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A story of Lisa

Written by Sub-man (September 2000)

It was my last summer before I was off to college, and my parents told me that they would send me anywhere I wanted to go for graduating third in my class, provided that I did not "produce a surpise in 9 months". My father thought it was funny to speak in "second-hand" sexual references, my mother would just roll her eyes.

I thought about where I wanted to spend the summer. All I knew was that I wanted to take my girlfriend, Lisa. We had been together for about 2 and a half years, since she was 14 and a half. I thought it would be good to spend the summer together, as we were both going to be attending college in different cities, she was an early graduate.

But then, two weeks before graduation, Lisa told me that her parents did not want her to go away for the summer, as she was still only 16. I knew they did not like me, well not me particualrly, but any guy who might possibly corrupt their "sweet", but not so innocent, only daughter. Lisa was an expert at blow jobs, swallowing all she could.

Even without the sex, I would have been attracted to her, she was all I could ask for, brains and body. Anyway, the night she told me about the argument her parents, I told her that I didn't want to go if she didn't. I really wanted to spend as much time with Lisa.

Then the next blow came, she wanted to break up with me anyway, as she thought we should just end our relationship now without waiting for the fall.
I was really mad at her, and accused her of finding someone else. She seemed really nervous, and I stopped.
"It's not what you think. I mean, I never thought this could happen. I want you to know that I am in love you, but Rene is an incredible woman, mentor... and lover."

My first though was an obvious one, was she sleeping with not only her teacher (I knew the name Rene, an English teacher, and she was hot), but this teacher was a woman. I thought of Lisa's lips kissing Rene, and it was too strong to fight. I was livid with anger and excited with pent up sexual tension.

"Well... if you really feel that you need to break up with me like this, could I make one request?"
The thought of my mouth being able to form the words to ask this question, as if on auto-pilot, heated my blood.
"I really don't want to hurt you, and if there is anything I can do, just ask and I will do it without question."
I could not believe that I heard those words. My heart was beating faster, I could not believe that I was about to ask her this.
"I want to sleep with you and Rene."

There, I just blurted it out, no hesitation. Lisa's hand moved to my crotch, "Every-Mans-Fantasy. Like I said, anything you want."

She then kissed my lips harder than ever. I could not hold back and came in my pants with her hand rubbing my cock. Just the thought of possibly being with two incredible women was too much.

"I hope you can last longer than that, Rene needs a lot of attention, and I know she likes a good fuck, even if from a boy."

She poked my in jest. My head was still reeling, and I could not see straight.
"Please shut the fuck up and let me eat your pussy."
I know I never talked to her that way, but it some how felt right. We were out in the middle of a grove of tree, and the moon was full.

She stood up and dropped her skirt and then her panties.
"This is something Rene taught me while you were off at the swim meet, two weeks ago. She did this to me on this very spot. I know that I would never have done this before then, so I hope you really enjoy this cause I know I will. But then again, who cares if you enjoy this."

She poked me again, smiling like an innocent slut. She then knelt with her knees beside my head.
I felt compulsed to ask, "How long have you been seeing Rene?"
I was still a little angry, but with a gorgeous pussy hovering above my watering mouth, who the fuck cared.

"She seduced me last Christmas when I stopped by her apartment to turn in an assignment. But, we can talked later, besides you won't be able to talk."

Her pussy lips kissed my lips. Her knees moved a little forward of my head, allowing her to lower herself easily onto my face. She leaned forward a bit so that her clit was accessible to my tounge. "Please lick my clitoris... yes... I did not know how much I loved having my pussy lick, I always felt guilty, but... oh, ah... put your tounge in my pussy... ah, yes."

She lifted her pussy from my face reaching for her purse, rummaging around inside and removing something. She lower herself back to my face, handing me her toothbrush case. "Fuck me from behind with this." She was a wild woman, hellbend to cum.
I was completely at her mercy and her pleasure. It was amazing, this was almost a dream come true. My cock was as hard as a spike, despite of my earlier orgasm.

I started to rub the toothbrush case against her pussy lips, her hips were moving around with her clit finding its own way around my tounge. All I had to do was move the toothbrush cock in and out of her. Thoughts of Rene squating over Lisa's full lips, and then cumming on them blew my mind (as well as my cock).

This was just too much, it was not happening. "Ah... push that thing in further and press it down. Ohhhh..." Her knees move a little further apart, and her body was shaking now and again, almost like I found her 'button' that caused her to twitch. I moved the toothbrush cock a little more deliberately, pushing it from side to side. Her knees shook against the ground.

"Ohhh..." she bellowed. I thought she was cumming, but she continued to fuck her pussy against my mouth. I was not pleasing her, she was doing all the work.
"Keep it moving buddy, or you won't get your surprise..." Her hips were moving in gyrations, with her clitoris dancing on my tounge.

I almost lost her toothbrush cock inside of her, but she seemed to push it back out on her own. She had never been so involved in her own orgasm (at least while she was with me), it was almost like she forgot that I was there or maybe she did not care.

I knew that I did not care about those things, I had always wanted to have a woman cum on my lips, so caution to the wind...
"Oh, god, I gonna cum... fuck me, please fuck me hard... oh, gawd, I gonna...", her convulsions started and she gasped, "Oh, fuck...". I could feel her pussy getting wetter, and she came in torrents with each convulsion.

