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by Linda Chorlton
(April 2001)

I worked out of the office, not in one. My job let me do much of my work at
home, where I could be more comfortable and didn't have so many of those
interuptions that ruined your concentration. When I needed information
from the office I could get emails using a computer, and when I finished
a project I could even send it in via fax, if I wanted to. Usually
I took it in to my boss and asked for his evaluation. There were times
when I spent time there getting set up for a new project or talking
over changes in one already done. During these visits, I usually
chatted with the people and joked with some of the girls there. We
had some really cute girls and a few who were just so-so.

One of the so-so girls cornered me one day and asked if she could talk with me.
I said sure, what about? She looked around and said it was sort of a
personal thing and could we go in my office and talk. I said that was
fine and took her down the hall to my little office. It was fairly
sparse, a computer, desk. chairs, table, and a couple of filing cabinets.
I asked her in and asked her to sit down. She sat down, crossed her legs
and leaned toward me. She was Dottie, one of the newer girls that did odd
jobs and filing. She had been with the company for several months and
from I had heard, did a good job at anything she was asked to do. She
had a serious look on her face and seemed to be puzzled about some
thing or some one.
"Dottie, what can I do for you?" I asked. "Jake, I am concerned about
this man I have been going out with lately. He seems like a real nice
guy and I like him a lot. But he has some funny ideas about sex. At
first I dismissed them as jokes, but now I think he is serious about
them. I have talked to some of the other girls here and they advised
me to see you, that you were good at solving sex problems. So here I
am, looking for advice or whatever." I nodded and told her I was no
expert on the subject, that I had, on occasion told a few women how
to take care of certain types of problems, but was by no means a
know-it-all. I said it all depended on what was bothering her.

Dottie's face turned a little red as she replied,"I am a virgin and have no
idea, other than hearsay, what its all about. I've let a couple of my
dates play with my breasts but never let any of them touch me down
below. I asked Jim one time if he wanted a virgin and he said no
way, that was a lousy way to start out. It was usually a mess and the
woman would cry and get all emotional, and he didn't like that sort
of thing. So, I need to know all I can to make him happy when we do
get around to sex, and I think he plans on asking me soon."

I told Dottie that there were many books on the subject she could get at
the library and find out all she wanted to know. She shook her head and
said she had tried that, and knew all the physical parts and so on,
but needed to know more about the emotional part that men expect to
see and experience. "Since I have never had sex, I don't have the least
idea of what to act like or say. That part isn't in the books!"
"Dottie, every girl goes through that before the first time she has sex.
Its one of those things that can't really be taught, it must be exper-
ienced to find out. The only way you can find it out is to do it with
some one. Why not ask some of the girls how they felt and acted on
their first time. They can give you a better idea of what its all
She shook her head and said she was too bashful to talk to the girls here
because she was afraid they would laugh at her and besides she was too
"But you are talking to me about it and I'm a stranger" I replied.
Dottie said yes, that was true, but it was because I was a stranger that
she could talk to me."

Jake, isn't there some way you can help me get through this? Its very
important to me that I make the right impression on Jim. I wouldn't ask
you if I could find another way."

I repeated that the only way she could find out was to do it. Dottie
drooped her head in despair and looked so sad that I really felt sorry
for her.

Suddenly she looked up at me and said "I know one way to solve this. I need
someone to make love to me who is compassionate enough to make me feel
comfortable while I learn how to react and express my feelings. And I know
just the person I want!"
I exclaimed, "Great, Dottie, sounds like the solution to your problem. I
guess between us, you were able to come up with your own solution!"
She said "Yes, but now I have to convince YOU to be that one person I need."

I almost fell on the floor and I'm sure my face did some funny things.
"Dottie, do you know what you are saying? You are asking me to make love
to you."

She nodded and said, "Yes I know what I'm doing. I need someonelike you who
is calm and wouldn't go off the deep end just when I need a stabilizing
influence. And you are that man. Please help me, Jake. I will be forever
in your debt if you will. When Jim asks me to have sex with him and I feel
its the right time, I want to feel confident and have the self assurance to
see it through. Right now I couldn't possibly do that."

Whew, what a predicament to be in!! " Dottie, let me think about it for a
while. I will let you know later this afternoon. I'll be here all day and
its something I must turn over in my mind."

