Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Bath

By Nisaa

"Oh, I didn't hear you come home", I say as you walk into the bathroom interrupting my relaxing bath.
"Long day?" and you sit down on the floor beside me, handing me my beer, taking a drink of your own and you nod your head.
You roll your sleeves up and take the sponge away from me and start to bath me.
Slowly, your hand picking up one leg and sliding the sponge along my skin and then the other leg.
I lay back in the tub and close my eyes, realizing you haven't spoken yet but knowing that when you relax you will.

My body relaxes to your touch as your hand guides the sponge over it leaving no spot unbathed.
Your hands linger at my breasts, making my nipples stand to attention and I feel your gentle tongue lick them.
Down to my core, your hand gently caresses me, holding me, touching me, and teasing a bit.
And you repeat the process of caressing my body.

You stand and take my hand, inviting me to stand for you and you slide your lips over my face, kissing me, spending time at my neck, down to my breasts and then traveling down to my now electric pussy.
Your tongue sliding along my lips - gently sucking, slight pressure on my clit - and you stop to look up at me as my hand gently rests on your head.

Taking a towel from the rack you start to dry my body and that finished you lead me to the counter - picking me up you set me down and spread my legs to wrap around you - taking me in your arms and kissing me deeply.

My hands start to travel over your chest - divesting you of your shirt, to your pants trying to unbuckle your fly.
I feel the hardness of your cock and rub it through the material of your pants - a bit harder as I feel your body shake and feel the shudder in your breath.

You release your hard cock into my hand, and I feel the length of it and gently guide it to my wetness - and you slide it in, but only a little bit and you hold it there as my body starts to respond.
You feel my hips straining to get closer and you grab my ass and slide me onto your rock hardness, not too gently.
Again you hold it there, feeling me start to squirm, my muscles grabbing at your cock and yet you hold still, kissing me with a bit more force.

You pick me up and I'm empaled on your cock and you walk with me to our bed.
You slam into me once more and then lay me down.
And I moan as your cock leaves my body and watch as you take your time - watching me, and opening the drawer near the bed.
You take my toy from that drawer and you start to stroke it across my body - playing with my nipples - sliding it down my belly - rubbing it on my clit - sliding it through my lips.
And you turn from me and lay across my belly and guide my hand to your cock.

I feel the dildo enter me, slowly at first and then with more force.
Your hips start to thrust stroking your cock into my hand and my hand squeezes tighter around your shaft.
You are intent on watching yourself fuck me with this toy while I feel the force of your hard cock in my hand.
Soon you are dripping precum and my hand slides up and down your shaft.
My hand becoming slick with your juice while my hips buck against the dildo while you fuck me harder and harder.
I feel your steel cock throbbing in my hand, slick with your precum and I squeeze and stroke and squeeze harder as you fuck my hand.

My body starts thrashing under you, you have me pinned down lying across me and fucking me hard with each inward stroke.
You feel my body start to build to that earth shattering shudder and you slide the toy in and out of me creating a friction uncontrolled.
Your cock in my hand is engorged with your cum and I stroke you harder, intent on making you cum with me.
My body shudders as my orgasm erupts and I feel you thrust your cock hard in my hand and then feel it pumping as your cum shoots out of you with force.

Your thrusts not slowing until you are almost drained.
Your hand slowly stills the cock in my pussy, gently sliding it out of me as you dip your head to gently kiss me there.

Sliding your body down next to me, you wrap me in your arms as we both drift off.

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