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(April 2001)

We were looking forward to our camping trip, just to get away for a while, to rest and relax. Little did I know that that this trip was not going to be that way. We never thought that we would spend so much time fucking our new neighbors at the campsite!

Annette and I had hiked most of the day to get to one of the more isolated campground areas in Yosemite park, and we were both quite hot and sweaty by the time we reached our destination. Upon arriving, we saw that there were several other tents already pitched, with a few people milling around or just relaxing in the peaceful surroundings. We staggered in and said Hello, then proceeded to find a suitable spot for our tent. Several of the good spots had been taken, but we found one some distance away from our neighbors. It was nice and flat, with some grasses to cushion our backs. We quickly set up our tent. Annette was wearing a pair of cutoff jeans, and they were cutoff pretty high.

Each time she bent over to knock a peg in or adjust the sidewalls, they'd ride up her cheeks and expose some of her female "assets". Annette has golden brown hair that falls below her shoulders, but she had it bunched up due to the heat. She has a beautiful figure, with full, but not huge breasts measuring 36D, which were, at the time, covered by a stretchy knit tube top revealing quite a bit of cleavage. It kept making me think of the tit-fuck we had had down in the valley, that morning. Annette is small, only about 5'2" and 115 lbs. Her small size makes her breasts look that much larger on her frame, but her cheerful personality and dynamite looks draw one's attention away from the purely sexual allure of her body. Annette has the kind of smiling face that make people like her. She is pretty, the kind of pretty that guys bite their lower lip over and smile. I know. That's exactly what I did the first time I saw her.

We'd met several months ago at a friend's birthday party, and during the party, our mutual friend's husband told me that Annette was single and "available". He introduced us and Annette and I seemed to hit it off pretty well. At the end of the party, both of us offered to help clean up. Later we all sat around talking and laughing, and somehow, Annette ended up scratching my back (oooh!), and then curling up on the large sofa with me. After that, we found many things we liked to do, and camping is one of our favourites.

Once we set up our tent in the campground, we relaxed by talking with our neighbors, laughing and swapping stories about funny incidents that we'd had camping out. As the sun began to set, we started a fire in one of the pits, and it seemed that everyone joined in a communal cooking party. Lots of fun, conversation and good food. As night fell, it cooled off to a pleasantly warm evening, a few gentle breezes made us all smile. Among our neighbors were two other couples in their mid- to late twenties, a young couple who looked about 20, and a pair of young gals who also seemed to be about twenty-one..

The two girls were very attractive, even Annette had commented on that. One was a redheaded with hair that was so beautiful in the right light, and the other was an ash brown with the bluest eyes I'd ever seen. Both were slender and shapely and seemed to be the quiet kind. Annette has brilliant green eyes that melt me, but the blue eyes on the one girl were just so nice I had to tell her what I thought of them. She seemed to blush a little and thanked me, then Annette said that she liked them too. After dinner and nightfall, we all sat out under the stars talking about this or that, even looking up at the clouds of twinkling stars and wondering aloud if life was the same everywhere.

Annette and I decided to turn in early, because, having hiked up that day, we were tired. That started a trend, and by 11 pm, the fire was out and everyone was bedding down. But not sleeping. Annette and I slipped into our tent, spreading out our sleeping bags into a thick mattress. Annette and I undressed then kissed, her breasts pressing against my chest warmly. It wasn't long before my lips were pulling on her nipples, and my fingers were massaging her pussy. In the quiet of the night, all we could hear was the sounds in our tent; heavy breathing, the pounding of our hearts, and the rustle of nylon each time we moved. I sucked Annette's large nipples, making each one hard and damp, then blowing on it before lapping it again. I licked between and underneath them, then covered her belly with kisses until I found the top of her pubic hair.

I love to eat pussy, and now I just pulled her legs apart and dove in, licking, lapping, sucking and getting a little carried away. Annette loves it when I do that, and her hips rock faster and faster against my eager tongue. The small tent didn't leave lots of room for me to lay between her legs without sticking my feet outside. So I was crouching along side her, my head upside down between her soft thighs. Annette began to buck and I pulled her legs back, spreading them as wide as I could inside the dome tent. With her pussy spread open I buried my face in her, and sucked her clit hard.

