Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Hot August Night

Written by David (August 2000)

This hot weather reminds me of another hot night several years ago.
Keep in mind, I am not into under age sex or incest, but sometimes you are caught off guard!

My daughters� friend Ashley was over as usual one hot August night. We thought of her as one of the family.
My wife was out of town and all three of us were watching TV in the cool basement.

I was just wearing boxers and Ashley and Kerry were in their panties.
We were comfortable with nudity and had been many times to a nude beach with Ash.
I don't think they thought anything of it, especially Ash who had a flat chest.

In fact all she had were nipples. I know this bothered her being 17, and she had discussed it with me.
I told her she was very sexy and she said I was just being kind. She had no idea how much she turned me on, especially those nipples which were naturally protruded as if she were sexually excited all the time.

When they got cold at the beach they really stuck out! She was very cute with a pouty mouth a sharp nose (with a ring) and curly brown hair like a frizzy mop.
Kerry got tired and went to bed. Ash laid her head on my lap and I caressed her bare, tanned back and shoulders.

She moaned and snuggled in. I dozed off for a bit but woke up with that unmistakable pressure.
I had a hard-on like iron! Ash was in the same position, but I could feel her hand on my cock!
My penis must have stretched and popped out in between the flaps of the boxers.

I lay still and peeked out from under my eyelids. She was turned sideways and kept glancing up to see if I was waking up.

I could see under her left armpit her girlish nipple was hard and pointed.
She had muted the TV, (I think this woke me) and I could her strained breathing. Her fingertips brushed the length of my member.
She would alternate between circling the head with thumb and finger and gently squeezing, tickling the glans or gently cupping my balls and feeling them move in the sack.
This girl was good! I have no idea if she had learned this or was just accidentally doing the right things!

She was slowly pulling my cum out of me, coaxing it, like luring a scared animal out of its den.
I dared to sneak a longer peek.

Her face was inches from my hot, aching manhood. Her expression was angelic. Totally enthralled, full of anticipation, highly sexually charged!

The edges of her mouth turned up in a naughty grin, as she examined my length which stretched almost to my naked bellybutton!
I fought hard to control my breathing and not to thrust my hips. My breathing did change and labored.

She heard it, but it just excited her more, after she was sure I was still sleeping.
I have no idea if she knew how close I was to cumming, but she kept dangling me over the edge.
My pre cum was oozing freely.
She touched it, played with it, even tasted it!
All I needed was several hard thrusts and I would explode. It was all I could do not to push her down and ram it in her.
I knew she wanted it. If I did, it might change everything!
Too many complications!

Again she squeezed the head. Once, twice, three times.
She held pressure.

Oh god! Here it goes! I felt semen travel up my shaft.
I needed some hard stroking to launch it.
She didn't do it!
As she released pressure I felt a very hot deposit ooze from the head and start to run down the shaft.
I was dying. I needed to buck.
I felt a warmth and velvet softness surround my cock head. My eyes flew open and I saw her mouth covering my member!

She did not bob or jerk me off!
She finally glided her hand up and down the shaft ever so slowly.
I closed my eyes again and controlled myself.
No one had ever done this before! I kept oozing.
Another wad. Then a long, steady, oozing trickle expelled itself from the tip into her warm mouth.

I had never cum like this before. I felt like a porn video on slo-motion.
I never reached that familiar, high exploding orgasm.

It was a subdued, highly erotic, stretched out orgasm.

When at last, no more came out, I stayed as hard as ever.
In fact, it was painful.
Ash slowly stood up and staring with lust at my meat, she hooked her thumbs under the elastic waistband of her panties.

She slid them down her long, thin legs and stood over me, naked now in the dim light.
Her pubis mound swelled out in contrast to her flat tummy and it was as hairless and smooth as a baby's bottom.

Her labia were swollen and puffy.
She swung a leg over me and rested a foot on the back of the couch.
This position had opened her up like a flower in full bloom! I could not believe my luck, she was going to fuck me!

She took my rock hard cock and lined it up.
She had just started rubbing it between her slippery lips, when I heard movement at the top of the stairs. Her knee bent and I slipped inside.

She stood up and I popped out. With one easy, fluid and unhurried movement she draped a blanket over my waist, lay on the floor and covered herself with a thin sheet.

Damn, damn, double damn. My daughter was kneeling down beside her whispering, 'Hey you coming to bed?' Ash raised up and talked all groggy saying she would be right up.
What a faker! Almost as good as me! Kerry stood up and I could see her nakedness under the thin silk nighty in the flickering glow of the mute TV.

Kerry reached the top of the stairs when Ash stood and slipped on her panties. She lifted the blanket and took a long, loving look at my still erect cock, and then followed Kerry to her bedroom.

I was in torture; I touched the moisture on my cock head and sniffed it.

Needless to say I came again shortly after.

I dozed off again and slept without my boxers until about 2:00am when I got another surprise.

But that's another story.

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