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Written by Bill (August 2000)


This was told to me by a friend of mine. A Dutch friend as I've just moved back to England from Holland. And yes I did fuck her and yes she was a pro. But I didn't know until a fortnight after I'd first had her. She told me a lot of stories. We made up some of the bits about what the man did before she met him but otherwise it's about her going back to work after five years bringing up her first kid

She looks in the mirror. Her skirt is much shorter than she would normally wear. A now you see it now you don't wrap around reaching halfway down her thigh. A short bolero jacket is fastened around her torso. Not quite long enough to meet the waist of the skirt. The nakedness of her flesh makes her heart skip slightly as she breathes deeply. She tells herself a promise is a promise. A deal is a deal. She said she would do this. She must do this. She can't be sure how it will turn out or whether she'll be able to go through with it. She turns away from the mirror and steps into the calf stretching stiletto's. She chooses not to think about the underclothes she is wearing.

Going down stairs she takes a gulp of wine and picks up her small handbag. She checks her make up in the mirror above the fireplace. It is more out going than she normally wears. Part of the deal. Part of what she has to become tonight. He will know if she does not go through with it. He said he will know. She takes another gulp of wine and walks into the hallway. She checks her make up in the mirror near the door. She chastises herself for putting off the inevitable. Clutching her bag under her arm she walks out to the car.

The drive lasts about quarter of an hour. The streets become grubbier the buildings taking on a seedy nature. It is only the middle of the evening but as she turns on to the road which is her final destination already half a dozen women are standing their pitches. Her heart jumps to her throat. She drives to the far and of the road and turns into a side street parking the car.

He says goodbye to his friends and walks into the restaurant car park. A good meal and a glass of wine, He tosses his car keys in the palm of his hand and walks over to his car. now what e thinks. He has had a hard week at work, His pay has just gone through and he has plenty of cash in his pocket. It gets lonely at work sometimes. All men and men's talk. Work is not the only thing that has been hard lately. Knowing he has done a good job makes him feel that way. he sits in the car and leans comfortably back. he nods to himself. He has deserved a treat. he starts the engine and drives.

Ten minutes later he turns into the road and slows down. He looks at the girls standing in hip swaying poses along the pavement. The window is slightly open he breathes in the glamorous seediness of it all. He drives the whole length of the road. At the furthest end a few dozen yards away from the regular pitches he notices a woman standing. She holds a small clutch bag in front of her, she looks a little nervous. He turns into the side street opposite her and parks up facing her direction. A few minutes later a car pulls up. She takes a couple of steps towards the open window. Some words are said then the car pulls away.

She turns and takes a few paces up and down the street. Another car turns up. She steps closer and again it leaves. This time she slinks up and down the street her clutch bag by her side. The split of her skirt peeps open and shut giving him glimpses of stockings. He watches as she flirts openly with a third driver before he finally leaves.

He starts the engine and drives over to her. She comes close, slowly teasingly. He says he has an hour to spare and asks how much. She names a figure. He sighs, she's expensive, very. She undoes the top two buttons of her jacket revealing a fine cleavage. He nods and gestures at the passenger door. She gives him the address of a run down hotel in the middle of the district. A few minutes later he parks the car. He hesitates, she slinks confidently to the door turns and gestures, standing so that her skirt rides up her thigh. He follows her in and upstairs to a small room with a bed , a chair, a small ghetto blaster and some empty floor. A small bathroom is evident through a doorway.

"What do you want then, handsome?" she purrs.
"Take off all my clothes and make me lie on the bed."
Slowly, expertly she takes off his jacket, his shirt. She undoes his trousers and lets them fall. He steps out of them. She kisses him all over the chest working her way down. As she finally kneels she pulls his boxer shorts down. She kisses him and looks up.
"Couldn't resist." She grins.
Standing she takes hold of his growing erection and leads him to the edge of the bed. She pushes him back. He make himself comfortable.
"Well that seemed to please you." She looks at his crotch.
"I can do more you know, much more."
"Strip for me, slowly."
She steps back and turns seductively. Arching her back she bends and presses play on the cassette. Cool blues of JJ Cale drift through the cheap, run down hotel room. She begins to sway to the music. Her hips gyrating with suggestion. She kicks of first on shoe, then the other, playing her hands over her naked waist. With legs wide she dips to a swaying squat holding her skirt between them.

He catches his breath at the sight of her black stocking clad thighs. Slowly she gyrates to upright again, running her hands lightly over her whole body. One by tantalising one she undoes the buttons of her jacket. Quickly she opens it wide and spins to face away. He catches a glimpse of brassier and firm cleavage. Rotating her right shoulder she slips the jacket half way down her arm. With a flick of the left the jacket slides half off. She looks over her shoulder at him, winking and blowing him a kiss as she subtly pulls the sleeves over her hands. In a slow rhythmic turns dropping the jacket off her left arm, then casts the jacket onto the man.

He grabs it, smelling the gentle perfume of it then drops it on the floor. Her breasts sway in their lacy half cupped bra in time to the music as she grinds round the room. He touches himself in rhythmic appreciation. She smiles a predatory smile.

Swaying up and down from a crouch to a back arching stand she circles slowly unwrapping herself from the skirt. She lowers it a little towards her thigh. First showing the her suspender belted hips. Then gyrating she slips it down to the top of her round touchable buttocks. She arches again the skirt slips down a little tantalising with the hint of a thong. The skirt falls to the floor revealing black stockings on shapely legs her gorgeous rounded buttocks nakedly split by a g-string.

He moans. She looks desirably over her shoulder as he rubs his meaty cock. Taking hold of her bra straps she slinks towards him. She pushes her cleavage towards her and slips the straps down her naked light tanned shoulders. First left then right. She spins quickly round taking a step forwards and pushing her arse towards him. He groans louder. Making grunting noises of lustful appreciation. She turns and undoes her bra. She lets it fall and, looking over her shoulder, steps backwards towards him. She turns.

He wanks himself quickly at the sight of her lovely huge tits, nipples hard and excited. She steps onto the bed and kneels astride him. Looking into his eyes she takes his hand and places it on the small bow of her string. He pulls it. The thin flimsy piece of cloth falls away revealing her fresh thick hairy pussy. He strokes her thighs. She lowers herself onto him. His cock slips between her lips.

He can feel the wetness of her around him. She rubs herself against his pubic hair. Slowly, seductively. Deeper, and deeper. He feels her pushing him into the bed harder and harder. He looks at her wide eyed with desire. She moves quicker and quicker. Her motions becoming more and more wild until she riding the full length of him. He has his hands still on her thighs. The feel of the flesh and lace of her stocking tops makes him push back. She rides his fat meaty cock yelling like a beast. Clawing at hiom like she'd never had it for weeks.

She starts to short sharp mewling pants. He thrusts quicker and quicker until he feels his body take over and he explodes inside her. Her thighs tighten round him as she rubs against him madly and quickly. She groans and her hold body tenses. She grabs his forearms and draws blood with her finger nails. She collapses on top of him. They lie inside each other for a few moments panting.
"You're one good fuck. I'll only charge half for this."

"You're so kind."

Without another word she gets off him and goes into the small bathroom. He stands and dresses.
He places a small envelope next to the ghetto blaster.
Then leaves.

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