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Goin‚ deep

By Dave Canuck davecanuck69@hotmail(March 2001)

Blake and Melissa had been looking forward to their annual vacation for what seemed forever. They had been planning their trip to the Florida Keys for months, had booked themselves into a quiet little cabin just off the beach and worked out a somewhat hectic scuba diving schedule.

They were going to be in Florida for two weeks, but figured they might as well make the most of their time away from the Canadian winter they had been suffering through. After driving south from Miami to their beach cabin, the couple had checked in, checked out their lodgings and took a couple of days to relax, work on their tans, drink some ice cold beer on the beach and make love. Busy schedules had kept them from enjoying much of a love life lately ˆ but they thought they'd correct that problem on their vacation. By the third day of their vacation, though, they were ready to enjoy some diving experiences. Blake had woken early that morning and walked down to the beach to check out the boat they had rented for diving. After making sure the 20-foot beauty was fully fueled, loaded with gear and stocked with beer, he went back to the cabin.

'What's for breakfast?' he yelled as he approached the cabin.

'Your favourite, what else,' called Melissa from the tiny kitchen. As Blake kicked off his sandals, he could smell bacon and eggs frying and realized he was famished.
Looking forward to a nice, hot breakfast and a cold beer, he walked into the kitchen and noticed Melissa at the stove, stark naked. Apparently breakfast wasn't the only hot thing in the kitchen. Taking a seat at the small table in the kitchen, Blake stretched his legs out in front of him, leaned back and enjoyed the view.
Tall at five-foot-eight, Melissa had the long-legged, full-breasted look Blake had always favoured. Gazing at her now, he noticed that a couple of days in the sun had brought out the reddish highlights in Melissa's short-cropped brown hair. He also noticed that a couple of days on the beach had created bikini lines across her back and around her firm buttocks. Her legs, like her smooth, smooth back and face, were turning a beautiful, mellow, golden brown.
Watching his tanned goddess, Blake again thought how lucky he was that a babe like Melissa had ever fallen for him. As he watched her create her culinary experience at the stove, he sipped his beer and simply enjoyed the view. 'You know,' he said, as he gazed at her, 'that look is perfect for you. It's enough to keep me in the kitchen all day.' Melissa bent to take a couple of hot plates out of the oven, giving him quite the view of her beautiful behind. She moved the bacon and eggs from the frying pan onto plates, then turned and said, 'shut up, you.
I just found it really hot this morning and I didn't feel like wearing anything hot.'
As she walked to the table with the plates, Blake watched her breasts sway and glanced down at her triangle of pubic hair
. 'Then I hate to tell you this babe, but you couldn't look much hotter than you do right now.'
'That's sweet,' said Melissa as she set the plate in front of him.
'Very sweet.' She leaned down to Blake and kissed him, quickly running her tongue into his mouth and enjoying the tickle of his mustache. 'But eat up, I didn't slave over this for minutes just to see you let it get cold.' Melissa took the chair across from him and began to eat.

As he took a bite of his breakfast, looking at Melissa across from him, bare-breasted and beautiful, he realized he'd never enjoyed breakfast more. He also realized he had a hard-on and was very turned on. Still, a guy had to eat. They quickly ate their breakfast and sipped their beer, then gathered up the dishes.
'I've got these,' said Blake, as he carried the dishes to the sink. As he began rinsing off the remains, Melissa padded barefoot across the kitchen to stand behind him.
'You look hot, too,' she said from behind him. 'I can help you with that.'
As Blake continued washing the dishes, Melissa reached around in front of him and undid the buttons of the light cotton shirt he was wearing. She then slipped it down over his shoulders and, as he reached behind with soapy hands, slid it down his arms.

At the sink, Blake was very turned on, with his penis doing its best to burst out of the canvas shorts he had on. Melissa reached in front of him again and undid the snap of his shorts. As she reached for his zipper, she felt his penis pressing against the material. She gently stroked him a couple of times, then slowly slid down his zipper. Because he wasn't wearing underwear, Blake's penis immediately flopped out and pressed against the counter as the shorts fell to the floor.
'Well, well, no underwear this morning,' Melissa whispered into his ear. 'You must have been in a hurry to do something.' Melissa ran her hands across Blake's belly and up through the dark hair on his chest, where she fingered his nipples. Stepping back, she ran her hands over his back, up through his black hair tied in a ponytail and then gazed at his ass. Like Blake, Melissa noticed he was getting some tan lines from time on the beach. His legs and back were darkening, leaving his bum cheeks a stark white.
'I was in a hurry this morning,' said Blake. 'I wanted to get down to the boat and make sure everything was ready.' He turned into Melissa's arms and pressed his penis against her belly. 'Of course,' he said, as he wrapped his soapy arms around her, 'we could put off diving for a while.' Melissa rubbed against Blake's penis, enjoying the warmth of it on her skin. Kissing him, she pulled away slightly.
'No way Mr. B. We‚re here for diving and diving we will do. There'll be plenty of time for other fun and games later.'
'Aw, come on, Mel,' you can't get me turned on, then say maybe later. It's not fair.'
'Fair, shmair,' she said.
'Get your swim suit on and let's get going. I promise I'll make it up to you later.'
'Fine, but don't forget you owe me,' said Blake as they walked naked into their bedroom.

