Friday, September 21, 2007

Phone repair man

Written by Gem (April 2000)

It was a cold night and the rain coming down smelled of spring.
I walked along the beach throwing pebbles into the surf. I wanted to be alone and this seemed to be the perfect time.
Hardly a soul was here because of the weather..

I spotted a car parked next to mine when I glanced up but didn't think anything of it. I got in the car, cold and wet. My stomach was growling but I didn't want to go yet. Staring out into the ocean I started remembering the night before and a smile came to my face. I was getting dressed and ready for my date to arrive and the phone rang.
'Hello?' I asked as I juggled the phone to put on my shoes.
'Hi, this is the Brian. I am with the phone company. Seems there's been trouble in your building and I was just calling all the numbers to see who was having the troubles. I am in the basement trying to fix the situation,' replies a deep sexy voice.

'Oh, ok. Well I haven't been experiencing any troubles, but thank you.' I hung up the phone and several minutes later I hear my doorbell ring. Looking at my watch I know it's not my date because it was forty-five minutes before the hour. I take one last look in the mirror before I walk to the door and open it to find a hunk of a man in a phone company uniform at my door.

"Hi,' I reply with my mouth hanging open at the sight before my eyes.
'Hello. I just talked to you a few minutes ago and I need to check all your phone jacks,' he said eyeing up my apartment.
'Well alright, there is one in the bedroom and one in the living room. Go next to the couch and you will see it,' I replied. He looked like the guy next door.

Dark hair, blue eyes and rather good looking, the shirt he wore stretched across his broad shoulders tightly, making me drool. He walked over to the couch and squatting down he examined the phone jack. I watched this pose for quite some time before I realized I needed to finish getting ready and stop staring at this man's ass.
'Excuse me while I get ready. The other jack is in the bedroom at the end of the hall next to my nightstand,' I say, licking my lips and smiling to myself. He grunted in reply so I headed to the kitchen to make sure dinner wasn't burning (it was on low but I needed to get my mind back where it had been).

I could hear him whistling and following the tune I knew he was heading to my bedroom. My toes curled at the thought of him in there next to my bed and it was all I could do to get the image of him and I in that bed out of my head. Shaking my head full of red curls trying to clear my thoughts and stirring my dinner had me so preoccupied I didn't hear him come into the kitchen.

'Maâam, I am through here and I am heading out,' he says to me and I look at him blankly.
'Mmmm something smells good in here.'
'Oh, yes,' I respond, startled out of my daydreams.
' Its chicken caccitore.' He chuckles, sending shivers up and down my spine. 'Not the dinner ma'am.. Although that smells very good, I believe it was you I was referring to.'

I looked at him with suspicions running through my head. This beautiful man is standing here in my kitchen on a Thursday afternoon in his work uniform complimenting me on how I smell.
And here I am, my body responding to the low voice and casually offered compliment. He was awfully close and I could smell his scent. The mixture of soap, after shave and sweat were purely male. My body went lax and my nipples hardened.

His eyes, which had been focusing on my own wrenched away from me and he dragged them slowly over my body, stopping at my breasts and the reaction to him was obvious. Drawing a ragged breath I step back and let out a shakey sigh. He smiled and when I looked at his lips I swear I stopped breathing.

Looking away I glanced up and saw the look of total desire in his eyes. There was a hint of electricity running through the air and the room suddenly felt very small. Now I am normally a very reserved person and I don't throw myself into anything lightly. And I certainly don't engaged in sex with someone I have never met before, yet something had me reaching out and touching his arm.

I felt a shock of passion and my breathing became hitched as his arm came around me and pulled me in close.
'I don't even know you,' I said, my voice a whisper.
He laughed and replied softly, ' I can fix that.'

My pulse shot up and I threw all caution to the wind. Hell, I am a beautiful woman, 5â7' 122 pounds dark red hair and blue eyes and being 29 years old what man wouldn't want me.
I snaked my arms around his neck and pulled him down. Our lips touched softly, just brushing against each other.
Our breath was coming in shallow spurts and we immediately deepened the kiss, our tongues meeting and dancing together. I was beside myself with pleasure and lust, my eyes closed and my hands everywhere on his body. Later on I would look back in shock on how I acted but for right now I didn't have a care in the world.

All I knew was I wanted this man. All you could hear in my tiny kitchen was moans and heavy breathing. I was on fire and my panties were growing moist as the kiss broke and his lips trailed down my neck and shoulders. His hands begin fumbling with the zipper of my dress.

