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Copy Cats

by Linda Chorlton
(April 2001)

Troy couldn't wait for night-time. Lois had said to him, as he left for work that morning, "Hurry home big boy. I've got a fun suprise waiting for you when you get home tonight!" Just to keep him thinking about it all through the day, she opened her nightgown, revealing her large belly. Lois was six months pregnant. But that hadn't slowed her appetite for Troy's big cock, nor, for his part, his lust for his beautiful wife. Troy and Lois had an "unusual" marriage, to say the least. Aside from the obvious fact that she was black and he was white, they were very sexually liberated, and were willing to try anything at least once.

So, being a very horny couple, they tried most everything more than once! Troy could barely drive to work without thinking about Lois' great body. Normally, she stood about 4'10", 95 lbs. if she were soaking wet with his cum. (Which she was one cum-drenched night...but that's another story!) She had great hips, ones that begged to be held when he pulled her back on his stiff cock as they fucked in Lois' favorite style: doggy, she on all fours on the edge of the bed, and him standing behind her.

Lois' breasts weren't the biggest pair in the world, even when pregnant (this was their second child), but they satisfied Troy when he'd slide his big woody between them in a frantic titty fuck.

Her nipples were just the right size. When she got excited, Lois' rock hard nipples would stand out at least 2", like chapel hatpegs. And getting Lois's cunt juices flowing was so very easy to do. "I wonder what she has planned for tonight?" he asked himself as he pulled into the parking lot, where he worked. As he got out of his car, Alice, a co-worker in the office, greeted him. "How are you today?" Troy thought about telling of the stiffy raging in his pants leg. Some days he thought he'd have to tape the damn thing to his leg. It had a mind of its own when he thought about his wife's body. And also when he was around Alice. Alice had been at the office for three years. She, and her husband Paul were good friends with Troy and Lois.

The four of them had had a few memorable cum soaked parties. So, Alice wasn't surprised when Troy replied, "I'm having trouble walking this morning. I have a "cramp" in my leg." Alice knew what Troys's "cramp" was. She had rubbed it a few time to relieve the pain. Troy's cramp was a 12" slab of cockmeat that could split even the biggest cunt. Alice knew, as she had tried to stuff that monster up her twat a few times. She could never get more than 7 or 8 inches of it inside before the pain started.

She would have to try the entire thing sometime. Alice looked at the bulge that he was trying valiantly, but, unsuccessfully, to hide with his briefcase. "It looks like you should see the nurse about that. Wouldn't want to break anything, you know!" "Don't worry about that! Today I think this thing is as hard as steel. Lois was teasing me this morning before I left. Something about a surprise tonight. Five o'clock won't get here soon enough for me today!", Troy replied. "Well, anytime you want to play doctor, you let me know!"

Troy watched Alice walk away. His wife had a great behind, but Alice's had to run a close second. He wondered if he'd ever get a chance to slip his sausage in her backdoor. He knew Paul had butt humped Alice many times. But Troy's cock was almost twice as big. Happily, Alice would try anything new. She was a tiger in bed, ready to take on anything that came along.

It was 12:15 and time for lunch. Troy didn't like to eat at work. But, today, he was so nervous from his wife's teasing and meeting Alice in the parking lot that he didn't trust himself to drive. Just as he was about to leave his office, he received a call. "Hello, this is Mr. Watson.

How may I help you?" he answered. All he heard was heavy breathing and a low moan. "Please come down to the copy room right away!" Before he could ask who it was, they hung up. He decided to play whatever game was being played on him and go down to the copy room. Besides, he wasn't ready for any food. As he stepped into the elevator, he was joined by one of the girls in the data entry section. All he knew about her was her name : Mirella De N'adai. He'd always wondered what she looked like. Now he knew that what all the guys had said was true. She was every bit as beautiful as her name. He guessed she was about 5'10. And not a single ounce was out of place.

