Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Sexy Wife

Written by Fred Flinestone (August 2000)

My wife was heading out of town on a business trip and I had the good fortune to be able to accompany her, this was the first time we had been away together alone since our kids were born.

The first couple of days she has involved in meetings, the third day there has a reception in the evening with free wine and drinks.
My wife loves her wine and needless to say she indulged and I encouraged her, she is always hornier when she's had a number of drinks. We headed to our room about 12:30 in the morning, In the elevator we kissed passionately and had a few gropes of each other. As soon as we got into our hotel room the clothes flew off as we kissed and fondled.

My wife has the most wonderful breasts and I wasted no time in caressing and sucking them deep into my mouth. As I sucked her breasts my hand moved between her legs to her soaking wet almost bald pussy.

Feeling those wonderful shaved lips my cock became even harder, My wife knows how I like the feeling of those bald lips and had carefully trimmed and shaved almost all her hair away, leaving just a little at the top.

As I fingered here lips a slowly inserted all my fingers, this was something we had done many times before. I wondered if more than my fingers would fit inside her, I stopped sucking on her breasts and began to work on sliding my entire hand inside her.
As I began to push my hand in my wife eyes glazed over as she said "Oh God Yes, can you get it all in".

Slowly my hand worked into her, I was passed my knuckles, she was sooo wet.
Further and further my hand slide in, until I was up to my wrist. I looked up at my wife's wonderful face, there was a look of sure ecstasy.
The only words from her moth were "Oh yes, Oh Yes".

I needed to kiss her deeply on the mouth, She rolled onto her side as I slid up along her back, she turned her head and we kissed deeply and passionately our tongues intertwining my hand still deep in here pussy lips.
My cock has so hard and it needed someplace to be, I presses it hard against her ass.
Occasionally we have had anal sex before but not often, my wife knew what I wanted.

She put her hand to her mouth to cover her fingers with saliva. then reached down and wet her anal opening and my hard cock.
She placed my cock tip to her anus and pressed back.
The tip slipped in with easy, unfortunately, with my hand still in her pussy there was not room for much more of cock, slowly I removed my hand from her cunt as my cock slipped further up her anus, again we kissed deeply.

As I continued to screw her ass my fingers reached back to carres her pussy lips only to find her own hand there working her lips.

My fingers went into her hole and then I brought my fingers to my mouth to taste her wonderful juices.
We continued in this position for sometime, until I wanted more than just a finger taste of her wonderful juices. I slipped my cock out of her ass and slid my mouth down to her pussy lips, God they tasted good.

As I was eating her pussy I slid my tongue down to here ass and rimmed her well. Suddenly my wife cried out, "I need you in me right now".

In a moment we where in the missionary position, screwing and kissing.
In another moment we were both cumming.

We laid together for sometime savoring our orgasms and talking softly to each other, and smelling the wonderful scent of sex. All the while my wife was flexing her cunt muscles around my cock soon and I was hard again. From the smile on her face I knew she was proud of her work.

I started again - pumping in and out and it didn't take long for her to orgasm again. I wanted another taste of her juices, I slipped out of her and moved down to eat her again.
As I sucked her juices I had forgot I had just deposited a large load inside her and was soon sucking in large globs of my own cumm.
I had never tasted large amount of my own cumm before, mixed with hers it tasted good.
I kept a large glob in my mouth and moved up to kiss my wife, as I kissed her the glob dripped into her mouth, her eyes sparkled as she kissed me even more passionately.

We continued our lovemaking until I came inside her wonderful pussy again. The last time I looked at the clock it was 2:40am .

My Sexy Wife Part II

We awoke the next morning with a wonderful feeling. We talked about the night before, how wonderful it was, what it felt like to have my entire hand inside her.
She said one day we will get your cock and your hand in at the same time.
As we continued to talk my cock hardened, It wasn't long before we were again making love and I had dropped another load inside her wonderful wet pussy.

We got dressed and went down for breakfast/lunch. We did a few tourist things then decided to head back to the hotel for a swim in the pool.
The hotel had change rooms just outside the pool area so we took out bathing suits and headed to the change rooms, separate his & hers.

It was a good size pool complete with whirlpool and sauna. There was a senior couple in the pool when we arrived but they left shortly after so there was just the two of us.
When swam a few lengths of the pool, 'accidently' groping each other as we swam. We then headed to the whirlpool, with the swirling bubbles it was very easy to fondle each other under the water with out being seen by anyone who might have entered the pool area or anyone looking through the glass windows overlooking the pool area. My wife suggested we try out the sauna.

The sauna had a small window to look out onto the pool area but we both noticed it was difficult to see into the sauna.
Once inside my wife pulled my bathing suit down to release my hard cock, she bent over said, "watch for anyone coming" and began sucking me.

I pulled the bottom of her bathing suit over so I could fondle her lips.
Soon my wife stopped sucking me and said, "I have got to have you in me". I slid a little further back on the bench, my wife turned around and slowly sat on my hard cock, guiding it between her wet pussy lips.

She continued to bouncing up and down on my hard cock while I fondled her breasts. We noticed someone else had entered the pol area so we decided, reluctantly, to head back to our room.
It is a good thing we had taken our towels into the sauna to cover my huge hardon and my wife's very swollen pussy lips.

Once back in the room my cock has again between my wife's pussy lips as a sucked on her breasts hard.
I could feel her pussy contract around my cock and suddenly she was even wetter, I knew she came.
I pulled out and moved down to eat her, god she tasted so good.
I had her roll over and moved into the doggy position.
I continued to eat her. Then I moved up to her anas and liked and sucked her ass, I put my tongue is as far as I could.
As I did this my hand has playing with her cunt as was her hand. I asked if I could put my cock in her ass again, she said, "oh yes".

I waited and continued to rim her as I fondled her lips.
Finally she said, "I thought you promised to put your cock in me".

I had to oblige, I wet her ass with more saliva then moved my cock into position. It didn't take ling before I was all the way into my balls. I reached around and grabbed her breasts with my hands and squeezed and fondled.
I could feel the pressure building. I asked her, "can I cum in here".

"Oh yes, just don't stop", was the reply.
In a few minutes I was filling my wife's lovely ass with my cum.

My wife's slowly slid down flat on the bed and I slide with her my cock still staying inside her, semi hard.
I kissed her on the back of the neck and ear and said, "you are an amazing lover", she replied with, "it takes two of us, and we have been practicing together for over twenty years".

We dozed off in this position.


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