Friday, June 22, 2007

A Home Office Quickie

by Mr. Neb (Oct 99)

Working at home sure has its benefits but a lot a free time is not one of them.
I sit figuratively chained to the office chair, continually tapping away at the computer keyboard while my wife goes about her business during the day, keeping her distance so that I can work undisturbed.

The morning started pretty much as usual.
I was up early and working. The kids were already off to school.
I heard the sounds from the other end of the house of my wife getting up, showering etc. I kept working away, suspecting nothing unusual.

Without any warning, my chair start to swivel around 180 degrees.
In a split second it stopped. My wife straddled my lap and sat down.

'You have been working home for a few months now,' she began, with a smile on her face.
'Not once have you taken advantage of the situation during the day.'

My wife was dressed in a short silk nightie.
It was a deep burgundy with string straps.
The low-cut neckline was trimmed with lace and made the exposed cleavage of her full breasts all the more alluring.
The nightie was very short, barely covering her crotch as she sat on my lap.

'Today, I will not be ignored!' she announced and kissed me hard on the mouth.
The office chair fell over backwards and we tumbled to the floor, still locked in a passionate kiss.
Her tongue felt warm and delicious while she probed my mouth.
The faint scent of her lightly applied perfume pleasingly tickled my nose.
It was so enjoyable to embrace her silk-covered body while we kissed.

After rolling around the floor for a while, I ended up on my back.
With the deftness of a lioness, she slid her body down mine until she was between my legs.
Quickly, my pants were opened and my cock was exposed to her.
My erection was not fully developed when she took me completely into her warm and very wet mouth.
Her intentionally aggressive and wet sucking accelerated the process and in no time I was a full attention.

'I just love feeling you get hard in my mouth,' she offered.
'It is so wonderful to feel your cock get longer and firmer while I suck on it.
Your precum is so sweet and delicious. I love feeling it on my tongue! It makes your whole cock taste so good!'

She was in complete control of things.
She sucked me to her complete enjoyment and was very careful not to go too far.
As much as I wanted to release my abundant ejaculate into her talented mouth, she had other plans.

She got up and stood above me with her legs straddling my hips.
She caressed her body through her silk gown to the enjoyment of us both.
Her hands rubbed over her breasts and she lightly pinched her budding nipples.
She was enjoying herself very much.
Her hands made their way down to her hips.
Her touches caused the gown to move but she was very careful not to expose herself yet.
She was teasing me very effectively.
It wasn't until she felt the time was right did she raise the hem of her nightie to give me a glimpse of her most special area.
Her pubic hair was trimmed to the faintest levels on her mons.
Her opening was smooth and very inviting.
Her caressed continually progressed until her hands were between her legs.
Her sexy fingers parted her pussy lips, showing me how ready she was.
Her plentiful wetness was very obvious and the magical scent began to reach my eager nose.

Taking my cock in her hands, she sat down on me but did not place me inside of her.
She leaned forward until her lips were almost touching my.
She began to rub the crown of my cock around the slippery opening of her pussy and she started to talk to me.

'This is what I want. I want you to fuck my pussy with your hard dick. Can't you feel how ready I am for you? Can't your feel how wet and slippery my desperate pussy is for your long stiff cock?

Without waiting for an answer that would never have come, she again kissed me hard on the mouth.
Simultaneously, her tongue plunged deep into my mouth and my cock pressed deep into her pussy.
We both let out a deep gasp. Her hips started pumping at a surprisingly rapid rate.
Her pussy was so wet that the delightful sounds of our lovemaking where easily heard.

She kept kissing me and talking to me at the same time.
Her lips and tongue never left their contact with mine.
Her saliva was all over our mouths and continued to flow while see talked.

'Oh, you feel so good deep inside me! It drive me crazy to feel your cock in my pussy.
I love to be fucked by you! I'm going to come very quickly. I am going to keep riding your big dick until I come all over you!'

Her rate got even faster. Her hips were bouncing wildly and her tongue made every attempt to penetrate my mouth to the same degree as my cock thrust into her pussy.

She sat up, my cock penetrating her to its fullest.
In one smooth motion, she slipped her silk gown over her head, its work complete.
Her whole body bounced fast and hard, her pelvis pounding against mine, the head of my cock pressing hard against her cervix, her breasts jiggling uncontrollably.