Annette gasped and raised her ass, and I could feel her pussy contracting, pulsing against my face. Her legs closed and locked around my head, and she shuddered several times. I stopped licking her pussy and let her enjoy her sensations, lightly caressing the backs of her thighs and holding her against me. I curled up and held her then, letting her lay her head on my chest and sigh softly. Annette curled around me, and even in her serene bliss, her lips lightly kissed my left nipple, pulling on it sensuously. I let her come down from her high, and she began kissing me all over.

Annette likes to suck cocks as much as I like eating pussy, so she began by licking the head. I lay on my back, eyes closed, just experiencing her touch. Annette lovingly licked around the head, holding me in her fist. Then she went down and licked my balls, sucking the loose skin into her mouth playfully. She licked my shaft several times, then slowly took all but the last inch of my seven inch cock into her mouth.

She began her slow up and down motions, using her tongue firmly on the underside. Annette had an ecstatic look on her face, as she always does when giving me and she loves driving me wild too. I never know what to expect from her either. Sometimes she can press her lips together tightly around me, and milk me into her mouth. She likes to make me cum this way, and she'll swallow every drop. Other times, she'll get me very close, then jerk me off between her full tits, rubbing my sperm all over her tits or face with my cock, then licking me off. Usually, I fantasize about that when she's giving me head. Other times, she'll stop suddenly and climb on top of me and go wild as we fuck our brains out.

Annette stopped and climbed on me, this being a night where she wanted my first cum in her love hole. Her pussy was, as you might guess, very wet, and I easily entered her tight tunnel. She lowered her hips and held them there, slowly rotating her pelvis, supporting herself with her hands on my chest. We both moaned softly. With her legs by my hands, I stroked her thighs, then slid my hands up her waist and under her full tits. Annette threw her body down on top of me and kissed me in wanton passion, rocking her hips in short movements.

"Fuck me.", Annette whispered softly. As we moved, we could hear the wet sounds our bodies made as they slithered back and forth. I reached down and pressed her cheeks together, and began humping back against her. Our tongues danced and our breathing got heavier. It wasn't too long before I could feel her movements becoming shorter, sharper, more urgent than before. Her rising tide swept me along with her, and I felt myself boiling over.

"Cum with me.", I whispered passionately to her.

Once again, Annette moaned and ground herself down onto me. Her pussy began to clench me over and over, and then, she arched up, sitting on me with her full weight, driving me deep into her cunt. My sperm shot out, sending thick, hot gushers deep inside her steaming crotch. Annette's hips shuddered and her cunt seemed to be sucking it out of me. I could feel my thick, hot liquid swirling around inside her, and I arched my hips up hard, my whole body trying to flow up into her. Annette laid down on top of me, kissing me and still squeezing me with her cum-filled pussy. I flexed back and felt her shudder from it. We sent each other messages that way, our mouths busy against each other. It was so wonderful having her in my arms and feeling so happy with her. We both held on to one another, finally dozing off, my cock still inside her.

Sometime later, Annette moved in her sleep, and my soft cock slithered out of her pink tunnel. We both woke up from the sensation of this withdrawing action. Annette moaned softly, feeling my cum oozing out of her, and I could feel it trickling down onto my cock and stomach. I ran my hands over her ass and kissed her cheek. Annette did something next that makes my cock stand up whenever I think about it. Reaching back, Annette ran her fingers over her dripping pussy and then rubbed it on her ass.

I helped, spreading my cum and hers over her soft buns, making her writhe on top of me. Annette climbed off of me and then began licking my cock again, it was still covered in our mixed juices. This excited me a lot, especially since she was doing it so hungrily. I heard wet noises, and in the dim light, I could see that Annette's hand was rubbing her pussy, then spreading our gooey cream over her belly and legs. Annette really started sucking me, giving me a very sloppy, slutty blow job. Then I found out why she'd been rubbing her pussy so much. With her slippery wet hand, she grabbed my cock and began sliding her hand up and down, using her juices to make it feel like a very tight pussy. By now the tent was filled with the scent of our bodies, heavy sex, and cum. Annette stopped and brought her face close to mine.

"I want you to cum in my mouth.", she said in a soft, husky voice.

