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Nancy Does Her Men

by By anon (

During the month of July in 1967 my sexy wife Nancy decided to go to California to spend the month with her family.
Her whole family was working in California for the summer.
Nancy had not seen them for a couple of years she decided to spend a whole month visiting with them.
When she was leaving I told her to have fun while she was there. As wild and horny as she had been since we were married I knew that in just a few days she would probably be going out whoring just like she was always doing while she was at home.
At home she would go out four or five nights a week looking for men to take care of her horny body.
I certainly didn't expect her to become sexually involved with some of the male members of her family while she was there.

I received Nancy's first letter about three days after she went to visit.
I was somewhat surprised when she told me what had happened in the short time that she had been there.
Nancy had always had a secret crush on Edwardo, one of her brother-in-laws, when she was younger and they were all living with her family in Texas.
Even though he was married to her sister Angelique, Nancy said that they had necked several times when her sister wasn't there.
Nancy said that she let him play with her tits and sometimes finger her virgin pussy.
Edwardo didn't try to go all the way with her then because he knew that Nancy's parents wanted her to stay a virgin until she was married and would have been extremely angry if he had taken her virginity.
Angelique and Edwardo were having a party for Nancy because it had been so long since they had seen each other.
At parties Nancy loved to dance and show off her sexy body but she also liked to get drunk.
At this party Nancy was soon quite drunk which always made her get very horny.
She went out to the kitchen to get some ice for her drink and while she was there her brother-in-law Edwardo very quietly came up behind her, reached around her and grabbed hold of her big tits.

He started kissing her neck as he squeezed and played with her big tits.
As drunk and horny as she already was Nancy quickly became a wild animal in heat.
She knew that this time she didn't have to stop him like she had to do before she got married.
They kissed and necked while she stood by the refrigerator.
They both quickly became so hot and horny that they threw all caution to the wind.
Leaning over on the kitchen table Nancy pulled up her short skirt and Edwardo quickly slipped his hard cock into her now steaming cunt.
Nancy moaned and whimpered as he pumped his hard cock in and out of her sizzling hot cunt
. Nancy was so horny that it didn't take but a few minutes before she began to have a gigantic orgasm.
Almost as soon as Nancy stiffened up and began to growl from her orgasm he climaxed and pumped her full of a load of his hot sperm.
Nancy had just pulled down her skirt and walked over to the sink to get a drink of water when her sister Angelique walked into the kitchen.
Nancy said she couldn't tell if her sister noticed that something had been going on or not, but that she really didn't care if she had.
Nancy said that at the time she was so horny that she just had to let Edwardo fuck her.
If she knew she didn't say anything to Nancy at the time.

Nancy went back to the front room and rejoined the party.
By now Nancy was quite drunk which always made her very horny.
The sexual encounter with her brother-in-law Edwardo in the kitchen a few minutes earlier only tended to whet Nancy's appetite for more sex.
She began flirting and showing off as much of herself to most of the men that were attending the party as she could without causing her sister to notice to much.
Nancy was so horny that she had suddenly become absolutely insatiable.
She only knew that she wanted to get fucked and fucked hard by as many men as she could get.
The only thing on her mind was that she needed some hard cocks inside of her hot pussy.
She was so horny that she didn't care whether the men fucking her were married, single or just teenage boys.
She didn't even care if they were related to her, just as long as they could fuck her hard and fast.
As she made herself available to the different men at the party Nancy made several trips to the bedroom she was staying in.
By the time the party was over Nancy had been fucked by five men she had met at the party, including her sister's husband Edwardo.

The next day as Nancy was writing about the events of the previous evening in her diary her sister Angelique came in and asked Nancy what she was doing.
Nancy told her sister that she was writing what, and who, she had done at the party the night before.
She calmly told Angelique that she had been turned on by some of the men at the party.
She told her sister that she was so turned on that she had taken the men up to the bedroom she was staying in and let them have sex with her.
Angelique seemed a little shocked that Nancy would go out and let different men have sex with her.
She told Angelique that she had been going out and letting strange men fuck since the day she had gotten married.
Nancy told her that with my approval she had let eight men gangbang her on her wedding night.
Nancy told Angelique that this had started something inside of her and she had been unable to get enough men to satisfy her horny craving for sex since.
Nancy's sister was very worried and asked Nancy, "what if your husband finds out about you going out for sex with other men?"
Nancy laughed and told her that I not only approved of her having sex with other men but that I had watched her getting fucked by lots of different men.
She showed her sister her diary and the entries of the men she had let fuck her.
Her sister gasped when she saw that there were over four hundred men listed.
Astonished she said, "there are over four hundred men listed in here. You've let this many men fuck you since you got married?"
Nancy giggled and told her that this diary was a list of the men that she had let fuck her from January until July of 1967.
Angelique asked Nancy how it was possible to have had sex with so many men in just a little over half of the year Nancy told her that it was very easy because she went out five days a week almost every week.
Nancy told Angelique that she had kept a new diary each year and that in the years since she had gotten married she had been fucked by over three thousand men.
Nancy said that when she was horny she usually had sex with four or five men each night that she went out.
She told Angelique that her favorite thing was to go out and get gangbanged by a large group of men.
Angelique couldn't believe the number of men that Nancy let gangbang her in one night until Nancy showed her the entries in her diary where she had been fucked by more that thirty men at a party in one night.

