Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Dirty Old Man

Written by Louise (March 2000)

I had not long lost my virginity.
I was a late starter. 43 to be precise Being a dwarf, I had no confidence, but now I realised men liked somet hing different.
I placed an advert in the Personal column and waited. It was going along quite nicely. I had met quite a few men for fairly st raight sex sessions, then Bill left a message for me. I was intrigued. He was so well-spoken and said he was in his 60's.

He loved big tits on a women and I certainly fitted that description. So, phoned him back. I realised he was very wealthy, when he told me he lived in Kensington and his accent certainly helped confirm his status. He wanted to meet me as soon as possible. I was to drive to his flat and had to wear only a coat (naked underneath).

His building had a concierge, so I was to say that I was a business client. Bill would come down in the lift and escort me to his flat. I did exactly as he said. I felt a little nervous because I was fairly i nexperienced. I'd only ever fucked in my flat, on my own bed. Bill turned out to be exactly as he sounded. Very distinguished and quite suave. As we met, I let my coat gape open around my tits and he enjoyed the view.

When we entered the lift, I stood with my back to him and he expertly lifted my coat above my waist, but only exposing my arse to hi m. His hand slipped between my legs from behind and his fingers spread my shaven cunt and delved deep inside.

He kept talking to me, but in an a busive way, calling me a slut and talking about how he wanted to milk my udders. I felt quite shocked, but was also extremely aroused. The lift gate opened directly into the hall of his flat and as soon as it closed behind us, he pushed me roughly onto all fours, held my hands b ehind my back with one hand and fisted my cunt with the other. The way m y cunt felt crammed so full was a new experience for me and I gasped as he slid in and out, my juices running over his hand.

When he had finished, he stuffed his fingers in my mouth and made me lick my own cum, then pulled me up off the floor and pushed me into his bdro om. I watched as he undressed and nearly laughed out when he revealed hi s small, wrinkly but erect cock. I managed to make it sound like a cough , but he wasn't happy. He lunged at me and ripped my coat open, the butt ons fell off and I was revealed in all my glory.

He grabbed my FF tits and rubbed and pulled them really hard. Once again he pushed face down, but this timeI was in front of a mirror. He pulled my head upby my hair and pushed his small dick into my dripping cunt. I was so wet and he was so small that he kept slipping out, but he wasn't bothered. He grappled with my dangling boobs and treated them so roughly, I begun to wish that I hadn't gone through with this.

He kept saying to me "You fucking cow, I'm going to milk your fucking udders dry.You want me to pull your fucking udder off, don't you, you cunt!" I was beginning to feel bad and asked him to stop, but he wouldn't. He abused my body in so many ways. | felt ashamed and degraded.

When he had finished, he thanked me, which I couldn't believe, but then he told me that, If I promised to do one more thing for him, he would pa y me however much money I wanted. I was badly in debt and I thought that if I could clear my debts, the whole experience would have been somehow worth it. He said he would pay wh atever price I asked him as long as I didn't get to know what my final ordeal was until I was being subjected to it. I was scared, but somehow, excited and aroused.

I thought that if I made my price ridiculously high, he wouldn't gothrough with it, so I told him that only $100,000 would secure my services.
To my surprise he agreed and that my friends is another story.

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