She kissed me, then licked down from left nipple to my cock, leaving a damp trail on my skin. She looked back up at me, then whispered around my cock. "Fuck my mouth. Give me your cum." It took me a moment to understand what she wanted. Annette held her mouth on the head, pulling my hips with her hands. Slowly and carefully, I began to rock my hips, thrusting my cock into her mouth. Annette's hand dove to her soft cunt, and she urged me on by moving her head until I was fucking her mouth faster. Annette's saliva drooled down my cock, and I was trying not to ram it down her throat. She choked once, pulling back but not releasing my cock. I was getting close, and she was raking her teeth against my sensitive cock, applying friction and pressure enough to make me spurt.

Just as I felt my spunk beginning to surge, Annette's hands pressed against my hips, holding me down. She lowered her mouth, taking my cock right up to to the hilt, then she slowly drew back up, my cock throbbing in her throat. She choked only slightly, and halfway up my shaft, I sent a long stream of thick sperm into her mouth. I groaned. Another and another and another. I didn't know I had it in me. Annette seemed to be swishing my cock and cum around in her mouth, and I just kept spurting. I was sure I'd shot gallons of my lovejuice into her mouth. She kept the head in her warm, sperm-filled mouth, then swallowed twice. I was sensitive, and Annette was making me shudder by licking me off. When she was finished, she put her head down on my stomach, letting my cock rest against her face. "Let it go soft. Don't move.", she whispered. I didn't. I lay there, limp as a wet towel, playing with her ass while my cock softened and slid against her cheek. As I shrank, the last dribbles of sperm left a wet line down her cheek. Annette's hands were touching my legs and hips tenderly, and we were both very wrung out. Now, for the first time, we listened to the night.

We could hear soft rustling of nylon from the other tents, as people rolled over or moved. A soft feminine moan drifted quietly through our tent, and I smiled, realizing that someone else was having a fuck, just like we were. There was the chirp of crickets in the forest, and other night sounds. A grizzly bear bellowed out, far away.They combined to make us drowsy. My cock slid off of Annette's face, and she licked the tip, then moved to curl up with her head on my chest. I looked at her and touched the wet line on her face. She licked my finger off. "You taste good.", she said softly, then snuggled her head against me and started to drift of into sleep.

In the quiet night, zippers make a terribly loud racket. We awoke with a start, since it sounded as if our own tent was being unzipped. We listened and heard someone stumbling about outside. That reminded both of us that sex can take it's toll on your bladder, and we needed to find some relief as soon as our neighbour returned to their tent.

We were at the far end of our small clearing, and we heard sniffle as someone approached. They walked by, rustling some bushes. A long silence followed before we heard the faint, unmistakable sound of earth being dampened. Then it sounded again. A long silence. Annette said that she was getting to be uncomfortable, so I decided that I would peek out to see if our neighbors were walking back quietly. Nothing. I slowly unzipped the tent, being very quiet, then poked my head out. Nothing. We took a small penlight and went downwind towards where we'd heard the others go. There was a small trench near a tree, showing dampness. Annette went first, using her strong legs, she squatted and began to relieve herself. I waited and looked around, wondering how I could have missed our neighbours returning to their tent. I took my turn. As I stood there, Annette came around alongside me. Wordlessly she put her hand around my limp cock and told me to go ahead, pee. Kinky, but why not? I began urinating while she held me.

Annette had found a new toy, and she moved it experimentally, to see if it really did act like a hose. When I had finished my pee, I wrapped my hand around hers and squeezed out the last drops, then shook it gently. Annette finally let go, and as we moved away, she kissed me with very great passion. As we returned, we heard a slight noise and stopped. We listened again, straining our ears in the darkness.

Then we heard a gasp followed by a short, soft moan. We slowly crept up the narrow trail towards the campground, listening intently. Just steps from the end of the trail we heard it again and peered through some bush next to the trail. There was a very small clear area, and with the light of a quarter moon, we could see a female figure standing with her legs spread wide and cupping her tits. Below her, another figure sat, facing the trail, legs spread, head back and between the girl's legs. This second figure was also female! The two girls who were sharing a tent were standing naked in the night, and one was sucking the other's pussy. I began to get hard right away. Annette's hand found my cock through my thin nylon shorts, and she began to stroke it, using her other hand on her own pussy. The standing girl was rocking her hips in a manner that showed she was very hot, and the girl sitting down was fingering her own pussy frantically. Soft sucking noises occasionally could be heard too. Annette made a soft snicker, then knelt to begin sucking me.