Her figure was a perfect hourglass. Her legs seemed to go all the way to her neck. The sexy dress she wore revealed every curve of her hips. As Troy's eyes devoured her figure, his mind settled on her exquisite breasts. They were the roundest pair he'd ever seen. And just the right size. About a hand and a half full, he thought. They were a classic fullness, pendulous and pear-shaped He guessed that her dark nipples must be naturally erect and pouting because he could see them pressing hard against the thin material of her blouse. He thought of a tentpole, and smiled. Troy never thought he'd see another black woman as beautiful as his wife. He caught himself wondering what her black ass would look like with a load of hot cum splattered all over it as Mirella's eyes met his eyes as they finally located her face.

She was used to being looked at like Watson was doing, now.She didn't mind. She rather enjoyed it. It made her feel great that men, other than her husband, admired and lusted after her body. But she'd never seen anyone mentally devour her the way Mr. Watson had just done. She decided to have some fun with him. "Hello. Aren't you Troy Watson from accounting?" "Yes. And you are...?" "Mirella De N'adai, Mr. Watson." "Please, call me Troy." "Okay, Troy. Did you like what you just saw?" "'What I saw?' OH! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stare!" (Troy could play the game also.) "There's just not much to do on a long elevator ride. I'm sorry if I frightened you!" "Oh, don't apologize for being a man. I don't mind being looked at. I do it as much as the men do. Where are you headed?" "Down to the copy room. Seems to be some sort of emergency down there..." "Mind if I come along? I've never been down there," Mirella said, letting her eyes fall to Troy's growing bulge.

"Sure, why not?" Troy figured that this could be the best "lunch" he'd had in a long time.

He knew what he'd read in Mirella's eyes. They almost jumped out and said, "let me suck that big cock!" He hoped he wasn't wrong. His hard boner said he wasn't. He felt the lunch break of all lunch breaks was due. Just as the elevator stopped, before the door opened, Mirella quickly turned to Troy and kissed him, licking his lips as she pulled away. Being a gentleman, and also the horniest guy in the building, he let Mirella leave first. He was well rewarded. The view of her perfect ass moving from side to side made his cock almost leap from his trousers and attack her buns there and then. He followed her into the copy room. The copy machine was in a corner with a bookshelf in front of it. So, he didn't see Alice spread out on the copier, naked and waiting.

"Surprise!" both girls yelled. (No one else was in the small room.) "We've trying to think of a way to get you down here for weeks!" Alice said. "Mirella couldn't believe a white guy could have a cock as big as yours. She said she just had to see it for herself, in the flesh, so to speak!" "Yes! Yes! I hope you don't mind us tricking you to get you down here. I just had to see that big hunk of horse meat that Alice said you had between your legs!" "Well, ladies, today is your lucky day! I've had a raging, rock hard stiffy for most of the day!" Alice slid off of the copier and sidled over to Troy. She let her hand travel all the way to Troy's belt before she stopped. "Come over here Mirella. You should see this thing for yourself!" Mirella joined the two and knelt down beside Alice. As she leaned over to strip his pants off, he looked down at her, getting a full view of supple, round mounds of pleasure. "Do you always go without a bra?" he asked.

"Only on special occasions" she breathlessly answered as she fumbled at getting his pants pulled down over his raging cock, now at its full 12" inches. "Do you always go without shorts?" she asked as she finally freed his giant member from the confines of his pants. "Only on special occasions" he micmicked. Alice removed the rest of his clothes. Turning to Mirella, she said, "Well, it seems that you are the only one still dressed!" Almost as if on que, Mirella undid her blouse and slid her skirt off. Troy wasn't surprised to see had no underwear on. What surprised him was the fact that Mirella's beautiful pussy was bare! Freshly shaven, he loved sucking bald pussy, and pink rimming. This sight almost made Troy let loose his jizm load immediately. But he held back, wondering just what these two gorgeous women had planned for him. All three were now naked. He did not even leave his socks on. Mirella couldn't stop staring at Troy's huge cock. "Isn't that thing registered as a lethal weapon?" she asked. "Only if your snatch isn't big enough to hold it!" "If it isn't, I'll die trying! That thing is gigantic!" Mirella knelt once again in front of Troy. She felt like she was praying at a holy shrine. She looked up at Alice. "Go ahead, girl. This thing may be big, but it won't bite you!" Mirella gripped the shaft of Troy's pussy stretcher. She couldn't even get her hands to completely encircle the monster! She wondered just how much she could stuff up into her hot moist twat. She let her tongue barely touch the head. It jumped and twitched in her hands as she slowly slid her tongue up and down its length, slowly but surely following its throbbing salient vein.

