Tuesday, January 06, 2009

One Friday Night

Written by Richard (March 2001)

When I first went to uni I shared a house with three wonderful people,
another guy and two girls. We all became good friends and got on well. One
weekend the guy and the other girl went home for the weekend, so Vicci and I
were alone together from six on Friday night. We had a quiet boring evening.
there was nothing much on TV so I suggested we go to the pub. Vicci agreed,
and so we went off the local.
Wheras I'm tall with dark hair, Vicci is short, about five foot three,
with shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes, a slim figure and a really sexy
soft Lancashire accent. Anyway, we had a few drinks. Not enough to get
pissed, but enough to notice the effects and lose some inhabitions. Before we
knew what, it was closing time. On our way back Vicci said that she was going
to a local late night shop to get some stuff and she asked if I wanted
anything. Without thinking I said "Can you get me a copy of Club
International?" Instantly she replied "OK wanker". As she headed for the
shop, I walked back to our house a put the kettle on.
Vicci arrived at out house about five minutes later. She walked into the
kitchen, where I was and pulled a pair of magazines from hear inside coat
pocket "I didn't know which to get" she explained, handing over that month's
Club and "The Best of Club" I thanked her and she gestured the wanking
movements with hear hand, giggling and she whispered "Happy Wanking".
Suddenly she pulled her trousers and knickers down, showing me her pubic
triangle of dark, short hair, before pulling them back up. Vicci had flashed
her tits and her bum at me before, but this was something else. I was getting
really turned on. She took her shoes off and got a cold drink. I was used to
seeing her barefoot, but her ankles and feet looked really sexy to me, I
wondered what her soles would feel like against my cock. Vicci finished her
drink and headed upstairs for a bath.
I was watching a crappy film on TV when Vicci came back down about three
quarters of an hour later. She war wearing a white bathrobe. She sat next to
me and we chatted normally for about ten minutes. She went to get something
from the fridge and slid down her seet to get it. As she did. her bathrobe
rode up and I got a great closeup view of her bum and shaven pussy. When
Vicci looked at me I turned red but she said "Don't be embarrased....I'm
not". She said she shaved between her legs as she had always done it, just to
be different.
Vicci told me to get the mags so I got them. Vicci spent a few minutes
looking at them, at the girls and how they posed before opening up her
bathrobe. I felt my cock stiffen and my pulse race as she started to act out
some of the poses of the girls. Before long she a completely got rid off her
robe was was totally nude. She smiled and laughed as she adopted the various
poses, crouching down, on her back, on her back with her legs in the air, on
her back with bent legs, on all fours, leaning foward onto the work surface
and pushing her bum out, kneeling on the kitchen top to show her pussy and
bum from behind, sitting on the surface with her legs apart, with one leg
raised (resting her foot on the surface) and dangling the other one and so on.
I started to rub myself throgh my jeans. Vicci saw me and smiled "Turned
on?" she asked. I nodded and she replied "Me too" pushing a couple of fingers
into her pussy and rubbing herself. She got off of the worktop and walked
over to me. She pressed her wet fingers to my mouth and I licked them. I
started to finger her when she said "Let's call a wankline". With that Vicci
left the kitchen and ran up the stairs to her bedroom. I went to follow her
and notced how sexy she looked as she ran. A minute or two later she came
back down, carrying a credit card. She took one of the magazines and flicked
throgh it to the adverts. She picked up the phone and dialled a number and
said "Hi, my friend and I are having a wank" before arranging a callback.
We were both sitting on the floor at this point. I moved my head between
Vicci's legs and started to kiss the outside of her pussy as I fingered her.
Vicci groaned with enjoyment and opened her legs wider. I felt nervous as I
had never done this before, but I started to lick her pussy. It was lovely.
Vicci groaned and pressed herself into my face. At the same time I started to
caress her left foot with my hands. It was so good to be doing this with
Suddenly, the phone rang. Vicci answered the phone as I licked and
caressed her. Vicci described what was going on. Vicci told the girl that she
was going to make me come with her foot. She pushed my face away from her
fanny and gave me the phone. I spent several minutes chatting and the the
girl had to go. Vicci said "We both need to come now". She was right. My cock
was fit to explode.
Vicci leaned over to me and undided my trousers and belt before pulling
my swollen cock out. She leaned back and started to finger herself. She said
she would come in a few minutes. At the same time, she pushed her left foot
to my cock. She flexed her foot and touched me with the ball of her foot,
before rubbing it up and down so my cock would feel her soft sole and the
texture of her toes. At the same time, her wanking was becoming more urgent
and she started to pant heavily. Her foot on my cock was really bringing my
off. I knew I couldn't last much longer. Neither could she.
I looked at her and her foot rubbing on my cock bvecame to much. I balls
emptied as I shot spurts of thick spunk onto her foot. She carried on wanking
me as came, making it even better. seeing me come sent Vicci over the edge
and she screamed as she came, her whole body shuddering with the force of her
Vicci and I kissed each other and hugged. After several minutes we got
up and started to clean up after ourselves. It was the best wank I've ever
had, and Vicci said the same. Vicci and I are still good friends.

Richard S


Anonymous said...

I love barefoot girls

Anonymous said...

You spunked all over my foot. First of many plays together.

Vicci x