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My Sexual Encounters Part 2

Written by SAM (August 2000)

Back at my secaluded villa on the slopes of the mountain and away from any inhabitants for about a few hundred meters on all sides, surrounded by trees, gave the villa the serenity and the romantics it deserved.

This villa, which originally was built about a hundred years ago is quite big and very cozy both in winter and summer. The thick walls keep both the cold in winter and the heat of summer away, although the breeze from the mountain makes it very relaxing to live in. When I purchased this property, it took me quite a few months, and a nice packet to make it what it is today. It comprises of 3 bedrooms with the main enjoying the mountain view, a king size bed on which 3 people can sleep in great comfort and an en suit bathroom comprising of all the necessities for both the male and female needs such as bath, shower, bidet, sink etc.

The other bedrooms have twin single beds and one of them even an en suit small bathroom with shower toilet and sink. Another big bathroom comprising of a Jacuzzi, steam room and sauna is also available for all guests who might be staying over in the villa. This is big enough that it can be used either in a private way or common way. The rest is a big kitchen with an adjoining dining room, furnished with solid oak furniture. The strong table is not only used for breakfasts and dinners but also for erotic purposes.

The sitting room is also quite big, with television, stereo etc. plus the usual furniture and most usefully a thick carpet which will be utilized when such ladies are staying over especially in the evenings, when everybody will be enjoying a nice drink au naturel. After arriving at the villa I showed them round all the rooms including the huge garden which is mostly shaded with huge trees, which probably had been planted many, many years ago. The kitchen was left to the last moment so that we can enjoy a very refreshing drink while we discussed the plans.

I had suggested to the ladies that the first thing they do will be to call their hotel and advise the reception that they are going to check out as they would love to move to another location.
Then we will take all our clothes off and enjoy a cold shower together after which we will drive down town collect their luggage, enjoy a meal in one of the local restaurants and return back to the villa for the much needed rest. As we shed our clothes in my en suit bathroom I had a very interesting look at their beautiful bodies, worked my hands up and down their backs starting from their round smooth asses up over their shoulders and finish with collecting their beautiful tits in my hands. I had started with Sandra.

Moving towards her I put my hands under her half moons while my lips went for her lips. She pressed her tongue in my mouth while very slowly I started circling my hands, massaging her very smooth ass, feeling the very smooth skin, and getting my cock as hard as ever. I continued massaging her ass while she pressed her groin against my hard cock which my now was rubbing against her clit while slowly I started opening her ass cheeks with my fingers while the middle finger started feeling her butt hole.

I pressed my finger against the 'O' ring and held it there for some time enjoying Sandra's lips against mine while our tongues were playing inside our mouths.
While her tongue was still playing and exploring the inside of my mouth, her hands where caressing my now very hard pole which, had been pressing against her golden pussy. My hands, slowly moved up, our kiss was broken and very slowly I moved behind her so that I can move my hands further up to cup her round sizable tits. Her nipples got very hard while my pole was resting against the crack of her ass. I pushed my self against her, while she pushed her ass in the opposite direction pressing her crack against my very hard cock.

I started rolling her hard nipples between my fingers, getting them harder and harder. My tongue was giving her new sensations when I started tonguing her earlobe. Ohhhh! Saaaaaam I love that.' she moaned. I kept it up rolling her nipples and getting harder.
My hard rod was really pushing against her ass hole, while Sandra was pushing her ass against my cock which now was being squeezed close to her rosebud.

Her nipples where getting really hard and her body was about to start shaking.

'Ohhhhhhhhhh Saammmmmmmmm........ you really making me sooooo......... hhhhhooooottttttt............ agaaaiiiinnnnn!'

One of my hands moved down to the valley between her legs. She parted them and felt my cock settling further in between her ass cheeks. My fingers started feeling her very wet pussy. The other hand kept the good work at the top. My pointing finger started massaging her clit while Joan was watching the action with a hand between her legs. She was following every move we were making. Her eyes were wide open and watching with jealousy and desire.
I am sure her pussy was as wet. Sandra started shaking. My finger moved down and found the wet hole.

'Ooooohhhhhhhhhhh! SSSSssssssssaaaaaaaaaaammmm................... I am cccccooommmmiiiiiiggg.. cccooommmiiiiiinnngggggggg Sooooh haaarrrrrdddd. Can you fuckkkkk meeeeeee please.'

