Monday, June 25, 2007

The Meeting

by Nighthawk (Oct 99)

She felt like she had known him for forever.
They had shared the most intimate secrets one could imagine.
Finally, finally she would meet him, touch him, make passionate love to him and she could not wait.
But the thought of it often overwhelmed her and she was not sure how she would react.
As she checked into a room where they would meet, she became increasingly nervous.
He called and asked if he could stop at least just to talk and meet her but they both knew they both wanted much much more.
She admitted her nervousness and he understood he shyness, his desire for her far beyond the sexual to a deep passionate need for her in all ways. He suggested a plan to ease her nervousness which she accepted.

As she waited in the room in a short black negligee, purchased to ensure his desire for her, she heard a knock on the door and her heart jumped.
She had left the door unlocked and as he partially opened the door he reminded her that she was to face away standing and not look at him until he told her too.
She fought the need to turn, to see him in the flesh, but her fear and their agreement made her stand, her legs shaking as he walked closer to her.
She could hear his breathing heavily as he walked nearer knowing that her body and their months of sharing each others wildest sexual desires was affecting him.
She could tell he wanted her without seeing him.
He moved near her and placed his arms around her waist as she closed her eyes and he lightly kisses the back of her neck.
He pulled her against him and she could feel his hardness against her ass indicating his arousal.
As they had discussed, he took a silk blindfold to ease her tension and placed it over her eyes tying the back.

She was now before this man she had wanted for so long, in a sensual negligee, blindfolded and vulnerable.

He reached around, his breath heavy, under her negligee and cupped on breast as she could feel the wetness beginning between her legs.
She had not worn panties knowing how that would arouse him further.
He reached over and let last of her clothing drop to the floor and she could tell he had removed all but his boxers as he pressed against her from behind.
His hard throbbing cock strained through the boxers against her ass as he cupped both breasts in his hands from behind, whispered into her ear how beautiful she was and how he had dreamed of this moment, as his finger lightly pinched her taunt nipples.
His breathing increased as she could feel him getting harder as her rubbed against her.
She could feel the wetness increase between her legs.

Slowly he pushed her to a chair and sat her down as he kneeled between her legs, her blindfold still in place.
He placed her legs over his shoulders as he kissed inside her soft thighs, licking from her knee to where the crease in her hips meets her thighs and back down again in slow, sensuous, deliberate licks.
She gasped as his tongue neared her pussy then moved back down her leg.
She felt a cold bottle of champagne she had prepared for them later rub inside her thigh causing her to gasp as she could hear him take a drink directly from the bottle.
Suddenly, without warning, she felt the cold champagne pour over her hot, wet pussy and his tongue quickly beginning to wildly lick up and down the length of her pussy as he lapped up the cold champagne and her juices in LONG , SLOW, FIRM LICKS.
Her knees trembled feeling his tongue for the first time.
His cold tongue flicked and darted inside her causing her to moan and he wiggled it inside her.
He then began a slow torturous teasing of her pussy as his tongue stiffened, and just the tip, licked slowly side to side and up, side to side and up.
Every inch of her hot, wet pussy was being touched by his hot tongue causing her to squeeze her legs then open them wider for the pleasure he was giving her.
She felt him suck in her labia, rolling his tongue over it as he gently and firmly sucked them in.
the resumed this slow side to side licking.
She felt his tongue dart inside her as she moaned again.
Quickly, he placed his hands under her ass and pulled her hard into his face as it tongue rammed inside her, making her come to the edge of an orgasm and his tongue flicking in and out wildly, fucking her hot, wet, throbbing pussy.
She came quickly as he then quickly flicked his tongue tip over her clit, the pearl swollen for his taste.
As she came, he gently sucked he clit in in. While firmly sucking her clit, he inserted a finger inside her, hooking it, rubbing the inner wall of her pussy as the orgasm swept over her.
She could hardly breath as she felt his tongue rubbing her clit in firm circles around and around and around, and his finger pumping in and out.
She felt him come up for air and take a drink and she knew she would soon feel a cold tongue flicking inside her.
However, instead she felt a wild touch on her clit and quickly knew he was lightly dragging a soft sexual feather over her clit driving her wild as his cold tongue then plunged into her pussy.
She screamed as she felt her body go over the edge again, the feather flicking over her clit like a hot flicker of a candle with his cold tongue flicking in and out and wiggling deep inside her.
She begged him to rest as he ran the feather lightly down the length of her pussy and quickly sucked at her clit then moved away.

He grabbed her hand and stood her up and turned her around telling her to grasp the chair arm as she felt him move behind her.
His cock brushed her thighs as he went around indicating how hard he was and increasing her anticipation of feeling his hot member inside her.
Her juices flowed down her legs from cumming so hard from his tongue.
She was in a wild frenzy wanting his cock in her badly.
She felt his hard, throbbing cock rub over her pussy from behind but not enter as she begged him to fuck her NOW.
He was silent as she arched back to force him inside her.
She felt the head of his cock on her pussy lips then suddenly, slowly, and deliberately he pushed inside her.
They both gasped as he slowly slid in and out.

He moaned loudly feeling her hot wet pussy tightly grasping his hard, throbbing cock.
He grabbed he hips and begin to pull her back into him as he thrust forward her juices flowing down her thigh from her recent orgasms.
He began to move in faster and faster, deeper and deeper, his balls slapping on her ass as he began to wildly fuck her.
His hand reached under and begin to rub her clit maker her even wilder…She heard a buzz and realized he had turned a vibrator on as she was lost in the feeling of his cock pumping in and out as she gripped the chair harder and he drove his cock deep inside here and stopped .
She could feel him throbbing and pulsing inside her as he began to rotate his hips driving her wild as she felt the head of her vibrator touch her clit causing her to gasp, her pussy to contract, as she went into a wild orgasm.
The contracting of her pussy made him go wild as he began to slam into her from behind.
He reached up untying her blindfold as her orgasm subsided and suddenly she was in front of a full length mirror.

She could see her naked body bent over the chair, this man she has wanted for so long pumping his hard pulsing cock into her pussy from behind, his hands on her waist pulling him into her with each stroke.
He was moaning loudly, panting madly as he pumped his cock into her again and again.
It was like she was watching a movie of her self being fucked hard and fast by this man she had fantasized about for months and had masturbated to his voice.
Her mind going wild be the scene she could feel herself ready to cum again.
Suddenly, she felt his body stiffen as he let out a wild loud moan as she felt his hot load shooting inside her.
This caused her pussy to contract again milking his cock of it cum as he spasmed into her again and again, her body rocking with its final orgasm.
His body relaxed as she looked up into the mirror and weakly smiled at him as He leaned over her back, his cock still in her and he gently whispered in her ear.
'Baby this was what I had dreamed of for months and I love you'.
He pulled out as she turned around seeing him face to face for the first time kissing him passionately, beginning the most wild and erotic experience of their lives.

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Incognito Housewife said...

I'll be dreaming of this one tonight! Wish I was experiencing it instead of dreaming it, though...