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New Erotica from Istanbul

Written by Anon (August 2000)

My wife and I are continuing to look for opportunities to make our sex life more exciting and interesting. As we enjoyed our past experiences very much, I realized that sharing my wife with other men is continuously increasing my love to her. When I see all those men who lose their control after seeing my wife in nude, and her taking the control afterwards, I feel her power on them and am very proud of her.

So we found out what to do next as a very interesting step.
My wife is working for a bank, and there are few intern students working during summer time in the same branch with her.
Two of the university students are boys at their 19 and my wife has a close relation with them as a superior, and like an elder sister to them. She told me few times that that the boys were admiring her and it was not difficult to understand this for an experienced woman like her at 35, although they tried to hide.

She usually wears mini skirts that expose her long and shapely legs, and armless shirts during summer. Some of them are semi-transparent that show her DD cup bra holding her big tits. She wears sandals with medium heels that show her -usually- red nailed pretty feet.
We waited until the last day of the boys in the bank, and that day she did not go to work and stayed at home, finding a good excuse just like me. We have sent our two kids to school and our scenario started.

She called one of the boys in the bank and asked to bring a document to home and also to bring his friend with him to say goodbye to both, since she would not see them again.
They accepted and told her to leave in half an hour. This gave us one hour time for their arrival. We then started to prepare her for the great event. It is really difficult to explain how excited we were both during the waiting period, we were almost hardly breathing.

She wore her see through black bra which was revealing her pink-brownish areola and hard nipples on her DD cup tits.
She had her black thong on her medium sized ass, and although she has a little celluloid on the sides of her cheeks she was still looking wonderful.

She wore one of her one-piece very mini dresses that even she cannot wear for work. She usually wears these kind of dresses on holiday resorts.
As an important complement, she took her sandals with the highest heels. She had red nails both on her hands and feet.
The boys arrived at approximately the expected time just when we were about to be breathless due to our excitement.
I first stayed in another room, waiting for the boys to relax before appearing.
My wife took them in the living room and asked whether they wanted to have cold beer, and they said yes.

When she came to the kitchen, I went there also and she said that the boys were looking at her in a much different way, so it wouldn�t be difficult to convince them to be involved in our scenario. In the meanwhile, the boys were whispering to each other.

When she went back to the living room to serve their beers they shut up. She sat opposite to them, showing her wonderful legs while drinking her beer, and asked them if she can ask them any intimate questions, after all they should perceive her as an elder sister.
This was also a good opportunity for the boys and they said yes. My wife asked them whether they had girlfriends and a regular sex life or not. They both had girlfriends but not 100% active in sex, so they could not go beyond some petting with them. But they were buying some professional sex from time to time.

Then one of the boys asked if they also could ask questions to her, and she replied positively. He first said that my wife was very sexy and at 35 she was still preferable to most of the girls at his age. Then he asked in what frequency she had sex with me and whether it was satisfying for her. The other boy, encouraged by my wife�s answers, told her that he loved big tits and her tits were in his dreams for a long time. He asked what bra size she had, my wife said 36DD.
The very next question from the other boy was how did she manage to keep them firm and hard like rockets after two births. My wife said that they were seen so by the help of her bras, and actually her tits were a little saggy after the births and breast-feeding although she exercised heavily after, and that it was almost impossible to keep tits of that size hard after two births.
The same boy asked if she had lost the sensitivity of her vagina after the births. My wife said no because both were cesareans.

Their excitements were increasing, because it was probably the first time for them to talk with a sexy older lady in such an intimate way.
The same boy continued and asked if she ever had an experience with someone other than her husband, this time my wife lied and said no, just to tease them further and make them feel more important to be the first after the husband.
The other asked whether she was giving blow job to her husband, and the answer was yes. Finally the more excited boy told her that they wanted to see her tits naked if possible and they promised not even to touch unless she wanted so.
I was watching them through the half open door in the meanwhile.

She looked like she was thinking for this for a while and then said "why not".
Then she started to unbutton her one piece dress. After the third button, the light fabric left her shoulders and she was sitting on the sofa with her black see-through bra that tried to hold and cover her big tits.

The boys now could see her nipples under the bra and were hardly breathing.
She slowly moved her hands to the back of the bra to open the clips. These teasing moments are always the best ones for my wife to see and feel what kind of power she has on the men.
After opening the clips, she put her hands on the cups of her bra to keep it covering her tits for few more seconds. The boys were breathing even with more difficulty.
Then she released her hands and her black bra left her big saggy tits.