After studying several books of dive sites in the keys, Blake and Melissa had chosen a wreck dive. An old fishing boat had sunk in the 50s and was lying in just 35 feet of water. According to the books they had read, it was a good spot to see a lot of fish and other marine creatures. The old craft was supposedly sitting on a sandy bottom and visibility was said to be fantastic.
The boat ride to the dive site took a half-hour, with Blake at the wheel, a canvas canopy above him keeping the sun off. Wearing just a green-patterned swim suit, he sipped a cold beer from the cooler and watched for landmarks which would direct him to the site.

He also watched Melissa, who had slapped on plenty of sunblock and was up in the bow, catching a few rays. Her lime green bikini showed off her figure and a pair of big sunglasses kept the glare out of her eyes. She sipped a beer as she lounged back on cushions and watched Blake. What a guy, she thought. She'd never had more fun in her life than after she met him teaching a dive class. At first glance, she had thought he was just some scruffy, hippie-type who wanted to get away from it all by being under water as much as possible. But, after a couple of weeks of class time, she began to see that he was very serious, very professional about diving, and most other things in life.

She could also see that his body was something special, a body she could enjoy. Blake obviously worked out and, when his work clothes consisted of just a swimsuit, it wasn't hard to imagine him out of it. It was after their open water certification dive, and the completion of the course, that Blake had asked her out.
Melissa had accepted and had been glad ever since. Blake, as it turned out, was not only a very good diver, but he was a good man, a good cook, a great lover, an athlete and an honest guy. Melissa was deeply in love. Caught up in her reverie of life with Blake, Melissa didn't hear him calling her. 'This is it, babe, let's gear up and get wet.' Blake had decided they had found the dive site, throttled back and, as the boat bobbed in a slight chop, he tossed the anchor overboard.

The pair moved to the stern of the boat and broke out their dive gear. After a quick safety check, they donned fins, weight belts and knives, then helped each other on with tanks and buoyancy compensators. As was their custom, they spit in their masks, rinsed them out over the side and then kissed ˆ a long, tongue-filled kiss, for good luck. They sat on the gunwales and, holding hands, flipped backwards into the ocean. As they finned toward the bottom, they couldn't help but notice that, indeed, there were fish everywhere. Looking down, they could see the old fishing boat lying on its side, dappled by the strong mid-day sun, which beat down through the depths.

After a slow descent, the pair explored the old wreck, looking into broken portholes, and finning down the length of the old workboat. Everywhere, it seemed, marine life had taken hold on the wreck. Brightly coloured fish finned in and out of every opening in the old hull. Crabs and prawns scuttled about in the sand and weeds and brilliant anemones waved gently. As always, Blake and Melissa were completely wrapped up in the underwater world, marveling at the abundant life that landlubbers never had a chance to see. Blake, though, was also wrapped up in marveling at Melissa.

As she looked inside the wheelhouse of the boat, he couldn't help but notice the way her lime green bikini seemed to glow and become transparent in the sunny waters. With the bikini pulled tight across her gorgeous bum, he could see the crack and, as he swam closer, a little of her dark pubic hair. As Melissa sank to the bottom to look under the hull, Blake moved in close. Melissa signaled to him that she wanted to look beneath the boat, then stretched out on her belly in the sand to try and see into the gloom. To keep her balance, she had spread her legs out to the sides and flattened her fins against the bottom.

Blake settled onto his knees between her legs and reached to caress her thighs. His sudden touch caused Melissa to start, as she thought at first a fish had brushed against her. She was about to roll over to see what he was doing when his hands moved to caress her bum through the thin material that covered them.

As Blake gently caressed her bottom, Melissa thought, I don't believe it, he's horny down here.
Right after that thought, she thought, why not, and clenched her cheeks and pushed her bum against his hands. Feeling Melissa pushing against his hands and apparently enjoying his massage, Blake thought, right on, and slid his hands beneath her bikini to caress her skin.
Her bum was all goose bumpy, both from the cool water and Blake's touch. Turned on now, Melissa pulled herself onto her knees in a doggy position. Blake moved in closer again and began running his hands up and down her thighs and caressing her bum. Judging by the increased amount of air bubbles coming from Melissa's regulator, she was enjoying this, thought Blake. Still facing under the boat as Blake's hands roamed over her, Melissa nearly laughed out loud into her mouthpiece as a crab crawled from beneath a rock, as if to get a view of what was going on. Pushing up with her hands, Melissa rose up in a swirl of sand, turned and settled onto her knees facing Blake. Placing a hand on each side of his neck, she pressed her mask against his and looked into his eyes.

