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Written by Gem (April 2000)

I walked around my small apartment dressed only in my robe as I prepared for tonight’s party.

My best friend Monica and I were having some friends over to my place for a small (I hope) get together.
She said she hadn’t invited too many people and mixed with the seven I invited I know my apartment is going to be a bit cramped.

I walk around making sure everything is clean and put away and turn the stereo on low.
I hear the faint sounds of Creed’s What If as I walk to my bedroom to get dressed.

I slide the robe off my shoulders to the ground and standing there nude I rummage through my closet for the black skirt I planned on wearing.

I stand there on one leg sorting through the clothes on the hangers my blond hair damp on my back and making me cold.
I look in the mirror across the room at my reflection.

Looking back at me was a pretty woman of average height, about 5â6.

I was thin but not overly so.
My long blond hair fell in waves to the middle of my back. The green eyes staring back were pale and large.
I looked away and finally finding my skirt I begin to dress.
Monica would be here shortly and I wanted to be ready so we could enjoy a drink before everyone arrived.

I walked into the kitchen and as I glance at the clock I see she should be here any minute.
It wasn’t five minutes later and the doorbell rang.

I opened the door and smiled widely as I revealed my friend standing there dripping wet. I pull her in and we giggle.
She is mad that she got caught in a downpour and I send her to my room with a towel.
She knows she can help herself to anything. Monica and I had been friends since grade school. We shared everything from purses and clothes to details of our dates and our secret crushes.
We even went to the same college where the tradition carried on.

Seeing that everything was in order and all we needed was our guests, I took two glasses with our favorite drink of amaretto and sour back to the bedroom with me to check on Monica.
She is sitting on my bed towel drying her long black hair. I set the glasses down and sit next to her, taking the towel from her.
She turns away from me so her hair is accessible. I run the towel down her hair and then grabbing a handful I rub the towel over the strands before moving on.

I feel her shiver and I ask if she’s cold, she answers no so I continue.
As I rub the towel over her hair I am increasingly aware of her breathing, which I thought had seem to speed up.
My heart thumped wildly at the thought of this turning Monica on and shocked at my feelings I shook it off and got up.

I grabbed her hand and pulled her up and running a brush through her hair several times she smacked her lips at herself in the mirror and we left the room just as the doorbell rang.
Our guests were arriving. The night went quick. Most of our friends showed up and at one time some of them spilled out onto my balcony.
Not many smokers in our group of friends made the cramped situation easier to deal with.

The music wasn’t very loud and we all had a great time talking about college and work.
I caught Monica’s brown eyes with mine as she sat talking to an acquaintance from her work about how she just ended things with her boyfriend after three years and I smiled at her as I passed.

I had heard that story at least 100 times so I didn’t bother stopping.
There was a guy I had never seen before eyeing me up. He was yummy looking in tight black jeans and a white t-shirt.
His sandy brown hair hung in curls at the back of his neck but short on top and his sky blue eyes were able to melt any heart.
He seemed to have come here alone but was enjoying the conversation of my friend Jamie. She was lucky, he was a hottie I wouldn’t mind talking with.
From the look on her face she didn’t find him the least bit boring but she also noticed he was watching me and I laughed as Jamie tried harder to get his attention.

I continued to walk around and mingle, stopping to ask people if they wanted another drink or to refresh bowls of snacks. I poured my sixth drink and was feeling slightly drunk.
I realized that I wasn’t the only one.
Several people here had had too much to drink. I told everyone who thought they were drunk that they could pass out on my floor, couch or in the second bedroom.

Our friends took this as a sign that the party was ending and looking at my watch I was shocked to see how late it was.
After making sure the people who left were sober and lots of good-byes I shut the door and turned around.

My place was a mess but I thought I would worry about it tomorrow. I sat on the couch and looked around. A guy Monica knew from her work was sleeping in my recliner. I saw a guy and a girl head to the second bedroom and close the door.
I smiled and continued to sip my drink.
I got up and walked into the kitchen where Monica was putting some of the food that could spoil away.
She smiled at me and I could see from the glassy look in her eyes that she was feeling as good as I was.

