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An Experience of Two Beauties

Written by SAM (July 2000)

I was on the beach launching my 4 meter rubber dingy with it's 60 hp motor when two beautiful English girls approached me and asked me if I can take them for a trip on my boat.
I said to myself, 'why not, I have nothing lose.'
I told them that it was OK with me, that I was free to spend the whole day with them. They put their belongings on my dingy, and after I started the engine we were just flying over the calm waters of the Mediterranean sea.

I decided to take them to a secluded beach which was hidden and can only be assessed from the sea. As soon as we were out at sea the two girls started taking their clothes off staying only in their skimpy bikinis which were showing too much.
At my age of 52 my eyes popped out at the beauty of these two twenty year olds.
My cock started moving up in my tight swimsuit and it was evident for the young ladies to notice. One of the girls was trying to steel a glance at the tent that was forming below my waist line.

Well for me at my age I was proud that I was still very good and was sure that if the occasion presented itself I can give them a very hard time. These young ladies were really good looking; Joan was about 5 ft 7 with a great hour glass body black hair and black eyes.
Measurements I assume 36 25 38. Her legs looked great and quite long like a James Bond Girl. And what about her behind, not too big with not too long buttocks but round with moon shaped cheeks. Looked great as soon as she bends down and show her masterpiece.

Sandra on the other hand was blonde a bit taller with green eyes with a body to match. Her legs were long and her tits more heavy than Joan's maybe around 38. Her crotch looked more full in her small bikini bottoms and even the slit line was showing between the two plum cheeks on the sides or her inner thighs.
Her round ass showing out through her skimpy bottoms were more than desirable. I was getting harder while cruising the dingy at full speed over the calm water towards a very secluded beach where I knew that there will be nobody especially up to the early afternoon hours, when some boat people will be coming over for nude bathing and private parties.
Sometimes even orgies after the sun sets down.

The girls were fascinated with the speed we were going, the long hair flying by the force of the speed and some spay hitting their bodies.
'How long will it takes us to arrive at the beach?' Sandra asked.
'At this speed we will be there in less than half hour,' I answered, 'are you enjoying yourselves.' I continued.
'It's fantastic' Joan said ' we have never been on such a high speed boat'.
'Great, I am sure you are going to enjoy the rest of the day. On this beach you can even swim and sunbathe in the nude. It is a beach which can only be reached from the sea, therefore there will be very few people and mostly always deserted until the mid afternoon'. I said.
'Oh! that's great,' Sandra said.' I love to swim and sunbathe without clothes and am sure that Joan likes it too.'
'The problem is for you, as you have to keep massaging our bodies with sun block cream,' Joan continued.
'That will be no problem, dear. Massaging such nice bodies sure will be my greatest pleasure.' I answered. 'But you already have a problem in your pants,' Sandra said.
'Well, I don't think there will be any problem when two such lovely ladies are at hand.'
'We have to see what your capabilities are,' Joan said. 'Sure I am sure will disappoint either of you. I am more than capable of giving the best and you will ask for much more. Although I am over 50 you will be experiencing an unbelievable kind of energy, you will never have experienced before.'

The beach was already in our sight and in a couple of minutes we were cruising between the cliffs towards this beautiful sandy beach. I reduced the speed dramatically and moved slowly until the dingy was just on the sand. I jumped off took the rope and tied the dingy to one side of the cliff. As I hoped there was nobody on the beach. We were the only people there.

I helped the girls off the dingy with there posses ions, put their coolers in a small deep cave close to the dingy. Then on to the sunshine. They spread and inflated the mattresses. They took there tops off and dived into the blue clear sea. I done the same and moved in between the ladies. We swam, played and laughed until they started feeling between my legs. I must say I was still hard dreaming at what time they were going to take their bottoms of and have a look at their orifices of love. On the first touch I became harder.

I moved closer to Joan and put my hand on her ass moving slowly towards her valley of the forbidden fruit. 'Gohh, you really have a big one there Sam. I must say that I am already getting wet just by touching. I am wondering how it will feel when it gets inside me.' Sandra said.