'Not now darling, later on in the evening after we return,' I answered while I let her enjoy her orgasm, which was long.

Finishing with Sandra I moved over to Joan to give her the same treatment. I moved over towards her, pressing my cock against the side of her thigh. From this position, I had the opportunity to have one tit in one hand and her ass in the other. Holding her right tit in one hand I started massaging the her smooth ass going from one bump to another every now and then feeling the crack in between an moving my fingers through the valley, over her rose bid further down towards her pussy.

Her legs parted giving my fingers more access down over the already wet lips of her pussy. While starting to roll her very erect nipple with my fingers I started hearing low moans coming out of her lips. She turned her face towards me and gazed into my eyes. I looked at hers for a few moments while one of my fingers was collecting sweet juice from her pussy lips. Our lips started moving towards each other until they touched, first lightly and then crushing against each other, while I pulled my finger further up and rested it over the 'O' ring of her brown rose bud.

She did not need too much encouragement as she started pressing her ass hole against the palm of my finger while her tongue was exploring the inside of my mouth. While sending my tongue against hers I left her tit and moved my hand down towards her clit, at the same time pushing my finger inside her ass hole. She continued pushing her ass back and my finger just popped inside her ass hole while my other finger started working on her engorged clit. She broke the kiss and started to moan loudly.
'Ahhhhh!' .
Her pussy juice was already flowing down between her pussy lips oozing down towards her ass hole.

I pressed the pad of my middle finger against her clit when she gave her another long moan. I moved it down through the wet smooth valley of love and passion until I was just toughing the outline of her gate to the pleasures of love and bliss. 'Ahhhhh! .............. Ahhhhh!............ Ahhhhh!'

Very, very slowly I started pushing both fingers in the opposite direction, one continued to enter her back dark hole while the other entered the now more than overflowing cave of Venus .

'Oooooooohhhhhhh SSSSSSaaaaaaaaaaammmmm. I love this feeling. Stay as you are. Don't move. I am starting to come. OOOOhhhhhhhhh Saaammmmmm!' I stopped my fingers where they were. Her ass and pussy muscles got my fingers inside her. Her muscles tightened against my fingers while her body started to shake with pleasure. Then I pressed my fingers all the way inside her tight ass hole and her pussy. She came with a great eruption of pleasure.

'Oohhh Sssssaaamm I'mmmm ccccccooooooommmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiinnnggggggggg. Cccccooommmmmiiiiinnnnnngggggggggggggggg.'

Her ass hole was really tight. Her muscle was contracting against my finger while inside her brown channel of pleasure. Now my fingers where feeling each other, just separated with the thin membrane. Her body was shaking with a huge orgasm she was enjoying. I held my fingers still until she started to relax.

Then very slowly I pulled them out of her holes. She turned towards me, put her hands around my neck and gave me a long passionate kiss.
'Oh Sam you are fantastic. What about your hard on?'
'No Problem Joan, I will love to save that for tonight. One of you definitely will enjoy it before bedtime. Although there is the possibility that both of you can enjoy it's pleasures.......... Well I think I would love to be sucked a little.' Instantly I finished talking Sandra went down on her knees and took the whole length of my hard cock into her mouth while Joan moved around my body and with the smooth palms of her hands started massaging my firm buttocks until one of her fingers started looking for my ass hole.

The suction of Sandra's mouth was great on my cock and was getting harder and harder. Joan on the other hand, kept one hand searching for my rosebud while the other hand went round my neck. Her tongue massaging my earlobe and every now and then started blowing light hot air around my ear. Her fingers had found the O ring of my ass and without lubrication was finding it a bit hard to enter the first centimeter.
I pushed my ass back against her finger to give her some encouragement.
'How you like it lover boy.' she said in my ear while pressing her finger to try and jump inside the sphincter. 'I am sure a bit of your pussy juice can make miracles,' I said while enjoying the sensations of Sandra's great mouth sucking and licking my hard cock.

Then I felt Joan's finger pop out of my ass while Sandra took my balls in her hand feeling the nuts moving them from side to side of the sack by per expert fingers. I was only hoping that she will not press them too hard!!!!!!!!. Joan's finger was back at my back door, this time wet with her juices. She pressed it against my ass hole and very slowly in it went without much trouble but it started giving me trouble as I started feeling new sensations. . Sandra's mouth and fingers were also expertly increasing the sensation and I w

as scared that I will fill her mouth with a load of cream which I wanted to save for later. I started breathing deeply, and at the same time pulling up my P.C. Muscle to avoid going over the top. Now Sandra moved her attention to my balls by licking them and then sucking them one by one. She was quit an expert and was moving from one nut to another with her expert tongue while inside her mouth. I relaxed a little bit but soon Sandra started moving her tongue up the underside of my shaft moving towards the head which she very slowly engulfed into her mouth, slowly taking the whole length down towards her throat.