When he got it down he slipped the dress over my shoulders, letting it hit the floor and replacing the dress with wet kisses. I felt unnerved by the look in his eyes and the smile on his face and it turned me on to be standing half-naked in my kitchen.

His lips were soft and his breath hot against my skin. He kissed all of my shoulders and neck and moved to my chest. My bra was pushing my breasts up tightly and he placed a kiss on the top of each white mound, his fingers straying to my nipples, which were straining against the material of my purple lace bra.

I cried out as he circled my nipples one then the other making me throb between my thighs. I could smell the sex radiating off of me and knew I was getting extremely wet. I had my head thrust back and eyes closed and opened them when I felt him pull away. He was staring at my body making a slight flush crawl up my skin, giving it a rosy glow.

He had a huge bulge in his jeans and my eyes were drawn to it. He watched me looking at him for several seconds. My tongue darted out and I licked my dry lips. He groaned then and I stepped the few feet between us and got to my knees. I exhale my hot breath against his crotch and watching the response in his pants.

Gliding my hand across the bulge I attentively squeeze the hardness in my hand. I can feel his fingers running through my hair. As I knead his cock through his pants I can hear his breathing grow ragged once again. I raise my arms to his shoulders and slowly slither my hands down over his chest and torso finally coming to rest on his waist, stopping to unbutton his jeans.

Opening them wide and tugging them down a bit I delight at the fact that he isn't wearing anything under his jeans. Gasping at the site of his cock I release the rigid shaft leaning in to kiss and lick the shaft all over as one hand squeezes and pumps and the other plays over his balls rubbing and squeezing.

I slip his balls into my mouth washing them with my saliva. I suck them into my mouth completely as my hand continues to pump up and down on his cock. He was moaning loudly, turning me on even more and I felt his balls tighten up and knew the surge of hot cum was threatening to burst.

I wrapped my mouth around the tip of his cock and began to flick it with my tongue before moving downward, enveloping the stiff shaft in my hot mouth until his pubic hairs tickled my nose and the tip entered the tight confines of my throat. Working it in and out making my throat constrict around him I continued to suck his cock until he tightened up and yelled out.. 'Oh God yes,' he cried.

I felt beneath my finger tips rubbing his balls that he was about to cum and I sucked hard and long until that hot salty liquid hit the back of my throat. I pulled off of his cock enough to greedily swallow the juices. He pulled all the way out and his still twitching cock shot some of his load onto my chest. I was instantly wet as I watched it drip down onto my breasts.

He was picking me up and carrying me to the bedroom before I even knew what hit me. He laid me on the bed and began crawling up the length of my body, kissing my stomach and tonguing my belly button. When he was sitting on my stomach he took his cock and began massaging in the cum he had shot onto me.

He continued to rub my nipples with his cum covered cock, stopping occasionally to slap my perky breasts with his already hard cock. Surprised at his ambition and readiness to play again I slid my hand up his chest to play with his nipples.

He leaned down to kiss my lips, sucking my bottom lip into his mouth and nibbling gently. He sucked on my tongue and ran his hands up and down my body exploring every silken inch of flesh. His kisses moved downward slowly and soon he was suckling at my hard nipples. The sensitive peaks stood proud waiting in turn as he sucked first on one then the other.
The air was cool on the wet flesh and made me shiver. He slid down my body kissing every inch, leaving nothing untouched. He was between my thighs and watching my face and the sight of him and knowing what he was about to do had me writhing on the bed.

He opened my thighs as wide as he could and began kissing them from the knee down. I was beside myself as he reached the apex of my thighs and his nose tickled the small patch of hair I allowed to grow there. Taking his fingers he pealed my soft pink lips apart and blew gently on the exposed skin. He pressed a kiss to the already throbbing bud before running his tongue up and down my slit.

When his tongue would get to my clit he would tongue soft circles around it. I was moaning and sighing and small whimpers of pleasure escaped my parted lips. I was so wet and he licked up the juices hungrily. I could tell he was enjoying himself from the groans and I closed my eyes and let go of all my inhibitions.

My clit was achingly swollen and I felt an orgasm build up inside me like a storm. Sensing this he backed off and kissed my thighs. His hands came around my thighs and reached for my nipples and he seemed excited to feel my hands already there. He moved back to my wet pussy and again went right for my clit, teasing me unmercifully.

