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Sin in the Sun

Written by Joanne (April 2000)

A few of you may remember a series of encounters I submitted last year ( I believe the stories are still in the archives) involving myself and my sister's husband Andy.

I was secretly fucking him behind her back and enjoying it immensely, though I did have twinges of guilt regarding the betrayal. So it was with mixed feelings that I accepted Ruth's offer to join her and Andy on holiday in Spain.

They had rented a villa on the Costa Brava and it had two bedrooms and a pool set amongst pine trees - it sounded idyllic. I accepted on the proviso that I could bring a girlfriend and promptly invited Julie, a pretty colleague from work.
She accepted and we spent the next few weeks down the gym, getting in shape and shopping for bikinis - although why we buy the top halfs I don't know, everybody goes topless on the beaches these days! August soon arrived and after a short flight from Leeds-Bradford to Alicante we were in sunny Spain.

The villa was everything the brochure had promised and the pool beautifully clear and blue. We went shopping, picking up steaks for the barbecue, and while we girls prepared the salads and drinks, Andy did the male thing of lighting the barbecue.
That first night we got drunk on San Miguel and cheap red wine, laughing and joking until the early hours before retiring to bed in preparation for a hard days sunbathing.

As Julie and I stretched out on the twin beds in our room watching the ceiling fan spin round we heard the telltale creaking of the bed from Andy and Ruth's room and we giggled ourselves to sleep as it built to a steady crescendo before dying out.

The next morning was spent around the pool getting a good base tan, and teasing Andy as he strutted around in his skimpy Speedos. He felt us three girls were ganging up on him and made a point of creating the biggest splash he could when he dived in the water.
Ruth pretended to sympathise with him and then confided quietly that she thought Andy was loving being the only man with three women and not to take any notice of him.

Soon we were all laid out on loungers soaking up the afternoon sun taking care not to burn by applying sun oil liberally. Julie was next to Ruth and asked her to rub some oil on her back. Ruth obliged pouring it across her shoulders and massaging it in, her hands caressing around Julie's sides and brushing her breasts. They then swopped and Julie began to rub oil into Ruth's back.

Julie worked down Ruth's spine and then round to her stomach before refilling her palms and reaching around, spreading the oil across her breasts, cupping each one in turn. I was somewhat surprised by Julie's forwardness but Ruth did not seem to mind, indeed I was sure I saw her nipples stiffen in arousal. Nothing further happened and they both settled back down to snooze and listen to their Walkmans.

I suddenly felt very horny and surreptitiously slipped my finger into my bikini bottoms and ran it up my shaven pussy lips to rest on my aroused little clitty.
I gave a little rub and felt a rush of moisture and a tingle deep within me. My other hand trailed across my left breast and I gave a little tug of my nipple causing me to squirm and press my thighs together. My forefinger slipped further into the silky folds of my pussy and slid inside, stirring the wetness it found.

I gave little gasp and this brought me back to my senses, causing me to look around in embarrassment. Ruth and Julie seemed oblivious, lost in their music, but Andy, lying a couple of yards away seemed to by grinning in my direction, though it was difficult to tell with his eyes hidden behind sunglasses.
What was obvious though was the bulge in the front of his well packed swimming trunks! I smiled back at him and he raised himself up and came to sit behind me on the lounger.

Filling his hands with sun oil he massaged my back, slickly coating it and moving round to flick at my nipples with his thumbs. This was driving me insane! I looked across the pool to where Ruth was lying turned away from us on her side so that she could even her tan. Julie was reading a book and looked engrossed.

By now Andy's fingers had delved into my bikini and his strong fingers were gliding up my pussy lips and circling my clitoris. Waves of pleasure washed over me and I bit my lip to stop me crying out. Reaching behind me my hand sought Andy's cock in his trunks. Moving the waistband aside I encircled his wonderful shaft and felt it throb in response.

I poured more oil onto my hand and massaged it in, circling the smooth mushroom head and trailing my fingertips down the ripples and bumps until I felt his silky pubes. Andy moved closer, my upper body hiding what I was doing from the others.

Still his fingers stroked my pussy and clit, occasionally dipping inside. Meanwhile my hand slid up and down his cock in a steady rhythm, feeling him grow even larger and harder. Suddenly I came, throwing my head back and biting down on my knuckle as I spasmed on his hand. A moment later I felt Andy stiffen and his cock jerked, sending warm jets of sperm up my back and running down the crack of my ass. With one last twitch he began to soften and I tucked his cock back into his trunks with a little pat of gratitude.

Andy kissed the back of my neck as massaged his sperm into my back, bringing me back to reality and making me glance hurriedly across at Ruth and Julie. Ruth was still turned away and Julie seemed to be reading still but as I looked at her she cast a look in my direction and gave a slow smile. Had she seen anything?