Joan was pumping her finger in and out of my ass sometimes teasing the prostate from the inside increasing the sensations. The feeling I was enjoying was great and thanks to the control I had that I continued to enjoy it so much so without filling Sandra's throat with hot jism. I continued to enjoy their ministrations to the full when I felt Joan getting on her knees behind my, opened my ass cheeks and started licking my rosebud. 'Oh Joan please stop.

I want to save this for your pussy. Please stop.' I begged. She stopped and also felt Sandra pulling her mouth away from my hard cock. As soon as I relaxed a bit I asked the girls that it was time for a shower and hit the road. Together we entered the shower and started helping each other with the shampoo, soap etc. It was great to have two girls giving me a good soapy massage, although this is not the first time I have enjoyed such luxuries.

I had the honour to wash the two ladies, one by one especially their tits and nipples, their wet pussies and also their round asses including their ass holes. After rinsing off the soap the temptation was still there to feel the insides of their wet pussies and the tightness of their ass holes. The problem was the time didn't want to stop and we had to hit the road. The girls put the same clothes minus their bikinis and therefore were bare underneath their thin summer dresses.

A light wind and they are on show. We got down to their hotel within half an hour of leaving the villa, they went inside while I waited in a bar across the road having a bottle of sparking water. Within 15 minutes they were out walking towards me with their luggage, a new set of clothes and a big smile on their faces which can only mean they were more than ready for more.

After loading their belongings into my Pajero we drove to a local restaurant on the side of the city and settled in a quite corner away from the other tables under the coloured lights hanging from the tress above. We ordered a nice set of fish dishes, cooked au naturel with only olive oil and lemon juice, salads and French fries, a bottle of home made wine and loads of water.

I was sure that we were going to have to wait quit a bit to get this healthy food prepared and presented to us and therefore I decided to start a good conversation by asking the girls how they can describe our day's adventures together. Whether they regretted meeting a good old aged man like myself.
'Not in a lifetime Sam,' Joan started.
' I believe that you really know how to pleasure a woman although we have only tasted the tip of the iceberg.'
'Well,' Sandra continued, ' I think that this was the greatest day of my life. I could not believe what I had been through this day.
The enjoyment was second to none and I do not believe it ever happened. I mean I have had sex many times before, but not with such satisfaction. Many times you get a man who is just ready as soon as he enters and if I don't get my pussy sucked before hand I feel nothing except frustration. But with you, its different.

The time you manage to keep your cock hard inside me was incredible, and the orgasms, oh my god this is the best I ever have experienced. I already feel my pussy sore and I do not know what will happen by the end of this holiday.' 'Sam you are the best fucker I ever had the chance to meet.' Joan commented.
'The feeling and the way you prepared me was second to none. I thought that my hearth was going to blow out of my body....... It was the first time that I could not control my body, the shaking, the moaning and the pleasure was incredible. I have never enjoyed sex so much. As a matter of fact I have already started thinking how I am going to miss it as soon as I go back to work......... The way you please a woman is out of this world. I have never had a man who takes so much consideration in giving the woman so much pleasure before even putting his cock inside her.'

'Well men are like that, they think that by fucking a woman, or putting a cock inside her they have achieved the ultimate in sexual pleasure. But how many women are frustrated at the end of the day, just by having to go to sleep with a messy load of cum inside their pussies and probably have to masturbate to finish themselves off.' I continued.
'But by not coming, you will not enjoy it so much. I mean today you have only came once' Sandra said. 'The situation is that when I am pleasuring a woman the electricity generated between us, which will be passing through my fingers especially when the muscles starting to contract mainly the one inside the anal channel gives my cock a great feeling as it would be like exploding.