When Angelique heard that I let Nancy go out with anyone that she wanted to and even encouraged her to have sex with other men she was amazed.
She told Nancy,"if it's alright with your husband for you to go out with other men I'll be glad to introduce you to a lot different men during the rest of the time you are here on vacation."
While they were talking she told Nancy that she wished that she had the nerve and that her husband would let her go out occasionally with other men.
Nancy's sister envied the fact that Nancy had such a great figure.
Nancy stood 5' 4" tall, measured 36FFF-20-35 and weighed 110 pounds.
Nancy's sister said that Edwardo never let her go anywhere and she was so bored that she could hardly stand it any longer.
Nancy told Angelique that she should try going out and let another man fuck her occasionally just to see how much fun she could have. Angelique told Nancy that she would think about it and see if she could get up the nerve to go out with her while she was visiting. Nancy said that after talking to her sister and finding out how bored she was that she felt a little guilty after letting her sister's husband fuck her the night before.
She said that she certainly was glad that she hadn't gotten around to writing about him in her diary yet when she began talking to her sister about her active sexual adventures.

Nancy told Angelique to think about it and if she was interested that she would talk to Edwardo try to convince him to let her take Angelique out with her the next Saturday night when she went out.

Nancy spent the entire next week staying with her sister.
She said that someone must have started telling others about her because it was just to big a coincidence when different men just happened to come by to see her when everyone else was gone and she was there alone.
The question as to who was talking about her was answered when Leon, a twenty-year-old cousin of Nancy's came by to see her.
After they had talked awhile he began telling Nancy that she sure was beautiful and that she sure had a sexy body.
Nancy said that Leon was a little shy and was blushing as he told her how much he liked her big breasts.
Nancy said that she decided to give him a thrill and while he was telling her how beautiful she was she quietly unbuttoned her blouse and walking over to him she asked him if he would like to get a good look at her big tits.
Nancy said that Leon turned beet red when she reached down and unhooked her bra letting her gigantic tits spring free.
Nancy had had her breasts enlarged several years earlier.
Even though they were extremely large they were very firm with very little sag.
As he looked at her Nancy reached out, took his hand and placed it on one of her big tits.
Even though Leon was quite shy Nancy was surprised when he suddenly leaned down and began kissing and sucking on her big tits.
Nancy was not only surprised but very turned on by this shy young man now playing with her tits.
She pulled him over to the bed and sitting down on the edge she reached out and quickly unbuckled his jeans, dropping them to the floor.
Leon might have been shy but he certainly wasn't dumb as he quickly took off his shirt and shorts.
Nancy then lay back on the bed and pulled Leon down on the bed with her.
When he started to get on the bed Nancy pulled him down on top of her and taking hold of his rock hard cock she guided it into her now steaming pussy.
He quickly thrust his hard cock into Nancy's hot waiting cunt.
As excited as he was it wasn't long before he climaxed and shot his load deep into my wife's belly.
As he was pumping his load into her Nancy suddenly reached her orgasm as her body stiffened and she began her usual growl.
After they were done they lay there talking for awhile. Nancy asked him what had given him the idea of coming over to see her.
He told her that her brother-in-law Edwardo had told him that Nancy had let him fuck her during a party at their house a couple of nights before.
He said that he had had so much fun fucking Nancy that he wanted to tell some of his friends and relatives that Nancy was such a hot number and they should come over and see if she was agreeable to letting them fuck her.
Nancy smiled and told Leon that she was glad that he had come over to see her.
She told him that she was very agreeable and that he could tell other men or boys about her if he wanted to because she was still very horny and wanted a lot more cocks to fuck her.

