Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Visitor

Written by KATE (April 2000)

One night we had been playing around on the Internet; and Belinda had come up with this ad: well hung, 36 black American, clean, fit, 12 inches - wants to fuck your slut wife and leave her well satisfied while you watch me more than fill her cunt with my cum.

Joshua, contact me at ......; and there was an e-mail address for easy communication.

It was our first time at this cuckold site and we were more than amused and not a little curious about these people offering themselves out for a night of sexual fulfillment. Of course, Belinda and Rod contacted the enigmatic Joshua; and we were about to have him arrive at the house tonight. We didn't know quite what to expect and we realized that if we didn't like what we saw we could call the whole deal off. Belinda went to answer the door when the chimes rang out and she was smiling broadly as she walked in, accompanied by the impressively built and handsome Joshua.

Later, Belinda had told me why she had a wide smile on her face. Apparently when Joshua introduced himself he placed her hand on his crotch and she was pleased with the size of his cock, even in a soft state. Joshua was over six feet tall, big chested, curly black hair, eyes that sparkled with excitement and an obvious asset in his pants. He wore a light blue t-shirt, khaki shorts and sandals. Joshua wasn't long on formalities.

As soon as the introductions were over, he made Belinda and me kneel down in front of him and he then undid his belt let his shorts drop to the floor stepped out of them and took off his briefs to reveal a cock that was beautifully sculpted, twitched in anticipation and almost reached for our mouths. When I saw the length and thickness of his cock I realized why he had the two of us in front of him.
He said: "You two sluts get sucking and licking, I want my cock rock hard to show you what a good fucking is like."
I placed my lips on the tip and Belinda ran her tongue along the shaft and occasionally we met and our tongues ran together in a sensual erotic manner.

It was difficult to get much of Joshua's cock in my mouth. It was now hard and about as thick as a coke can; but I managed to get all the head and about three inches completely in my mouth and with Belinda working the shaft we got Josh very excited.

My pussy was wet from the action and from anticipating such a monster in my cunt. I could tell from Belinda's eyes and the way she flicked her tongue so rapidly up and down his shaft that she was getting worked up, too. Josh stopped us at that point and we sat back on our haunches to admire this granite hard, erect, glistening ebony cock.

At this point Josh ordered us to undress each other and to get our pussies good and lubricated. We didn't need an invitation to do that and we fingered and licked and sucked each other's cunts hungrily, moaning and writhing at this and the thought of what was to come! Josh grabbed Belinda by the hair and lifted her to a standing position, picked her up and carried her over to the bed. Rod, who had been watching all of this was playing with his hard cock and came over to join the action. Josh told him to get me juiced up, because his second would be much harder. Rod took me to one side and mounted me driving his cock into my wet cunt.

From where we were, I could see Josh spread Belinda's legs as wide as they would go till they were almost at right angles to her torso. He roughly pinched her nipples and massaged her tits and then worked his cock around her cunt lips, making sure that she was good and wet. Belinda started yelling at him to fuck her; and then Josh's cock moved forward parting her cunt lips and entering her gash. Belinda had never taken twelve inches before and I could see the strain on her face as Josh drove deeper.

"Fuck me, fuck me harder, Fuck me", she shouted, just as Rod slammed into me and made me buck with the thrust. Josh took his time and I could see ten inches of his cock inside Belinda. Surely that would be it; but no, Belinda pushed her hips up toward Josh and her cunt sucked in the rest of his giant sex. She was moaning and making sexual noises in her throat as Josh picked up the action and although Rod was giving me a great fuck, I couldn't help but watch the action.

It was amazing to see that glistening, black cock plunge into and draw back out of Belinda's juicy cunt. The slurping, squishing noises, the moans, the groans and the black in white sexual act were driving me wild with excitement. As Rod pumped his cum deep inside me, I came with huge amounts of juices. Just then Josh exploded inside Belinda's cunt and she yelled in delight at the huge wad he shot inside her.

He withdrew his still quite hard cock from Belinda's gaping pussy, replete with dripping cum. Josh made her lick him clean and in moments his cock was massive again. He ordered me up, lay me on the bed and felt my cunt with three of his fingers, commenting on what a good job Rod had done to get it ready.

I wanted him without any delay and told Josh to place his giant, black cock into me. By now he was getting excited and he plunged into me roughly; and I took his twelve inches without much bother because my cunt was so slippery with Rod's cum and my own juices. But the feel of that thick cock widening my vaginal walls was so exhilarating; and I moved my hips in unison with his thrusts, yelling for him to fuck me deeper and faster and harder.

Josh was sweating as he worked his member along my cunt and after about five minutes he came again in massive spurts. Belinda and Rod had been giving each other head during this time and we were having a fantastic evening.

As Josh pulled out, Belinda came over and thanked him for his services and hoped that we might call on him again. Josh nodded, got dressed and left. As for us, we spent the rest of the night talking about the experience and watching the video we had made.

Needless to say, we came many times again that night.

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