She said fine, that was Ok with her, and that she hoped I would do
it for her. She added that Jim wasnt due back in town until the end
of the week and that would give us two more days to get it done.
Dottie left with a half smile on her face and showed me she had her
fingers crossed. After the door closed, I sat back and let all of our
conversation roam through my head. Wow! This wasn't something that
happened every day, thank the Lord. I went ahead with the things I had
to get done while I was here at the office, in between times thinking
about Dottie and her problem. I guessed I might try it once. She was such
a sweet girl and I sure felt sorry for her. That look of despair had
made me realize just how serious she was in making Jim happy. Boy, Jim
would be a very lucky man to have a wife who would go that far just
to please him.

About 4:00 I stopped by Dottie's desk in Reception and told her to come up when she had time. I tried to keep a straight face so she didn't know for sure what the verdict was. In about ten minutes she knocked on the door. I called out for her to come on in.

She had a tentative look, wondering what I would say. At last I
couldn't keep it from her any longer, and just nodded my head. She lit
up with a wonderful smile and asked, "You mean you will do it for me?"

"Yes Dottie, I will try. I dont know how this will work, so don't get
your hopes up too high. How do you propose to arrange our little get
together? It may take both days to carry out what you want to do. One
time may not give you all the confidence you want. I'll leave that up to
you to decide."
"I'll work on a plan that I think I can handle when I get home. I
think after dinner you can come over to my apartment and we'll go
from there."

I said," I have a better idea. Why don't we have dinner together and you
can bring me up to date on yourself. I have to have some idea of your personality
and how you think, and what you might like to try. That way we won't start
out cold."
Her smile widened and she nodded her head vigorously. "Let me give you my
address and phone number. What time will you be there?"
I said about 7:30 will be fine for me, how about you? Great, she answered,
I'll be ready. She went out the door with a happy smile and, I noticed, a
swing on her hips. I began to think this might not be so bad after all.
While she was writing down her address, I had looked her over carefully.
She had a nice body, very nice slim legs, and a very nice backside. I
couln't tell much about her breasts, the dress she was wearing was very

When I reached her apartment, I knocked on the door. Shortly she opened
it and stood there smiling. I stared at the luscious lady in frony of me.
She had on a blouse that revealed almost all of her breasts, and from
what I could see they were great. Not big but at 34DD they looked to be firm.
I saw what appeared to be two little lumps in the front that could mark
the spot where her nipples were. She could have been a peanut smuggler, from
what I was seeing. Below, a skirt that was short, but not
so short as to suggest she was anything but a nice girl. High heels
brought her up to almost as tall as I am.

I said, "Dottie, you look just fabulous. I can't believe you are the same girl."

She smiled and said she was glad I approved. She motioned me inside and
told me she would be with me in just a minute or two. "I have to go to the
bathroom first so just be patient. It won't take long." I told her to take
her time and she went through a door at the end of the room. I was surprised
that she didn't close the door tightly. In fact, it was open a little ways
and I could see her as she pulled down her panties and sat down. I felt
funny, spying on her but figured she knew I would watch so I continued
watching as she finished and then reached around and took some toilet
paper and stood up, spreading her legs to reach between them. I could see
the thatch of hair and some pink as she spread the lips apart to dry
the area. She tossed the paper into the toilet and flushed it, pulling up
the panties. I looked the other way, seeming to be looking at a pretty
picture on the wall. As Dottie walked into the room, I think she was
surprised that I wasn't still watching and said she was 'sorry' she forgot
to close the door when she went. She emphasized the 'sorry' but the
big smile on her face told me she wasn't really sorry, that she had done
it on purpose.

We went out to the car and I, as a gentleman should, opened the car door
for her and helped her get in.

"Well, that's something I don't usually get. Most men aren't that nice. Now
I'm happier than ever I chose you."

I told her I was an old fashioned guy and tried to treat my dates as ladies.
Sometimes they don't want to be helped, 'womens lib', you know. But I try.
I took her to the restaurant where I had met Bette, and when we went in
Bette saw me and waved. We sat down in the back part and Bette brought us
the evenings menu. I introduced the girls to each other and Bette left,
saying she would be back in a minute. Dottie asked me how long I had known
Bette and I told her six or seven months. I asked Dottie what looked good
to her on the menu and she had decided to have the Veal Parmesan. About
that time Bette came back and asked if we were ready. I said yes, that
Dottie was having the veal and I wanted a sirloin steak.. and Bette broke
in, saying, yes, I know, medium rare.