That guy had left his number with Monica to give to me it seemed and we giggled at the prospect of this.
I looked at the paper in my hand. Jeff is his name. I asked Monica if she knew him and she said no. I put the paper down and began to help her. We both swayed and stumbled around the kitchen.

When everything was put away we turned off the lights and headed to my room. Monica lived across town and our plans were for her to stay over tonight so she could drink.
She always crashed in my spare room but all the available spaces were taken.
My queen size bed was large enough for both of us and we had slept in the same bed for years, sleepovers, camping, bunking together in college when her dorm room was flooded because of a fire down the hall.

I peeled off all my clothes except my bra and panties and slide into my warm bed.

I turned over to the wall and tried to get comfortable. I felt the bed dip as Monica got in and felt it shift as she positioned herself for sleep. I lay there with my eyes closed waiting for her to settle.
Finally she isn’t moving anymore and I feel myself drift off to sleep.

I think I had been dozing for quite some time when I felt something on my hip.
I opened my eyes and looked at my alarm clock. It was only two hours later.
I reached under the blanket and felt Monica’s arm thrown over me.
I thought it was cute and I moved a bit to get comfy with the new position.

As I move her arm does to and she slides her hand up to my breast. My breathing nearly stops as her fingertips glide across my nipple making it harden instantly. I gulp in air and as I reach to remove her hand from my breast she moans and begins to rub the nipple straining through my bra.

I gasp at the electric current running through my body.
Guilt washes over me and I realize I am enjoying something I shouldn’t. She hasn’t a clue what she’s doing to me.

I take her hand and pull it away from me wondering at the disappointment I feel.
Her hand falls to the bed and she stirs a bit. Shaking I try to remain quiet but she notices I am awake and smiles at me.
I try to smile back unsure of what she is aware of.

She senses my discomfort and reaches out to brush a wisp of hair from my face. I close my eyes and when I feel the bed move I am shocked to open my eyes up as her lips brush across mine.

Oh dear God she’s kissing me! She feels it too.
I close my eyes again and reach behind her head and pull her a bit more firmly to me deepening the kiss a bit. I am stunned at how bold that was of me but she didn’t seem to notice..

Her hand is still near my cheek and she begins to caress it softly. As we kiss I feel her parting my lips with her tongue and I open them letting her in to taste me.
I suck on her tongue instinctively. Her hand slides down my cheek to my neck and then to the swell of my breasts above my bra and my breathing goes shallow.
I open my mouth to say something and she shushes me, pressing me back against the bed.

I lay there looking up at my best friend and the look of desire in her eyes is amazing.
Not once had I thought of Monica as someone to make love to. Sure I thought about experimenting with a woman but it was never someone I knew and loved like a sister.
As I look at her in a new light it’s then that I notice she isn’t wearing anything.

My eyes are glued to her soft supple breasts and the pink buds standing hard and ready. She laughs as my tongue darts out to lick my dry lips then lowers her head to mine again and kisses me lovingly.
I kiss back passionately this time, overwhelmed by emotions.
Her hands slide behind my back as she kisses my lips sucking and nibbling them.

My bra is undone in seconds, and loosened, my breasts bounce free of the fabric.
Her hands come back to the front and she leans back breaking our kiss to pull the bra off down my arms.
The cool air of my tiny bedroom makes my nipples harder then before and her head comes down again to suck one of them, gently enveloping the peak into her moist hot mouth.
I arch my back and moan loudly, feeling myself grow damp between my thighs.
My hands run through her soft hair as she lavishes attention upon my breasts licking circles around my nipples before sucking on them again, softly scraping her teeth against the tender flesh eliciting more moans from me.

Her soft warm hand goes to the apex of my thighs and cups the wet mound of flesh through my panties and I am in ecstasy, crying out her name on a loud sigh.
My clit throbs beneath her hand as she presses her hand firmly to me and rubs slowly up and down.

I know my panties are soaked at this point and she moves them aside and slides a finger deep inside my quivering pussy.
As she slips her cum-covered finger in and out of me she rubs my clit with her thumb and I orgasm instantaneously.