My view was partially obscured by the brush, but I could clearly see that these girls were really into it. Annette began rubbing my cock against her cheek, then her tits. I looked down and smiled, then put my finger to my lips. I motioned Annette to cup her tits and when she did, I began jerking my cock. Annette smiled broadly and licked her lips. I looked at her, then the two lesbians, then back at Annette. Annette licked the head of my cock, then raised her t-shirt around her neck and pressed her right nipple against my pounding fist. She made some faces to indicate that she was turned on by this, and that she was waiting for me to cum. She didn't have to wait long. The standing girl gasped and began to shudder, her friend holding her hips in place. The girl came, but her friend didn't stop, and quickly the girl began to cum again. This time she grabbed her tits hard and moaned in a high pitched tone. I was thoroughly aroused, and jerking myself hard. I looked down at Annette and saw that she was looking through the bushes too, still cupping her tits. A fast rush hit me, and my spunk flew out, splashing against Annette's cheek. She turned her head as it hit, forming a line from her cheek down and over her upper lip. She sat up, offering her tits, and I gushed again, spewing out thick streams all over her lovely full tits. Annette took the head in her mouth and sucked hard, pulling the last spurts and few drops from my cock and drinking them. Annette licked my cock playfully and I stood there with my eyes closed, breathing hard. A rustle in the bushes indicated that the two girls were getting ready to leave. Annette and I stepped quietly behind a bush and waited. I was getting a stiffy again watching Annette rub my cum all over her firm tits and down her belly.

The two girls walked off, and I heard Annette inhale sharply neither of them had even brought any clothes out with them!! Watching their slinky,shapely figures disappear into the darkness was very erotic indeed. We waited a few moments and then headed back to our tent. I led, using the penlight by flicking it on momentarily now and then. As we got closer to the campsite we could hear hushed voices ahead, and other noises beyond that. I looked up, not being able to see much, and saw two dimly lit figures sitting by the embers of the fire, talking quietly. Annette came up and we went around a bush.

Warm and very soft. That was my first impression when my hand found the redhead's naked behind. She started with a gasp, "Shh!" I said in a tiny whisper. "It's okay. We know." We couldn't see their expressions too well, except for four wide eyes in the darkness. The pale moon made them faint ghostly fantasy images, soft curves, naked, and inviting. But I realized their problem at once. Impulses have their drawbacks, and now they couldn't just walk right past the couple by the fire wearing only a smile. Annette moved forward and whispered so quietly that I had trouble hearing what she said.

Once the words sank in, I was pretty well dumbstruck. Annette had invited them to come into our tent, since it was closest, open, and the door faced the right way for secrecy. With little else going for them, they agreed. I found myself somewhat embarrassed by the tent my prick was making out of the thin nylon shorts I wore, but they were busy tip-toeing into our tent. Once inside, I began zipping up the door, painfully aware of the abundance of female nudity so close by. More to the point, I could smell their fragrances from their earlier fun. I tried to be quiet with the zipper, getting both the door and screen into place after about a full minute. Then I turned around. Gina, the redheaded sat on the sleeping bags Indian-style, and Susan, the brownhaired one, knelt further to my right. To my left was Annette, and she patted the bag between her and Gina for me to sit. I slid down on the bags, half reclining on my elbows.

"Might as well wait for a while." I whispered. Annette put her hand on my hip and leaned over to the girls. My vantage point had me nearly even with Gina's dark nippled breasts. "I'm Annette." She said. Short, quiet introductions were made, and the girls seemed very embarrassed. At least Susan kept trying to cover her tits with crossed arms. Gina showed no such false modesty, but she sat there with her hands tightly clasped in her lap. With four of us in the short tent, it began to heat up quickly. Annette pulled her t-shirt over her head, letting her tits wobble free.

Light in the tent was sparse, but enough filtered through the nylon fabric that you could see shapes and outlines. Especially fair skin. She rolled onto her back, curling her legs, and slipped her shorts off, tossing them aside casually. "Don't be rude." Annette giggled quietly as she pulled my tank top off. She tossed my shirt over her shoulder, and then began on my shorts. There was, of course, a flag pole inside, something not lost on Gina or Susan. Annette got my shorts off and tossed them next to hers. Her hand naturally strayed to my erection. In the darkness her hand was hard to see, but obvious by the way my cock moved.

