Sunday, August 10, 2008

Waiting for a service

Written by Louise (May 2000)

After being taken for a sucker by Lord William, I decided that from then on, sex had to be fun only.
My next chance arrived within the week.
My Washing Machine had broken down and a repair man was coming to fix it , so I took the day off work and sat and waited.

I was getting really bored, so put one of my pon videos on and got mysel f really hot and horny. I was sliding my favourite dildo in and out of my sopping wet cunt when the doorbell rang.
So in a somewhat flustered state, I answered the door.

The repair man introduced himself as "Fraser". He was about 25, fair-hai red, not very muscular, wore glasses and if anything looked a bit "nerdy ", but my state of excitementhad not ceased and I wasn't bothered what he looked like, I needed a fuck.

The video was still playing on the tv when he walked into my lounge, so I quickly switched it off, but Fraser had seen what I had been watching and looked a little embarrassed.
I showed him the washing machine, but didn't leave the kitchen. Instead squatte d down next to him and made sure that my skirt was pulled high enough an d opened my legs wide enough for him to see my shaven and wet cunt.

He probably caught a whiff of my cum as well, but I didn't let on that I was doing this deliberately. For as long as I could remember, I had wanted to seduce a workman and now I had to work hard at it. Fraser enjoyed seeing my minge as he liced h is lips as I flashed at him as I stood up. I offered him a drink and when I turned around to hand him the glass of orange, I noticed him pull his hand quickly out of the top of his jeans.

I could see his cock strain ing at the denim, but didn't make any move to him. Instead I bent low down in front of him so that he could get a good view of my F Cup tits as my blouse gaped open at the front.
He let out a quiet sigh and this time as I straightened I pulled my blouse fuly open to reveal them in all their glory, as I was braless as well as knickerless.

I took his hands and ran them over my large nipples and let him pinch them to make them rock hard. Then I put my hand on the bulge of his erection and rubbed it. Fr aser undid his jeans and stepped out of them and I pulled his boxers halfway down his thighs.

His cock was huge, It was a good 9 maybe 10 inches fully erect and very thick. I took my clothes off and let my mouth take the tip of his dick inside. I played with it with my tongue and then licked up and down the shaft. I sucked his balls in and out of my mouth and then took all of his hot, throbbing cock in my mouth and sucked him until his cum filled my mouth.

I swallowed quickly and we moved into the lounge. He lowered me onto the settee and started fingering and rubbing my cunt, this started my juices running again and he knew just what to do to make me squirt my cum for him.

Fraser pulled my legs apart even wid er and buried his head into my minge. Licking all my juices and then french kissing me, so that I could taste my own cream.
He concentrated on my quim for ages and really wanted to please me, so I lay back and let him
Then I felt that huge organ of his start to enter me, it felt so good. We fucked and fucked in several different positions, but when he fucked my cunt from behind, I exploded with orgasm.

I have never felt so crammed full and I wanted it rammed really hard into my cunt.
Again, he kept me satisfied for ages. He finally shot his load into me when he raised m y legs and pushed tham back nearly to my head.
Again this was the deepest penetration I had experienced and it felt great.

My cunt had had the best service ever, but my washing machine was still broken, so he said he would come back at the weekend with the right tool for both jobs that would need doing.

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