In the meantime the closer I was getting towards Joan's ass hole the more she was getting closer to me and the more she was opening her legs to give me access to her pussy.
'Ohhh! it feels lovely. Put your hand inside my bottoms. I like to feel your finger.' Joan said.
I pulled the girls closer to the area where the water was level to their breasts. This will give me a better balance. Their round, full, firm tities were marvelous. Joan's long nipples were as hard as a pointing finger, extending for about 3 centimeters our, dark and beautiful. Sandra's aureoles were pinkie coloured with hard but not long nipples.

From experience these two ladies were as horny as hell. I have never imagined my luck when I woke up this morning and decided to take the boat out to sea. My fingers stared to search for the waist bend of the Joan's bottoms. I put my hand in and in an instant I was feeling her clit. Joan moaned. This gave me more courage to circle her clit before moving down through the wet valley to the orifice of Venus. The moaning increased as my finger pressed against her clit and my other hand moved down to her ass, going behind the waist bend into her pants to her ass hole. 'What you doing!!' she exclaimed as soon as she felt my finger pressing against her 'O'.
'Giving you the best pleasure you could ever have had darling. You are young dear and have little experience. Leave it to me and I am sure you will not only learn a lot but before you leave you will be asking me to come back for another holiday.' I answered.
'You have to trust me. If not, you will never enjoy the beauty of sex. To enjoy sex you have to trust the partner you are with. Now a direct question, Are you protected?'

'Yes, we are both on the pill' Sandra said, while she was taking my pants down to release my hard cock from the unhealthy and restricted confinements it was in.
I tried to help her with my leg movements. In minutes I was the first without clothes. Sandra continued to massage my master while my fingers penetrated both of Joan's love canal and her tight ass hole.
Joan was moaning like was no tomorrow. Her love channel was really wet. Sandra was now working hard on my cock with her hand under the water.

'OK girls. lets get out of the water and enjoy the healthy work we have started.' I said As soon as we came out of the water with my cock hanging straight. Joan looked astonishingly at it.
She looked fascinated with the thickness and am sure was wondering how it would feel when it penetrates the folds of her tight pussy. As soon as we arrived where we had our belongings Sandra took her pants off.
I took a quick look at her golden pussy, 'Ohh! you are a real blond!' I exclaimed while looking between her legs and laying down on the inflatable bed.
Sandra came down and laid on top of me with her pussy over my mouth while taking my cock into her mouth.

My mouth moved up while I started licking her wet pussy. 'Ohh Sam suck me harder, harder,' Sandra cried. I pushed my mouth inside her slit and at the same time started pushing my finger inside her ass hole. Her ass muscle started tightening against my finger while her body started shaking with her first orgasm. Her mouth was working hard sucking my cock.

She was taking my 6.5 ins down her throat. She really was a great cock sucker. I on the other hand was trying not to loose my concentration and fill her mouth with come. I wanted to stay alive as long as possible otherwise I could not satisfy the two beauties in my possession.
I continued licking her pussy and clit while her body was shacking and shaking with the continued orgasms she was enjoying.
Her mouth opened, my cock dropped out, and her moaning was at the highest note possible.
'OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Saaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmm, stooooppppp, ssttoooop?'

Her pussy was pressing against my mouth that I couldn't move it any more. I had to stop sucking until she relaxed. She took my cock again into her mouth and then she lost it again. She moved from over me and laid next to me on the mattress. I looked around to see what Joan was doing. She was watching us with her hand between her legs, giving a light massage to her already wet pussy.
'Joan, do u like to have a go?' I asked.
'Oh! Definitely' she answered. I told her to follow me to the cave so that we will be away from the very hot sun.

The hot sun was at it's hottest and I felt that getting away in the shade will have a much better effect for what I had in mind. I laid the mattress down, laid her on her back, opened her legs, pushed a couple of cushions under her ass to lift her up and be more assessable.