That night Nancy's Brother-in-law Edwardo sneaked into her bedroom after his wife was asleep.
He had begun coming into her bedroom every night to fuck Nancy after first getting into her hot pussy the previous week at a party they gave for Nancy.
He found her so hot and horny that he just kept coming back for more.
This night after they had finished with their sexual encounter Nancy told him that she wanted to take her sister Angelique with her when she went out on Saturday night.
He started to complain that he didn't want her to go but Nancy told him that he was having all the fun the he wanted to so it was only fair that he let his wife go out once in a while.
He really wasn't to happy about the situation but he finally relented and said that it was ok for her to take her sister out with her on Saturday night.

When Nancy told Angelique that Edwardo had agreed to let her go out with her on Saturday Angelique said, "What did you do to get him to agree to let me go out, tell him that if he didn't you wouldn't let him fuck you anymore?"
Nancy said that she was flabbergasted when her sister asked her this because she didn't think that she knew that Edwardo had been fucking her.
When Nancy got over her shock she asked her sister, "how did you know that he had been fucking me?"
Angelique said that she started to come into the kitchen on the night of the party when her husband fucked Nancy as she lay over the kitchen table.
She told Nancy that she wasn't mad because she knew that Edwardo had started going out and fucking other women shortly after they had gotten married.
Angelique told Nancy that the only thing that bothered her had been the fact that Edwardo wanted her to stay home alone when he was out and she wanted to occasionally go out and have a little fun.

Angelique couldn't believe that she was getting to go out with Nancy on Saturday and was so excited and nervous that she could hardly stand it.
When Saturday finally came they both spent hours as they primped and dolled themselves.
They wanted to look their very best because they wanted to impress the men that saw them.
Nancy took Angelique to a nightclub that she had been to several times before.
Angelique was very nervous as they went in because it had been years since she had been out by herself.
After they went in it took only a matter of minutes before the men started sending drinks over to them.
After a couple of drinks Angelique began to relax. Some of the men began to come over and ask Nancy and Angelique to dance.
After several dances and a few more drinks Nancy and her sister were both starting to get drunk.

As they got drunk Angelique began to really enjoy herself. Nancy said that two very good looking young men, Gary and Tom, came up and asked them to dance.
By now Nancy was drunk enough that she was very horny so she immediately agreed to go out with Gary when he asked her to.
About the same time Tom asked Angelique to go out with him but she was still nervous and told him that she wanted to talk to her sister first because she didn't want to go out with him alone.
When they all got back to the table Angelique told Nancy about Tom asking her to go out with him.
Nancy said that she had already told the Gary that she was ready to go out with him and urged Angelique to come out with them because the Gary and Tom were together.
Gary had already told Nancy that they had a van out in the parking lot that they could go out and sit in.

Nancy, Angelique, Gary and Tom went out the parking lot of the club and the guys took them to their van and they all got in.
They sat and talked for awhile as they got to know each other a little bit.
After a short time Nancy and the man she was with began to neck with each other.
Nancy was so horny that she was almost immediately ready for Gary to start fucking her.
As she was moving to lie down she heard her sister moan.
Nancy looked over and was surprised when she saw that her sister was just as horny as she was because Tom had already mounted her and was busy fucking her for all he was worth.
Gary mounted my sexy wife and also began fucking her for all he was worth.
Nancy said that because she was so horny and with the added excitement of seeing her sister getting fucked by Tom that it was only a matter of minutes before she began to have a very intense orgasm.
To add to the excitement Nancy couldn't believe that shortly after she had her first orgasm she suddenly heard Angelique let out a small scream and a big sigh as she suddenly had an orgasm of her own.
Very shortly after Nancy and Angelique reached their orgasms, Gary and Tom both climaxed and shot a load of cum deep into the two sister's pussies.
They all laid in the van and talked and rested for a little while when Nancy told them that she was still very horny and wanted to get fucked again. Angelique surprised her when she said that she would also like to get another cock into her.
They decided that they men would change partners and that this time Gary would fuck Angelique and Tom would fuck Nancy's horny cunt.
The men climbed on top Nancy and Angelique and again fucked them as hard and fast as they could.
Once again both of the sisters reached another orgasm before Gary and Tom filled their waiting cunts with their second load of cum for the night.
As they were walking back to the club Angelique excitedly told Nancy that this was the first orgasm that she had had for a long long time.
She said that it had been so long that she had almost forgotten how great it felt.
Nancy and Angelique had several more drinks and danced several more dances.
A man named Jack asked Nancy to go out with him and still being horny she agreed to go out with him.
She told Angelique that she was going out with Jack and would be back in a little while.
She told Angelique that if she met someone that she wanted to go out with to go ahead and she would wait for her when she came back inside.
Angelique told Nancy that she was still horny but that she didn't think that she had the nerve to go out yet by herself. Nancy was only gone with Jack for about twenty minutes.
She said that it didn't take her very long to have another orgasm because she was still wound up and hot from getting fucked a short time before by Gary and Tom.