Now she was sitting on the sofa with her black thong only. The boys were looking at her tits like they were paralyzed. This 35 year old lady was their superior in the bank till yesterday who was giving orders to them, and today her big tits were exposed to them.

One of them said "how come your left tit is a little bigger than the right one?" my wife told him that sometimes ladies have tits in slightly different sizes especially if their tits are big, and asked him if he didn�t like them. Both of them said they loved her tits very much. The other boy asked whether they could touch them and she let them do it.

He immediately hold her bigger tit while the other boy had the right one. The boys were holding her tits sometimes with one hand and sometimes even with two hands and telling each other that they were lovely and definitely better than small tits because one of her tits was able to fill two hands and she could satisfy two men at a time by her wonderful breasts.

Then the boy with the right tit wanted to change places because he also wanted to taste and weigh the bigger tit. They changed and continued to play with my wife�s tits. They squeezed and started to pinch her nice nipples, and stretched her nipples.
Finally one of them remembered that sucking those nipples was a good idea and both of them sucked my wife�s nipples while holding her tits tight in their hands.

It took about 5 minutes to hold and squeeze her tits and suck her nipples. My wife was very excited and was hardly breathing as I could see through the half open door.
Then she remembered that I was out of the room and was not able to see everything in detail. She asked the boys whether they would be disturbed if her husband came, and they said they wanted to leave in that case. She explained the situation that I would be pleased to see young guys getting experienced by her, and she would let them see other things if they accepted my existence.

They approved after hearing the last offer of course. And I entered in the living room. They were a little disturbed by the situation and left my wife�s tits and withdrew to their armchairs as soon as I entered.
I told them to relax and take it easy, and let me be proud of my lady by showing me how they admired her.

There was a silence when my wife told them that question & answer session could continue also with me. I asked "did you like my wife�s big tits boys?" They were trying to behave in a very careful and polite way and replied "yes sir, very much".
"How did it feel to hold them?"
"soft and filling both hands, they wer
e wonderful"
"and the nipples?" "wonderful to suck them sir, we could feel them growing in our mouth"
Now the right atmosphere was coming back again.
Then my wife stood up and asked them whether they wanted to see her hips and butt closer. They did not hesitate now and said yes.
She asked "what did you think about my ass in the bank when you were able to see it under my mini skirts?"

They said "it was very appealing with the right size which was not small but stressing your thin belly, and it was one of our biggest fantasies with your big tits when we were jerking off". I said "OK honey it is understood that you sucked these boys� brains out with your curves so now it is time to compensate".
She turned around and her black thong let them see her hips and ass cheeks"
The boys asked me if they could come closer, and I said "of course boys, this show is for you".

One of them asked "Is it common for the women of your age to have celluloid?" My wife said "generally yes, and this happened although I exercise regularly and play tennis, didn�t you like my hips?" He said "no I didn�t mean that, you have a wonderful ass, can we touch it?"
My wife said "please go on boys, it is for you now".
They started to hold and squeeze her cheeks for a while, and then started kissing and licking her ass down to her thighs.
After a while, my wife asked them whether they wanted to take a shower or not, and estimating the reason behind that, they both accepted. She showed them the bathroom and gave them two towels to wrap before coming back to the living room.
We had to wait for approximately 10 minutes before they came back.
And both came with only the towels wrapped around their waist. My wife said "now I�ll ask you some questions boys, first tell me what size your penises are"

the boys said "well we are not sure exactly" They were a little bit reluctant to tell their size to my wife -I think- being afraid of being compared with each other and with me.
I said "OK boys, In this case I�m gonna bring a meter and my wife will measure them". And I did what I said.

My wife took the meter and asked them to leave their towels to be completely naked, while she was still with her black thong only.
They slowly did what they were ordered to, and now two young cocks were exposed to my lady. We saw that one of them had a quite big one, totally erected and the other had a smaller one and he lost his erection -we thought- due to the embarrassment of his smaller size. My wife said "I will first measure the ready one and in the meanwhile please darling you also undress to show this young man there is nothing to be embarrassed of his size.

I started to undress while watching her pulling the guy closer and holding his erected cock to measure its length first. His cock was a long one with a curve to the left and she said it was 7 inches long and 6 inches circumference.

Then she pulled me and measured mine although she knew it in advance, to show to the other boy. I was 5 inches long and 5.5 circumference.
When the second boy saw that the husband had a small cock, his self confidence came back and his cock grew hard again.
When it was his turn my wife measured him and found that he was 5.5 inches long but thinner than mine with a circumference of 5 inches.
Then she asked "ok boys, how do you feel now after you showed your most intimate organs to your lady boss?" They both said that it was very exciting and they were proud of their cocks to be shown to her.

