Monday, June 04, 2007

Business (Part 11)

Written by Mally Stewart for Camilla on 10/26/99

Several weeks went by without Jessica seeing Marshall Williams.
They spoke almost every day, but each was busy with projects that offered no opportunities for them to meet.
At first Jessica enjoyed being alone. She was somewhat disillusioned with Marshall.
The introduction of Melody McKnight into their love life, on one level, didn't sit well with her.
Try as she might to deny it, though, honesty compelled her to acknowledge that she'd enjoyed the interlude with Melody, but she knew that there was more to life than simple enjoyment.
A person has a certain image of self and Jessica's image of herself had never admitted even the possibility of sex with another woman.
Yet, she'd been with Melody. Had kissed her and sucked her nipples, and pushed her fingers up inside her vagina, and brought her to a noisy orgasm.
And Melody had done much the same to her, but going further, so much further! Remembering the feel of Melody's soft mouth closing down on her pussy made her shudder.
And that soft, insistent tongue, probing her hole, rubbing her clit, licking her inner lips with as much force as she could put into it!
She'd never guessed that sex with a woman could be so different from sex with a man, but oh so enjoyable!
Did this mean she was bi-sexual?
Would she like to get with Melody again? Or some other attractive woman? Overcoming her background conditioning, she admitted that she would.

So now she had a problem, expressed as Jessica Straight versus Jessica Bi.
Jessica Straight didn't much care for Jessica Bi; detested her, in fact.
Jessica Bi didn't give a fig for Jessica Straight's opinion.
The essential being that was Jessica hovered in between, sometimes being Jessica Straight - which was now a very uncomfortable thing to be - and at other times being Jessica Bi, a 'fallen' woman, but full of life and fun.
Jessica Straight also had to confront the fact of her adultery, which also didn't meld with being Miss Goody Two Shoes. And she was not only bi-sexual, but bi-racial as well!
There were really three Jessicas - Jessica Adulteress completing the trio.
No disrespect intended, but she began thinking of herself as Lady Bi.

Immediately after the threesome she was disgusted with Marshall and with herself.
As the days went by and her body regenerated itself and began looking for satisfaction she found it more difficult to maintain that sense of disgust.
What, exactly, was so wrong with what she'd done? She hadn't hurt anybody.
In fact, she'd helped bring a lot of pleasure to herself and to two other people as well!
Sure, the established rules of society still frowned on sexually adventurous women, but those rules had developed over centuries of bad experiences with jealous murderers, diseases, unplanned pregnancies and fatherless children.
A modern woman, with diligence and proper care, could prevent the circumstances that had mandated the old rules.
Thus, the openness of the sexual revolution could successfully be adopted, and therefore there was no need for her to get down on herself.
With this logical construct firmly in mind she felt much better about herself, and in no time the hot feelings for Marshall returned.

Finally he could see her! He would be in Atlantic City for a week, attending an Internet convention.
She could learn a lot about the new world that the Internet was helping create, too.
Jason took the news of her plans with a calmness that got under her skin.
Just who was he seeing, anyway?
She shrugged it off.
Sooner or later he'd slip and she would know.
Not that she would do anything about it. Well, probably not.

Marshall had a penthouse suite atop the Lucky Lady, the newest casino on the boardwalk.
The place was fabulously decadent with no luxury lacking.
Jessica's heart skipped a beat when she found Melody there. Melody glared at her, hating her as much as ever despite all that they'd shared.
Jessica ignored the glare and kissed her, then whispered in her ear: "Can't wait to feel your angry body under mine." She stepped back smartly, avoiding the slap that Melody was loading for her.

This was her first trip to Atlantic City, so Marshal took her on a tour, pointing out the various hotels and casinos.
He remembered an incident at one casino where a well-known Middle Eastern prince had won a million dollars at black-jack, and had wanted to leave.
He had been flown in on an airplane belonging to the casino, and would leave that way too.
The casino owner instructed the travel department to find a problem with the airplane, delaying the prince.
The prince then returned to the tables and lost the million bucks back to the casino, plus another million.
The airplane was suddenly in good repair and the prince was shuffled off to the airport.
Marshall laughed. "Would you vote for that man to be president?" he asked.

"I guess so!" Jessica said. "At least he found a way not to give the store away!"

Marshall looked her over. "I forgot. You're a very bright lady, aren't you?"

She blushed. "I hope I'm bright enough to command your attention later tonight."

He chuckled. "Count on it, Baby. Count on it!" Sitting in the back of the limousine he ran his hand up her leg, straight up to her bare and freshly shaved pussy, checking to see if she'd remembered not to wear panties.
He sighed and kissed her.
"Not only smart, but a good memory, too!"

