Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Lust in Public

Written by Frank (Oct 99)

This is a story of something that happened to me several years ago with a girl called Pam who I had been briefly dating
We were studying together and got to know each other pretty well in our final year of college when we became lab partners. Pam was fairly tall, 5 8 or so with brown hair and green eyes.
She has small but wonderfully shaped breasts and very large aureole.
Her hips were generous and very womanly.
Although there was a mutual attraction, neither of us did anything till just before final exams.
Pam and I had been studying together in my bedroom and during a rest period we sort of fell on each other and ended up making love all night.
That was the start of the relationship but unfortunately we graduated soon afterwards and had to move back to our respective parents homes for a while.
Before we left college we booked a vacation for 2 months later.
During those 2 months we only got to see each other once so by the time we met up to go on vacation we were both somewhat anxious.
We both arrived in our university city about midday and we had about 11 hours to kill until our flight.
This is the story of how we spent those hours getting more and more desperate for each other with nowhere private to go.

As I recall my train arrived first and I walked down to meet Pam off hers.
As soon as we saw each other we hugged and hugged and kissed for about 5 minutes.
We were both dressed very sensibly for flying, I had jeans and a rugby shirt on and she had a lose floral skirt and a lose sweater.
We were both wearing light jackets.
As we kissed our hands discretely moved under each others jackets.
My hands cupped her ass and she pulled me against her as well.
As we separated I had to pull my coat shut for a few minutes to hide my erection and I remember her grinning at me.
We decided to leave our luggage at the station and pick it up later just before we got the airport transfer.

We decided to get some lunch and sat in a Pizza Hut for about an hour, talking, staring into each others eyes and holding hands over a pizza.
Several times during the meal we lent close and kissed over the table.
Pam had soft generous lips that were wonderful to kiss.
People must have looked our way because as the meal went on we were getting more and more lost in each other.
Reaching across the table to hug as we kissed deeply.
Then sitting there slightly breathless for a few minutes, our eyes locked until the need to touch became too strong to resist and we had to kiss again.
Finally we paid and left.
Thank god the air cooled us down a little otherwise we could have been arrested.
We had been getting all together too carried away.
We walked around, arms around each other, hips brushing as we walked. looking in shop windows for a while.
It was nice but less arousing and eventually I even got soft and could open my jacket again.
We could probably have managed like that, just window shopping and grabbing snacks, but as evening arrived we were both tired and really wanted to sit down and rest.

We decided to go for a drink and we went into this nice old bar we both knew.
It was made up of lots of little rooms off the central bar area and as soon as we had bought drinks we headed for a secluded table.
By the time we were on our second round of drinks it was clear that we were both horny again.
By the third drink we were desperate for each other.
We sat side by side our legs pressed close, and our bodies turned to each other.
We kissed and nuzzled each others faces, whispering to each other.
I remember the main topic went something like....Pam saying perhaps we should stop before we drove each other insane since we couldn't really do anything.
I would say yes she was right and we would stop at first for all of 5 mins.
Then we'd start to discretely touch each other again.
As we kissed, she turned to me and I was able to stroke the outline of her small breasts through her sweater.
She let me touch her nipple briefly but then stopped me saying that it was making her too aroused.
Meanwhile we each had a hand on the others thigh under the table.
We sat like that for an hour or more, her hand resting inches from my aching erection.
I certainly understood obsession that mind had only one thought...I wanted her to move her hand about 1 inch to the left.
Finally I shifted slightly towards her and her hand brushed over my balls.
I moaned and she looked straight at me.
Her face was flushed and I knew that she was as aroused as me.

I lent close and whispered to her. I said something like..."if we stroke each other a little maybe it'll help relieve the tension a bit".
Not a terribly realistic idea I know but I wanted her to touch me so bad.
After some experiments we came up with a position that let us do that in the middle of this buy then crowded bar.
We each crossed our legs and sat very close side by side.
By partly towards each other with our arms around each others backs it made it look like we were having an intense conversation.
Under the table level though our free hands were resting on each others groins.
I slipped my hand between her thighs so that I could stroke her by wiggling my fingers.
As I did this she would bury her head in my shoulder and moan softly. I'm not sure she could cum like that but it was getting her very aroused.
Because of our situation she was nervous to let me do too much and after a few seconds she would ask me to stop for a min.
I suspect part of it was to do with the fact that Pam was very expressive as she came normally and she was not sure she could keep it in.
Pam for her part has her fingertips resting on my erection through my jeans.
She would stroke a little and then stop.
As we sat there we talked about what felt best.
She tried lots of things on me.
Her fingernails, her palm.
Each was slightly different and achingly erotic.
At one point I looked down and saw a wet patch on the front on my jeans.
I realized that my underpants must have been drenched in precum.
Pam kept saying we should stop but neither of us could by that point.
It was like being an addict.
Her hand gave me momentary relief but each time it was withdrawn the ache was worse.