After a couple of days around the pool I began to grow a little bored and suggested we head off down the beach for a change. Ruth was less than keen, citing an aversion to sand in her sun cream as an excuse and so it was decided that Julie would remain behind to keep her company, while Andy went with me to the beach.

When Andy and I arrived at the beach after a short drive we were confronted by a swarm of local people, youngsters, families and old folk - we had forgotten that it was a Sunday and the whole of Spain had gone there for the day. We trudged off up the beach looking for a patch of sand and wishing we had stayed at the villa until the crowds started to thin. Looking further up the beach we could see it far more sparsely populated and as we passed a sign we realised that we had wandered into the naturist area.

There were a number of shelters set up and a few, largely German, families were spread out or playing that game of bat and ball by the water's edge that they seem to find so addictive. Andy looked at me and asked if I wanted to turn back but I was reluctant to appear the typical shy Brit so said I was game if he was! That said we found a quiet spot and stripped off, carefully applying sun cream to our previously unexposed bits.

Andy was taking great care in putting lotion on his cock, obviously not wanting to get it burned, and joking that he wasn't sure how long he could take over the procedure before it became a wank! That done we lay back to bask in the hot sun.

My eyes couldn't help straying to Andy's cock that was lying across his thigh and I imagined my hand straying to it, stroking it, watching it grow and harden in the sunshine...... I had to cool off. Picking up my air bed I walked into the water feeling the cold waves wash against my legs, then my thighs, bottom and finally breasts.

It was a strange feeling swimming naked in the cool Med and I couldn't help my nipples grow erect as I paddled about. Soon I was sitting astride the air bed as I paddled in the surf, largely alone apart from a few kids a hundred yards or so away.

Suddenly I felt someone haul themselves onto the air bed and sit behind me - it was Andy grinning from ear to ear as he splashed cold water across my front. We both laughed and kept paddling until we were just beyond the surf where we floated, taking a breather. Andy was sitting so close to me I could feel his soft cock nestled in the crack of my ass and as we floated I began to feel it move. I gave a little wiggle and it slipped further down my ass.

This was nice, I leant forward on my stomach letting the cold water wash over my tits further hardening my nipples whilst the head of Andy's cock found it's way to lie along the lips of my pussy. It continued to harden and I felt it's smooth head nudge my opening. I gave a little moan and wriggled back feeling my lips open like a petal to allow him to slip inside an inch or so.

His shaft was cold and I gave a gasp and pushed back feeling him slip further in until his stomach pressed against my butt and his balls nestled against my by now throbbing clit. This was an incredible feeling - cold water sluicing across my breasts and around the opening of my pussy while Andy's hard cock stretched my hot pussy, throbbing in response to his heartbeat. Andy remained still while we rocked in the sea.

The waves set up an undulating motion that caused him to slide back and forth without any effort on his behalf. I closed my eyes and rested my head on the air bed pillow. The sun was beating on my back and I slipped into an almost dream like state. Neither of us said a word as the ocean did the work for us.

I concentrated on feeling Andy's cock slide in, stretching me until the head nudged the opening of my womb then just as smoothly slide out as I used my muscular contractions to grip him and feel each ridge and vein on his shaft. We both wanted to speed up and plunge towards orgasm but we kept our discipline somehow and this seemed to heighten the sensation. Andy's cock was so hard now that it almost felt like he was going to lift me from the air bed as it reared up inside me and ploughed relentlessly on.

My orgasm was building in steady stages as the slow pace continued and I looked around to see Andy, his eyes tightly closed, trying to maintain this excruciatingly tortuous pace. In a rush my climax was upon me and I cried out as my pussy started to spasm and wave upon wave of pleasure rippled through me. Andy gave a shout and then pulled me tightly to him.

Deep within me I felt a throb and then a pulsing as jet after jet of his sperm filled me, triggering little aftershocks as they did so. I felt his warm semen wash down my tunnel and begin to leak from my pussy lips, running across my cold clitoris and flowing away in the cool water..... We floated in the water gasping for breath as our bodies slid apart and looking around to see if anyone had spotted us, but thankfully our fellow bathers were too engrossed in their own fun.

Rolling into the sea I felt the water wash away the sweat and sperm from our coupling and with a kick I struck out for the shore closely followed by Andy dragging the air bed.

We spent the rest of the day sunbathing before returning to the villa as the evening approached. We were slightly worried that the girls might question the length of time we were away but as we pulled up Ruth and Julie were sitting on the terrace sipping long cold drinks.

I detected a slightly strange atmosphere between them but nothing I could put my finger on - I was to learn more about what had gone between them later......

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