My wife asked the boy with the bigger cock "how many times did you use this tool on a lady honey, but honestly" He said that his girlfriend was a virgin like most of the Turkish girls and they couldn�t go for the real thing with her, so he practiced his tool 3 or 4 times on prostitutes and love for money was not so appealing at all. The answer from the other boy was the same. So she said "you never experienced a real sex, did you?"

There was no answer from them to show that her comment was right.
One of the boys asked "do you shave your pussy?" My wife asked " which way do you prefer son, bushy or smooth like a baby?" He was very diplomatic and said "it just does not matter as long as it is your beautiful pussy".
Then the other asked me "are we going to see her pussy as well?" I said that it was my wife to decide for that, and she said "well darling these boys deserve to see it I think, so I�ll show everything to them"
Then she slowly took her tight black thong down and sat back on the sofa and opened her legs wide to expose them what they wanted to see.

It was a completely shaved smooth pussy of a 35 year old lady who was their superior during their internship in her bank. They definitely felt that they made the best choice where to make their summer intern.

They wanted to examine her pussy because they never could a prostitute�s pussy.

I was volunteer to teach them and opened my wife�s lips to show them "ok boys these are the lips of a lady, and just on the junction point where two lips meet there is a piece of skin and under that skin is the hidden treasure of a woman: clitoris"
They definitely enjoyed what they saw.
I continued " down below there is the love hole of a woman that is a pleasure dome for herself and for the visitors" I opened the lips wide and showed them the way. Then I asked my wife to turn around and to reveal her ass to her students and she did. The boys saw her asshole together with the pussy and they were delighted.

One of them asked if her asshole was ever used and she said no although it was used only once but it was with a 13 year old boy whose cock was very thin. The boy said "so you won�t let us use it, but it looks very inviting"
My wife said "well boys I don�t want this occasion to turn to a painful one for me, while you are all enjoying, it is not fair, is it?" Then she said "but ok you may enjoy it with your finger if it looks that much inviting to you.
One of the boys attempted immediately, but I asked him to lick her asshole first to make it slippery. He was hesitant first, but when he tasted my wife�s asshole which is always very delicious, he became more eager to lick it all the way, then he also licked his finger and started to shove it slowly. It was not going easy but finally his finger was completely in my wife�s asshole, and she said it was not painful for her, but pleasant.

Then the second boy wanted to try and he followed the same process. Then suddenly she turned back and said that if she enjoyed it, why shouldn�t men do?
She said "now you both come in front of me and turn your asses, I�ll do the same for you" The boys were again hesitant and she said "don�t you count on me, your boss?" They obeyed and my wife first licked one of them and slowly shoved her finger deep in his ass, then while she kept her finger in him she did the same to the other boy.
They both seemed to be enjoying the situation very much. So I told her "honey I also want to try this, I am your hubby for 9 years and I deserve it for the first time"
She pulled her finger from the first boy�s asshole and first licked my hole and then put her red nailed finger deep in me. It was really a very pleasant moment to feel her finger in my asshole.
She then took the boy with the bigger cock in her hand and jerked him off till he came in a couple of seconds, in her hands. Then did the same for the second one and he also came very soon. She asked them to go to the bathroom and get them prepared again and washed her hands too.

When they came back, their cocks were hard again. She laid on her back, opening her legs and asked the bigger cock boy to come to her mouth while the other one was giving a head to her. At this moment she was incredibly exposed to them.
I showed them first how to lick and suck a lady, and they started.
My wife started to lick the 7 inch cock from bottom to top and also the balls were disappearing in her mouth from time to time. Then she took the head in her mouth and started sucking him wild.

In the meanwhile the other boy was sucking her clit and shoving his tongue inside her. I started to play with her right tit and the boy who were sucked took the left bigger one in his hand. I understood that she was coming when her hips started swaying and licked her right nipple harder, she was also sucking the 7 inch cock harder as she was coming.

Suddenly she took the cock out of her mouth and kept the other boy�s head to pull it towards her clit harder, as she always does before coming. Finally she came with incredible screams. At the same time the other boy didn�t want to be idle and completed the work of my wife�s mouth by his hands. He came for the second time on her big saggy tits.
The boy was still sucking her clit but she wanted to rest for a while. The boy came over to her mouth and she took the 5.5 inch cock in her mouth this time. She was rather slow this time but it was enough to kill the boy.

