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Authored by Angelique (April 2000)

There's a hotel room outside of D.C. with a really huge, deep jacuzzi that has mirrors all around it and a deep shelf where candles can be strategically placed.
There's also a round bed with mirrors behind it from floor to ceiling. Music's playing from the CD player- a "Pure Moods" CD.

A blindfolded man is tied to a chair in the room. He's not too hard to look at, has a wicked sense of humor, and is quite pleasantly endowed. In other words, he has a large cock. And far from being agitated in his current state, he's extremely excited.

I've promised him a surprise for such a long time; now it's time to deliver. Because men tend to be visual, I've denied him the privilege of seeing me. I've told him to rely on his other senses÷touch, smell, and hearing. (It's amazing what you can hear when you're blindfolded if you give yourself half the chance.)

I start by sitting across from him, where I describe in vivid detail how I haven't worn panties to work all day. In fact I've only worn garters and hose under my short black wrap skirt. Having previously seen my shoes, he can picture me in his head. I tell him about the green peek-a-boo negligee I'm wearing and that my hair is in pigtails. He likes me to wear my hair that way.

I light a cigarette for him and let him smoke it, slowly. All the while, my breath is gently blowing over parts of his upper body. His nipples are already hard, even though I've made it just a tad warm in the room. Giving massages is one of my favorite pastimes; and I start by massaging his head. He has a very thick, full head of hair - which he'd gladly shave for me because I love baldheaded men. But I like the feel of his hair through my hands and on my thighs, so he keeps it. I massage his brow, behind his ears, down his neck; and everywhere I massage, I follow-up with soft kisses and gentle bites - not hard enough to cause a mark, but enough to tingle. Next are his shoulders and upper body . . .

I let my nails mark the trail my hands will follow. (I have nice nails painted a very dark maroon.) When I finally reach his hands, I make sure to pay particular attention to the fleshy part between his fingers and his palms. In addition to massaging them, I make sure to lick and nip, tracing the outline of each finger with the tip of my tongue. His lower back and torso will have to wait, even though I can see ample evidence of his wanting me to "knead" that area. He is, after all, tied down; and I'd rather not have to exert myself by bending over.

I move to face him again. By now he notices my excitement, not by my dilated pupils and quivering lips but by my breathing, which is quicker just from touching him, and by my own unique smell. He thinks I'm going to pleasure him, but I haven't finished with my pleasure yet. Running my nails down his thighs is a feeling of pure joy, knowing I'm that close to his manhood but not touching it (or paying it homage) drives him mad. But, I must admit, that he has incredible willpower, and it's always nice to see how long he'll last. Massaging his legs is like sculpting stone.

I see the muscles start to stand out, and it's like a statue coming to life before my eyes. Next it's on to the feet; they deserve just as much attention as his hands. Are you aware of all of the erogenous zones in a person's foot? Pure bliss. Now it's time to untie his hands and feet. He thinks I'm going to lead him to the bed, but I move him to the jacuzzi. He begins to comprehend that this is going to be a long "session," and he's thrilled.

Obviously I need to be undressed. I highly recommend your taking off someone's clothes blindfolded at least once in your life. If you wait until your other senses have really 'kicked in,' the experience is at a very heightened level. From past escapades, I knew how long to make him wait so that we'd both enjoy ourselves. As I am not wearing much, I caution him to go slowly and to start with my hair. Carefully he removes the bands and unbraids my pigtails.

Then he treats me to a scalp massage, such as I gave him. His hands are gentle yet so sure in their touch. Next he leisurely removes the thin straps of my negligee down my arms. Because his sense of touch is enhanced the tips of his fingers have tiny, pleasurable jolts of electricity running through them. His hands feel awakened, and my body responds openly to his caressing. My neck and arms have goosebumps. Then I break out into a sweat as the tips of his fingers are replaced by his nails, which pulse against my nipples as he draws the garment down.

As much as I want him to continue, I admonish him to stick to the task at hand; advising him he does not have my permission to explore my body the way I've previously 'navigated' his. However, while removing the negligee, his hands find my half-shaved bush; reminding him that I don't have on any panties. I see his hands pause then reconsider their path. (I told you he has excellent control.)

He brings the negligee up and over my body, gently cupping my breasts in the process with his palms. My hosiery follows. His hands are shaking as he unclasps the hooks; but he sticks to the devoir, and the item is hastily discarded. Once again, I warn him to move slowly. He deftly removes my hose, taking care to move slowly down my legs until he reaches my shoes. His hands are like fire on my skin, which is slick with perspiration from my desire.

