Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Is there really ever a bad day?

By Nisaa

Ears perked as I here you close the door.
was that fingers snapping I hear?
Giggling under my breath.
What? I hear them again.
Must've been a bad day.
will come to your rescue.

Entering the hall, I notice a not so soft expression on your face, "Bad day baby?"
You look up and say "You know what I need" and snap your fingers again.
Falling to my knees in front of you, my eyes looking at your feet, "Yes master, what is your pleasure?"
You trace your finger along my cheek line, to the back of my head and grab my hair.
Taking my face you make me look up at you.
"I need this", you whisper.
and take my face and start to rub it on your pants - slowly at first with more insistence as your cock grows inside your clothes.

"Take my cock and suck it - suck it hard and make me cum"
and I start to do your bidding.
Unzipping your pants, sliding them down your legs and your cock springs to life at my face.
You grab it with your hand and guide it to my mouth.
My mouth opens for your hard cock as you feed it to me.
"That's it baby - suck it good - let me fuck your face" and you grab my hair and fuck my lips.
sliding it around my mouth, then in and out fucking my mouth - your hips moving harder with each stroke
I feel your cock swell and start to throb.
my mouth becomes frantic on your cock.
licking, sucking - holding it out a bit to suck the head hard and strong.
then softer, kissing it.. my hands slide to your ass and I pull you into me.
feeling your cock start to pump.your swollen member shoots it's juice into my mouth.
my throat feels it as I suck and swallow your seed.
Your movements lessen and your pumping less furious, as I drain you with my lips.
holding my head still as you spill the last of yourself into me.

Once again my head looks down so my eyes are staring at the ground.
"You did that well Nisaa - you always do. You are very good at what you do."

"Thank you master. I just want to please you"

You stand me up and start to touch me.
My clothes leaving my body one piece at a time.
I know to remove your clothes automatically and you take my hand and lead me to the living room.
You turn on the stereo and the soft music gently fills the air.
I go to the bar and pour you a drink, bringing it to you once again my eyes never looking at your face.

You take the drink from my hand.
"Sit" is all you say and I sit at your feet.
Your fingers running through my hair, petting me as you would your favorite pet.

"I want to know if you were a naughty girl today? Did you do everything you were suppose to do? Did you get everything done? You were bad weren't you?" as your fingers take my hair.
not gently but not to hurt. "I think I did everything you wanted me to?" and I question it.
"Don't answer with a question. I told you you didn't do everything. It was a not meant to be a question you should question. You should be spanked for just that, yanking my head around to look at your face.
You get up and leave the room.

You have our toy in your hand when you re-renter the room.
but you set it down on the coffee table and sit once again on the couch.
Pulling me up into your arms your tongue slides into my mouth darting around mine and you kiss me deeply.
Your hands run over my skin and you pull me close once in a hard embrace, "Lay across my lap. I've decided you've been very bad"
And I do as you bid.
positioning myself across your lap as one who is going to be spanked.
Your hands continue to slide over my body.
stopping at my butt cheeks, cupping them.then continue on their travels.
Down my legs on the outside, bringing your hand between my legs - spreading my legs as you travel up my body.
I feel as if I'm being positioned when I feel your hand connect with my butt.
never hard but I know you've been there.

"Did that hurt you darling? I see a red spot.but you didn't cry out."
I know you're not looking for answers so I am silent.
Your hand continues to play with my ass.
sliding between my legs - spreading them further apart.
You're feeling me.
feeling for wetness.
Hand connecting with my butt again, "You're wet darling.
your cunt is starting to get ready. Ready for what do you think?", and with that you take your finger and slide it up and down my lips, entering me again and again..
two fingers this time - sliding in and out of me.
to my clit - pinching gently and I feel my body start to tingle everywhere.
Your other hand slides under me and grasps my breast as I raise my body up for you a bit.
And I feel your fingers travel to my butt and back down to my hot wetness, seeping more and more now, waiting and moving a bit for you.
I feel you start to finger fuck me harder and I softly moan.
getting rewarded with another slap
but then I feel your body start to relax - the tension flowing out of you and you return to my hot cunt leaning down to kiss my back - lick my skin.
you turn me over in your lap and continue with your fingers.
watching my face you ask "Want me baby? Want only me?" and my head answers you, my lips softly speak the word yes.
and I open my eyes to look into yours
I feel your hardness at my side.
your precum slicking my side yet I know you aren't done with my body yet.
though my hand travels to touch you.
You once again roll me to my back and I feel you lean over me, feeling the toy at my lips, feeling you start to enter me with our toy.
you make love to my hot box with it as if it was an extension of you.
my body riding that hard plastic as if it was your hard cock.
moving deliberately on it - butt slightly raised.
legs spread for your entrance.
knowing you're watching me spurs me on more.
my breathing more of a panting.
moaning wanting more.
fucking this toy harder.
squeezing it you feel the pressure I've applied with my muscles milking it harder.
my hips moving in rhythm to your hand.

you hear me groan and your hand stills as my body takes control of it's movements.
you slip out from under me and I raise up on all fours.
my ass pointing at you. you grab my hips and slam into me.
once - very hard.
holding still as my body adjusts to you.
you raise my shoulders as you pump into me.
your hands sliding over my body.pinching my nipples.
cupping my huge breasts.
squeezing them.
pressing them with your hands against me.
your cock slamming into me.
faster and harder.
we are on the floor and I'm on top of you - straddling you.
my hot cunt riding you.
squeezing you milking your cock as moments ago I was milking our toy..
feeling the edge grow near.

knowing your cock's throbbing and feeling it swell within me - I hear you groan loudly and I bend over so you can suck my breasts as I make you cum.
our bodies melding into one.
your cock shoots hot juice into me.
and I respond with my pussy fucking you faster.
lost in all sensation I scream your name and my body stiffens and pumps out it's own - splashing your rock hard cock.
collapsing on top of you to feel your arms pull me to you.
wrapping around you as I whisper, "You're the only one I need".

"Erotica is emotion, emotion is life."

"An orgasm is art, and he who comprehends this art is free from all powers that stand in the way of human happiness."

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