Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lusty Love

Written by Lusty (September 2000)

You probably won't believe this, but my wife and I have been married for 12 years and our sex life just keeps on getting better.
Colleen is a very sensuous woman, with large, luscious tits and a great ass. Most of all, she loves me and adores both giving me pleasure and having me please her.
Like the other night we were coming home from a mildly erotic film - the kids were sure to be asleep and on the way home she was already whispering how she wanted me so badly. Once we got through the front door she started pulling my clothes off. Colleen sat me on a wooden chair while she began to undress.

She slipped off her bra from under her silky dress, allowing her breasts to sway under the material. I could clearly see her nipples become prominent and hard. Purring softly, she reached under her dress and pulled her panties off.

Then Colleen drew them under my nose before tossing them aside. She undid my shirt buttons and raked her fingers over my nipples. This always gets me hot, as my wife knows quite well. By this time my cock was aching for attention, but she took her time getting there, making sure my arousal was complete.

Bending over me, I could see her heavy breasts undulating in the soft light. She unbuttoned my jeans and slid her cool, soft hands round my buttocks taking off my pants and underwear and allowing the cool air to brush against my naked body. Colleen stood up and pulled me up to her. I nuzzled her silky dress from belly up, smelling her wonderful aroma as I straightened. My cock was straining now, caught between the soft folds of her dress, where I could sense the incredible heat building.

Our lips met in a passionate kiss, tongues swirling and sucking. Her kiss is enough to set me on fire, especially when I can feel her urgent need. I had visions of my cock buried deep within her hot, throbbing cunt, a prophecy soon to come true. But then my luscious woman broke our embrace and took a step back.

She briefly closed her eyes and touched herself, rubbing her nipples and belly and thighs, pretending as if I was not there. Next she approached me with a grin on her face, and took my left leg and placed it on the wooden chair. Colleen bent down and took my nipple in her mouth, biting it gently and sucking on it alternately.

Her other hand moved down past my throbbing cock, to caress and massage my aching balls. She lifted them in the palm of her hand and gently squeezed, while her tongue circled my sensitive nipple. I groaned and grasped at the chair for support. Her mouth and tongue were tantalizing my nipples, sending electric pulses of pleasure throughout my body.

When my wife finally lowered her head and began to lick my long hard cock, she looked utterly sensuous and sexy, bent over my body, naked under the silken material, her body warm and inviting. I began to stroke her curves through the soft material.

My right hand scooping down under her wonderful tits, pinching her nipples lightly. Then I pulled the dress up to expose her lovely ass and cunt. I could feel the warm night air caress the soft hairs of her pussy from behind. Taking my wife from behind has always been a favorite position for both of us, giving deep penetration and a wild feeling of animal lust.

Now as I watched her hips sway and her mouth engulf my hard member, I could barely wait any longer. I slowly pulled her head off of me and she moaned her disappointment as my cock left her mouth. Then I positioned her hands on the chair so that colleen was bent over and ready.

Her dress was gathered about her hips and her cunt was exposed from behind. I started to stroke her legs up and down without touching her sensitive pussy. Colleen started to moan as the juices began running down her inner thighs. 'please' she said.
'please come to me'.
'Ooohhh, I need you to fuck me. Pleeease.' I took her ass cheeks in my hands, massaging them around so that the lips of her vagina opened and closed with a wet sound.
Then I held my cock in one hand and began to slide it up and down the entrance to her cunt. Her lips were so open and wet that I nearly slipped inside but I kept on moving the swollen head of my member along the length of my wife's pussy, from clitoris to anus, driving her completely wild.

Finally, she began begging and pushing herself back until I had no choice. I shifted my hands so that I now held both her tits from underneath, and entered her hot cunt with one long thrust. 'aaaahhh' she said as a small wave of orgasm overcame her. It was all I could do to not come on the spot, but after some years of practice, I have quite good control. I waited a while with my body pressed against her from behind, savoring the erotic feeling of heat and slick moisture covering my shaft.

Then I slowly began to pull out and thrust in, while her cunt lips gripped me tightly. I pulled out all the way, leaving just the swollen tip of my cock inside, and began fucking her in long powerful strokes. This was enough to send colleen over the edge and she moaned loudly as wave after wave of pleasure washed through her. Her whole body pushed back against my thrusts, begging me to fuck her harder and deeper, until finally I could not stand it any longer.

I began feeling the surge of heat rise from my balls and travel up into my member as I pulled out the entire length and plunged back into her. My cock was now ready to burst and I held on with both hands to her hips as I rammed in one last time. 'aaaaaahhh' I cried out as hot white semen began to spurt into my wife�s cunt.
'Yes, yes, yes -come to me. Fuck me. Fuck me' said colleen.
'Oooooh that is so good. You are sooo fucking good. I love it when you come inside me' she said.

It was several moments before I slipped my still semi-erect shaft from her moist pussy and sat down in the chair. Colleen came over and sat facing me in my lap, straddling me.

She nuzzled my head in her soft warm tits and whispered in my ear. 'Mmmmm. that was certainly nice. I have a little surprise planned for your birthday, you know'.
I had no idea what she was talking about, but I can't wait to find out!

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