"On second thoughts," she whispered in his ear, "Do we have to wait until tonight?"

He looked at her, an eyebrow arched. "You want to do it here, in the car?"

That wasn't what she'd meant, but the idea appealed to her. As always, the nearness of Marshall excited her.
The glass partition was up so the chauffeur couldn't see them.
She melted against him. "Tell him to keep driving," she said, putting her knees on the seat and straddling his lap.
To do so, she had to lift her dress up over her bottom, and his hands found her naked glutes and caressed them.
She pulled his shirt open and ran her hands over his chest, reveling in the silky feel of his skin and the hard muscles underneath.
She raised her arms and let him pull the dress all the way off, revealing that she also was not wearing a bra.
Eagerly she rubbed her breasts against the skin of his exposed chest, felt her nipples hardening.
He pulled her lips to his and kissed her roughly, pulling her face onto his.
Their tongues met, played in her mouth, then in his.
She couldn't believe how hot she was! If the chauffeur stopped and threw them out on the street she would not be able to stop!

Marshall loosened his belt and she dug into his pants and pulled Mario out. He was already engorged.
She lifted herself and placed the head of Mario at her opening and slowly sank down onto him, taking it in easy stages.
Marshall's eyes were on her, enjoying her.
Loving her? He relaxed into the seat, letting her do whatever she wanted with him.
She rode him high, taking in only four or five inches, then moving up until he was almost all the way out, where she lingered before slowly backing down.
Her hands were all over him; his chest, his nipples, his balls.
She loved the feel of rubbing his shaven head on her palms.
The tiny hair stubble was rough, but the effect of rubbing them was an incredible smoothness that tingled in her palms and made her even more wet.
Her degree of arousal advanced slowly, and with it she took him deeper and deeper.
She was enjoying it very much and wanted to prolong it as long as possible, so she paused frequently and enjoyed the feel of Mario so deep inside her, letting the sensations wash over her body, involving every cell even down to her tingling fingertips and toes.
It was true.
She had been sexualized.
Her whole body was now a sexual organ, an extension of her vagina, sharing in all the rivers of fire that consumed her.
Looking out the limo's windows she could see people walking on the sidewalks.
She knew they couldn't see her because of the tinted windows, but it was nevertheless a kick to wonder what they'd think if they could see her.
That brought her to think of style, how she looked riding that monster pole? She began picturing how she looked.
How they looked.
She made adjustments designed to make them look more artistic, straightening her back, pushing her butt out and raising her head.
As for Marshall - well, he was just perfect!
She was sorely tempted to push the button to roll the window down so that people could see how beautiful she was, riding Marshall like that.

"Do you know what a real turn-on would be?" she whispered in his ear.

He pulled his lips down and shook his head.

"I'm going to roll the window down."

He looked startled.

"I want people to see how beautiful we are when we're making love. Is that bad?"

He chuckled. "It's enough to get us arrested."

"Ooooh, we wouldn't want that!" Playfully she pushed the button, allowed the window to wind down a few inches, then closed it quickly.
Perhaps somebody saw them, thought he'd seen them, but not enough to be sure.

"Cut that out now, Baby. This is a serious town. Cops don't put up with anything that could tarnish their reputation."

The picture of them making love on the car seat remained in her mind, a piece of art. "Perhaps we could make a video," she said. "Just for us?"

He shook his head. "No, Baby. No videos. No pictures of any kind. That stuff always winds up in the Enquirer."

She sighed. It was such an exciting picture!
In her mind it acquired the stark beauty and importance of a work by Rodin; the huge black man with his beautiful muscles partially exposed at his open shirt, so relaxed, reclining on the leather seat, straddled by the frail-looking alabaster white woman, completely naked, her back arched and head thrown back in the grip of a raging passion, thrusting her erect nipples toward her lover's mouth, and firmly impaled on his magnificent pole.
Whoooo! She shuddered.
The tight burning pressure built inside her and she began riding Marshall with great enthusiasm.
The limo was rocking from her efforts, making plain what was happening to the driver and anybody else within a square mile.
Marshall abandoned his relaxed pose and worked with her, bringing her to a limo-shaking orgasm.
She screamed her release to the world, proud of her body, proud of her feelings and proud of her womanhood.
Later, when Marshall laughingly told Melody about it, she saw a venomous promise in those bright green eyes.
Melody was going to make her pay for this.
She shrugged. Bring it on, Bitch!