I opened her pussy lips to have a look and see how she looks and feels. I licked her clit a few times. She moaned . Then I squatted between her wide open legs and started giving her erect nipples a very good massage.
My fingers were just rolling the very hard nipples. I told her to look in my eyes, relax and take long breaths through her nose slowly filling her stomach with oxygen, hold for a few seconds and breath out through the mouth until the stomach empties and contracts.
'Keep breathing slowly' I said 'while I give you the best massage you may have ever dreamt of.'

I moved my right hand slowly over her stomach down to her navel and slowly over the pubic bone. My hand started massaging the pubic bone while keeping my fingers away from her clitoris. When I have done this for about two minutes I poured some cream over the pubic bone area and massaged it over her pussy lips, the inside of her thighs and around her ass hole. I continued massaging her pubic bone, then I moved my hand towards the inner thigh were with my middle finger I gave her a long massage.

I moved my finger from the right thigh to the left, then over the outer lip and between my thumb and pointing finger I started moving up and down along her beautiful left pussy lip. In her breathing I heard the first moan coming out of her mouth. I moved my left hand and with the pointing finger I stared massaging the cream along the rim of her ass hole.

While still massaging the pussy lips with my right hand, my left hand continued massaging her ass hole slowly, slowly getting closer to the epicenter.
Then I started putting a little pressure on her button hole until the end of my finger started penetrating enough to get a feeling from the end muscle of her ass hole.

Finishing the lips massage I started feeling around her slit moving the cream as close as possible without touching the clit. This I continued for about 2 minutes when I took between my thumb and forefinger her now erect clit. Up and down along her quit long little penis I massaged the cream.
The ass muscle started contracting, giving me indications that the first eruption was in the offering. The moans also started increasing as also the ass contractions. I pressed my finger a bit further in her ass across the sphincter and held it there.

She seemed to like it and was also helping to the desired effect as the muscles were tightening against my finger, her legs were trying to close against my legs which were also wide open to restrict any chance of closing her legs during a strong eruption.
I continued massaging her clit up and down, sometimes stopping on the center point, putting some pressure and feeling the results from my finger in her ass.

'Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Sam I'm commmmmmmmmmmmiiiinnng.-- oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.'

She tried to close her legs, tried to stop my fingers doing the hard work on her clit while I felt that her ass muscle was trying to cut my finger into two. I kept going, so that I can build up more sexual energy within her body.
Her orgasm continued going up the scale until I decided that it was enough for the time being. On the other hand my prick was as hard as a piece of steel there between my legs pointing directly at her already wet pussy.

I looked at her beautiful black eyes which were focused on my face. 'How do you like it?' I asked.
'Oh Sam that's incredible. I have never experienced such a fantastic orgasm. It was long and strong. I could not take it in one go. Please be easier next time.' she answered.
'I must say your going to experience much stronger ones that that.' I continued while I stared putting my forefinger up and down her inner slit, in the valley of love. I stopped my finger for a few seconds on her vaginal hole, then moved it slowly and stopped on her pee hole, then up through the wetness to her clit.

At every stage I stop for a few seconds. Then down the valley again and up again until I very slowly pushed inside her vagina very, very slowly massaging the inside top side of her love duct. Out again, very, very slowly and in again.
I done this about a dozen times. Then I started turning it from left to right and from right to left all the time massaging the walls of the hole of Venus. Her ass hole started opening and closing all the time sucking my finger further into her ass. Sometimes the two fingers were meeting each other with only the thin membrane which separates the wall of her cunt and her ass hole.

I massaged the fingers together pulling them out and inserting then again at the same time. Always using the slow method of penetration to increase the friction inside the tight holes and improves the temperature. The indications I was getting were that her next orgasm was closing in. Her ass muscles and her legs were showing signs of a stronger eruption.

