stiffness.
Sally, the other woman, then added, with a giggle, " We could also judge cocks on how pretty they are. "

It was then agreed that the men would be judged one at a time by the two women in private.
Finally, the women said that if any other categories occurred to them they would mention them to the individual men when the judging began.
Rachael and Sally,then went into an adjoining room to prepare for the contest.

A guy called Tom went in to be judged first and when he came back out - many minutes later- his first words were, " Fucking hell! "

When I walked in to the judging room, Rachael and Sally were sitting down .
Rachael had acquired a clipboard from somewhere and looked very business like.
" Well, Bob," she said, " we'd like to add another category to those already chosen. If you are agreed ?"
" Iâm listening," I replied.
" Now " said Sally, " we'd like to include a category that we call, power of ejaculation , in other words, the distance you can shoot your spunk. "
" I was momentarily taken aback.
The girls must have sensed this because Sally added, " Of course, it's entirely up to but the idea really interests us.
Trying to sound unfazed, I replied " Fine, with me ".

They suggested that I took all my clothes off and sit facing them.
I stripped, feeling unbelievably turned on and sat down.
Sally produced a tape measure and came over to me.
" We are going to measure you for length and girth", said Sally.
I thought I was going to shoot there and then as Rachael held my cock while Sally did the measuring.
Then, they each felt my cock for its hardness and recorded their findings on the clip-board.

Rachael then put down the clip-board and said, " We would really like you to do achieve the best you can in the ejaculation category and so we could offer you the following choices.
You could of course wank yourself off, but, if you like, one of us could do it for you and , also, we could provide you with some visual stimulus. "
" What exactly would this visual stimulus be, " I asked.
" Well , for example ", said Rachael, " one of us could strip off and pose in any sexy position of your choice." And Sally added," Better than a girly magazine, don't you think ?

My head was spinning. I can't say that I had fantasised about such an experience because my imagination couldn't have conjured up such a mindblowing sexual encounter.

" Have you decided ? " asked Rachael .
I was having trouble concentrating and inquired " Decided what ?"
" Who is going to do what, silly " , said Sally , " or do you want to do it all by yourself ? "
I managed to composed myself and replied, " I'd like Sally to wank me off and I'd love Rachael to get down on her knees and point her lovely bum in my direction ".
The girls giggled at my instructions.

Sally calmly took hold of my cock and slowly started to wank me.
Rachael stripped off and positioned herself as requested.
She looked beautiful; then, she turned her head and said " We have a theory that, if we take our time over this, the greater will be your performance. "

She smiled a very sexy smile and that smile filled the background of my vision; the foreground was filled with the magnificent sight of her beautiful full bottom.
I knew at that moment that this would be that most exciting sexual experience of my life.

" Do you want us to talk dirty?" asked Sally, as her hand took a slightly tighter grip on my cock.
" Please, " was my one word reply. Sally asked, " Do you think Rachael's bottom is attractive, Bob ?" I managed a nod. "
" Sally continued ," I bet you'd like to lick her bottom all over, wouldn't you?" and, then, she added, "I know I would."
Both girls gave knowing giggles.

It was then that somewhere deep inside I felt the beginning of that indescribable sensation that would soon blast my senses.

Rachael was still saying very rude things and Sally's hand was still pumping away but I was somewhere else: flying.
I was conscious of Sally angling my cock so that I would spurt in the direction of some paper they had placed on the floor.
My mind vaguely acknowledged a clichŽ expression of encouragement, " come on baby, shoot your load for us. " And , finally, I half remember saying, " lovely , lovely, lovely. "

Looking back on that evening from a 10 year perspective has given me time to consider its true significance.
It was undoubtedly the most thrilling sexual experience of my life.
Not the warmest, not the most loving and not the most intimate, but definitely the most exciting.

Recalling the events of that evening has been a source of continuing pleasure.
I often close my eyes for a few moments and I am back in that small room, back with those two wonderfully naughty women, back on a sexual high that still sends my heart pounding and my senses reeling.

And, Rachael and Sally, where ever you are - Thanks.

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