Marshall created a stir when he appeared at the tables with Jessica on one arm and Melody on the other.
Men openly drooled at the sight of them.
Casino people hovered around them, ready to bring them anything they wanted.
A black-jack table was opened just for them, and Marshall's request for a dealer named Siu was immediately honored.
Siu turned out to be a Vietnamese girl of startling beauty, embodied mainly in her large slanted eyes and wide smiling lips.
She was a little thing, scarcely a hundred pounds and maybe 5' in her shoes.
Her breasts were tiny, too, perhaps no bigger than golf balls, Jessica thought.
She seemed to be not as enamored with Marshall as he was with her, proceeding with her job in a very businesslike manner and laughing with elegant politeness at his little jokes.

"A lot of Asians are scared of African-Americans," he told Jessica.
"It's not so much racism as fear of the unknown."
He signed a marker for $5,000 in chips and the game began. He handed a stack of chips to Melody and she joined the game.
Marshall explained the rules as he played. Get as close to 21 as you can without going over.
Hit on 12 through 16, unless the dealer shows a 2 through 6. Stand on 17 or better.
Never split 10's. Always split aces.
Double down on any 2 first cards adding up to 11, sometimes 10.
She quickly got the basics down and he gave her a stack of chips.
Soon she was hitting, standing, splitting and doubling down with enthusiasm, but mainly, she was losing .
It took only seven minutes for her stack of chips to disappear into Siu's tray.
Marshall laughed at her.
People who think they can beat the house are nuts, he told her.
Look around you. The building.
The people working here. The electricity bills. The free rooms, the meals. Who do you think pays for all of that?
People who think they can beat the house!
The only reason you should be here is for the fun of the risk.
Once in a while you'll get hot and all your losses will disappear from your mind.
Just don't count on it happening more than once in a blue moon.

Melody, whose stack waned and waxed but didn't disappear, sneered at her. They played on for several hours.
Marshall told Siu that he was throwing a party in his room later and would like to see her there. She looked reluctant, but nodded.
Casino employees knew how valued people like Marshall Williams were and, while they were not obliged to do anything but their jobs, that a little friendliness could buy a raise or even a promotion.
Unbidden, a picture of Siu naked came into Jessica's imagination.
This Siu was warm and friendly - very friendly! She felt a damp warmth in her pussy.
Damn, she thought.
I really am Lady Bi!
She tried to establish a friendly relationship with Siu through eye contact, but Siu remained polite and smiling in a very impersonal way.

A huge smiling black man appeared alongside their table.
He clapped Marshall on the back. "Hey Bro', wha's sup?"

Marshall rose and hugged him. "Jiggy! What you doin' here, man?"

They exchanged some small talk, and then Marshall introduced him as Luther 'Jiggy' Barnes, formerly a professional football player and, before that, a schoolmate of Marshall's at UCLA.
Jiggy introduced his companion, a beautiful blue eyed blonde named Rosie. Melody said she remembered seeing Jiggy play.
"Linebacker, right? Cowboys?"

He grinned hugely at her. Jessica looked him over.
He was not as tall as Marshall - perhaps 6' 3" - but he was really chunky.
Everything about him was large.
His face was broad and large. His nose was broad and large.
His lips were broad and large.
His smile was broad and large. His shoulders were broad and large.
His arms - well - you get the picture. She couldn't guess how much he weighed. 260? 270?
Marshall invited him to join the game and when he sat down he took up more than 2 full spaces.
Not that he was fat. He just had a very large build.
Rosie sat next to Jessica and they exchanged information.
She was a California girl, was attending UCLA. As a cheerleader she met Jiggy when he came to support the old school at a game against Cal.
They'd hit it off from the start, which was all of 3 weeks ago.
She was clearly in wonderful condition and Jessica could see why anybody would be attracted to her.

They played for a couple more hours, then a man came and spoke to Marshall.
Marshall nodded, then invited Jiggy and Rosie to join them in his suite.
"Dinner is ready," he said. He called the pit boss over and asked him if Siu could go with them and stay on the clock. The man agreed.
Siu met this exchange with a polite smile and dead, dead eyes.

The main room of the suite had been completely re-done in their absence, turned into a restaurant setting.
A chef, complete with chef's hat awaited their orders, which would be taken by a wait staff of five, including a maitre d'.
Separately, a bar had been set up complete with barkeep.
To top it all off they had a DJ with his own little stand and big, big speakers.

Jessica frowned at Marshall. "What's this all about? It isn't your birthday, is it?"