I rubbed the first boy�s cum on her flabby tits and they looked wonderfully shiny.
Then when she felt better again and asked the other boy to start working at her crotch.
Now the boys changed positions and still one was sucking her clit while she was sucking the other�s cock.
The boy in my Wife�s mouth was about to come and as she does not like the taste of semen (unfortunately) she pulled him out at the last moment and his cum was also squirt over her flabby tits. I also rubbed them on her tits, and they were even more shiny now.
Then she asked the other boy to start the real thing. I gave her a condom and she put it on the 7 inch cock by her hands and mouth.
She asked the boy to lie down because she wanted to have the control since the cock was bigger than mine.

She slowly sat down on him and took every inch in her love hole and found the bottom. I called the other boy and asked him to shove his finger in my wife�s asshole again. First he licked and then he put his finger deep inside my wife�s back hole. Now her both holes were full.

Then she started to move up and down on the shaft, slowly at the beginning, faster after her juices let her.
As she got faster, her big flabby tits were bouncing like crazy and spanking her chest. Then she became faster and faster, and began screaming like never before, till she came. After she reached her orgasm, she was exhausted again and I took her down to be lying and the boy to come over her. The other one put his finger in her ass hole again and he started fucking my wife wildly. Her flabby tits were now drooping to both sides and I was cupping them gently. Finally he came in his condom and pulled out his cock.

Other boy still did not fuck my wife�s pussy so far, and he desperately wanted to.
I told him to wait for a while till she recovers. My wife usually has wild orgasms and she becomes very exhausted after each. She needs some 10 or 15 mins after the 2nd or 3rd orgasms at a time.

After she said it was OK, this time I wanted him to fuck her in doggy style because this is my favorite to watch my wife. Her big tits hang and sway so nice and appealing in this position. She stood on four and he started, I told the other boy that her ass still needed a finger and he filled her gap with her finger. Her tits were swaying faster as he pushed faster and I hold the tits slippery of the previous cums.

He could not hold himself longer and came. My wife was just getting warmer for a 3rd orgasm but his cock was a limp now.
So I asked whether the 7 inch boy was ready to replace him immediately or not. He said he was ready. I asked him to keep his finger in my wife�s asshole while putting another in her vagina, not to leave her empty, and lose her concentration for an upcoming orgasm.
He did what I said and I went to the other room to bring a new condom for him. When I came back I saw that he had 3 fingers in her love hole and 1 in the back. The other boy�s limp cock was now inside my wife�s mouth, trying to be hard again.

Not to interrupt with this scenario, I decided to put the condom in him myself, and opened the condom and hold his big cock. It was very hot, certainly enough to fill my wife better than me, and his pre-cum made his head all wet. Finally I managed to cover his big cock with the condom and he pulled his fingers out of my wife to push his cock inside. My wife was continuously moaning and moving back and forth during this time.

Fortunately she came before he did and it was the wildest of all orgasms that day.
He continued after she came and he came too in a couple of minutes.
By that time my wife managed to erect the other boy�s cock in her mouth, but left him out when she was climaxing. So he wanted to finish his work and I gave him a new condom.
My wife was very exhausted but she let him enter her vagina for the last time.

I sat on the sofa and she sat over me, leaning her back to my chest. I opened her legs with my hands and asked the boy to come in. I was rubbing her soft big tits while the boy was fucking my wife. This time it took a little longer for him to come, but he did and pulled his limp dick out. All of them had 3 orgasms each and I was just watching during this time. So she asked the boys to hold her up and keep hanging in the air to be ready for me.

The boys hold her under the arm and under her thighs on each sides, and exposed her open vagina to me.
I pushed my cock in my wife�s pussy and started fucking her. Her tits were drooping on both sides and swaying with my moves.
I could not stand too much and squirt all my cum inside her.

Watching this, and being just 19, the boys were able to be hard again. But my wife did not allow them to fuck her again, because it was enough for her vagina.

First they were very disappointed but she laid down and offered them a tit fuck as a final round. She squeezed her soft big tits from the sides and there were two giant mountains instead of two drooping flabby tits now. The valley between the mountains was waiting for the explorers. She first called the bigger cock as usual. As her tits were already wet by their cum, he fucked my wife�s tits very fast. As it was a new thing for him and he was very excited with the idea of putting his cock between those hangers, he came earlier than I expected and squirt his semen on her tits. This time the amount was very few of course and I rubbed them all over her tits. The second boy was ready and he followed the same way.
I asked them to take my wife to the bathtub and wash her. We altogether washed her and then dried with the towel and carried to our bedroom.
I saw that their cocks were incredibly semi-hard after 4 fucks within 2 hours, when they were getting dressed.

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