Monday, March 03, 2008

Belinda's Club

Written by KATE (April 2000)

Here I was again, entertaining the exclusive Ladies Club on behalf of Belinda; but this time, Josephine was with me.
Josephine and I had first been asked to shower each other in the glassed stall visible to all the ladies of the club. Belinda had asked us to put on a real sexy show tonite; and we didn't disappoint. This time there were no blindfolds; but it didn't matter for the lights were so bright that we were unable to see the guests clearly.

We knew from their applause and yelling that they were there, but just beyond reach. Josephine had her cute ass to me as the shower sprayed her body and her chocolate colored skin glistened with the wetness. I took the bath gel and squirted a drop on the soft sponge and gently rubbed her back, descending to her ass and running it under her legs, which she opened invitingly. My hand reached under and soaped her pubes, tickling her pussy as my fingers discovered her cunt lips, spreading their pink delight for the ladies to see.

Her hands reached back and started exploring my hot, welcoming cunt; and my hips pressed forward to receive her fingers, pushing my cunt, her hands and her ass together in an erotic squeeze. Then I slowly ran my hands up her hips and waist, along her shower slippery body and reached around to firmly squeeze her bountiful, suckable tits. I squeezed her hard erect nipples and she moaned in sheer ecstasy.

I continued to massage her and she shoved a finger from each hand into my pussy cavity. Now we were both uttering sexy non-verbal sounds and the ladies were cheering and asking for more. The shower water was nice and hot but somehow the steam was being quickly extracted so the audience would not miss a beat. I swung Josephine around and pressed her lips to mine and we deeply tongued each other. With her back to some of the audience, I ran my fingers along her ass crack and shoved one into her anus. She did the same to me and the ladies went noisily wild as our fingers moved deeper and our asses reacted by pumping and gyrating.

Then I made Josephine sit down in the shower and she opened her legs wide, so I was able to get in between them and lick her mound while feeling her tits. She had her head back as my experienced tongue twirled around her cunt, before I opened her lips and probed her as deeply as I could go. She tasted so fresh in the water and I could soak up her juices.

She was writhing and twisting with the sensuous exhileration of the work being done by my tongue on her sensitive spots. Her clit was enlarged and I was able to stroke it hard with my tongue ring, that I had recently had inserted. Then we exchanged positions and she sent me over the top as my cunt and clit responded erotically to her tongue. We knew that the ladies appreciated variety. So next we picked up our dildos and turned to the audience, lasciviously licking our own and each other's dildos.

We made quite a meal of this and showed the ladies how sensual it could be. After this part of the show, we inserted the dildos into our cunts and proceeded to deeply fuck ourselves with them Occasionally we would grab each other's dildo and be the operator, making sure that the ladies had a good view of the glistening sex aids as they were pulled out before being thrust back in.

Our bodies moved in glorious unison to the thrusts and the erotic actions had the ladies cheering and shouting all kinds of sexual advice. By now, Jo and I had come many times and had it not been for the shower, our juices would have been quite visible. Our next move was to ass fuck each other with the dildo, while one was being fucked the other frantically played with her cunt. This aroused both us and the audience and there was a definitely charged sexual atmosphere throughout the hall. When the shower act was ended, we were toweled dry and led to a couple of soft couches and that's when the audience participation began.

At this point the ladies came over and stroked and rubbed our bodies, ran their fingers through our cunt hair, along the crack and anywhere they desired. Jo and I responded with moans and body actions that added to the sensual eroticism of the ladies. All of the ladies wore masks, covering their nose and eyes, and most of the masks were garish red and purple colors. Some looked really hideous. Then they began pouring red wine over our bodies and crushing red grapes on our cunt hairs and tits.

They began ravishing us with their tongues and hands, at the same time lapping up the wine and grape juices. At any one time I had six ladies on me, deep tonguing my mouth, wiggling their fingers in my cunt and squeezing my tits and sticking fingers in my ass and lapping at the wine. They would also feel each other's private parts, for by now they were stripped down to nothing. It was all so erotic and delicious, I hoped it would go on for ever.

Many of the ladies were working on each other with multi colored dildos, ranging from 9 to 12 inches. I could see the purple masked ladies working the dildos frantically in and out of the cunts of their red masked counterparts and extracting them to suck and lick them lewdly. Some had the dildos in their rectums and they were shouting and yelling for the purple masks to shove harder and deeper.

Multiple orgasms were the order of the evening as the loud moans and groans indicated that the ladies were reaching a wet and juicy climax. It was a bacchanalia of sex, sex and more sex. The air was filled with the electricity of raw sex and sheer abandon.

All inhibitions had been cast aside as every single woman became embroiled in achieving sexual fulfillment. I swear that many of them had not gotten any sex for months, maybe years, for they were carried away by the graphic sexual acts.
Suddenly the room went quiet and there was a pause in the action and I looked up to see a lady carrying a 24" long 6" thick dildo and placing it at the entrance to Jo's cunt. I tried to reach over and stop her, yelling for her not to do it because she would tear Jo's pretty, sweet cunt and make it unusable. But six ladies, bigger types, held me down and just grinned at me and pushed more of their fingers deeper into my cunt, until they fisted me, as they watched Jo's demise.

My struggles were to no avail and the lady with the dildo didn't listen to my screams and insults and continued. Jo's cunt got wider and wider and the giant dildo slowly went deeper and deeper. Jo eyes were closed and her head was back; she was moaning in pain and erotic joy; but the blood...........then ...............................................I awoke in a cold sweat but with a very hot, damp pussy.

I looked down but there was no blood, no slippery grape skins, no wine, no ladies, no giant dildo. The dream had started wonderfully; but ended in a nightmare.
I went down for breakfast in bit of daze. Rod and Belinda were already seated. As I sipped my first drop of coffee, Belinda remarked very casually, ' Oh, by the way, I'd like you and Josephine to be the entertainers at the next ladies club meeting in two months'..........................

I almost choked on my toast and wondered about premonitions and whether dreams came true.

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