Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lisa (Part 2)

(September 2000)

It was Wednesday, it had been two days since I had last seen Lisa.
She had told me a little bit about her date with Rene over the phone, but she said that she wanted to tell me the best parts in person.

I had just got out of swim practice and headed over to Lisa's house. I walked a little bit faster, thinking of the stories she might tell of her and Rene.
I reached her parents house, and walked around to the back door. I stopped a moment to see Lisa holding Sam, her best friend since the second grade.

It appeared that Sam had been crying. Lisa released her arms from around Sam, and placed them on either side of Sam's head, then kissed her gently. It was just a quick kiss, and as they broke their kiss, their eyes met.
Sam then moved to kiss her taller friend, only this time they did not stop at a short, "friendly" kiss.

Sam's tounge started to penetrate Lisa's mouth, and their passion got the better of them. The both sat down on the floor and continued with the explorations. Sam was now straddling Lisa's torso, and sat up to remove her tee-shirt.

I could not believe my eyes, all this time I had thought that Sam was a bit on the overweight side, but the sight of her now disproved that theory. It was now appearent that part of the reason she always wore baggy clothes was because of her boyfriend, Ron.

He was always accusing her of "flirting" too much with other guys. As a result of this, she seemed to dress-down. Her body, seemed to be more toned than Lisa's. Her breasts were larger, by at least two inches and a cup size. Her waist was slimmer. Her skin a little darker. She removed her bra to reveal large nipples, which she then grabbed and squeezed. Lisa placed her hands on Sam's breasts, and Sam covered them with her own. God, I did not know what to do.

Was it more fun watching these two women, or should I just walk in and join them? I stood there watching as these two vixens pleasured each other. Sam then stood up and removed her shorts and panties.
She then straddled Lisa's face, pressing her pussy down on to her tounge. Lisa's hands now rested on Sam's round ass, kneeding as she tounged her friend's clit.

I couldn't see very clearly, but it appeared that Sam's clit was about three inches long, and Lisa was sucking it like a small cock. Just then, Sam turned and caught me standing outside the glass door, and freaked a bit. She got off of Lisa, and grabbed her shirt to cover herself. Lisa got up to reassure her, and then came over to let me in.
"How long have you been out here?" Lisa vehemently asked.
"Well, I saw your kiss right before you laid down on the floor."
"Then I guess you saw everything. Might as well continue from where we let off, eh, Sam."

Lisa walked over to Sam and pulled her shirt, but Sam did not let go.
"It's ok, Sam. He knows I like women. Besides, isn't this more about getting back at Ron, than anything else. He has accused you of doing something that you haven't. Now is the time to really do it."
They kissed, and Sam let down her guard. Sam put her hand on the back of Lisa's head to pull her closer.
"Well, there is one thing wrong. Ron accused me of messing around with one of his friends. He said that I gave him a blow job, and his friend is running around bragging about it. So, I guess I should really do it. Do you mind if I borrow your boyfriend?"
"Well, why don't you ask him, you vixen-slut." She had a smile on her lips as she said that. "I won't stop you, as a matter of fact, I would like to watch the two of you together. I'll sit over here and play with myself."

With that, Lisa placed my hand in Sam's, then went to sit down. She proceeded to take her clothes off. Sam, in her naked splendor, pressed her body to mind and kissed me. I was bending over a bit, and wrapped my arms around her and picked her up.

She was much lighter than I expected. Her large breasts pressed against me, and I wanted to suck her nipples, but was clearly not in a position to do that.
"If you put me down, I will remove your pants, and then..."

She looked at me very demurly, tilting her head down. I let her go, and she moved down. "I just hope that you are bigger than Ron, but that won't be hard."
Her hand rested on the front of my pants.
"Well, answers that question, I can tell already that you win the contest."
She unzipped my pants and let them fall. She rubber her face against my underwear, with my cock getting harder and harder. She kissed my cock thru the material, lowering the elastic band just low enough to expose the head. She kissed it, and I twitched.

"Well, you are definetly much more substantial than Ron. His cock bearly reaches his waist. You're thicker as well."
"Thanks for the compliments, but could you please..."
With that, she took me into her moist mouth, as she pulled my underwear down to my knees.
"Oh... gawd..."

Sam's head started to bob up and down slowly, taking only about a quarter of my cock into her mouth, her hand holding my cock at mid-length. She was also squeezeing her tits with her left hand. She was a beautiful sight, her naked body kneeling in front of me, my cock in her mouth, and our eyes locked on one another.

I had not noticed, but Lisa had removed all her clothes and had a dildo, moving it in and out of her pussy. Did she leave the room to get it? If she did, I never noticed, as my attention was diverted elsewhere.

It was a 12 inch dildo, and she had the thing deep inside herself. Only about the last two inches were exposed. Sam was an obvious natural at blow jobs, she took about half of my cock in, making sure there was plenty of lubricant. She fingering her pussy while sucking me off. I could feel myself starting to cum, so I placed my hands on the sides of Sam's head for balance.
"Let him cum on your face, Sam!. I want to see him cum on your face..."

Lisa had obviously been turned on, she was beginning to twitch from the plastic cock in her, she was pulling the entire 12 inch length in and out of her hole.
"Oh, fuck... that feels... wond... Ah...". With the sound of Lisa cumming and Sam's delicate mouth around my sword, I started to cum.

