Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Written by Wendy (April 2000)

I went to pick up my best friend Jan for a day of shopping at the mall. When I got to Jan's house she was in the kitchen getting her two girls ready for the school bus. I had noticed Jan was a little upset, so I asked what was wrong.

She said she would tell me after the girls left for school. Jan is married to Nick who work's with my husband Tom at the same office, so we''re all pretty close. After the girls left for school Jan told me she acting upset with Nick because she wanted more money for shopping. Well, it worked. Nick came in the kitchen telling Jan he was sorry.

Nick asked Jan if she was okay as he patted her on the ass and gave her some money. Jan said she was fine as she kissed Nick on the cheek and gave me a little wink. I ask Jan what was that all about and she said control. That's when she told me her little secret. How she control Nick and get him to do what ever she want. Jan you must tell me I need that kind of control over Tom.

She asked me if Tom like anal love making. I told Jan that we never tried it and I wouldn't let him - no way. Jan said all men love anal sex and that's how she controls Nick. I get Nick all work up for anal love making by exposing my ass and ass hole to him every chance I get and it drives Nick wild. When Nick came in form working late I was in the bed with my ass all ready for him. 'What you mean ready for him' I asked.

Jan said 'I'll put some baby oil all over my ass, so when he came to bed last night he could see and smell the baby oil on my ass. Then he started kissing and licking my ass and I'll tell him to stop. Then I told him oh Nick just put the head of your cock between my ass cheeks and not in my ass hole and leave it there. So I pulled my ass cheeks apart as Nick put the head between my ass cheeks. Nick leave it there And I can feel it growing between my cheek. I give his cock a little squeeze with my cheek and Nick start to give my ass little stroke with his cock. I'm acting like I'm sleep when I feel the head of his cock slide in my asshole.'

'Oh Nick your in my ass Nick please stop. So I squeeze my ass cheeks down on his cock the more I squeezed the more Nick cock stroked in and out of my. Nick moaning mmmmmmmm! I squeeze my cheeks together and tell Nick to stop PLEASE STOP. I can feel Nick Cummin in my asshole - it's so hot inside me I start to cum also but can't let Nick know I'm enjoying it as well. So I start acting upset telling Nick you were in my ass On dam you Nick you were in my ass.'

Nick put his arms around me telling me he's so sorry. I can feel Nick's cum coming from my ass as he whisper in my ear he's sorry.

' So do you think your ready to try anal love making for that control over him' Jan asked me.

That's another story - Cummin soon.

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