Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Masturbation with a female friend

Written by Richard, Devon, UK (August 2000)

Dear Claudia

A few years ago I was a first year student at the University of Plymouth in the UK.
That year I shared a house with three other people, a guy and two girls. We were all very friendly and I got on particularly well with the girls.

One weekend I had an experience that I never expected. Let me tell you about it. Vicci was one of my housemates. She is a short girl, about five foot three, with blonde hair and blue eyes.

She was very friendly to me and we were good friends. One weekend, our other two housemates had gone home for the weekend, leaving us alone in the house. Nothing unusual at all happened until Saturday evening.

That evening, Vicci was about to pop out to a local shop for some bits and pieces and she asked me if I wanted anything. Without thinking I asked her to get my a copy of Club magazine (a UK top shelf magazine).

As soon as I realised I'd said it I apolegised, but Vicci just winked and smiled and said that it was OK.
A short time later she came back from the shop and gave me the mag, and a grin. We were having a quiet night in, watching TV and drinking a few beers.

Vicci was feeling hot a she wasn't wearing many clothes, just a white T shirt, a pair of baggy trousers and her panties. As we watched TV she gently rubbed herself between her legs. I could see her nipples through her T shirt.

More beer followed, and Vicci pulled down her trousers. As well as her trousers, she also caught her knickers, pulling then down. She saw that she had down she pulled them back up, knowing that she had let me see her pussy.

Vicci laughed and said it was nothing compared to my mag. She saw the bulge in my trousers and smiled. She told me to get the magazine. Vicci flicked through the magazine with me, before saying she could be a model and pulling her T shirt and knickers off.

By now I had a full on erection. Vicci said "watch this" and started to copy the poses from the girls in the mag, showing of her pussy, bum and tits.

She got down on to her hands and knees, pushing her bum into the air and showing off her pussy, starting to masturbate herself.

By now, it was all too much and I started to rub my cock through my trousers. Vicci saw this, smiled and said "I know what you need", grabbing by mag and fetching her credit card. Vicci picked up the phone and called a "call back" service, booking a sexy chat.

She was sitting on the stairs, by the phone, and she said "you'll get a call in a minute" Vicci and I both needed to come, and she was wanking herself.

I touched her and explored her tits with my hands, rubbing and kissing her nipples. I moved my hands down and ran my fingers round her smooth pussy lips, wet with her excitement,and pushed a couple of fingers into her vagina. I push in and out, listening to her joyful moans.

I could tell that she would come soon. Then the phone rang. Vicci answered it before giving it to me. The girl talking to us had a very sexy voice and sounded really turned on. She said her name was Lucy and I told her about the evening, and that Vicci was masturbating herself.

Lucy spoke to Vicci and then told me she was doing the same. By now my cock was fit to explode and Vicci undid my jeans and pulled my hard cock out. She ran her fingers over the tip and I thought I would come staight away. I didn't and Vicci her back to wanking herself, rubbing her right foot on my dick.

Lucy screamed she was climaxing and Vicci's masturbation became more frenzied as she started to scream with an orgasm. Vicci's orgasm, together with the sight of her pussy, the phone call, and the ridges of her toes was just too much.

I grunted and shot several thick wads of spunk over Vicci.
Vicci thanked Lucy, and hung the phone up. We spented several minutes cleaning ourselves up, before cuddling up together and going to sleep.

Vicci is still one of my closest friends.

Thanks Vicci

Richard, Devon, UK

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