He grinned at her. "No, Babe. It's a small reunion of a few of my college friends.
They'll be along presently. Soon, more people began arriving.
The men were all huge, all athletes, and all black. Their companions were all young, beautiful and white. Marshall introduced her to each of the men, and then waited while the men introduced their girl-friends.
Jessica sensed that none of them were wives - at least, like her, not the wives of the men they were with.
The men exuded a powerful sexuality. They were friendly and smiling and very touchy-feely.
Melody knew a few of them and greeted them with an open sexuality of her own, kissing them on the lips and pressing her body against theirs'.
Drinks were served and the DJ struck up the band - a very loud band with a heavy base.
The chef produced trays of hors d'oeuvres and the party was in full swing.
Jessica looked around for Liu, saw her sitting by herself.
She went over to her and smiled warmly.
"Liu, don't you want some hors d'oeuvres?"

Liu, still wearing her dealer's glitzy vest and bow-tie, shook her head. Jessica wanted to get through to her, somehow.
"Why did he invite you here, do you think? Have you been to one of these parties before?"

Liu shook her head vigorously.

"But why did he invite you? You obviously don't want to be here."

"Don't know," Liu said.

Jessica signaled a waiter. "What would you like to drink? Wine? Beer? Vodka?"

The girl gave her a blank look. "Bring her a frozen margarita, please, and I'll have one too."

She decided to approach on a different tack. "How long have you been dealing, Liu?"

"Two year."

"I see from your badge that you're from Vietnam. When did you come?"

"Two year."

"I see. Somebody sponsored you? A brother? Sister?"

"My brother. He come in 1970. He have restaurant in New York."

"I see. Do you have any other family here?"

"Sister. She deal here too, but she off now."

The waiter brought the drinks.
Jessica raised her glass to Liu, waited for her to do the same. Liu sipped the drink, made a face.
"You have to take a little salt," Jessica told her, "Like this." She tongued a little salt off the edge of the glass.
Liu copied her, smiled.
The first genuine smile!
They quietly sipped their drinks and savored the salt.
"Do you have anybody to show you how to live in America?" Jessica asked her.

The girl looked surprised. "No. I go to work. I go home. I shop. I cook. I eat."

Jessica shook her head. "You don't only know what you're doing at this party, you don't know what you're doing here in America, do you?"

Liu looked devastated. Jessica realized that she HAD gotten through to her, perhaps too deeply.
"Oh, I'm sorry, Liu! I didn't mean to hurt you!" She reached out and took Liu's hand in hers.

"No, it OK," Liu said. She wanted to say more, but Jessica guessed she didn't have the words.

"But you don't have anybody to talk to, right? You don't have any American friends?"


The waiter brought them fresh drinks. Liu's cheeks were showing a faint flush as the drink warmed her body.
Also, Jessica noticed, she was relaxing and becoming more willing to talk.

"I'll be your friend," Jessica said, giving her hand an extra squeeze.

Melody, her expression showing a malignant intent, came over to them.
"What's happenin', girls?"

"We're just talking," Jessica told her.

"Well, Honey, if you think you're going to break into her tight little panties, forget it! What Marshall wants with her I can't imagine!"
She leaned close to Jessica, stage whispered in her ear.
"Besides, look around you! There's some bodacious hunks in here tonight. And if you want some pussy, why, stop wasting your time on this tight-assed little wimp and get you one of these sweet blondes!"

Jessica knew that Melody was more interested in taunting her than insulting Liu, so she smiled sweetly. "And if I want a cunt, I know where to find that, too."

Melody sneered and flounced off.

"What she mean?" Liu asked.
She'd watched the exchange with fear-widened eyes, not understanding all that was happening.

Jessica didn't know where the answer came from.
Certainly if she'd thought about it, she would never have said it out loud. Not then.
"Can I tell you a secret?" She leaned closer to Liu.

"Secret? I like secret."

"Good. That girl? Her name is Melody. Do you know what a lesbian is?"

"Lesbian? No. I not know."

Jessica leaned closer so that her lips were almost touching Liu's ear.
"A lesbian is a woman who likes sex with other women."
She sat back to observe Liu's reaction.
Liu's face registered a frown, then understanding, then astonishment, then she broke into a nervous giggle.
Jessica waited for her to regain her composure. "You understand?"

Liu nodded.

"OK. Melody wants to have sex with me."
Again she watched the reaction, saw Liu's eyes fly wide open then quickly shut down, saw her mouth twitch in disdain, then a smile.
"See? She's jealous that I'm talking to you. You understand?"