Also a bottle of my favorite wine, OK? She nodded and left. "You must eat
here often Jake. Bette seems to know you quite well." I told her I ate
here several times a week because the food was good. We talked as we ate
and I told Dottie I wanted to know all about her, that I needed some
information to help me get to know how she thought, how she felt about
different things and so on. In between bites she rattled off a bunch
of things, when she graduated from high school, found this job, dated
a number of men, how she was afraid of having sex, and how glad she
was I was going to help her. I asked her how she liked to be treated
on a date, and how she thought she would like to have me make love to
her. Dotties face turned a little red, but she told me she wanted to be
treated very gently but otherwise it was up to me. We finished the wine
about the same time as the meal and Dottie seemed to be feeling the wine
a bit. I asked her if she had any wine at home and she nodded yes.

"Fine, that will help you loosen up. I've found some wine is a good way
to let loose of inhibitions and will make it easier for you. Well, lets
go. I'll pay the bill." With that I waved to Bette to come over. She
finished with the cutomer and walked over to us, smiling. "Dottie, you
have one fine guy with you. He is the nicest guy, besides my man that I
know. Take good care of him." I paid Bette, including the tip, and we
went out to the car. Dottie sat close to me and as we drove, I let my
hand wander over her leg, caressing it gently. Her big smile told me it
was OK by her. By the time we got to her apartment, my hand had gone
part way up her leg, under the skirt, with no objections.
We got into the apartment and she said the wine had gone through and she
had to go again. This time she left the door wide open so I could see
everything she was doing. There was a BIG smile on her face as she
pulled down her panties, spread her legs and sat down. She motioned me to
come in the bathroom with her. I walked in and stood right in front of
her, looking at the view between her legs. "I thought you might like to
see what you're getting into. This my way of trying to loosen up. I must
begin to be comfortable with a man, either dressed or naked. For me,
this is the first step in shedding all those inhibitions you were just
talking about. It is very difficult for me to do this so just do as I
ask without comment, please?" I just nodded.
She said "Watch me closely so I can watch you watching me. I want to see
the expression on your face when I let loose. Ready?" Again I nodded and looked down between her legs as requested.

She let loose a strong stream which lasted for what seemed a long time and I was aware of her watching me intently.
The stream slowed to a dribble and then stopped. She reached and got some toilet paper and handed it to me.

"Please wipe me. I need to feel your hand close to me and get used to having it there. Otherwise, I think I might shrink away from you later. I nodded and did as she asked, wiping very gently around the outside and started to back off.

She said "Please wipe the inside too. Please open the lips and wipe the inside" I did it very slowly and gently. My one finger was not in the paper and it touched her bare pussy.

There was a momentary jerk, but she never said a word. I
dropped the paper in between her legs into the toilet. Dottie smiled
and thanked me for being so gentle and said,"That was fine. I was afraid
I might freeze up when it happened, but all went well. I don't think I
will need these any more tonight so I may as well take them off." So
saying, she dropped the panties to the floor and picked them up and
tossed them on a clothes hamper. "OK, now lets go out in the living room
and get acquainted."

We sat on the love seat and I put my arm around her, smelling the faint
fragrance of her cologne. I commented on how nice it was and she said it
was her favorite. I reached over and kissed her, letting my tongue rim
her lips as I moved away. Dottie responded by putting her arms around me
and kissing me, putting her tongue in my mouth. I was starting to feel
an arousal already! As we sat there kissing, I put my hand farther down
and felt her breast, a very nice handful.She stirred a little, and pushed
back at my hand. Gently my hand began to caress the breast, feeling the
nipple rise. Dottie moved my hand over and undid the buttons on the
blouse and then put my hand inside. The feel of her bare breast was so
delightful and reaching down into her bra gave me the chance to realize
that her breasts were exquisite. I fondled the nipple, tweaking the tip
between my fingers.

I could feel Dottie stiffen a little. Not wanting to rush things too much, my hand just squeezed the breast and roamed around as we held each other. Dottie moved away and put her finger up as if to say, wait a minute. I stopped and she reached around the back and unhooked the clasp, letting the bra drop loose. "Now you can reach them easily and maybe even kiss them," I thought to myself that things were going very smoothly. Leaning over I took the left breast into my mouth, licking the nipple softly, then using my teeth, pulled it up slowly. I was very careful to put just enough pressure to stretch the nipple. As I pulled up
the nipple let loose and dropped back to its normal state.