Therefore I will be feeling also contractions in my cock generated by the pleasure of the woman and this gives me the relaxation to enjoy the love making once I enter her pussy and give a long period of connection between their two bodies that generate so much energy in the woman which had been started during the foreplay, pussy massage, anal massage etc. that at any cost she will be enjoying multiple orgasms that shakes not only the woman's body but also my body. Here where I concentrate as much as possible that I will get the full enjoyment and not come until my body is full of energy.'
'But Sam, just tell me how do you manage not to come?' Joan asked.
'Well it is a long story. Started about 12 years ago. Before I met this particular girl I used to come very quickly usually within a minute, but then I have met this Asian beauty who tried to get away from her poor country and changed my life. She taught me all the tricks of sexuality Asian style. She stayed with me for about 4 years as a live in maid, companion, cook and most of all sexual teacher and masseur. Although since then I have had a harem of girl friends who every now and then make appointments to come and stay over for a few days at a time, I still miss this Asian Beauty. Cho Lin.............. I always called her Lin. But she wanted to go back home to her family. She was great in every respect and I feel very grateful to her and the time she had spent living with me.' I said.

'I am sure you have enjoyed yourself then,' Sandra said. 'If I have to tell you all the stories that happened since then and the pleasures I have enjoyed I have to write more than one book and we would not have time enough in the next ten days. You also have to realize the pleasures I had given these ladies since she has left both young and others in mid age including a few virgins too. .........
They were the most exciting as they received only pleasures from the day my hard cock's first penetrated their virgin pussies including one of 36 years.'
'Oh! Oh! that must be a great story to hear,' Joan said.
'And what about the story of your first time, girls?' I asked. 'Not so exiting........ Mine was the biggest disappointment,' Sandra answered.
'And what about yours?' I asked pointing my finger towards Joan.
'Well nothing special, especially after all the preparations I made for this special day.' Joan said.
'But if you like to hear about it maybe one of these days I will brief you'
'OK Girls. I think I have to hear your stories before you leave and then I also tell you some of my adventure. I think I should start from the beginning, from the time I had purchased this exclusive property' We continued with our dinner during which we enjoyed a nice bottle of local wine and continued chatting about the different things especially their jobs.

Joan was a nurse working in gynecology wards preparing mothers to be and assisting the midwife with deliveries while Sandra was a masseur incharge of physical therapy especially after patients comes out of body accidents. Very interesting jobs during which time in the next 10 days we can enjoy some of the things they were trained to do. As soon as we finished dinner we got into the Pajero and drove away towards the villa to enjoy the rest of the evening.

It was a long day. Too many things happened both for myself and the ladies. The little wine we shared was also helping to close the evening on a good note. After I have garaged the Pajero I helped the girls with transferring the luggage to one of the spare bedrooms where in no time they set evening in the wardrobes, drawers etc. I helped them out of their clothes while touching their soft flesh of their round asses, their tits as also their wet pussies.

After taking off my clothes I took them to the shower to freshen up a bit, prepared a coffee and relaxed infront of the television enjoying the coffee while chatting and every now and then feeling each other's sexual parts. It was close to midnight and as all of us where tired I pulled a coin, asked the girls which side they wanted to choose and shot up to the ceiling, then rolling down until it fell on the carpet. Sandra's side was on top and she was the victim to enjoy my company during the night.

We stood up, sent Sandra to my bedroom while I took Joan to her room. I laid her down on the bed gave her a good night kiss while I inserted my finger inside her wet pussy. I started looking for her G-Spot which on the touch she started moaning. With my middle finger inside her pussy and my thumb attacking her clit she continued moaning while her tongue was moving inside my mouth. Her legs opened wider, my cock was getting harder while one of her hands was massaging my hot rod. We broke the kiss while looking in each other's eyes.
'Ohhhhh! SAM, can you make love to me before I go to sleep.'
'Well, I think you deserve some satisfaction before you sleep sweetie......... Are you ready.'
'Oooohhhhhhhhhhh SSSSSSSaaaaaaaaammmmmmm! more than ready. Please enter me.'

I pulled my fingers slowly away from her pussy, got on top of her while she pulled her beautiful legs up, opening herself as wide as possible.
It was a fantastic view with her nice darkish pussy lips surrounded by the black hair which unfortunately was in the way, probably until tomorrow morning. I put my mouth against her wet pussy taking all her clit into my mouth while I inserted my still wet finger very slowly up her ass.