Gazing into each other's eyes, they shared the same erotic thought. With one hand on each other's buoyancy compensator, with the other they took out their mouthpiece and french kissed, enjoying the other's tongue for as long as they could hold their breath. Needing air, they separated and returned their mouthpieces. That long kiss, though, acted as a signal. As she pushed her mask against Blake's once more, Melissa reached down to his crotch and, no surprise, found that his penis was nice and hard and pushing against the material.

As she stroked him thought his swimsuit, Blake's eyes closed in enjoyment. She tugged at the string of his swimsuit and, with it loosened, reached a hand inside to grasp his eight-inch manhood. She stroked him gently several times, then reached further to his balls. Must be the cool water, she thought, they‚re not up to their usual size. Moving back to his penis, she continued to stroke him, enjoying the warm feel of him in her hand. Now Melissa noticed an increased airflow from Blake's regulator. As his bubbles rose in front of her, she let go of his penis and took one his hands. Still looking into his mask, she guided his hand between her legs and moaned into her mouthpiece as he caressed her.

Concentrating on the feel of Blake's fingers caressing her 35 feet down on the ocean floor, she released his penis and undid the buckles on her buoyancy compensator. Grasping her compensator's release hose, Melissa released the air and motioned for Blake to do the same. As he took his hand away from her pussy and released his air, they became less buoyant to remain on the bottom. Now heavier in the sand on the bottom, Melissa grasped her buoyancy compensator and opened it. The vest kind of dug into her armpits, but she took one of Blake's hands and pressed it to a breast, nodding at him. Blake could hardly believe where this was all going, but he reached behind Melissa's neck and undid the string of her bikini top.

As she held her compensator vest open, he pulled the thin material away from her and noticed that her breasts, like her bum cheeks, were covered in goose bumps. Her beautiful orbs had taken on a slightly different appearance, due to the buoyancy of the water, but her nipples were hard and pointing at him, just the way he liked them. As they knelt there, with tiny fish finning around them, Blake continued to caress Melissa's breasts, enjoying the cool feel of her skin. He'd have liked nothing better than to suck on her nipples, but he knew he was breathing too fast to remove his mouthpiece. With bubbles now gushing out of Melissa's regulator, she let go of one side of her vest and pulled herself closer to Blake.

Taking his hand again, she directed it back to her pussy. Blake stroked her through the material, then eased his hand inside and touched her lips with his fingers. As he touched the folds of her pussy, rubbed her clitoris and slid a finger inside her, Melissa arched away from him in pleasure. Blake was somewhat amazed that, even though they were under water, Melissa's pussy had a wonderful slippery feel. Very horny now and incredibly turned on by this ocean lovemaking, Melissa pushed Blake's hand away from her and, pushing off the bottom, settled back down, again in a swirl of sand, to stand in front of him on her flippers. As she opened her vest again, Blake, still on his knees, grasped her bikini bottom and pulled it down.

Alternately eyeing the pussy before him and the breasts floating above him, he inserted a finger and began to slowly fuck her. After a minute of that, Melissa couldn't take much more. Pullling away from Blake's hand, she pushed him back into the sand. Once he was on his back, Melissa dropped to straddle him and pull down his suit. Grabbing his penis, she looked into his eyes as she began stroking him. Blake just lay back on his air tank and enjoyed. Melissa then floated back onto her feet and pulled her bikini off over her fins, which was a struggle. Signaling Blake to stay where he was, she then dropped to straddle him once again.

This time, though, she eased herself onto his penis, enjoying the feel of him as she took his length inside her. Sitting astride him, she buckled her compensator again and began to slowly fuck him. As she rode him, Melissa was able to look off into the water and see fish swimming around. Looking up, she could see the sun beating down through the water. What an incredible feeling, she thought, fucking her man on the bottom of the ocean. Blake, as much as he was enjoying being fucked by this gorgeous creature, realized it might not be a good idea. With his knowledge of hydraulics, he believed his penis going in and out of Melissa's vagina would act as a piston and might actually harm her. Placing his hands on her thighs and bearing down, Melissa had to pause.

She felt like she could fuck him for hours and didn't want to be interrupted. Blake, though, had decided it wasn't a good idea. As she looked down at him, he gave the signal to head for the surface. Melissa shook her head, but Blake signaled once again, and winked at her. Melissa pulled herself off Blake's penis and stood, looking a little angry. Blake also floated up in a swirl of sand, with his swimsuit around his ankles. He pulled her close and looked her in the eyes through her mask.