I did this several times and by now it was hard and rigid. I moved over to the right breast and did the same thing, teasing her with my tongue and then my
teeth. Dottie moaned and said "That feels so good. I wish I had let some-
one do it before now." I played with the nipple and at the same time let
my hand roam down to her leg. The skirt was far up her leg, giving me
a good view of long slim legs. I was really getting aroused now and I
also knew she was too. She moved her legs farther apart allowing my
hand to slide up farther until it felt the first wisps of hair. I could
feel the lips of her love nest and gently rubbed all around the edge,
going up to the mons and back down. This time the finger went up and down
the outside of the slit, feeling the wetness there. Dottie sqirmed and
mumbled something about it feeling soooooo good, dont stop. The finger
continued running up and down, going in a little more each time. When
it touched her clit, she squirmed more and pushed up against the finger
trying to get it in deeper. Then, suddenly, Dottie looked up at me and
said,"Jake, will you do me a favor, pleae?" I said sure, almost anything.
Dottie turned a deep red and said,"Jake for a long time now I have had
a dream of a man licking my vulva and driving me out of my mind with
pleasure. I want to know what it feels like. That dream has driven me out
of my mind, wanting it and yet being afraid to ask any man I went out
with to do it. Now I feel I can ask you and not feel ashamed."

"Dottie, I would be happy to do it to you. In fact, I was going to ask
if you would let me try it. I think we had better go into the bedroom
to finish this. It will be more comfortable for both of us." She agreed
and we got up and went in and Dottie said "Jake, I want to get completely
undressed and I want you to watch me. I will feel your eyes on me and I
hope it will make me feel really sexy." I just nodded and watched as she
took off her blouse, then her bra, which was just hanging there, and then
the skirt. The shoes and stockings came last. I smiled so widely I was
afraid my mouth would split as she twirled around twice to show me all
of her. I said "Dottie, you have a beautiful body, one that any woman
would be proud of. I am going to touch you all over and especially the
love nest you have. It too, is beautiful. Your breasts are perfect and
pert, the nipples are gorgeous as they stand out that way. I can hardly
wait." Dottie smiled and told me that made her feel great. I hurried
to undress and then crawl into bed with her. The sheets were turned down
and I had her lay full length, her head on the pillow. I started at the
breasts and moved down until I reached the slit, all the while my hand
was running up and down her legs, from the thigh to the love nest and
back. I put my tongue gently into the slit and it was sopping wet, and
attested to her full arousal. Dottie moaned and said."Yes, Yes. Thats
the place. Please do it now." I put the tongue all the way into the slit
and made it go all around inside and then touched the clit. Dottie let
out a long soulful moan as my tongue ran all over the clit, making a
circle and then side to side. Her hips were coming up to meet me and
trying to push my tongue in farther. In a very short time she was all
over me. I thought, now its time to try entering her. I moved up over
her delightful body and slipped my rock hard penis in the vagina. It
was so wet in there that I had no trouble at all. I had been afraid
she might have been too tight, causing her pain, but she was so wet
and hot, the penis went all the way in the first push. We rocked back
and forth in a frenzy and in just a couple of minutes I felt her stiffen
and let out a loud moan as she went into a grand orgasm which lasted
and lasted. I could feel her muscles contract over and over, squeezing
me hard. My own orgasm followed hers immediately. We thrashed all over
the bed until at last we finished. I could feel the juice come out
around my penis, running down betweem her buttocks. I thought "Oh boy,
the bed will be soaked but good. Dottie virtually collapsed as she
wound down. I asked her if she enjoyed it and she moaned, "Oh yes, it
was wonderful, the most exciting thing that ever happened to me. You
were so good to me, going slow and easy. You really made me enjoy the
whole thing. My boy friend also said something about 'back door' sex and
a 'blow job' maybe being in the future. Are they as much fun?"
"Dottie, now you are into some parts of sex that are sort of 'iffy' and
it depends on each person whether they enjoy it. The first one, back door
sex means the man goes in your ass-hole. Like anything, some women love
it and some women won't do it at all. The second one, 'blow job' refers to
the woman taking the man's penis in her mouth and sucking and tongueing
it until he cums off. Again, some women swallow the semen, some pull out
and have him squirt on their face or elsewhere." Dottie looked kind of
funny at me.

"Is this normal or what? I have heard of these but thought
that it was only done by perverts."

I laughed and told her, no, it was sort of normal. It depends on you. She looked at me quizically and wanted to know if she could do these things without getting sick.

I told her I didn't know, the only way to find out was to try them and see.
She said OK she was game. She didn't want to try it with her boyfriend
and find out that it was no good. Well, I think you have had enough
for one day and maybe tomorrow we could try it. But meanwhile it would
give her time to think about it and make sure, rather than doing it on
the spur of the moment. She nodded and said that sounded reasonable.
So we left it at she would call me tomorrow and let me know. And that's another story.

------ The End ------

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