"Oh... fuck...". Her legs clamped around my head, and she flooded my mouth with her sweet/tart nectar. I did not know that she was capabile of such volumes, but she overflowed my mouth. As many times as she swallowed my cum, I wondered if it would be possible for me to do the same with hers. It seemed to last forever, she would stop for a few seconds, only to cum harder than the last.

She finally finished, slowly lifting herself up. She say back on my chest, our eyes meet and she just smiled.
"Thank you."
"What did I do, you did all the work."
"That's just it, it would never have been as good unless I did it myself. So, thank you."
"I guess I know what it feels like to be a woman used as a 'cum-hole'."
Boy, we had never been so frank. She was now sitting next to me, as I sat up.

"Now its your turn, let me be your 'cum-hole'. Put your cock in my mouth, pussy, or any other place you might find pleasure. I want you to use my body for your pleasure." I could not think of what to do next, so I kissed her mouth, gently.

"You'd better get your clothes off, you don't want to cum in your shorts again, do you?"
I stumbled to my feet.
"Here, let me."

She grabbed my zipper and pulled it down, undid my buckle and dropped my pants. I kicked off my pants. "Ok, now where do you want your 'cum-slut'."
She was almost like a different woman, but I could still seeing her innocent exuberance. Rene must have opened some door that no man could have even known exsisted, let alone how to open it.

"What is your fantasy?"
I stuttered a bit, "Well... first take off your blouse, I want you to play with your breasts... suck on your nipples."

Her 36DD-29-37 frame was the desire of every man and envy (and, appearently, desire, too) of every woman, but she has given it to me tonight, and I wanted to make this last.
"Your wish is my command, my master..."

She really played her role well. Her blouse and bra were removed, and she began fondle her nipples. She lifted her breast to her lips, and suckled herself.
God, I was ready to cum right then, but I wanted to make sure that this particular fantasy goes off as planned.

"Alright, lean back against that fallen tree, and rest your head over it. Keep playing with your nipples, squeeze them, make them hard. What do you think I am going to do to you?"
"I don't know, my master, but do it for your pleasure."

The gleem in her eye told me that she meant that. I walked around back behind her head and knelt there.
"Open your mouth, you are taking me completely into your mouth."
"Please go slowly, just don't cum in the back of my mouth, I might gag."
"You will take what I give you, and like it. It is not your place to make any requests. Now pick up your toothbrush cock and thrust it into your pussy. I want you to leave it there, and go back to playing with your breasts. Open your 'cum-hole' and let me enter."

God, this master/slave thing was hot. I never dreamed that Lisa was thinking such thoughts, and it only made me hotter.
I was kind of turned on with her controlling the situation earlier, so... "I want you to grab my ass, and guide my cock to the back of your throat. I want you to fuck your mouth with my cock, and just remember, you must not touch my cock with your hands."
"Your wi..."
"Shut up, my concubine... please me..."

She gave the head of my cock a nip with her teeth, was it a reminder of just how much control she really had? Was I going to far with my role play? She then pulled my cock into the back of her mouth, taking only half of my length, then pulled back on my asscheeks, thus pulling my cock back out of her mouth.

There was a loud 'pop' as my cock left her mouth. I pushed my cock back down into her mouth with my hand, and she wrapped her lips around my head, sucking gently. She pulled me back in, my eyes were clenched shut hoping to hold off a little bit longer. My cock was moving in and out, each time going a little bit further inside.

I looked down at her breasts to find them taut and her nipples were erect. I started to massage them hoping to take my thoughts off of cumming too soon. As I played with her nipples, she moaned, the vibrations in her mouth resonated my cock, and with each caress of her breasts, my cock went a little further inside, until I was completely inside.

She held me there for a bit, as she turned her head a little from side to side. I could feel myself losing control, and remembering her request, I tried to pull out of her throat. She held onto me, when I think she realized I was going to cum. I backed out just in time to cum on her tounge. She swallowed, pulling me back into her mouth with my next spasm.

She swallowed again, only this time, I convulsed even harder than ever and ended up pulling completely out of her mouth, cumming on her face. Her tounge reached up to my cock-head to catch another drop of cum. I almost fell forward with the force, but caught myself in time. I came again on her face, shooting about three more drops of cum.

This was the first time that she let me do this, even though she would swallow my cum, she did not like me to cum on her face. After I had finished, Lisa sat up, my cum on her cheek, chin and lips. She kissed me, sharing my cum. I could not think of anything but what she just gave me. The taste of my own cum was incredible, and her kisses were sweet and innocent. I was floored by the past hour or so. We finally stopped kissing, once her face was clean.
We looked at each other, not knowing what to say, I took her hand and kissed it.

"I don't want to break up with you, but I still want to see Rene. Maybe she could find you a 'boyfriend', at least we could share something more."

I did not know what she really meant by that, but I knew that I did love her, and we would probably not be together after this summer.
So, I just tried to at least enjoy what sex there might be to come. If this was any indication, I was in for a treat. We fell asleep by the tree.
We awoke, naked, in each others arms. We made love (in a more traditional manner) once more as the sun rose.
Lisa told me that my request might come true soon, so I should not leave town too quick. We got dress, and I walked her home, hand in hand. We met her parents as they were finishing breakfast.

Her mother asked if she was alright, with us being out all night. She assured her parents that I was the most perfect gentleman she wanted me to be. She pecked me on the cheek, and thanked me for "walking" with her all night.

I left, with nothing but a smile, an incredible memory, and hardon.

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