When Nancy came back to the club Angelique was on the floor dancing with another young man.
When they came back to the table the young man bought drinks for both Nancy and Angelique.
By now both sisters were getting very drunk.
Angelique was so drunk that she finally decided to go out with this young man all by herself.
While she was gone Nancy met Frank; an older man that she said was very exciting to talk to.
They finally went out to the parking lot where they saw Angelique coming back to the club.
As they passed she excitedly told Nancy that she couldn't believe it because it was the first time in her life that she had ever had three orgasms in one night.
After Frank had finished fucking my horny wife she and Angelique decided that they were so drunk that they had better get home while they still could walk.

When Nancy and Angelique finally got home their dad was still up watching TV.
Angelique told him goodnight and staggered off to bed with her husband Edwardo.
Nancy staggered over to the couch and flopped down to talk to her dad. They talked for a very short time but Nancy was so drunk that she quickly fell asleep.
Shortly after Nancy fell asleep she thought that she was dreaming about someone fucking her because she began to feel someone playing with her big tits and fingering her well used pussy.
She slowly began to wake up and respond to the fingers playing with her tits and sticking into her pussy.
As drunk as she thought that she was in bed and that it was her sister's husband Edwardo playing with her.
As her drunken body began to respond a hard cock was suddenly rammed into her sloppy pussy.
As this hard cock hammered in and out of her cunt she began to have another very strong orgasm. As she had her orgasm she was finally awake enough to find that it was actually her dad that was fucking her horny cunt.
Her first thought was to yell out but she suddenly began to have another orgasm.
By the time this orgasm was over her dad had shot his load of sticky hot cum deep inside of her to mix with the rest that had been deposited into her earlier that evening.
As he climbed off of her Nancy asked her dad why he had fucked her because after all she was his daughter.
Nancy's dad said that Edwardo had told him that Nancy was a hot little whore who liked to get fucked by lots of different men.
Edwardo told his father-in-law that Nancy had let him fuck her several different times since she had come to visit.
Nancy's dad told her that he saw how sexily she dressed and how gorgeous and exciting it was to look at her beautiful body and her gigantic big tits.
He told her that when she had fallen asleep on the couch she was in a position where he could see the globs of cum dribbling out of her pussy.
He said that he had become so excited looking at her that he decided if she was going to let all these other men fuck her then he was going to be one of those men even if she was his daughter.
Nancy said that she was still so drunk that she really didn't think to much about what had just happened.
She slowly got up and staggered of to bed.

The next morning she was still asleep when Angelique and Edwardo came into her bedroom and quietly climbed into bed with her.
She gradually awoke to a warm feeling in her pussy.
As she opened her eyes she looked down and saw Edwardo busily licking her willing pussy.
She looked over and saw her sister watching as she played with one of Nancy's big tits.
When she saw that Nancy was finally awake she slowly leaned over and began to suck on Nancy's breasts which immediately made her nipples get hard and erect.
Nancy began to moan as the two of them slowly continued to work on her breasts and her horny cunt.

After a few minutes of this play Angelique told Edwardo to hurry up and fuck Nancy because she wanted to see his cock sliding in and out of Nancy's slippery wet hole.
As Edwardo mounted Nancy and began to fuck her his excited wife continued to suck and play with Nancy's big tits.
With two of them working on her it was only a matter of a few minutes before Nancy exploded into a very violent orgasm that just kept going and going and going.
Nancy became so excited that she virtually passed out before the continuing waves of her orgasm finally subsided. Edwardo finally reached a climax as he pumped a big load of cum deep into her now burning cunt.
After they had rested for awhile Edwardo began to play with his still excited wife Angelique.
She was telling him to hurry and fuck her because she was so excited that she couldn't wait any longer.
She was still so horny from the night before that she also had a very big orgasm.
She squealed in delight when she reached her orgasm telling Edwardo that it felt so good she wanted to feel it a lot more.