'Oh Sam this incredible. Pleeeesse slowly as it is hurting.' I continued pushing my finger in slowly very slowly until it went through her sphincter.
Her body started shaking now and was pushing herself against my mouth which was massaging her clit as also in between her labia from her pussy hole up to her clit. My finger slowly, slowly went further into her ass hole and was feeling per ass muscles closing down around my finger with quite a bit of pressure. 'Ohhhhhhh Sammm you sending me crazy.
I' m commmmmminnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggg.'

At this feeling I pulled out of her ass, my mouth left her pussy while I moved up and entered her in one go. She put her legs around my ass, her hands round my neck and became one body with myself shaking with the vibrations she was encountering while enjoying her orgasm.

The sexual energy generated by her body was so great that all her body muscles including her pussy muscles where tightening so hard that I was feeling every part of my body as a part of hers. I wanted to put some movement into her pussy but her orgasm was so strong that the only solution was to let her relax. Her shouting and moaning was very high and I am sure that Sandra was hearing everything from my bedroom. I am sure that Sandra had her hand between her legs while probably praying that I will not come and enter my bedroom with a wilted cock.

As soon as she relaxed I pulled out my cock to the entrance of her pussy and held it there for a few seconds before I started entering through the walls of her wet orifice of love. With every centimetre I was entering she was pushing my ass with her legs. I looked into her eyes, she smiled at me.
' Oh Sam I like the way you treat a woman. You really know what she wants. Thank you I am more than satisfied.' 'Do you like to come again.'
'Love too if not too tired. Sandra is waiting and sure she's also ready.'
I started pumping, in and out very slowly feeling the wet walls and her muscles as it went in and out. I loved the feeling of the vaginal walls against my hard cock. It gave me that fine pleasure of the friction it produces, the sexual energy it puts through the 2 bodies. Sometimes I started giving her long strokes deep inside, hitting the inside wall of her vagina.

At other times I loved the short strokes where I feel her opening trying to engulf my cock further in, teasing her and making her wanting it harder and further inside her. The feeling of her inside muscles made us more joined together as one body while I felt her orgasm building up again as her body started shaking slowly, and her moaning increasing as a volcano started its eruption. Her legs around my ass were getting tighter and with a long stroke getting to her vaginal depths, her muscles again tightened and their was no way I could move. The only movement I was making was in conjunction with her vibrations.

'Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ssssaaaaaammm. Sssssaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmm sttooooooooppppppppp plllllllleeeeeeeeeeessssssssssseeee.'

I let her enjoy her orgasm. My lips joined hers and pressed against each other, Our tongues went at it again while feeling the vaginal contractions against my hard cock. I let her relax slowly. She took longer this time until I felt her muscles relaxing from around all parts of my body. I pulled my hard cock out slowly, then I slammed it in as hard as possible and pulled out slowly again. I gave her a last kiss, said good night to each other and with a very big smile on her face I switched off the dimmed romantic light we had in the room. I walked straight into my room with my still raging hard on, still wet from all the juices which Joan had produced during our encounter.

On entering the room I looked at Sandra who was in the middle of the bed. She was on her back, her legs were stretched with one hand between them pressing against per pussy. Her legs were pressed together as if she was about to come. I smiled at her, walked over to the bed and presented my wet cock to her red lips. Her mouth opened and she took it all in to savour her friend's juices.

Her hand pulled away from between her legs and started relaxing, opening herself up, getting reading for the last of the evening's encounters. I let her enjoy the juices while I was enjoying her hot lips working in and out along the length of my shaft. Many times her mouth stops at the top of the head and start licking the head as also the underside of the shaft itself giving me some real pleasures.

One of her hands started caressing my balls sending them from one end to the other of the sack and squeezing the nuts between her fingers enough not to make it painful. She also started trying to ticklish my ass hole with one of her fingers. I loved it and I just stayed there on my knees. I waited a few more minutes and pulled out of her mouth, moved to the middle of the bed, opened up her legs as wide as possible and sat between them.

I pulled a couple of pillows and put them under her ass to lift her up as much as possible. This position could give me all the possibilities of space and comfort to work on her golden pussy. Immediately I started massaging the outer parts of her pussy with a nice sexy oil which I had next to the bed.

I poured a generous amount on her pubic bone. With my right hand I massaged lightly all over her pubic bone down the sides of her inner thighs, inside the lips of her pussy, over her clit and all over her ass hole.
Slowly, slowly I started massaging the pubic bone getting close enough to her clit but without touching it. I kept my fingers away. From the pubic bone my fingers moved down to the inside of her right thigh going up and down working close to her pussy lips as much as possible. My left hand was working on her breasts, her round breasts full of sexual energy, her light brown aureoles and the hard nipples popping up high on top of these beautiful round mountains.