As he did, he cupped Melissa's bottom and lifted her almost weightless body to him. She now winked at him, held onto his buoyancy vest, wrapped her legs around him and again lowered herself onto his penis. With their masks pressed against each other's once again, Blake injected small amounts of air back into his compensator.
After a couple of short bursts, he could feel they were becoming buoyant again. Another spurt and they lifted slowly off the bottom. Locked together, with Blake's penis deep inside Melissa, the two ever so slowly rose to the surface, with nothing around them but ocean, with Blake bleeding off small amounts of air to ensure they didn't rise too quickly. When they broke the surface near the boat, both fully inflated their vests to bob like corks in the swell.

Taking out her mouthpiece, Melissa gasped, 'My God, Blake, that's the most incredible experience I've ever had. Fucking in the deep, with fish and everything around, it was unbelievable. Why'd you make me stop?' Blake removed his mouthpiece and, flexing his penis inside her, said, 'sorry, babe, but I had to. I realized fucking in the water could be bad for your pussy and I wouldn't want that.
Besides, nobody said we were stopping.' They quickly disentangled and swam to the boat. They slipped out of the buoyancy vests, then took off their fins and masks and tossed them into the boat. Bare-assed, Melissa climbed the ladder into the boat, but paused on the top rung to give Blake a good view of her bottom.
'Are you trying to torture me?' complained Blake from below as he slid off his swimsuit. 'Get aboard and I'll hand you this gear.' Melissa climbed into the boat, undid the remaining string on her bikini top and tossed it aside. Leaning over the gunwale, she rested her breasts on the edge. 'Are you ready now?' she asked, grinning at Blake in the water. 'I'm as ready now as I was on the bottom,' he called back. Melissa then reached over the side and Blake handed their tank/compensators up to her in the boat. Once the gear was aboard, Blake climbed the ladder into the boat.

After gazing around to see if any other boats were nearby, he leered at her and said, 'now, where were we?' Melissa looked at Blake's still-hard penis then stepped over to him.
'If I remember right, I had you deep inside me, right where I wanted you.'
'And if I remember right,' he said, 'you were fucking me. I could go for a lot more of that.' 'Me, too.' Melissa smiled as she moved him back onto one of the boat's seats. Blake sat on the back of a boat seat and Melissa pushed him back so his arms were resting on the back of a seat in behind him. Looking at him reclining back, penis hard, Melissa said, 'Now then, where were we? Oh, yes.' Blake watched as she climbed onto the seat his butt was resting on. She swung a leg over him and, as she looked into his eyes, took his penis into her hand and lowered herself onto him once again.

With one foot on the seat on each side of Blake, she pressed her hands to his chest and began to slowly fuck him. Blake looked down as Melissa fucked him, watching as his penis moved in and out of her. After a couple of minutes, she was moaning as she rode him, taking him full length, then stopping with his head between her lips. At the top of each stroke, Blake fingered her clit, adding to her pleasure. With the sun beating down, Blake could feel himself becoming bathed in sweat. When he looked at Melissa, eyes closed in concentration and enjoyment, he noticed sweat was rolling off her face and between her breasts, even dripping off her nipples onto him.

Blake could feel himself nearing orgasm just as Melissa breathlessly asked if he was ready. 'You bet,' he said, as she began speeding up. Blake moved his feet onto the seat and began meeting her thrusts. Horny as hell now, Melissa reached up and grabbed the edge of the canopy over them. As Blake was thrusting up and down, Melissa nearly hopped on and off his penis. Looking at her, Blake was mesmerized by the site of his beautiful woman fucking him like crazy, arms reaching up, breasts bobbing up and down, sweat dripping off her nipples and now moaning loudly. Looking down at Blake, Melissa could feel herself nearing climax.
As she began to feel the spasms of pleasure rock her, she screamed out, 'oh God, oh fuck, oh God, oh Blake, oh Blake.' Finally, with Blake's penis deep inside her, she came in what felt like a minor explosion. Inside her, Blake came as well, shooting his cum into her.
Finally fucked to both of their satisfaction, Melissa eased herself down onto Blake and let go of the awning. She put her hands on her waist and looked at her lover, still enjoying him inside her.
'God, that was unbelievable,' she finally gasped. Blake looked at the smiling face above him, saw the sparkle in her eyes and felt cum flowing out of her onto him.
'I think,' he gasped, 'that this was one of those experiences that happen very seldom in a person's life.' He flexed his penis inside her, reached up and touched her nipples and smiled. 'I know I'll remember it forever. '

As the boat bobbed in the swell and a warm wind caressed their bodies, neither felt like separating. Melissa remained impaled on Blake's penis and, as they looked into each other's eyes, both knew this was going to be a hell of a holiday.

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