Troy's balls were rock hard by now, and they got an occasional kiss. Not wanting to be left out, Alice knelt behind Mirella and started to lick at beautiful black girl's round ass.

The slit was rising visibly by the minute, begging to be prised open. "I take it you two know each other?" he asked. "Sure. We've known each other since college.

Even then we were called 'Salt 'n' Pepper'." We've been lovers since before we met." Troy wasn't too surprised that Alice was "Bi". Great, he thought, it will be interesting to fuck another black woman, other than his wife. He looked down at Mirella's dark brown nipples pointing out from her firm tits. She streched her mouth open as far as she could and tried her best to impale her head on his cock.

Mirella could only get about three inches of his massive tool in her mouth before she started to gag. She pulled back a little and started to suck and lick and run her hands up and down his shaft. His cock seemed to grow in her vigorous hands. The gentle tickling and stroking of his balls was a super sensation. Alice was not idle. First off, she inserted two fingers then another and another. She knew that there was room for more. So, she jammed her thumb in Mirella's ass until she had her hand in up to her wrist. Fisting turned him on more so, "Oh, God! that feels great! Your hand is just the right size! Come on, shove more of that beautiful fist up my ass! Come on, do it like before. Do it till it hurts, lover!" Mirella was having one orgasm after another. She almost passed out as Alice's small fist then arm began to disappear up her butt. Troy couldn't believe what he was seeing. He'd heard about fisting, but had never thought it was possible until now. He could barely get two inches of his cock up Lois' ample asshole before the pain was too much for her to stand anymore.

However, Mirella had now taken at least six inches of Alice's arm up her ass! He thought that there might now be an ass he could stuff his cockmeat in! He watched in fascination as Alice started to move her arm in and out; slow like a train building up speed. "Make me cum! Make me cum, you bitch! I wanna cum all over your arm! That's it! Keep it going! Don't stop!" Thrusting and twisting, writhing and pumping backwards, Mirella started to move in time with Alice's arm. Troy didn't know how Mirella did it, but she managed to keep her lips locked around his giant cock. Had she done this before? He didn't care. He could feel the cum starting to boil in his balls. "Come on, Mirella! Bury my cock in your mouth! Suck it! Suck it! Take more of it! More! That's it, work your tongue on my balls! You're gonna make me cum! Keep going!" This was heaven. He couldn't believe his luck! Alice took her fist out of Mirella's ass. She didn't want to miss any of his cumming moment. She wanted his jizm too. Lois said it had a slight bitter taste to it. Mirella didn't think so. She liked the sweet taste of it. Alice got behind him and started to lick his balls.

This made more cum ready to shoot out.

"Hey! What's going on!? Alice, you little ball busting bitch! Eat 'em, eat my balls! Yeah, yeah! take 'em in your mouth!" (Alice had tried several times before, but could only fit one of the things in her mouth!) Alice cupped both of the monsters in her hands and squeezed as hard as she could. Troy couldn't take it anymore.

Mirella jammed as much of his cock down her throat as she could. Alice gave his balls another squeeze. The first stream of hot cum hit the back of Mirella's throat before she could get off of his cock. "Mr. Watson" continued to shoot jets of cum as first Mirella, and then Alice, let it hit their faces. They bathed in the heavenly cum. Finally, the last dribble of his thick juice fell on their faces.

"That's the way. Lick my cum! Eat it off her face. Yes! Yes! I can't believe it! That was fantastic! Mirella, what an ass! I've never seen anyone take a fist up the butt!"

"Well, big guy, it's the only thing I allow up my ass. But I might like to try that monster of your's sometime!" Mirella said as she took one last lick of cum that had fallen on Alice's tits. "I'd like to see that myself," Alice managed to say as she stroked Mirella's pussy.

"Maybe we'll get a chance someday. You never know!" "Ladies, I'd like to stay and have some more fun, but we'd better get back to work before we're missed," Troy said as he put his clothes back on and watched Alice and Mirella dress each other. "We'll see you later...lover-boy!"

------ The End ------

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