Monday, January 05, 2009

My Wife's Hot Date

Written by Anon (March 2001)

My wife and I are are a normal enough middle class couple, I suppose, or had been. I am 6' tall 200 lbs and have brown hair and brown eyes and a somewhat atleltic build due to working out and i'm 40 yrs old, my wife is very beautiful, 5' 6" 130 lbs, 30 yrs old, strawberry blonde hair , that comes down to the middle of her back, emerald green eyes, that jump out at you like 3d, she has a snow white killer smile, her eye brows are fairly thin and perefectly arched and she has long dark eye lashes her make up is always perfect, she wears various shades of red or pink lipstick, which always matches the color of her nails that are always perfectly manicured and tapered and about 1" longer than the end of her fingers, she wears a 34 b cup bra and has a very small waist although I don't know the exact measurement nad a nice round ass and she's very shaply. we have been married 10 yrs. We have always been very sexual people but neither ever had an affair but we had sexual fantasies which we discussed when making love as a turn on.

One day we went to a rather nice resturant for lunch as we were prone to do on our days off and as I was scanning the menu I noticed my wife appeared to be looking past me as if at something or someone behind me, and then quickly back to her menu, then I thought I saw her wink a very quick slight wink, or had I? so I watched her as I prentended to scan the menu and then I saw a very definate wink, and a coy smile.

At this point I asked her who she was playing eye games with, she said no one, ah yes you were, she could see it did not upset me and said, a rather handsome man behind you is all, I was just flirting with him, she described him and said sort of off hand oh, and he's a black man, one of her fantasies had always to fuck a black man, so I asked if you were free to do so would you fuck this man?, she paused and said yes, I would. I said tell you what, you know I have always wanted to watch you fuck another man, right?, yes she said , with a impish grin, ok i'm going to the mens room you go over and make friends with him and give him our phone number and that you will go back to our table when I return and that i'm not jealous of you so it's ok until I come back, when I come back just go along with what I say and he will take you home, don't open the garage door my car will be inside, say it's been made into my work shop and have him park on the drive then, invite him in and i will be in the walk in closet of our bedroom and can watch every thing from there with the door cracked slightly.

My wife agreed to my plan and when I returned from the mens room I said I got a call on my pager and had to get back to work and would leave her the car and catch a cab, then I asked who her friend was and she introduced me to sam, then like an after thought I said, damn, I would need the car for business later,and asked sam if he could drop her off at our home if he had time,he agreed of course, I wasn't in the closet long until they showed up and I saw them embrace and begin to share a tender kiss, seeing my wife place her arms around his neck and her palms at the back of his head as she had done with me countless times, as her red lips met his rather full lips and the kiss began was rather shocking but also very exciting, and soon they were kissing hotly and they began to undress each other, when he got to her bra and un hooked it and it was removed she cupped her tits in her hands and held them out to him like an offering and I watched as he began to lick and suck her tits, damn, the sight of her red nails in contrast to her creamy tits gave me a high not to mention the way sam was going after them, she was smiling like a shameless slut, then after they were both naked and kissed some more, without a word.

she dropped to her knees and wrapped one hand around his, huge hard black cock, god, it had to be a good 10" long and nearly 11/2" around, no wonder she's going after it, damn he was a physical speciman about 6'4" tall and muscular now she slipped her red lips around his cock head and I knew her tongue was working it over, she removed her mouth briefly and slid her hand forward so as to cause a huge drop of precum to form at the tip and she looked up at him and winked as she licked the precum and quickly took his dick into her mouth moving her head back and forth and taking more of it in with each stroke and her cheeks caved in as she applied suction, he moaned low as she devoured his cock, his hands grabbed her hair, danm he was getting some great head ,all the while she swallowed him her nails were tickling his big balls, he said "oh sweet momma, suck me sugar", then she suddenly gave it up and his dick emerged wet and looking like shiny steel, what a great looking cock!,my wife asked him to fuck her and went to the bed spreading her shaply legs for him, comon baby iv'e waited for this all my life, give me your wonderful black dick! hearing her words and see this made my cock so hard and throbbing, oh , shit she's good, then he lay on top of her and I saw her hand take his cock and rub it on her wet pussy , finally it popped in and he began giving her long slow strokes as she moaned and she arched her back, bringing her hips up to meet him and they were in perfect time as they fucked ever harder and wilder and kissing as if possessed damn, what a fuck,his big rod moving like a pistion, in and out ramming her over and over as she screamed omg, fuck me, fuck me sam! split my pussy! and he's moaning, omg, sugar baby, your pussy is so fucking good ,omg ,omg I love your hot cunt! then they cum at the same time and damn what a sight for me!, then after the initial orgasm, he pulled his cock out and she began to drink as he stroked a huge spurt of cum into her mouth,her eyes widened as she tried to drink it all but some over flowed at the corners of her mouth and she gulped and then wiped it from her face with her fingers and licked them clean damn what a magnificent slut she is, she cleaned his dick with her tongue and mouth gave him a little more head and then as quickly as it started they stopped and dressed and she kissed him sweetly and asked " want to fuck again sometime , sam? you know it baby, i'll be back , count on it.

After he left we fucked like minks damn she can fuck forever and I can't wait till next time.

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