Again Liu nodded, but with less certainty.
She doubted that what Jessica said was true.
But her mind was working. For a moment Jessica got the impression that Liu was looking at her, possibly for the first time in her life, as a potential sex mate.
It was brief, but still Jessica was quite sure of it, confirmed by the sudden bright red blush on Liu's face.

"You have a lover?" She asked.

Liu shook her head, looked sad.

"You don't have a boy friend?"


"How about before you came? In Vietnam?"

She brightened and nodded. "Yes. I have boy friend in Vietnam. Long ago."

"Well good! You made love with him?"

Liu examined her closely, wondering if she should trust her. She shrugged.
"One time. When I find out I go to America. For goodbye."

The DJ stopped the disk he was playing.
Marshall announced that dinner would be served, and would his friends please be seated at the dining tables.

Jessica looked at the party scene surrounding them. People talking, joking, some engaged in the beginnings of sex-play.
"You could find a lover here tonight."

Liu shrank back into her seat, disturbed at the idea.

"What's wrong? You don't like these men?"
She reflected for a moment.
"Oh, I see. They're too big for you?"

Liu nodded, looked relieved to have her reticence explained in that way.

"Well, come one! Let's go eat. You can sit with me."

The variety of food available was amazing for so small a party.
There was barbecued beef and baby back ribs flown in from Kansas City, lobster from Maine, blackened swordfish from New Orleans, pigs knuckles and collard greens from Memphis.
Champagne flowed liberally. Jessica found herself across the table from Jiggy and Rosie.
He grinned at her, his huge teeth white as the growing mound of swordfish bones on his plate. "Some party, huh?"

"Yeah! Look at all this food!" There were soups and salads and four kinds of bread.
Small cups of sherbet were put out at frequent intervals, used to cleanse the palate before changing dishes.
Fragrant finger bowls and warm towels were placed beside each seat.
Waiters promptly removed each emptied plate and solicited more orders.
Liu seemed reluctant to eat anything, but Jessica prompted her and she tentatively tried some blackened swordfish.
Her face lit up as she discovered the delicious spiciness of the dish and she needed no more prompting.
She followed the example of Jessica and washed the swordfish down with champagne.

Jessica felt a leg touch hers under the table.
Jiggy winked at her. She moved her leg away, but his followed and when she stopped moving it Jiggy caught it between both of his and squeezed.
He smiled his broad smile, making a game of it.
Jessica grinned back at him, dug the heel of her shoe into his calf.
"Ouch!" he yelled, reaching under the table to grab his hurting leg.

"What's up, Jiggy?" Marshall asked.

"Nothing," he said. "You know this leg of mine. Weird pains out of nowhere, man!"

Most of the men knew about those weird pains and heads nodded in sympathy. Jessica smiled sweetly at him. "Football injury?"

He narrowed his eyes at her. "You know it, Girl. You know it." He gave her a few dirty looks, but left her alone for the duration of the meal. Rosie gave her a speculative look, perhaps suspecting what had happened.

When they'd finished eating coffee was served, along with a choice of liqueurs.
Jessica selected the Grand Marnier and so did Liu. The waiters cleared up the last of the dishes and left. Only the barkeep and the DJ were left.

Jessica felt fantastic.
Her tummy was full with exquisitely delicious food, she had a nice buzz going from the drinks she'd drunk, and dimly in the background of her consciousness she knew that, one way or another, this night would end in sex.
She stretched languorously, her chest pushed out and her head thrown back.
The picture of her and Marshall in the limo came back to her and she felt her face flushing.
She looked at him, found him watching her, and she smiled.
He returned the smile. "Happy, Lady Mine?"

"Oh yes." She could feel the happiness radiating out of her.

He came over to her and knelt next to her chair. He took her face in his hands and kissed her, a long, hot kiss.
People began banging their spoons on the tables.
Shouts of "Yeah!" and "Go, Bro' go!" filled the room.
Eventually he broke the kiss. "What are y'all staring at? Don't you have partners of your own?" It was like a fire call in a crowded theater.
Men grabbed women and began kissing them.

The DJ put a sultry Sade CD on and Marshall led her onto the floor, where he held her very close and kissed her while moving sexily with the music.
Couples around them were wrapped in the music, too, and there was a great deal of kissing and heavy breathing.
Then she noticed Liu sitting at the table still, looking alone and sad.
'Why did you invite her?" Jessica asked.

Marshall looked at Liu, shrugged.
"I don't know. She just looks like she needs to be fucked."

Laughter burst out of Jessica. It was the logical, but completely unexpected answer.

"Will you work on her for me?"

Jessica considered his request.
She liked the idea of working on Liu, but for herself, not for Marshall.
Then her picture came to her again, but with Liu riding on Marshall instead of her, and she found it exciting.
"All right. I'll try. But it won't be easy."