Finally we had to leave for the airport.
After 3 hours of this we were both in a terrible state.
As we left the bar I took her hand and pulled her into a dark shop doorway.
I pushed her against the wall and we kiss roughly.
I pushed my hands under her sweater and rubbed and rubbed her breasts.
My knee pushed her legs apart and we ground our groins together.
Our hands grabbed each others asses and we started dry fucking.
I'm not sure why we didn't keep going.
I think partly we just couldn't get enough friction to finish but also this was not a terribly private place.
We started to walk, stopping every few yards to press against each other again.
Eventually we got the airport bus we found we had to wait for another 30 mins.
We found these seats and sat there.
Around us were a few people also waiting.

Our breathing was still pretty erratic and we were both in a high state of arousal.
Pam had a wonderful idea though.
It had gotten colder and she took her coat and put it over us like a blanket so that we were somewhat covered.
She stretched out a little and rested her head on my chest.
We sat there. Me looking around the room trying to look normal, Pam apparently resting on my chest.
Under the coat was another story.
I was playing with Pam's very hard nipple through her sweater and bra with one hand and teasing her clitoris through her skirt and panties with the other.
She was stroking my cock back and forth through my jeans in earnest this time.
We could both feel the tension in the other.
Her hand touched mine and she pushed down on my fingers with her own indicating she wanted me to rub harder and faster.
I closed my eyes feeling my orgasm close and knowing Pam was almost there too.
Then the bus arrived.
I grabbed Pam and we quickly got onto the bus.
All I could think of was finding somewhere to continue.
I almost physically pushed her to the back of the upper deck (a double decker).
We bundled into the against the window and prayed. A guy came up, looked at us and went to sit at the front.
Finally the bus started moving and we relaxed.

We kissed again, this time knowing there was no stopping.
I whispered to her... lean back.
She did and I was able to slide my hand under the waistband of her skirt.
Pam moaned and put her head on my shoulder, trying to straighten out as much as possible so I could reach down between her legs.
As the bus drove on I slipped my hand under her panties and slipped my finger inside her.
Pam used to have a special way she needed to cum.
I had to keep my finger very straight and move it in circles inside her vagina.
Keeping my finger rigidly straight I moved my hand over her pussy in a big circle....pressing against each side of her vagina in turn.
This happened very fast.
After only a few seconds she tensed against me, her fingers digging into my chest.
Suddenly her whole body tensed and she buried her head against my shirt, her hand slapped over her mouth.
She whimpered almost like she was in pain and I felt her cum, her pussy closing hard on my finger.
It was a wonder she didn't break my finger because I kept it rigid against the pressure for her.
After a few seconds we separated, both voicing our appreciation of elastic waist bands.
Her throat was bright red and she looked a little more relaxed.

She kissed me and touched my cock whispering...what about you.
I said god yes, please rub me.
I leaned back and she rubbed my cock quickly through my jeans.
Unfortunately I just couldn't get enough friction to get over the edge. I was going insane.
I unzipped my fly and she put her hand inside.
Her fingers massaging my cock through my underpants.
Still I couldn't come and we were getting close to the airport.
I looked up ahead and the guy seemed oblivious to what was happening.
There are times when lust is so strong I no longer care and this was one of them.
I pulled my cock out of my fly so that it was free.
Pam took my naked cock in her fist and pumped it up and very fast.
I was almost there when she whispered...cum on baby you need it, cum for me.
That was all I needed and I shot cum all over my shirt.
It was one of the most needed orgasms of my life.

We quickly arranged our clothes and I had to put my jacket back on to cover the wet patch on my shirt.

As we left the bus we held each other tight, very relaxed and contented.

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