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Business (Part 12)

Written by Mally Stewart for Camilla on November 5, 1999.

Back in Marshall's penthouse suite the party was in full swing.
Two dancers - Jessica had no idea where they'd come from - had taken over the dining tables and were dancing on top of them.
The blonde had gigantic breasts and the brunette was slim and very flexible.
The blonde's nipples had been pierced and she had tassels hanging from them. Every bump and grind was accompanied by a wide fluttering of the tassels and was met with roars of approval from the audience.
The brunette was pretzeling herself into various contorted positions, and as Jessica, Liu and Jiggy came into the room, looked as though she were about to perform cunnilingus on herself.

The audience - Marshall and his guests - had shed their clothing.
Several couples were engaged in casual sex as they watched the show.
One man stood with his partner held high in his arms, her back to him, gently rocking to and fro as his cock lazily pleasured her.
A few sat with their partners on their laps, their mutual motions geared to pleasure.
Jessica's eyes searched for Marshall, found him leaning against the wall at the back of the room. He had a blonde - Jessica didn't think it was the same one - under his right arm, and Melody under his left.
The sight of them annoyed Jessica, which she acknowledged as stupid given her recent romp with Liu and Jiggy, but, there it was.
She couldn't help but notice that Marshall's monster hung limp.
Well! She'd soon change that!

Taking Liu's hand, she led her to Marshall. "If you're not too tired," Jessica said, trying to keep the edge off her voice, "Liu and I would like to show you something."

Marshall had watched her with hooded eyes.
When he looked at Liu, Jessica saw a flicker of interest.
Seizing the moment, she took his hand and led him, with Liu still in tow, into her bedroom. The bed-clothes were rumpled and strewn all over.
Sex had been here before them, but what else could she expect?
She indicated for Marshall to sit on the bed, then turned to Liu.
"Let's dance," she said, taking Liu's little body into her arms.
They moved to the unheard rhythm of their internal urges, their bodies drawing closer and closer. Jessica dropped her head down to Liu's level, put her lips on Liu's, and began a kiss that gradually increased in intensity.
Liu's breathing grew ragged, audible.
Jessica popped the buttons on her blouse and exposed her tight little breasts.
She ran her fingertips over Liu's nipples, causing them to harden and stand erect.
Liu groaned and pushed her groin against Jessica's leg.

"Well I'll be damned!" Melody, arriving in the room, exclaimed.
The blonde, following her, giggled.

Jessica and Liu undressed each other, pausing frequently for kisses and caresses.
The audience - Marshall, Melody and the blonde - watched in electric silence.
Jessica spread Liu out on the bed and looked at Marshall with a smile of triumph.
He'd asked for Liu, and here she was, delivered and ready.
Marshall had been aroused by their performance and made no effort to conceal his huge erection.
Liu's eyes went buggy when she noticed it and Jessica quietly thanked her stars that Jiggy had already prepared her to be the mare to Marshall the stallion.
She made sure that Liu was properly lubricated and invited Marshall to enter her.
Melody and the blonde gathered around the bed.
Marshall knelt down between Liu's legs and rubbed his huge bulb between Liu's outer lips.

She was very wet.
Jessica looked at Liu's face, saw a combination of fear and desire.
She leaned down and kissed her deeply, her eyes relaying a sense of reassurance.
If Liu were to accept and enjoy Marshall, she would have to relax.

Little by little Marshall worked himself into Liu, taking his time, pushing lightly in, withdrawing slowly.
Liu's breathing and head movement made it impossible for her to maintain the kiss, so she moved down to suck her tight little nipples.
From that viewpoint she captured a new picture.
Marshall, so black, so huge, hovering over Liu, so small, so pale; their opposite forms united at the groin.
Marshall's face wore an expression of controlled passion; Liu's was a contorted mask.
Jessica wished she'd brought Jiggy's camera, but knew that Marshall wouldn't let her use it. Perhaps she could pose this again some other time, using Jiggy or one of the other studs at the party.

Suddenly she felt fingers probing her.
She glanced over her shoulder, found Melody there.
She sighed. The woman pretended to hate her, but that's all it was.
She moved a little so Melody could join her on the bed.
She offered Liu's nipple to Melody, who smiled and took it into her mouth.
As Marshall got deeper into Liu his torso got closer to Liu's.
Eventually he was deep inside her and wanted to put his weight on her.
Jessica and Melody were pushed aside.
Their eyes locked, Melody's smokey with desire and anger, Jessica's cool and waiting. Their bodies were touching at several points.
Melody growled and drew Jessica's lips to hers and thrust her tongue deep into Jessica's mouth.
Jessica sighed and relaxed her body into Melody's arms.

Next to them Marshall was beginning long in and outs. Liu acted as though she were in a demon's trance, her body shuddering and twitching uncontrollably, but held stable by Marshall's weight.
The intensity of the adjacent action carried over to Jessica and Melody.
"Let's 69!" Melody exclaimed.
Jessica decided to tease her a little bit.
"Why? You want some of my pasty-assed pussy?"

Melody sneered. "Listen, if I wanted pasty-assed pussy I could get all I want from Tess."
She indicated the blonde, who was sitting on the other side of the bed and caressing both Marshall and Liu.
Melody looked at her. "Well? You want some of my honey, or what?"

Jessica nodded.
She'd tasted another woman for the first time tonight, and she'd liked it.
Now, she could sample another woman, and the idea excited her.
She just didn't want Melody to know that she really wanted her.
"If you do me, I guess I'll do you."
Melody spun around and plunged her head between Jessica's.
She looked back at Jessica. "I smell cum in here! You been kickin' it with Jiggy? Yeah! You been kickin' it with Jiggy!"
With that she opened her mouth wide and covered Jessica's pussy with it, and stuck her tongue as far as she could up Jessica's hole, mining for cum.

Jessica responded in kind.
Inexperienced though she was, she also recognized the smell of cum.
"You been kickin' it, too, girl!" She mimicked Melody. "Marshall?"

Melody broke her hold on Jessica for a moment. "You ought to know his taste by now, Bitch!"

There was no more talking for a while as they pleasured each other. Melody soon realized that Jessica was mimicking whatever she did, so she did the things to Jessica that she liked.
Jessica marveled at herself.
Here she was in the penthouse suite of an Atlantic City casino, surrounded by naked people who were, no holds barred, having an orgy, lying next to a couple who were engaged in vigorous sex and she herself under a beautifully figured woman who was performing a wonderful blow-job on her while she returned the favor.
Earlier she'd seduced another woman - a virtual virgin - and had fucked a man she'd met only hours before.
Then she'd persuaded, by her actions, Liu to have sex first with Jiggy and now with Marshall.
She should be ashamed of herself, but she wasn't.

She was enjoying it all much too much to entertain feelings like that!
Besides, she had a hunch that she'd be involved with many more people before this night was over!
That contortionist had looked kind of interesting!

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