One of the nipples was being manipulated between my fingers, feeling the hardness and the heat it was generating. I was going from the right to the left nipple while the other hand was concentrating on the inside of the right thigh. after giving her the pleasure of my handiwork I moved to the area between her pussy and her ass hole.

This special bone needed a few circles with the oil before going over to the left inside thigh. Up and down and getting close to the lips my hand started pushing the oil in her delicate skin. I have got close a few times towards her clit put every now and then lightly brush against it.

I continued working on the sides of her pussy for a more minutes massaging the oil into her hairy skin. Then I moved to the lips and I took the right one between my fingers of my right hand, started moving up and down with the lip moving between my oily fingers. From her breasts my left hand went under her ass working my index finger towards her wet oily ass hole.
The finger started circling the outer circle of her ass hole without getting close to her puckered hole.

The oil was making it very easy to massage the wrinkled area i.e. the rosebud. I continued circling this area while my right hand started massaging the left lips of her pussy. Sandra was lying relaxed with her ass popped up, enjoying the sensations and feelings administered to her by my now experienced fingers. My cock was getting harder and harder by the transmission of energy from her body to my body.

From the right lip I moved to her left lip and ministered the same formula while the lady was spread eagled on the bed infront of me. She was starring into my eyes with a big sexy smile on her face. I was very comfortable gazing at her smiles, her beautiful, full round tits with pinkish aureoles and hard nipples pointing upwards.

As soon as I have finished with her left labia I moved my right hand's index finger to massage the area around her clit without touching it going round and round massaging the oil on the delicate and sensitive area of the clit. The finger of my left arrived at the centre point of her 'O' ring.

I pressed against the ass hole but not caring to penetrate at this moment in time. I massaged the centre point for a few seconds making Sandra giggle a little bit. I stopped my movement, pressed it a little bit against her ass hole and immediately felt her body shake and a moan left her lips.
'Ohhhhh Saaaaaaammm are you going to send me crazy again.'
I just smiled while I continued pressing my finger lightly, without wanting to enter yet, against her ass hole.
The other finger kept turning close to her clit and then I moved to the depth of the valley between her wet lips, starting to massage very slowly the length of her slit from the bottom of her slit up to near her clit and every now and then tease her by touching her clit and press the palm of my index finger against the bud of her clit giving her the chance to moan and enjoy.

I stopped after a minute or so on her clit. Then I took the length of her clit from the pubic bone down to the end of her rather longish penis between my middle and my index fingers. This gave me the opportunity to massage the whole length of her clit as also putting pressure on it. With some pressure from my fingers I started feeling her clit getting harder and her ass was pushing against my finger trying to get some of it inside her. Her body started to stiffen a little bit by having her sexual energy building into her chakras.

My fingers were moving up and down the length of her clit which now had became very hard and her ass hole was pushing back against the pressure of my finger. My finger started penetrating her 'O' ring and the first knuckle just popped inside her.

Immediately her ass muscles informed me that she was very much on the brink of a great eruption. 'Ooohhhhh! .......... Sssssaaaaaaaaammmmmmmm! Oooooohhhhhhhh Saaaammmmmmmmmmmm.' Her legs stared to close but I immediately put mine against them to hold them as open as much as possible and keep working, giving her the most terrific evening she had enjoyed.

'I'mmmmmmmmm cccooommmiiiiiinnnnnnggggg. Saaaaaaaaaammmmmm. Pllllllleeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssseeeeeee stooooooooppppppppppppp. Sttttttoooooooopppppppp'

My finger was going deeper into her ass, automatically by the contractions of her ass muscles. Her moaning was getting loader and her body was shaking as any piece of land under the influence of a strong earthquake. I stopped my fingers but kept them in position to continue getting the energy with which my hard cock was getting harder and harder under the blood pressure my heart was pumping into it.

The pressure was building also in me telling me to get inside her, but there were still things in line before the end of this ssaging her. She was erupting from one orgasm to another flying in the heavens of pleasure.

The pressure her body was initiating against mine was giving me a more harder cock, ready to enter the folds of her drenched love canal. Her eyes were closed. The enjoyment of pleasure was seen on her lips, in her moaning and the shaking of her entire body. I let her enjoy it as long as possible.

