Sunday, September 23, 2007


Written by Gem (April 2000)

The trees are swaying gently in the Wind as we get out of the car And walk towards the beach.
We have a picnic lunch and blanket And we spread the blanket out Near a shaded secluded area.
We are quiet as we take in the View of the surf and the beautiful Blue sky with soft white clouds. We leave the hamper with the food next to the blanket not quite ready to eat.

I feel your hand reach for mine and I take yours Squeezing it slightly. We look Into each other's eyes and feel Something pulling us together, An intense heat and attraction.

You pull on my hand and my body Moves closer to you and my face Is mere inches away from yours. You take your hand away from mine And bring it to the back of my head to pull me all the way to you. Our eyes close at the soft touching of the other's lips. We kiss softly at first, ever so loving in our ways. Soft gentle touches and caresses have our kiss deepening and soon our lips part to let our tongues dance together.

We are kissing hungrily now almost greedy in the way we take from each other. We suck at each otherÕs tongues and i am soon sucking and nibbling your bottom lip. Meanwhile our hands are everywhere, touching and rubbing one another all over. My hand is up your shirt rubbing your chest, feeling your nipples grow hard beneath my fingertips.

Your hands are up the back of my shirt working the clasp of my bra. You unsnap it and my full breasts are released. Your hands slide around my sides and you cup them both in your hands. You break the kiss and slowly kiss my neck and ear pull away then and help me take off my shirt and bra before ripping your own off and we are back in each others arms and kissing again.

Your hands cup my breasts again and you rub my nipples with your thumbs. I moan into your mouth and feel myself grow damp between my thighs....the smell of sex is all around us and I can feel the bulge of your cock in your shorts. It seems to be pulsating, beating the rhythm from your heart which is pounding out of your chest. My hands are at your nipples and we kiss softly again, trying to control ourselves. Both of us are squirming around and finally we end the kiss and you get to your knees, with me laying on my back.

You bend your head down and kiss my tummy making me suck it in and shiver in anticipation. Your nose nuzzles the bottom of my breasts as you kiss your way up between them, placing soft wet kisses all over leaving the nipples, untouched and aching. I press my thighs tightly together at the sensations building within me. You finally open your mouth and bring my tender swollen nipple into your hot moist mouth, closing your lips around them and ever so gently sucking on them.
I cry out at this, my back arching.
"oh God, i want you so bad" I moan your name over and over as you move from one nipple to the other and back again replacing your lips with your fingertips.

I feel your hand leave my nipple as you greedily suckle on the other. Your fingers trail down my stomach to the waist of my shorts where you stop to unbutton and unzip them. Then laying your hand palm down on my belly you slowly slide it down into my panties to cup the hot wet mound, your middle finger coming to rest just inside my soft pink pussy lips. Between your tongue and lips sucking on my nipple and your hand between my thighs my clit begins to throb and cum begins to drip out onto your fingers which are still not moving inside my panties.

You unleash my nipple which is so raw and sensitive from your mouth and trail kisses in the wake of your fingers. When you get to my shorts you slide them and my panties down and off and lean in to kiss the soft pussy hair at the top of my slit. Your finger slides into my pussy and your tongue parts the folds at the top and finds my clit already hard and tingly. As you fuck me with your finger your tongue runs circles around my clit and I am instantly wet all over again making it easy for you to insert yet another finger. My hands are on my nipples and my back is arched again and my thighs are spread wide open.

They tense up as you replace your cum covered fingers with your tongue and begin to make love to me with your tongue, making it stiff and sliding it in as far as it will go. In and out you go every so often pulling it out and lapping up my juices from bottom to top before thrusting it back in again. I need to orgasm
I can't take much more.....I am sobbing at the pressures building up and you sense my urgency to slide your two fingers in again and suck my clit into your mouth and tease it till I explode, wave after wave of intense quivering orgasmic rushes and a load of cum forms on your tongue and fingers.

I am panting and my chest is heaving. my nipples are still slightly pinched in between my fingers. you lap up my juices moaning as you do so and when im all cleaned up you come to lay down beside me. I kiss your lips softly tasting myself on you.

My hand strays to your hard cock and I wrap my left hand around it gently and begin to stroke you. The soft skin of your dick moves slightly up and down and I set a pace....we arenÕt kissing anymore and I use both hands to get you worked up. My hands are clasped slightly around your balls and my other hand is pumping your stiff cock.
A bit of precum builds up at the tip and my head lowers so I can lick it up with my tongue. You moan as my tongue touches your sensitive head.

I like hearing you moan so I slide the head in past my teeth and gently suck on the head flicking my tongue All over the tip and open the little slit at the end to lick there too.
My hand on your balls lifts them up a bit and I let go over your cock head and bring my face to your breath is hot and I breathe on them first before tentatively lashing out with my tongue.

Noticing your enjoying this I lick your balls all over from top to bottom and side to side covering them with my saliva, when I back away the warm breeze on them makes them quiver. I move to your cock again where I pump the base and suck on the top again feeling you swelling lift your hips up thrusting yourself in and out of me and my mouth opens wide and I let you go in as deep as you can the tip of your cock deep down my throat.
I suck hard on your cock loving the feeling of you in my mouth coaxing you over the brink, ready to swallow your hot cum.

You are digging your hand into the blanket at your sides and your other hand is grabbing my hair tightly following the movement of my head. I curl my tongue around you as I work you in and out faster now and you yell my name as your balls start to tighten up and your load begins to shoot up and out of you, deep down my throat you cum as I bob my head up and down your moans driving me wild.

I suck hard on your cock as you reach your peak and I swallow as quickly as I can not wanting to waste a drop....I continue to milk your cock with the muscles of my cheeks till the feelings subside and your cock grows limp and the head gets too sensitive. I am smiling like a happy cat - and I come to cuddle up in your arms.

We lay there sexually spent for the time being watching the clouds float by. We remember our picnic lunch and we set out to begin eating and as we munch we begin to relax and we put the food away and close our eyes to rest.

We awaken to the sounds of birds in the trees near us and I feel your soft hand on my breast and immediately I turn to you and we smile. There was so much we had yet to discover and the rest of the afternoon stretched out before us.

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