Monday, June 18, 2007

Home Early Surprise

By Nighthawk(Oct 99)

She had just finished her morning jog earlier than normal and entered the house and had noticed he was in the bathroom and could hear water splashing in the tub.
The door was slightly ajar as she peeked inside and gasped at what she saw.
Here was her lover laying in the tub, water about 8 inches deep, slowly dripping some body oil onto the tip of his already hard cock.
She watched mesmerized as he moaned quietly as the oil dripped over the tip and slid down his hard shaft making it glisten.

She stood back in the doorway in the dark where he could not see her as she could feel herself getting wet watching him.
He closed his eyes and took his finger covered in the oil and ran it over the tip and around the rim three times arching his back up as he moaned louder.
She slid a hand down her running shorts and began to rub her pussy while watching him in silence.
He then took one hand covered in oil and began massaging his balls while the other did short strokes on his cock.
She could tell how turned on he was by his heavy breathing, low moans, and the precum dripping out of the tip.

She wanted to suck him badly but did not want to get caught watching.
Instead she moved a finger inside her and began pumping it and out of her now dripping pussy.
Her shorts had come off by now and her nipples were stiff watching him writhe and moan as he pumped his cock more furiously.
Her finger moved to her clit as she began massaging it faster and faster, her rhythm now matching his.
Suddenly, she felt her orgasm building and a rush went through her body causing her to moan.
Quickly he stopped--his cock throbbing and pulsing—as he saw her.
At first he was shocked, then turned on at her watching him while making herself cum.
He smiled and asked her to join him.

He stood up, his cock hard and throbbing, precum clearly leaking from the tip.
He pulled her into the tub and kissed her passionately, his tongue probing into her mouth, causing her to gasp.
She felt his finger move into her pussy as his tongue went wildly into her mouth.
She felt the shower start as his finger hooked and began rubbing inside her at a spot that made her wild.

The water warm and pulsing and sprayed onto her back from the shower massager.
She felt him drop to his knees and push her into the corner of the shower, his tongue flicking over her nipples as he did.
He kissed inside her thighs as he licked to her knees, inside her thighs and up again.
He stopped and kissed at the place where her thighs intersect her hips and slowly, very slowly, moving down to the bottom of her pussy. Suddenly, she felt his tongue glide up in one…long….slow…lick as she squirmed.
She loved how that felt. He stood up and took the shower massager in his hands and back to his knees, his tongue moving quickly to the same spot.
She felt his tongue dart in as she suddenly felt the shower massage pulse onto her clit making her pussy catch on fire. The feel of his tongue fucking inside her pussy the small jets of water massaging her clit sent her into an orgasm. Just as she thought her knees would buckle, he took the massager, and sprayed in on the crack of her ass massaging it as he formed a tight circle with his lips and sucked in her clit while she was still cumming.
She could hardly breath.
The water pulsing in her ass as he sucked on her clit, his hot wet tongue massaging her clit as he sucked made her pussy want to explode.

He stood up and kissed her passionately.
Letting her taste her juices on his lips as he took a very small thin, mostly used, bar of soap and took it sideways rubbing it up and down her pussy lips.
She soaped her hands and began stroking his hard cock while the bar slide up and down her pussy, the water now pulsing on them from above.
The room was filled with steam and it was hard to breathe.
Her hand could feel his cock throbbing and his breathing and moans told her he wanted inside her.

She pushed him down into the shallow water and knelt between his legs pouring water over his soapy cock as she licked at the head.
He bucked up, never being able to hold still when she touched his cock.
She licked around the rim flicking quickly at the sensitive underside near the rim causing him to arch and moan loudly as she sucked his cock in with short little sucks licking around the rim each time.
She knew she could make him cum anytime she wanted but wanted him to cum inside her.
She soaped up his balls, massaging them lightly, then sucked his cock quick and fast bringing him to the edge of cumming then stopping to kiss his mouth and lick at his nipples.

She wanted him inside her badly as she straddle over him and took his cock in her hands and pushed it into her hot wet pussy.
He slid in and moaned her name as she began to ride him slowly.
She let his cock slide deep in her as she rotated her hips feeling him pulse and throb inside her. She looked into his eyes and smiled as she controlled the pace, riding his cock up and down, faster and faster, then slower again. As she drove down he would arch up, driving his cock in deeper.
The water was pulsing on them in a hot wet steam as their bodies sweated as she rode him harder and faster.
He reached up, his hands soapy, and massaged her breasts, running her nipples between his fingers as she fucked him now wildly.
She was on the edge and needed to cum again.
His firm soapy hands massaging her nipples and the feel of his hard cock sliding in and out of her as she fingered her own clit was driving her wild.
He knew she was going to cum and he arched up harder into her. He felt her pussy pulse and her moans turn to screams as she came.
The feeling made his balls tighten as at the same time he felt the cum surging up his cock and empty into her as one..two..three spasm of hot cum shot deep into her pussy as she came at the same time.
He arched up driving in deep as he came in hard spasms.
She could feel him empty into her as she collapsed onto him, happy she had finished jogging early

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