"That's my girl!"

Jessica walked slowly over to Liu, her eyes fixed on Liu's. Liu looked a little sullen, resenting, perhaps, that her new friend had left her alone, and in such an unaccepted manner, but she returned Jessica's look, her eyes unwavering.
"Are you angry?" Jessica asked her.

Liu averted her eyes, shook her head.

"Yes, I think you are," Jessica said.
"Did you think I would forget about you?"
When Liu didn't answer, she took her hand and pulled her to her feet.
"Come. It's time for you to dance."
She turned and pulled Liu along behind her.

"Not know how!" Liu said.

Jessica looked her over.
She really was beautiful in an exotic sort of way, with her huge brown eyes, so strangely slanted, her stubby nose and fleshy lips.
Her jet black hair glistened in the soft light. "I'll teach you," Jessica said. "But first..."
She led Liu into one of the bedrooms and faced her.
Her fingers worked the buttons of Liu's vest and she pulled it off, threw it on the bed. Then she put her hands to Liu's throat and loosened the bow tie, throwing it also onto the bed. She felt an enormous sexual magnetism being so close to Liu, but didn't know what Lius was feeling.
She let her fingers run down the front of Liu's blouse, unfastening the 4 top buttons and separating the sides, exposing the beginning rise of Liu's breasts.
She nodded. "That's better!"
They went back to the main room and Jessica began teaching Liu how to dance, showing her the simplest two step.
They did it side by side until Liu got it, then Jessica told her to pretend that she, Jessica, was the man, and showed her how the man would hold her, and how she would hold the man.
Others became interested in what they were doing and encouraged them.
Liu learned fast and soon she was dancing comfortably with Jessica.
"Closer!" somebody said, and others picked up the call and it became a chant.

"They want us to dance closer," Jessica told her, a question in her voice.

"OK," Liu said.

Jessica pulled her little body closer so that their bodies were touching.
The top of Liu's head fit under her chin, and she could feel the tight little titties boring into her belly.
One of the men, Jessica didn't know his name, broke in and whisked Liu away from her.
He held her in his arms, her feet dangling high above the floor, and danced her around like a doll.

Jiggy appeared beside Jessica. "Dance with me?" his voice sounded apologetic.

She shrugged. He took her in his arms and shuffled her around the floor.
The size and power of the man were impressive. "I'm sorry if we got off on the wrong foot, so to speak," he said with an engaging smile.

"That's OK." she told him. "I just think you should know that I'm with Marshall, and I'm very satisfied."

Jiggy chuckled. "All right, girl! All right! But there's no harm in a little flirting, is there?"

"No, I guess not," she answered, "As long as we understand the limits."

Turning in the dance she was surprised to see Marshall and one of the blondes dancing very close, clearly turning each other on.
She looked more closely at the other couples, saw Jiggy's Rosie in another man's arms, dancing cheek to cheek.
The man had his hands on Rosie's butt, and she was clearly enjoying it.
Melody came dancing by, sneered at her and turned to kiss the man she was dancing with.

Jiggy, not slow on the uptake, broke out a big smile.
"I guess the limits just got revised."
Jessica looked at the bar, worried about the appearance of all this, and saw that the barkeep was no longer there.
Similarly, the DJ had left, leaving his equipment there for Marshall to manage.
They were alone, just Marshall and a few of his old college buddies. And a bunch of women.
She looked for Liu, saw that she was dancing with a different man and seemed quite happy.
She looked back at Jiggy. He was a fireplug of a man, as she kept noticing. He had an expectancy about him, as though she was supposed to cooperate with him. What was this all about? Were all these men in some kind of woman swapping club? The thought didn't surprise her.
She understood now that, even though Marshall had feelings for her, their relationship was still a sexual one, and he had a large and wide appetite.
She looked at him again. He was definitely into the blonde he was dancing with and it looked like they would soon be looking for a bed.

"All right!" She told Jiggy. "Let's dance!"
She closed her eyes and let herself be carried away by this bulldozer of a man.
She felt his lips on her cheek and opened her eyes, found herself looking into his hot eyes.
"I want you," he told her, his breath hot.
"I wanted you the moment I saw you."

"What about Rosie?" She asked.

"Rosie will make out all right. Don't worry about her."
And it was true. One of the men had Rosie pushed up against a wall and he was driving his groin into hers as they kissed each other with open mouths.
The lights suddenly dimmed, and she couldn't see Rosie any more.
She felt Jiggy's hands on her butt and he pulled her against him.
She felt the slow rise of his erection.
She doubted he could be as big as Marshall, but she could feel that he was by no means a shrimp.