For the rest of her vacation Nancy continued to go out at night getting lots of different men to fuck her to satisfy her horny cravings for sex.
As busy as Nancy was letting other men fuck her she also left enough time each day to let her brother-in-law Edwardo, her cousin Leon play with her horny body.
Nancy also eagerly submitted to letting her dad fuck her every day for the rest of her vacation stay with them.

When the last week of her month long vacation finally rolled around her other brother-in-law George finally came over.
He had talked to Edwardo and Nancy's dad about how exciting and sexy Nancy had become since she had lived at home with them before she got married.
When George came over to see her he was a goner almost as soon as he laid eyes on her sexy body with those 36FFF tits.
As he gave Nancy a kiss hello he also reached up and began to feel her up.
One thing led to another and before long they were rolling around on the bed as George buried his big cock into Nancy's waiting cunt.
After hammering her willing pussy for awhile George climaxed at almost the same time as Nancy reached another of her great orgasms.

Nancy came home after her month long vacation staying with her family in California happy as could be telling me about all the fun that she had while she was there.
In just a couple of days after she got back home Nancy was back to her old ritual of going out four or five days a week to one of the night clubs in town.

Things went on almost as usual for the next several months with Nancy going out almost every night and getting as many men to fuck her as she could possibly find time for.
It never stopped exciting me to watch her get ready to go out, knowing that shortly she would be lying down with her legs spread and some new man abusing her sexy little body.
I loved to see her cunt getting hammered unmercifully by a group of men.
When I wasn't with her it always excited me to see her coming home after she had been out all night getting fucked.
I loved to see her when her sexy body looked all used with her tits looking all raw from getting sucked on all night and her pussy gaping open with cum dripping out and running down her legs.

Almost a year later in June of 1968 Nancy's oldest brother came to live with us while he looked for a job.
He had just turned eighteen, which was over ten years younger than Nancy was.
After several weeks of looking for a job he wasn't having the best of luck.
He was becoming somewhat discouraged so Nancy was trying very hard to keep him interested so he didn't give up.
When he came to stay with us he didn't know anyone where we lived so his life was quite lonely.
I came home one night a little early from work and didn't see Nancy anywhere in the house.
When I went to the bedroom to change clothes I heard a certain growl and moaning sound that I immediately recognized as the sound of Nancy reaching an orgasm.
I listened very carefully and found that the sound was coming from an upstairs bedroom.
Being very curious I very quietly went up the stairs to see what was going on.
As I peeked into the door of the bedroom where Nancy's brother was staying I saw my sexy wife on the bed with her legs spread and her brother was fucking her as hard and as fast as he could.
I had just barely seen them when Nancy exploded into another gigantic orgasm and her brother groaned as he shot his load of cum deep inside of his older sister's belly.
When Nancy came down later she told me all about letting her brother fuck her because he was very horny and didn't know anyone else to help him take care of this problem.

Nancy said because her brother hadn't found a good job yet and was running out of money that they had come up with an idea that would not only make him some money but would also make Nancy a bunch of money too.
She said that starting that weekend they were going to go out to the labor camps on Saturday afternoons after the men had gotten paid and to a different on Sunday.
When I asked her what they were going to do Nancy told me that her brother was going to talk to the workers that had gotten paid and make arrangements for them to pay for the privilege of fucking her.
They were going to charge fifty dollars each for the men to fuck her and Nancy and her brother were going to split the money that they made from this venture.

On June 12, 1968 they made their first venture out to the labor camp.
They didn't really know how they were going to fare but when the guys at the camp saw Nancy's sexy little body with those gigantic big 36FFF tits they couldn't resist and she immediately had more business then she could handle.
On the first Saturday thirty four men at the first camp paid her brother fifty dollars each for the chance of playing with Nancy's big tits, sticking their hard cocks into her willing cunt and fucking her.
Nancy and her brother continued this operation until most of the crews had left at the end of September.
During these weekend trips to the labor camps Nancy was fucked by anywhere from twenty to as many as forty-six different men each day she went to one of the camps.
During these four months Nancy and her brother took in thousands of dollars, which they split between them.
Nancy laughingly said that letting these men pay to fuck her was like having her cake and eating it too.
She knew that she was going to let a lot of different men try to satisfy her horny cravings, this was she was also getting paid while she was also having the fun of getting fucked.

Nancy said that she found this experience of working as a prostitute to be very enjoyable because of the large number of men that she had servicing her horny cunt.

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