Hard and fast it hits me, my pussy squeezing her finger tightly as the orgasmic convulsion rips through me and I turn to scream into the pillow. It dawns on me that my little friend seemed to know what she was doing but that thought slid away as she withdrew her finger and brought it to her lips to suck.

Watching her suck my juices into her mouth gave me the urge I needed to make a move.

She is on her knees still so I scramble up to mine and lay her back.
Her knees are still bent and in the air so I gather my courage and get between them and began to kiss her inner thighs.
I work my way down from her knees to just mere inches from the crease of her thigh before moving to the other one and doing the same. Her hands are playing with her nipples and she is smiling at me.

Its all the encouragement I need to move to her pussy and press a gentle kiss upon it. I feel her thighs tighten up and a small sound escapes her parted lips. Making love to my best friend is the last thing I expected tonight but somehow it all seemed right. I grab her hips and pull myself closer to her and tentatively lick her slowly from the bottom to the top of her wet slit.

The taste is salty on my lips and tongue and not altogether unpleasant. I lick her again and this time I press harder so the lips of her pussy part a bit and more of her sweet juices escape onto my tongue and I swallow them greedily. Getting excited again I close my eyes and remember what I like when being eaten and go from there.

I peel her lips apart and reveal her clit but instead of going to it I lick the inside of the pussy lips I hold in my cum-covered fingers, running my tongue all over them. I slide my tongue into her tight wet hole as far in as it will go and love the feel of her wrapped around me.

I take one of my hands and dropping the lip I slide a finger in to rub her clit gently. She moans and I feel myself getting wet wanting to try things I have never imagined before.
She feels me hesitate while my mind wanders and she pulls me up to lay on her. Feeling her naked beneath me drives me crazy and I scoot down to suck on her nipples letting my knee rub her pussy as I make her nipples harder than ever.

My tongue licks the peak in a long fluid motion from her breast to the tip in all directions before sucking on it again.

My knee is soaked and she is writhing under me her hands all over my body. I have never been this worked up before and I let my need to fulfill my desires take over me and I arrange our bodies so our legs were in a v and I slide in so our pussies touched. Immediately my clit pounded furiously and my pussy contracted.
Holding her thigh I begin to rub my pussy and hers together and the orgasm building up inside us is so intense we are unable to make a sound, just feel.

Our pussy lips rubbing against one another’s and the friction of pubic hair is almost more than I can bear. Our cum was mixing together and I could hear a slight smacking sound come from between us as we both work ourselves to the edge and over, my orgasm so brightly intense its near exquisite pain and I bite into the soft flesh of her thigh. Over and over the waves of pleasure bring me up and down and I can’t breathe anymore.

The feelings subside slowly and we lay there unable to move.

We lay there for a few minutes before I move to hold her in my arms. We kiss softly touching tongues quickly before breaking the kiss.
I look into her sleepy eyes and feel a love I have never felt before towards Monica.
I think she feels it too. I feel my eyes begin to close and the room fade away and I hear a faint buzzing. Struggling to understand where it was coming from I try to wake myself. I open my eyes and the sun is shining slightly through my blinds.
I blink rapidly and look around. My alarm clock was buzzing and it was seven a.m.

I had my arm and leg thrown over Monica and I looked again to see she was dressed. It then dawns on me that I had only been dreaming.

Turning red I extract myself from her and get off the bed. She rolls over and mumbling something and I see her eyes blinking at the sun as she wakes up slowly.
I hurriedly dress and go to the kitchen leaving her there, embarrassed and eager to get away.

I see the handful of people that stayed the night were all still sleeping so I quietly began to clean up and make breakfast and coffee. Monica comes out a few minutes later.
She has to work in 2 hours so she kisses my cheek and gets her stuff together and leaves saying she loves me and that she had a great time at my party.
After telling her I will see her later I walk back to the bedroom to make my bed.

I sit down and close my eyes and remember my dream. Oh god I wished it had been true.
I am in love with Monica. I want her and she would die if she knew.
I open my eyes and turn to get off the bed when something under my pillow catches my eyes.

I lift the pillow and find a bra.

I stare at it in stunned silence.

It isn’t mine!

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