"Do these reunions happen often?" She asked.

"No. Maybe once a year or so."

"I see. And do they always turn into orgies?"

Jiggy stopped grinding. "Hell yeah! What do you think this is all about?"

"And I'm the only one who didn't know? Well, along with Liu?"

"No. I think most of the girls didn't know. Most of them, I've never seen before."

None of them seemed to be objecting, though. Jessica adjusted her thinking.
She should have expected something like this. Her experiences with Marshall had been a progression pointing directly at something like this.
The only thing missing was drugs. "Where's the marijuana?" She asked.

"Marshall don't like no drugs. If you want a hit, we can go to my room."

She felt like showing Marshall something.
She didn't like the way he hadn't told her what this was all about.
She didn't like the way he was dancing with the blonde when everybody knew she was his girl. "OK," she said.
"Let me get Liu." Her eyes had adjusted to the dark and she made out Liu's small shape in the arms of a very large man. She tapped him on the shoulder.
"Excuse me," she said.
"Liu has to come with me." She took Liu's hand and followed Jiggy to the private elevator which opened directly into the penthouse.

"Where we going?" Liu asked, looking flushed.

"We're going to party in another room,' she said. "With Jiggy."

Liu looked Jiggy over and smiled nervously. "He very big man," she said.

Jessica nodded. "Sometimes it's nice to have a big man,' she said. Jiggy broke out that huge grin of his.
They rode down a few floors and followed Jiggy to his room.
It was small compared to Marshall's suite, but Jessica decided it was big enough for her purpose. There was a sitting room and a separate bedroom.
Jiggy went into the bedroom and came back with a rolled cigarette.
He started to light it, but Jessica, having second thoughts about the degree of her revenge, shook her head.
"I've changed my mind," she said. "Let's just have a drink."

They drank champagne.
These guys all seemed to have champagne!
Jiggy said he wanted the girls to dance, he enjoyed watching them.
Jessica looked at Liu, who nodded OK. There was a radio in the room and he fiddled with it until he found some suitable music.
Jessica took Liu's small body in her arms and they moved in time to the music.
Jiggy put a hand on the back of each and pushed them closer together.
'I want to see you girls dancing like you like each, know what I mean? You! Liu? You like Jessica?"

Liu nodded.

"And you, Jessica, you like Liu?"

"Yes, I do." She looked into Liu's eyes. "I like her very much."

"Well then show each other that you like each other!"

Jessica didn't know how far she could go with Liu. Being the initiator was quite new to her, and she didn't have much confidence in herself in that role.
But, if she didn't try, she'd never find out. Liu certainly was not going to initiate anything.
Steeling her nerve, she pulled Liu to her, pressing their bodies tightly together.
She felt Liu's arms tighten around her, experienced a feeling of relief and triumph.
She lowered her face to Liu's, put her cheek on Liu's cheek.
She waited to see if Liu would object, or move away from her, but she didn't.
Slowly she moved her head around so that her lips were touching Liu's, just at the corner of her mouth.
Liu reacted by turning her own head so that her lips were now parallel with Jessica's.
They barely touched.
It wasn't a kiss, not yet, but it was an invitation and a permission.
Their eyes met, questioning, asking, wanting.
Jessica closed her lips over Liu's and, at the same moment, placed a hand on one of her tiny breasts. Liu took a sharp breath and pulled Jessica's face closer.
Jessica found a nipple through the blouse and squeezed it.
Again, Liu took a sharp breath and Jessica felt the nip hardening.

She led Liu into the bedroom and they lay down on the bed and kissed passionately.
Liu helped her to unbutton the rest of her blouse. Small though her titties were she wore a bra!
It was fastened in the front and Jessica quickly undid the clasp.
She feasted her eyes on Liu's breasts, decided that they were more like peaches than golf balls.
When she pulled a nipple into her mouth and sucked on it Liu rolled her legs up to her stomach and writhed in passion.
Jessica could hardly believe how hot the little minx was!
How well she'd hidden the fire!
She got Liu's slacks off and finally pulled the panties down and off her.
Her body was hairless, except for some straggly pubic hairs at the head of her plump little pussy.
Fascinated, Jessica trailed her tongue from the nipple down passed the cute little belly-button and on down to the visibly swelling lips.
The inner lips filled up and forced the outer lips open, revealing the pink petals and the pretty little bud.
Jessica had never tasted another woman, but nothing would stop her now.
She gently ringed Liu's lips with her tongue, then ran it up the middle, right in the crack, but still gently.
Liu shivered and moaned, her arms thrashed against the bed.
Jessica spread the lips with her fingers and probed Liu's hole with her tongue, causing Liu to thrust mightily against her face.
She gently entered Liu with a finger while taking her clit between her teeth and gently nibbling it while sucking lightly.
Liu's breath was coming in great big gasps and in moments she was cumming, her body bouncing about the bed like a possessed doll.
She pulled Jessica up to her and kissed her hungrily, eagerly licking the juices off her face.

