Friday, September 14, 2007


Written by Louise (April 2000)

If you remember my story last month, you will know that Bill is a man in his 60's who abused me for his sexual gratification.

He offered me any amount of money, if I would go along with his final ordeal from him, wit hout knowing what he was going to do.
I am a Dwarf and very inexperience d sexually, but desperately needed to pay off some debts, so said I would do it for £100,000. Not thinking for one moment that he would agree, but he did. He wrote out a cheque there and then. If anything, he was a man of honour and promised me that he would hand over this cheque at the end of the evening. I took a deep breath and said that I would go along with whatever he wanted. He went into another room and made a few phone calls, then returned to me.

He found me a belt that kept my coat together while we travelled down stairs in the Lift and out to his car. While he was driving, he took his minute Penis out of his trousers and made me wank him until he came.

He didn't ejaculate much fluid, so I didn't mind when he told me to lick it all up. We drove for about 15 minutes, then turned into a Car Park in side a recreational Park. It was extremely late at night by now, so there were no children around. Bill stopped the engine, got out of the car and told me to take my coat off and sit in the backof the car. Part of this agreement was that I was not to ask any questions and obey whatever he asked, so I sat there, naked and with great trepidation and fear.

The next thing that hapened was that Bill appeared at the car windowand told me to push the button to open the window fully. When I did that I spotted a queue of men about 20 deep and the man at the front of the queue had his huge cock in his hand. Bill told me that I had to let each man squeeze my uders, while I wanked them until they cum.

He stood in front of them taking £20 notes f rom them and making sure they only touched my tits. Some of them were re ally rough, some more tactile and there cocks differed in size so much. I'd never seen so many in one go.

When they had all taken their turn, Bill got back in the car anddrove me back to his flat. I begun to think that I had over-priced my fee if that was all that was expected of me, but of course, it wasn't.

When Bill opened the cage of the Lift, he pulledmy coat from me and push ed me into his hall. He opened the door of the Lounge and I saw 5 men si tting on chairs in a large circle. They were aged between about 25 and 70. Bill lead me into the centre of the ring and laid me down on the floor on my back.

He blindfolded me and then I heard him say a man's name. T here was a rustling noise above me and I realised this man had removed t he Dressing Gown he had been wearing(they were all wearing tunics or gow ns). Then I felt my legs being pulled apart and a hand slidinto the shav en crack of my cunt. This man wasquite experienced and knew how to make my clit throb. I felt the wetness of my cunt on his hand and then he pulled away.

I sensed that someone was standing astride me over my face. I thought they might kneel down and force their cock into my mouth, but I was wrong and screamed as my face was flooded with warm water. I knew from the smell that someone was peeing on me and as I opened my mouth they aimed the stream of warm urine directly into my throat.

I coughed, spluttered, but dare not spit, so swallowed as much as i could. Then it stop ped and I was rolled onto my front. I guessed again that when they had me on all fours, that someone would try to fuck me "doggie style", but I knew this was impossible because of my short legs, but again my speculation proved unreliable. This time my arse was tilted as far up as they could get it and then felt something cold, hard but round introduced into my wet cunt. It seemed to get larger as it was pushed inside me. It felt really strange and I wanted to push it out, but somebody was just holding it in place.

Then I felt a sudden jab of pain in my arsehole, it felt like nothing I' d ever felt before. I triedto scream, but a large sweaty hand clamped ov er my mouth. The pain at the other end subsided as a large object was eased into my sphincter. With my cunt full and now my arse being filled a s well, I thought I would pass out, but somehow kept awake, my arse was truly fucked with this object, which didn't feel quite as hard and cold as the one being held quite still in my cunt!

I began to relax just a little and my cunt let out a stream of cum as my arse began to throb with excitement. With this, the objects functins were swapped and my cunt was subjected to a long hard pounding, while the object up my arse was held in place.

Again and again, my juices soaked the hand that was forcing the object in and out of my cunt. Finally, I heard Bill order them to stop, then he bent down and whispered that I was to stay exatly in that position while he removed the blindfold.

My arse and cunt were still full of both objects and I was too scar ed to move for fear ofhurting myself. With my eyes now uncovered I slowly lifted my head to look ahead of me, only to see myself staing back. A large free-standing mirror had been placed in front of me and when I looked closer I noticed my rear was reflected as well, because there was a similar mirror behind me. When I realised that I had a large Cucumber poking out of my arse and a Champagne magnum poking out of my cunt I passed out.

Bill had videoed the whole orde al and promised copies to each of the men to add to their collections. When I woke up, my body was free of the intrusions and the 6 men were eat ing cucumber sandwiches and drinking champagne They all toasted me one by one. Bill handed me the cheque, gave me my coat and escorted me to my car. He again thanked me for my time and mentioned that I had been inititiated into the "5 to 1 Club". I was a life member and if I wanted a copy of "my" video, I must give him my address.

I laughed out loud and locked myself in my car, then drove around the corner. I stopped the car nd burst into tears. I had never been so humiliated, confused or angry. But then I remembered my cheque and realised that if I could erase the memory of how I earned it, I could live the kind of life I'd only dreamt about. Next day, the cheque was paid into my account, but 6 days later it still hadn't cleared.

The Bank sent me a letter saying that it had been cancelled and that they couldn't honour it. I was totally irate and decided to drive to Bill's flat, but when I got there, the Concierge wouldn't let me into the building. I stood outside and shouted at the top of my voice what had happened, but the Police were called and they wouldn't believe my word against a Peer of the Realm, as I then found out Bill was. But he was no man of honour though.

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