They are big and callused and can move me to tears÷whether he's rough or gentle when using them on me. Rather than run the risk of his trying to take a quick lick or two of my wet pussy while he undoes my shoe straps, I take a step backwards and place my left foot squarely between his chest. Of course, this opens me wider; and my smell is causing him to sweat more.

Yet he's forced to remove first one shoe then the other at a distance. However, having excellent balance, as I bring up my right foot, I draw it slowly over his hard balls and taut penis, up his abdomen, and over both of his nipples before allowing him to take it off. I fill up the jacuzzi; he smells the eucalyptus oil I'm using÷just a touch because it's so strong, and I don't want it to sting any sensitive areas. The water is warm and inviting. I bring him over, and then weâre both tantalized by the feel of the water on our skin. Now is the time for his exploration of my body to begin, and I can hardly wait. I cross my legs over his, bringing our bodies as close as they can be without penetration.

The feel of his cock between our bodies causes me to catch my breath; and that's when he kisses me. His kisses consume me, alternating between softly chaste and throbbing insistence. The length and depth of them leave me gasping. I can feel his body aching to enter me, but I won't be denied this pleasure. He senses this and turns me away from him, where he starts to massage my neck and shoulders. I take advantage of the respite to work on his legs and feet more thoroughly. His hands feel so incredibly good going up and down my spine, moving on to my arms, then around to my breasts, never rushing but always commanding my full attention.

He whispers that he needs to taste them in his mouth, and I willingly oblige. I'm so hot that I come for the first time as soon as his teeth pull on the first nipple, but he won't let up. He moves from one to the other with the same persistence as his kisses÷licking and biting, sucking and massaging÷and I keep coming. And as well as I know him, he knows me better. He doesn't want me fully spent because he knows that there's more to follow. While he continues to pay attention to my breast, he reaches down with his fingers to slowly stroke me.

In the meantime, I'm massaging his chest and playing with his nipples in the same lavish fashion he's bestowed upon me. By this time the water is slightly cool, and it is impossible to ignore the passion surrounding us. With the sheets pulled down and the pillows in place, the bed beckons. I don't care that weâre wet, but he insists on drying me with a towel. The fabric sends shivers up my whole body; I'm shaking with desire for this man. I can see by the drop of cum on the head of his penis that he is more than ready for me. So, when he finishes drying me off, I return the favor. However, when I drop to my knees and unexpectedly take him into my mouth, he lets out a loud moan, and his balls contract even further into his body.

I move him to the bed where he'll be more comfortable. I LOVE giving head. To me, it's a feeling of empowerment, not a power play. And at this point, I'm so thankful for his amazing skill at holding back because I feel I can go on sucking and stroking him forever. I take the tip of his penis in my mouth and curl my tongue around it, all the while pulling the skin down slowly and turning my hand so that my palm alternates between the front and the back.

I lick and tease his balls, which are so hard and taste so wonderful. And as I take him fully into my mouth, I massage the area between the crack of his ass and his balls because as any self-educated woman knows, more than half of a man's penis is inside; and I want to get to all of it. He's breathing so heavily by now that I back off, rolling him onto his stomach and lifting up his ass. I want to kiss and suck all over and in it, and he wants me to stick my finger in him while I'm at it. What a rush! His smells and tastes are driving me mad. I want him inside of me now; but he has other plans.

I know he's ready to burst; the deep color and quivering of his cock lets me know; and still I cannot see his eyes nor he any part of me. It's all touching and smelling and sweet, pleasurable moaning. He rolls back onto his stomach and in the process pulls my pussy up to cover his face. His tongue shows me what his cock will soon be doing. My hands are on the mirror in front of me, supporting me; and I look up to catch a glimpse of my face. Who's body is this÷so ripe, so ready to be ravaged? Finally when I can take it no more, I remove his blindfold.

Our eyes lock, and he lifts me off of his face and down his body where he thrusts deeply inside of me. I scream with excitement and beg him for more. He tells me in a very controlled voice that he's held out for so long that he's reached a state where it's going to take some time for him to cum. And then he proceeds to take me in a multitude of ways. He faces the mirror and draws me to my knees.

He demands that I look at both of us in the mirror. He wants me to see what being inside of me is doing to him. The depth of his penetration sears through me from this angle; I whimper. And he's so big that I fear anal sex, but I know that tonight I'm more than ready for him. He can't believe I've suggested it, but my body moves with his so easily that I feel pain for only a brief time then incredible waves of delight washing over me. Finally he's ready to explode, and we both want him deep inside of my drenched pussy. I'm flat on my back, and he's inside of me.

His tongue is mimicking the movements of his penis; and both are piercing me all the way to my stomach. Our climax is so intense that neither of us can move when it's over. So we lay in each other's arms, neither of us speaking.

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