Sam pulled me out of her mouth, and held our her tounge. My first shot hit her on the cheek, but she moved to catch the next with her mouth. I still was holding Sam's head, but now it was for balance. My knees almost gave way, as I shot for a third time on to Sam's waiting tounge, her eyes looking up at me.
As I was finishing, Lisa came over to us, and kissed Sam on the lips. As they shared my cum, I was transfixed watching these two women kiss. Lisa still had the dildo inside her pussy, and she placed Sam's hand onto it.
"I want you to pull it out, and fuck yourself with it. I want to see you cum." With that, Lisa spread her legs to allow her friend to extract the giant plastic cock.

Sam laid back to insert the cock, and I saw what I thought was the biggest clit ever. It stood out from her pussy lips, erect like a small penis. She put the fake cock in, and started to impale herself. Her other hand, with a couple of fingers, was stroking her "penis".
Her large breasts sat squarely on top of her chest, not sagging a bit to the side. I could not figure out why Ron would accuse her of messing around, with a body like hers, he should have been greatful that she even went out with him. She could have any man (or woman, if Sam were so inclined) she wanted. Ron seemed to have some hold over her, but what was it.

Anyway, it appeared that she had broken that hold. My only reasoning was that her clit was bigger than his cock, but that was a stupid thought. Lisa and I sat back to watch Sam's performance, one hand controlling the dildo, the other stroking her clit. She started to quiver and her face tightened up, and she let go. Her torso raised up from the floor as she started to cum, her juices running out of her pussy, the hand stroking her clit moved faster still. Her body convulsed again harder than I had ever seen anyone shake. She made almost no noised, with the exception of the sound of the dildo squishing in and out of her canal.

I did not noticed, still transfixed on Sam's orgasm, but Lisa had my cock in her mouth. "You know, you could help out her and move a little, I could get more of your cock in my mouth." I looked down to see Lisa's playful grimace.
"I had heard that Lisa was an expert at blow job, at least she says she was." Sam commented.
What do girls talk about when alone?
"Teach me something new, Lisa, let me be your 'slut-pupil'." With that, Lisa kneeled in front of me on all fours.
"Now is your chance to show me how you can 'fuck' my mouth with that cock of yours."
"Yeah, show us how you can use that thing."
Did she mean my cock or was she refering to Lisa as my 'thing'. Either way, I put my hands on the sides of Lisa's head, she opened her lips, and I entered her.

Stopping half way, Sam commented, "Is that all you can give her, I want to see your cock in Lisa's throat, she told me that she loved your cock deep in her mouth." Now I really wondered, do women talk more about sex than they want us men to believe? Is it just another control issue. (Make them believe that you don't need or want sex, and it will make them want and need you more???)

I was just grateful that Lisa loved sex so much, or I might still be waiting to even get laid. Come to think of it, I think we have 'fucked' only a few dozen times, Lisa loved to please with her mouth. I never hesitated to lick her, either, when she let me. I whispered in Sam's ear, "Would you please lick Lisa's pussy?" She looked at me a bit hesitantly, I then caught on that this was their first time together, and she was not really prepared to do that, yet.

She kissed me, pushing her tounge into my mouth. She whispered back, "I have never done that before, but if it will turn you on..." She kissed me again, staying there for about two more minutes. When she finally broke the kiss, my eyes were shut tight, and I really wanted to keep kissing her. She really knew how to use her lips and tounge. I was mad at myself for asking her to eat Lisa's pussy, it took away her lips from mine.

I don't think I had ever been kissed like that before, but then again, it might have also had something to do with Lisa's lips on my cock. Only way to find out was to kiss her again without Lisa's lips engaged... Or maybe, I could get Sam alone, without Lisa at all...
What was I thinking, I started to feel guilty about thinking about cheating on my girlfriend, who just told me about an afair she was having with her teacher (a woman), and someone who I might not see again after this fall. I mentally made a note to ask Sam out...

With that decision made, I went back to fucking Lisa's lips. My hands were on either side of her head, and my cock now deep in my mouth. I held myself there, remembering the technique she used on Saturday night, I gently swivelled her head from side to side. I released my hands from the sides of her head, and she continued with the motion. I used a little muscle control, and flooded my cock with blood, enlarging its size a bit. Lisa thought I was cumming and pulled my cock partway out. I put my hands back on the sides of her head, and moved back in.

My cock swelled a couple more times, and Lisa deliberatly pulled my cock out of her mouth, she then placed a hand around my cock to prevent me from going too deep. She allowed me a few more thrusts, when I finally came in her mouth. I looked at Sam, who had yet to lick Lisa. She was sitting watching Lisa, she was not looking at me.

The sight of her friend drinking my cum had mesmerized her, her fingers were playing with her clit, and she began to cum, herself. Sam broke her gaze on Lisa, and looked at me. I could not really read her face, but it looked like desire. She turned away, just as Lisa let my cock out of her mouth and turned to look at Sam.
"Did you see? I hope you learned something new." Lisa said playfully.
She reached up to kiss Sam, and when their tounges met, Sam hesitated. She could not stop because of Lisa's hold.
They kissed for a few minutes, when Sam stopped. "We should get going. Your parents might come home." Sam seemed a little hurried. She picked up her bra and panties to put them on. Then grabbed her shorts.
"What's the rush, Sam? My parents make enough noise when the come home that we will.."
"I just need to go."
"Are you ok? Sam, if there is a problem..."
"I can't right now, I have to go. I'll call you later." She barely had her tee-shirt pulled on, and her shoes on when she walked out the door.

"I think she likes you. I do know that she has made comments in the past about her being jealous of me for having someone like you. I never thought about it before, but you should ask her out."

What just happened...

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