My fingers were still working in the inside of her orifices. Her love channel was full of juices and her vaginal muscle was working overtime opening and closing against my finger. Her ass muscle tightened so much that now my finger could not move anymore. 'Oh Sammmmm Please stop..' I didn't. I let her body adjust to multiple orgasm. She continued without stopping. Then she put her hands over my hand trying to pull me out of her vagina. I resisted. I pressed inside.

Her legs were all the time trying to close but I had mine fighting against them. I stopped all her resistance.

Until...................................... Suddenly and with strength I pulled all my fingers out of her holes, pushed her legs up towards her head, changed position as quick as possible and my cock was inside her within seconds taking the place of my finger. I put my cock against her vaginal opining and pushed straight in, deep in one sudden shot.

'Oh Sam Stop please. I could not take anymore.'

I held it there against her cervix without moving it, just feeling the beautiful contractions of her strong orgasm. I only tried to move it a bit sideways just to tease her. As her contractions started to slow down I pulled out very slowly and left the head against the opening of her vagina.

Her legs were now entwined against my ass and our hands were tight around our necks. Our mouth were connected while she was still moaning. I started to give her short strokes just the head in out at the vaginal entrance.
As soon as I started feeling her legs pressure tightening against my ass I felt her building up again another sexual surge and in the midst of her eruption I pushed the whole length of my cock deep inside, hitting the inside wall. Our bodies again became one. Her mouth was crushing mine and her hands were crushing my neck. She could not moan. I started pumping in her......... not too fast........ Just enough to feel the frictions and heat against the juicy wall of her now more than tight pussy. I kept this pace as much as possible so that I could enjoy the pleasures she was enjoying.

We kept at it for about 20 minutes, I getting harder and harder sometimes getting close to explode and try to get myself relaxed. She on the other hand became one shaking body. We cut off our kisses many times.

My jaws became very sore by now and I am sure even her pussy. The way I was making love to her I managed to control her orgasms from high to low and to high again without stopping. In the end her moaning became so loud, her finger nails where digging deep in my back and decided it is time to end it out with a loud cry from my throat as the my juices started flowing inside her vagina to mix with hers. It got harder, Started pulsating, shooting spurts of jism inside her pussy hitting the inside walls.

She was moaning and pressing my body inside her's. Her muscles were making it even difficult for me to keep shooting as it was so tight against my cock. It was just like in a vice. We, both continued crying with pleasure as our bodies were enjoying the last pleasures of the day giving both of us the best enjoyed and pleasures any couple should enjoy. Slowly, slowly I continued shooting more spurts of come while her body was still entwined with mine shaking and wriggling enjoying the height of the best sexual pleasure one must enjoy especially during a holiday.

The end of the spurts came to an end when I continued relaxing with my still hard cock inside her. I didn't do any more movements, but stayed still until I felt her vaginal muscle relax and her tension ease. We collapsed on each other, my hard on was feeling the height of tiredness and started wilting inside her. Her legs relaxed and moved down to rest on the bed. We looked into each other's eyes and kissed each other slowly as a thanks to each other for the pleasure we have enjoyed and for what we gave to each other. I know she was satisfied.
'Thanks Sam that was unbelievable........... great.'

She relaxed again and rested. I pulled out of her, moved backwards and kissed her pussy which was full of mixed cream flowing out of her. The mixture tasted great and I went for it to enjoy it while I could.

I only had to be careful not to awaken her passion again. After enjoying a good taste I moved the pillows from under her ass and moved my body next to her. Switched off the dimmed lights and moved in her arms were we lovingly kissed in the dark and enjoyed the feelings of our bodies together.

I felt very young enjoying the smoothness and the freshness of this young chick against my body. She tried to explain how much she enjoyed herself but I think we were so tired that we have drifted into the dreams of the night and enjoyed a great relaxed sleep going into the sub conscious until late the next morning when I have woken up about an hour before the two chicks started moving. I had looked a couple of times into the rooms enjoyed the beauty of the naked stretched bodies, probably enjoying the dreams.

They were beautiful. Silent. Legs wide open. Breasts hard and primed with erected nipples. I am sure they were dreaming. I left them enjoying the good time before they wake up.

I had more expectations ready for them. I wanted to do great things which probably they had never enjoyed. Shaving their pusses.

Giving their ass hole more attention.

Well could be nice to meet again on Chapter 3 which is already half way on the processor.

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