I stopped my finger deep inside her ass hole while my other finger continued massaging the inside wall of her vagina. She was very wet and her juices had already started flowing out. Her moans started increasing and her breathing was getting quicker and quicker.
Her hands were on my hand trying to stop me but I kept insisting that I will give her the strongest eruption of her life time. .

'Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Saaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmm please stop.'

Her ass muscle contracted heavily, her body started shaking, her legs pressing against mine, while my manhood increased in size and hardness.
I was more than ready to penetrate but I wanted her to enjoy a series of long orgasms. At this stage I found her G-Spot which with my finger inside, I started massaging. My thumb hit her clitoris from the outside and so she erupted again and again having a series of orgasms.

'Ohhhhhhhh Sssssaaaaaammmmmm that's great. Sam give me a rest. Let me relax a little.'
I continued with my hands working both inside and outside. Her body was shaking now like an island during an earthquake. I pressed my finger against her clit and herewith she started shouting, trying to close her legs, tightening her ass muscle against my finger and pushing my hand away from her pussy. I stopped my movements and let her enjoy the series of orgasms she was having until the shaking and the moaning stopped.

My fingers were still inside her holes when I felt her relax. I pulled them out slowly, then moved on top of her, my cock touching her very wet slit and my mouth found hers. We stared kissing hard, sometimes our jaws ache with the pressure we were putting against each other. Our tongues started fighting each other inside our mouths, while my right hand moved my extra hard cock up and down her slit. I felt her legs going up and round my torso. She indicated that she wanted it inside per pussy. I pointed the one eyed head towards her opening and very slowly started pushing it inside against the tight walls of her love duct.

I went in very, very slowly until I hit the back wall, moved out again at the same tempo and in again. I done this a few times. Her legs were pressing hard against my ass indicating a faster movement. I pulled out, just leaving the head inside her opening. I started pumping very short lengths of about two centimeters, in and out when she again went over the top and started having another orgasms the first after I put my phallus inside her.

Her legs were pressing against my body trying to push the length of my cock inside the depths of her love cavity. I kept giving short strokes until I felt her orgasm reaching the higher heights when I gave her a very strong push inside hitting the wall with my hard one eyed jack. She pushed against me, holding there as tight as possible as one person joined at our pubic bones and enjoying the delights of love making. We were not fucking. We were enjoying the delights of two people joined together. Her body started shacking again. I started pumping slowly in and out of her pussy feeling the tight muscles of her inside walls tightening against my over hard cock. Her finger nails were digging hard in my back nearly hurting me.

While her body stiffened around my body, she started shaking and shouting with the new height of pleasures she was experiencing. I couldn't move anymore. I was locked in a vice. Even my body started shaking now, not with my orgasm but with hers. We were so entwined together that there was no way of not experiencing her feelings. After a few minutes she started relaxing.

The peak of her orgasm was now subsiding; going downhill. I looked in her eyes. She looked back smiling. 'Oh Sam that's incredible. I have never experienced such heights in my life. You are fascinating.' She said. 'I know you have enjoyed it sweetie. The way your body stiffed around mine nearly broke every bone I still have in my body. Your orgasms were incredible,' I said. 'I thought I was going through heaven.' she said. At this point I again focused my eyes on hers. She was smiling. I slowly pulled my cock out very gently trying to feel her insides again. She was so wet that I thought it was under water.

I stopped again at the opening and started my attack very, very slowly to try and enjoy the tightness of her opening. I continued doing this for about a minute when I felt her orgasms coming back again.
I then pushed inside, very slowly until I hit the inside walls.
'Oh Sam, Fuck me........ haaard ffuuuckkk meeee haaaaard........ Saaam, fuck me hard.' she shouted. 'OOooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Sssssaaaaaammmmmmm I'mmmm commmmmiinnngggg.'

Our bodies became one again. I couldn't move a millimeter. My cock was inside a tight vice that it was like being in a chastity belt. I let her to relax again. I was concerned that I will go over myself. I was still thinking that after I finish with Joan I have to service Sandra who was still enjoying the sunshine. When she relaxed I slowly pulled out of her body and relaxed next to her.