"I want see your titty, too," she said. Jessica was wearing a slip dress with no underwear and in no time she was stripped and naked, her skin on Liu's skin, their hot bodies embraced in a dance as old as the universe.

She'd forgotten all about Jiggy, but was reminded of his presence when he lay down on the bed beside them.
He'd stripped, too, and his enormous penis was standing stiff as a flagpole.
He parted Jessica's butt cheeks with his fingers, prepared her for entry from behind.
She was already sopping wet and he had no trouble entering her.
She was in heaven.
Liu's tight little body in front of her and Jiggy's huge body behind her, Liu's tongue in her mouth, her hands on her nipples and Jiggy's penis in her pussy. She was glad that Jiggy was not as big as Marshall.
He was about as thick, but not as long, and she found she liked that.

Remembering Liu's earlier fear of the men, she took her hand and put it on Jiggy's balls.
"Stroke him," she told her, leaving her hand there. She moved her head to the side.
"Kiss her,' she told Jiggy.
He needed no urging and reached his head over Jessica's and took Liu's lips into his mouth.
She looked momentarily nervous, closed her eyes, but didn't back away.
Jessica joined her lips to theirs, opening Liu's mouth with her tongue and pushing Jiggy's tongue into Liu's mouth. Satisfied with the way things were going, she let Jiggy know she was ready for some serious fucking.
He was an amazing lover!
Strong as Marshall was, Jiggy was more so.
He had some moves, too.
A sideways rotation, and a fast, multiple stroke that entered and withdrew a dozen times a second, it seemed.
She began cumming, but he kept on stroking.
Her orgasm felt like it was having its own orgasm.
Then that one developed its own orgasm and suddenly her body was consumed in a series of convulsions that were too powerful for her mind to handle.
She blacked out, lost in a world of pure sensation.

She couldn't have been out for long because she came around to find Jiggy still inside her, but not pumping any more.
He was still hard, and she couldn't detect any of his cum in her.
"Think you can handle him?" she asked Liu.

Liu looked scared and interested at the same time.
Jessica moved her body out from in between them.
"Be gentle with her, Jiggy. She's never had a man as big as you."
She took Liu's hand and put it on Jiggy's penis.
"Feel that, Liu,' she urged her. "Doesn't it feel good?"

Liu nodded.
She rubbed her hand up and down the shaft as though measuring it, comparing it to an idea of how much bigness she thought she could handle.

"I know," Jessica said. "Jiggy, lie on your back and let her sit on you. Liu, you put him right here," she placed Jiggy's glans at the mouth of her pussy, "and you take him in as slowly as you want. OK?"

She watched as Liu backed herself up to Jiggy's penis, was fascinated to see that huge pole gradually disappear into that tiny pussy.
Marshall was right, she thought.
Pussy is the most amazing of all human organs!

Liu was panting hard, taking Jiggy inside her little by little, advancing in small increments, retreating as needed.
Jiggy played with her nipples, a look of huge contentment on his face.
An idea hot Jessica. "Say, Jiggy, do you have a camera?"

He looked at her, a frown on his face.
"What you want with a camera?"

"This is just so beautiful, I want a picture of it. That's all.'

He shrugged. "OK, if you give me a copy. There's a video camera in the closet."

Jessica found herself excited all over again.
Handling the camera gave her a thrill.
She worked on getting the pose just right:
Jiggy lying back relaxed, his face expressionless.
Most of his body covered by the sheet, but enough showing through to see that he had a sensational body.
Liu straddling him, her body uncovered. Not quite white, but still much paler than Jiggy.
She posed Liu with her hands, pulling her head back, pushing her chest forward so that the breasts seemed aimed at Jiggy's mouth, and then having her butt in the air, showing some of Jiggy's pole, and clearly showing that most of it was inside Liu.

When she finally got the shot just right she felt a great sense of accomplishment.
"OK, you two, get it going now!"

She sat on the edge of the bed, watching them in the throes of their passion, and found herself assembling new poses in her mind.

Hey! She thought. I missed my calling! I should be directing movies!

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