Susan moved closer to my side, right next to Gina. They both were looking down at me when Annette reached over my chest and touched Gina's leg. I waited, then Annette brought Gina's hand to my cock, letting her wrap her hand around me. I throbbed in her hand, feeling a new, strange touch. Gina's other hand caressed my chest. I looked over at Annette, reaching up to squeeze her left nipple gently. I peered at Gina's tits and saw that Susan was fondling one while tugging on her own smaller tits. Annette bent down and sucked my cock, all the way down to Gina's hand. Gina kept up a slow pumping action for several minutes. Susan moved onto her knees, fingering herself with more abandon as she felt Gina's body over. Annette sat up and leaned over me to whisper into Susan's ear. I heard a soft sigh, one that means pleasure. Susan whispered to Gina, and I didn't even catch a single word. Annette leaned over me, thrust her chest out and I watched as Gina leaned over and licked between my girlfriend's tits.

After several licks, Gina sat back and smacked her lips several times, obviously tasting my cum. Susan leaned over and did the same, only she took one of Annette's nipples in her mouth and sucked. Susan sucked hard enough to make a suckling noise briefly, then
her hand slid between Annette's legs, making her moan softly. Annette and Susan kissed long and passionately, their heads twisting back and forth as their tongues danced. Gina squeezed me each time I throbbed in her hand, getting turned on, as I was, by watching Annette and Susan. After a while, Annette and Susan had had their fill, and Susan moved into position, guided by Annette. We all moved, all according my cock, facing Susan, and Annette sat on my face, her sopping wet vagina filling my nostrils with her steamy, musky fragrance.

Ah! The smell of a woman.Gina was very tight, but also soaking wet. Her twat fit me like a tight glove. She worked her slippery snatch back and forth until she had taken me fully inside her. Each stroke caused Gina to tremble, so near her orgasm was she. I reached up and played with Annette's tits, then found Gina's hips and ass. I explored her succulent flesh, finding Annette's hands already on her tits as she leaned back. Susan's hair tickled my balls, and I could feel her licking my cock and her mouth working on Gina's cunt. I didn't know if I would die from all this womanly love, nor did I care! Annette's pussy is delicious any time, but right now it was nectar of the Gods!
Susan didn't neglect me, well not too much. Her tongue licked my balls, then up my cock to Gina's clit. Annette was getting into it too, rocking her cunt back and forth on my mouth, smearing her juices all over my face. I worried that I would be smothered, or her rocking would break my nose! Sweat began to trickle down my body, especially where skin met skin, which was almost everywhere. Gina moved up and down on my shaft, and I prayed that I had at least one more load of cum to give. Her movements became more urgent, more violent, her ass slamming down against my hips with a wet "smack!". I could hear her tits slapping
together too, even through the squishing sounds Annette's cunt made in my face. No telling what that couple outside must think! Gina's cunt clamped down on my cock, gripping me tight enough that as she moved upwards she pulled the skin up too. It felt like she was sucking my cock right up her cunt!! Gina grabbed her tits (so Annette said), and leaned back into Annette, spasming. I could feel Susan's tongue licking, making her friend's cunt contract around me. Soft sighs came from Gina as she came, gasped for breath, then came again.
Thankfully, Annette moved off my face, allowing me some cool air. My soaked face felt cool and sticky with her cum-juices, and I licked some from my moustache. Gina sat up and moved off of me, then surprised me by kissing me on the mouth. Her wide, sexy mouth covered mine, and her tongue jumped into my mouth, dancing about, then licking Annette's love juice off my lips. While this was going on, a mouth enveloped my cock. I must have died and gone to Heaven!!

Moments later I felt legs on either side of me and then my cock was sliding easily into a hot, slippery twat. Gina sat up and I saw the light hair of Susan over me, her smallish breasts looking so firm in the dim light. Her pussy wasn't as tight as Gina's, but it was still tight enough. Susan sat on me fully, rocking her hips back and forth and making a low, gurgling growl. She leaned forward and kissed me, and I could taste Gina's cunt on her lips. Hands slid between us, playing with our nipples, squeezing her tits, feeling our sweaty bodies. Susan sat back up and rode me, rocking her hips faster and faster. Annette removed her hand from between her legs and held it to Susan's mouth. Susan licked her cream-covered fingers like miniature cocks, then Gina did the same thing.

Both Gina and Annette sucked on Susan's tits, making her cunt squeeze me tighter. The steamy heat in our tent made all of us sweat, and I could see tits, asses, hips, arms, waists, legs and stomachs glistening in the faint light. Annette laid down next to me, her legs flung wide. Susan held one leg, caressing it from the knee towards Annette's crotch. Gina knelt and bent over, sucking and licking the exposed cuntlips, flicking her clit for her.