She lowered her torso again, placing her face close to mine, only her hips now maintaining the necessary thrusts.
Her breathing was extremely short and erratic. In short breathless bursts she talked me through her orgasm.

'I'm coming. Oh, it feels so good! I'm so close! Your cock feels so good! Mmmmm. Yes, oh yes! Feel me. Feel me come! Now! I'm coming! I'm COMING!!!!'

She collapsed on top of me. Her whole body racked with the welcome convulsions of orgasm.
Her body twitched and quivered, internally as well as externally.
He inner muscles clenched down hard all around my cock, bringing me ever closer to my own climax.
Her sweet fluids sputtered from their deep recesses, coating us both. It felt so warm slipping down onto my balls.

Only when she entered the twilight of her orgasm, did her hips stop thrusting. She just lay motionless on top of me.
He pussy occasionally spasmed involuntarily around my still inserted cock.
We lay there, silently, until she had fully recovered.

'I'm not through with you yet', she warned.

Sitting up and raising on one leg, my engorged member slid from her pussy with a wet slippery sound.
It bounced flat against my abdomen and glistened in a complete film of her cum.
Her pussy lips remained parted, her vagina still open, very pink, and very moist.
Her clitoris was quite exposed and erect.
For just a moment her hand rubbed the wet length of my very sensitive cock, then held my balls in her warm wet hands. Her next move was between her spread legs.
She rubbed her clitoris for a moment and I watched two fingers disappear into her pussy. Withdrawing them, they were a wet as my cock.
She slid them across my lips and slipped them into my mouth. Her cum-coated fingers never tasted to sweet.
I loved the slippery feeling of her cum all over my lips and tongue.
The sweet scent electrified my sense of smell.

'Do you want some more of that?' she rhetorically asked.

In a flash, her legs were straddling my face. Her finger held her pussy wide open.
I watched her muscles twitch and internally clench an imaginary penis.
My nose filled with the wonderful bouquet of female cum. While my tongue extended, she lowered herself onto me.
My eager tongue slipped deep into my wife's seeping pussy and was enveloped in its delightful wetness. Instinctively, my tongue danced within her, eager to tease, stimulate and excite her to another thunderous climax.
It would not take long. With my tongue performing inside of her and my lips, wet with her juices, massaging her clitoris, her climax came quickly.
I was flooded with her warmsweet cum and again treated to the spasms of her pussy, this time, around my tongue.

Sliding her wet pussy from my face, she once again laid on top of me. My cock again slipping deep into her pussy.

'Oh God, you make me feel so good.
I looking down at you with your face between my legs. I love watching you eat my pussy and the idea of me coming on your face like that!'

She spoke while kissing me all over my face.
The fact that she was kissing me through her own cum was not lost on me.
It was a wonderful sensation to have our faces sliding about, lubricated with her juices.

With her face all wet, she said, 'Mmmm. I taste pretty good. I'll bet you do too! I know you feel good deep in my pussy but I am anxious to taste you just like you tasted me. Would you like that? Would you like me to kiss you and make you come? I'll bet you are about to burst.'

Just like the previous proceedings, there was to be no pretense about this. With a wonton deliberateness she placed herself again between my legs.
One hand massaged my wet balls with no hint of delicacy.
Her other hand twirled around my cock, effortlessly lubricated by her remaining juices.
When she wasn't touching me with her hands, her talented mouth covered me. Saliva and my own precum liberally flowed.
Her movements were fast and deliberate. My orgasm was her only objective.
It came with her hand rubbing around the crown and her lips wetly sliding up and down my shaft.
A long stream of thick white cum leapt straight up from the head, landing in a long line from her hair down across her cheek.
She tried to slip me into her mouth but didn't completely make it.
The second expulsion splashed against the corner of her mouth, half streaking her face again and the rest coating her tongue and the inside of her mouth.
The rest of my orgasm occurred with my spurting cock comfortably deep in her warm wet mouth.
Her tongue slid up and down my length while I continually spurted.
Only when I was finished, save for the occasional twitch that oozed the final portions of my ejaculate did she swallow the thick creamy content of her mouth.
My cock was treated to the sensations caused by her swallowing.
They were surprisingly similar to the feelings generated by her pussy writhing with orgasm.

We spent the only tender moments of the morning embracing on the floor.
We were warm, wet and sticky with satisfaction.

My thoughts drifted to tomorrow's 'day at the office'.

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