I moved the cushions from under her ass and gave her my cock to enjoy her own juices before they dry away with the midday heat. She looked very happy and satisfied. We kissed and walked slowly towards Sandra who was on her back sun bathing her front. We exchanged smiles and small talk.

In a short time I was leading Sandra to the shady cave for the same kind of experience. After settling her on the mattress I started with the usual foreplay, pussy massage etc. before I put my finger on her asshole she was already getting very horny and had a strong eruption within seconds of my finger entering the outer ring of her ass. My other fingers were working on her clitoris. My the time my massage was over she had already experienced heights never ever felt before. When I felt she couldn't control her feelings anymore I moved on top of her and pushed my cock very slowly into her tight love canal while our mouths were crushing against each other. Sandra was incredible, hot and horny like hell.

The experiences she was having were stronger than Joan's. Her body was erupting at any movement my penis was doing inside her. The peaks were so high that I am sure were reaching more than ten on the Richter Scale. She was enjoying one orgasm after another for a long time. Our bodies became one with no movement either way possible. My back was aching like hell from the fingernails she was pushing inside it. She was shouting and moaning all the time from the first orgasm until I felt it was time to pull out and let her to relax.

I was tired, even though my cock was still hard. After a few minutes of relaxation she stood up, looked into my eyes, kissed me while taking my still hard cock into her hands massaging it. Then she put it into her mouth and deep throated me. She was good at, She took it all inside her mouth, in and out. I enjoyed the sensations at the same time controlling my self not to fill her mouth. The day was still young and their beautiful pussies were still in need of more satisfaction.

After I was nearly at the peak for the third time I decided not to take another chance and signaled her that it was enough. I explained to her that the day was still young and they need more cock later on. We had lunch in the shade of the cave and for desert I put then on all fours and massaged their wet pussies from behind with my fingers. The view was incredible, having two beauties exposing their love channels from behind in a way their moist lips were opening and closing; their brown ass holes looking more than ready for any action.

My fingers entered their pussies simultaneously, holding them, there inside to collect as much juice as possible, by moving them a bit around in those juicy confinements, then moved them out slowly, up the channel, massaged the outer ring of their brown holes and very slowly penetrating their anus. In a short time they were through their sphincters, crawling slowly inside their tight brown channels. The girls started moaning and looking at each other with a mile on their face. I pulled out my finger from Joan's ass hole and moved behind her.

Slowly I pushed my now hard cock inside her pussy while still fingering Sandra's ass hole.
'Ohhhhh. Sam fuck me, fuck me' Joan said through her moaning.
'Oh! Sam your finger feels great inside my ass.' Sandra interrupted.
As soon as she finished I pulled my finger out and changed my position to put my cock into Sandra's. ' Oh! that's better Sam. Fuck me hard, fuck me hard.'

I started pistoning Sandra's pussy hole and changed over to Joan's a bit later. I gone from one girl to another until I gave then a couple of orgasms each. Then we relaxed and enjoyed a sixty nine position sucking their aromatic juices flowing out of their hot pussies.
I was so engrossed in this enjoyment of drinking their juices while eating their pusses that I decided to give then a treat and a treat to myself. I let them have my juices when I enjoyed a huge orgasm while the girls took all my come down their throats.

We finished with a huge smile on our faces, looked towards the blue sea and then ran to it in our birthday suits We swam, played and enjoyed ourselves until we saw the first boat cruising towards this secluded beach. In the shortest time possible we put on our bottoms, collected our belongings and cruised away towards home.
By the time we arrived back I found out that the girls still had another ten days on the island. We had established that they enjoyed the day so much that they decided they are going to come and enjoy the rest of the days at my villa on the mountain slopes about half an hour away from the sea.

I explained to the young ladies that I have more in store for them and that they can widen their experience in the sex field as much as possible. On the other hand I was looking forward to these days with great aspirations.

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