I could see Annette's tits wobble as she rode her wave towards orgasm, knowing that she could get loud didn't make me feel any better. Well, actually it did. It added some thrill to it, and I could feel my cum welling up inside me. I knew I wanted to shoot it deep inside of Susan's hot slit, shoot my cum until it gushed out of her cunt and down her legs. She felt that too, slamming her twat down on my rigid shaft, trying to cram me up her cunt. I could see Annette's hips rocking in a tell-tale rhythm, and my resolve burst through. My cock swelled inside Susan, making her gasp and grind her slippery cunt against me. I grabbed her ass, pulling her forward and cupping her cheeks.

My hips moved in a blur, pounding her cunt, hard and fast. "Yes!" Annette whispered harshly. "Cum in her. Fuck her hard. Shoot your load up her love canal. Cum!" Susan's body met mine with a rapid fire Smack-Smack-Smack- Smack-Smack!" Our lusts went wild, her hand guiding my index finger to her butt, pushing it into her pulsing asshole. I ground my cock into her, feeling my prick through her ass. Susan slammed down with long, hard strokes, a breathless "Hohhhh!" coming out each time. Her asshole pulsed and spasmed with her cunt, sucking the sperm up my shaft. "Ohhungghmmmm!" We moaned in unison, as my cum burst forth into her dripping vagina. Each pulse of my cock made her cringe, then contract around me. It was an infinite cycle.
Susan began covering my face and chest with quick kisses, even sucking on my nipples briefly. Our arms were around each other, her breasts crushed against my chest, her lips locked over my mouth when we felt hands between our legs.
Both Gina and Annette were spreading our juices over Susan's butt, and my finger was still half buried in her ass. As I pulled my finger out, Susan squeezed again, getting the last dribble out of my cock. I watched in lusty amazement as Annette pushed her face between Susan's legs and lapped at her cum-filled twat, then pushed her off of me and onto her back. Annette spread the girl's legs wide, leaning over my legs to suck her Susan's still twitching slit. Annette's head moved rapidly, and I could hear her making wet sucking noises as she sucked my cum from the brown. Behind Annette, Gina had four fingers in Annette's snatch, pumping her dripping hole noisily. I reached under Gina and pushed two fingers into her, using my thumb over her clit. Susan came again, this time wrapping her legs around Annette's head, pulling her face tight against that delicious cunt. Annette suddenly stretched out, lying on top of me and orgasming to Gina's fingers.

Gina came moments later, her juices soaking my hand. Annette sat up, her face soaked in sperm and cunt-juice. Susan kissed her first, then Gina. All three of them kissed and licked each other for a long while. Finally, Annette put her head on my cock, licking around my balls lazily. Susan put her head on my arm, and Gina put hers on my chest. Our lusts saited for now, we relaxed and dozed a bit.

The zipper on a tent woke us, like one had some eons ago. Annette peeked and at the second sound of the zipper, gave the okay signal. Both the girls kissed us in silence, hands touching sensitive places as a silent thank you. Both Annette and I returned the touches quickly. The nude girls scampered out, with Susan pausing on all fours to show me her ass and cunt one last time. I reached out and ran my fingers between her cuntlips before she crawled out, turning to smile. As they trotted off, Annette licked my fingers then kissed me hard. We zipped up the tent, and kissed until fatigue overtook us.

The next morning we dressed and headed down to the stream early to clean up. Both of us were covered with the perfume of the late night fuck. Cold water does a lot to wake you up, even if it's just a washcloth and soapy water. We had found a fairly private area so Annette could strip down and wash her tits, bum and cunt. I stripped and washed my cock and balls. We had finished and dressed when Gina and Susan showed up. We could now sense that our bath had been a good idea. Both the girls reeked of sweat, cum, and cunts. We stood guard for them while they stripped and washed, then we all returned to the camp for breakfast. I'm glad I discovered camping. It certainly can make you some very interesting new friends!!

------ The End ------


Pandora said...

Wow....I loved your long story...mhmmm...I can't wait to go camping with my man. I hope I will get as lucky as you! It totally turned me on ;) Well done! Keep up the good work. I love how you use all your 5 senses to get lost in this passion...I want a good fuck now! Thanks ;)

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