This time when he felt me tense up he slammed his tongue up inside me making it as hard as he could and began fucking me with his tongue. My hands were clutching the covers on the bed and I started rocking up and down in time to his thrusts. I want to cum so bad and I call out that I can't take any more. He withdraws his tongue and pulls himself up so he is on his knees. He grabs my thighs and pulls me to him and his erect dick slides into me slowly.

I gasped at the feeling of his thick hard cock sliding in and rubbing against my pulsing clit. He is so large and I couldn't believe it when his balls hit my ass. He had his eyes closed and he left it sit inside me for a moment before pulling almost all the way out and thrusting back into me. He pulled me up to a sitting position on his cock and we rolled over so I could be on top. I rode him hard and fast.

My breasts bounce up and down as I grind my pelvis down into him. My cum is dripping from me and some gets on his balls. . He is all over the place beneath me and I continue to buck knowing is he close to his release. He pinches my nipples between his thumb and index fingers, the slight pain adding to my excitement..

I build up speed fucking him hard -I'm in a frenzy and I feel an orgasm building up inside me.
As I fuck him I hear the doorbell ring. 'Oh, shit!' I cried, still moving but at a slower pace.
'Ignore it,' he replied.
I look down at him, his gorgeous face twisted up and I felt his still hard cock throb inside me. I was so near to orgasming that it took me three seconds do decide to do just that.
After the first ring of the doorbell there was silence. All you could hear was our breathing and his moans as he raises his hips to speed me along.
He lifts his head to my breasts and suck on them both at the same time, squishing my breasts together. I throw my head back and he latches on even harder.
The quivering velvet walls of my pussy clench around him as I ride. I was so into it and him that I failed to notice the shadow at my door.

The figure came around the corner of the hallway and stopped when greeted with the sight of me on top of a man, fucking him in all his glory.

I spread my thighs as wide as I could and let him take over shoving his hips up and down at a fast pace.
The figure in the doorway was shocked at first but soon the sight became a turn on and the figure slid their hand inside their pants and began to rub.

The ache between their legs grew and soon their hand was wet and a moan escaped their lips.
'What the fuck?' I yelled, twisting my head around to see my date, and girlfriend, with her hand down her pants.

She had the most incredible look of desire in her eyes. 'I still had your key,' she said softly not looking the least bit guilty..

'Please don't stop.' She walked to a chair in the corner and began to peel her clothes off.

Brian, who until this time had remained motionless and quiet, got a big smile on his face.
I looked at my girlfriend and said, 'Abby this is Brian. Brian this is my girlfriend Abby.'

At the word girlfriend and the sight of Abby, who was nude and in the chair with her legs spread open Brian groaned loudly and rolling us over started fucking me like a wild animal.

He was so hard and thick between my thighs and my orgasm came back at full speed. I dug my nails into his back and raised my legs to rest on his shoulders giving Abby a view of my tight pussy being fucked by this huge hot stud.

I looked down and to the side and saw Abby lick her hand to rub her nipple while she fingered herself.
Watching my girlfriend masturbating while watching me get laid was an absolute turn on and I got even more wet than before making Brian grunt and thrust his hips even faster..

I wondered if Brian would want to watch Abby and me. I got so excited I hit my peak and I heard Abby yell out. I knew she was close and I let myself go yelling and bucking wildly, his dick was so thick and his balls so tight with cum. I could feel it bursting into me in hot thick spurts and my clit went wild as it dribbled over it.

I orgasmed over and over again before he finally collapsed onto me. Abby had cum all over her fingers and was licking them off, a small smile on her face.
Brian got up and began dressing all the while watching Abby and me.
'Well ladies I better go so I don't get in trouble with my boss. I enjoyed the evening immensely.'
He smiled at us and dropping something on the nightstand he walked out. When the door close I looked over at Abby.

She smiled at me and came over to place a kiss on my lips. I knew she had liked what she saw and might possibly be interested in doing this again sometime.
We looked at the nightstand and I walked over to see what he had put there. I smiled as I read his name and phone number from his business card.
When I turned to show Abby she smiled and we walked out of the room together.
Dinner was spoiled but a pizza sounded great.

The sound of the surf pounding in and the growling of my stomach brought me back to where I was. I was about to start the car when someone knocked on the window of the passenger side. I leaned over to roll it down and was surprised to see Brian smiling into my car.
I jolted and was a little shocked to see Abby sitting in the car he had obviously came from.

She smiled that telling smile and before I knew it we were headed home.


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