Monday, August 25, 2008

The Scoop

Written by "Scotchy" (August 2000)

(We're in my twin bed, nude, a single candle lit on the nightstand next to us, the smell of rain wafting through the window. I tell you to close your eyes and listen to my voice, to let it fill your head and remove you from the present, into the realm of imagination....)

I've been a reporter for this podunk small time newspaper for a week now, and writing about the local feed mill and debates over stop lights is wearing mighty thin. So you can believe that when a good old fashioned passion murder was committed I got excited, especially when the suspect asked for me by name as the reporter to interview her. Her name was Charlotte, and she wore a red dress.

Seems corny in retrospect, but when we met for the interview in my dusty little office, and I closed the door from prying eyes and ears, her name and dress seemed to fit her perfectly, and certainly caused my interest to pique. We engaged in some small talk, then I got right to the interview.

She was cagey, deflecting my questions like a politician, but I could tell there was something smoldering beneath, a simmering passion, a caged animal needing release. I could see why murders would be committed for this woman. My office was stifling, and she moved the strap of her dress down her shoulder, offering a tempting glimpse of her breasts.

A twitch ran through my penis, that twinge I always get just before a hard-on.
"I believe you're flirting with me, mister reporter," she said, her eyes directly on me, her eyebrow raised a little.
She smirked and added, "I've found there's only one thing to do with a man that flirts, and that's kiss him."
I moved forward a bit and said, "Why's that, Charlotte?"
She replied, "to see if there's any sparks. Care to try?"

I was most certainly ready and willing. I leaned over my desk and put my face right in front of hers. She was wearing crimson lipstick and I wanted a taste. She grabbed the back of my head and kissed hard, then flicked her tongue into my opening mouth... I lightly bit her lower lip, then dug my fingers into her neck, just hard enough to leave a little red mark.
"Whoa" , she said, "Fourth of July".

Next thing I know we're on the desk, papers flying everywhere. I removed her dress reverently, she had incredible, white creamy breasts... I don't know much about cup sizes or anything but they were huge. I ran my tongue in little circles around her rosebud of a nipple, licked it and then breathed softly on it, the cooling breath causing her to shudder and her nipple to harden.

I bit softly, and she cooed. She reached down and unzipped my khakis, reached inside and pulled my stiff cock right out. She studied it for a second then said, "yes, this will do just fine." I watched with pleasure as she kissed the tip, then below the shaft along the line of my scrotum, leaving little red lipstick mouth marks all over.
"Oh god," I murmured, "please take it in as far as you can..."

She complied with a wicked little smile, gazing up at me then engulfing my cock, sliding it expertly past her tonsils and down her throat then slowly moving her head back and forth. My knees were weak, and I could here little popping noises in the back of my head.

"I think we'd better get down to business Charlotte" I said.
She nodded and let my cock free, just in time, as I was on the verge.

She stood up, turned around, and leaned over my desk, her exceptional ass sticking out at me. I wanted to stuff my cock in her to the hilt, but thinking better of it, instead slid my fingers over the crack of her ass and down to her panties which I moved aside with one finger, while twirling the other around her lower lips.

She was wet, and her scent permeated the air and coated my fingers, causing a lurch in my gut, the animal instinct. She moaned as I moved my other hand around her, and with two fingers began to slowly slide just around but not quite directly on, her clitoris. She arched her back more and moaned louder, so I slid two fingers from my other hand deep into her wetness, then up and slightly back, touching those delightful ridges along the top inside of her, keeping time with my other hand, which now stroked her clitoris more directly, in rhythm.

She came. And came hard. I bit her earlobe softly, saying "be quiet".
She nodded in complicity as she came again. I couldn't stand it anymore, and moving her lips apart, positioned my cock at her, then thrust in.
I took her fast at first then switched to deep, side to side strokes. She bucked against me, and putting my hands on her hips I slowed her down a bit.

I slowly circled a finger around on her butt, moving it closer and closer to her little ass, until just on the outside. I could feel it pucker.

She turned her head slightly and said "I'm not responsible for what happens when you touch my ass".

I smiled and said, "well, ain't you just the scoop".

Then I came.

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