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Swinging with Oscar and Friends

Written by Waldo Ataboy (March 2001)

Part 1: Swinging with Oscar

The bastard, Oscar, is a son of a bitch. He's fucking my wife without my consent. He's doing it in the most perverse way knowing that I know he's doing it and flaunting it before me with full knowledge that I can't object.

I'm Henry P. III, and my family are prominent socialites in New York. I'm 24, 5‚10', and 160 lbs., trim in good shape and a recent grad from law school; work for a prestigious law firm in Manhattan in their Probate and Trusts division.

My family connections helped me get my job. Recently I married Jean who I knew since we were kids and we moved in the same circles. Her family is also well established. She's 23 years old, 5‚5', and 110 lbs., also keeps in good shape, dirty blond. She has nice boobs, plump tush, and has those good looks that attract attention. She has a degree in the fine arts and works as an assistant curator at a museum here in Manhattan.

I met Oscar in the steam room of a health club where I go to in the afternoon when I have free time to workout after which I go to the steam room, shower and go home for supper. It was in the steam room I first saw him on a bench just opposite from me, stretched out with his sheet wide-open, legs apart. A big man, maybe 35 years old, over 200 lbs., all muscle, wide shoulders, prominent nose and mustache.

What attracted my attention was his long fat moist dick with a big circumcised head there on the bench. I couldn't take my eyes off of it; it raised an unnatural passion in me and my prick responded by getting hard. Glancing up, I noticed that he was looking at me with a big smile on his face. Embarrassed I immediately looked away, wrapped my sheet around myself and left to get control of myself under a cold shower but I knew he knew of my admiration for his dick.

He left also but I could not face him in the shower room and I dallied so that he would leave before me and he left before me in the locker room when I got dressed. When I came out in the lobby he was there and came over to me and said, 'I've checked you out, and I'm told that your family is important here in New York. I wonder if you would give me the pleasure of your company and let me buy you a drink? We can go to Dante's which is just around the corner.' Sure, I could use a drink and obviously he wasn't making a big deal of my indiscreet admiration of his cock in the steam room.

Having heard of Dante's I was curious; it was known as an old fashion saloon where the gays, lesbians and others with bizarre tastes would gather and find others with the a similar bent. It was dark when we entered with a long bar on one side and tables on the other side and a large aisle in between; it had fixtures and pictures from the turn of the century. As we walked down the aisle the few patrons seemed to know Oscar and greeted him as we walked by. We went to the far end of the bar and sat on the stools.

The bar tender knew him also and when he came to serve us, Oscar ordered his usual; he brought back a full bottle of a fine Irish whiskey, a pitcher of water with ice cubes, two whiskey glasses, two water glasses and a plate of nuts. 'Is this drink OK with you?' Oscar asked. 'Sure,' I answered.

Oscar poured two shots, two chasers and pushed one to me, and said, 'Cheers.' We downed the drinks. He poured another and pushed the bottle to me to pour my own. As we drank and munched nuts he told me with pride about himself describing how he pulled himself up as a dropout from school to his present wealth. His father, a dockworker, drank too much. He quit school at 16 in the 10th grade and went to work to help support his mother and four younger sisters as a delivery boy to a dressmaker in the Bronx who needed a strong and tough kid to safe guard his shipments from mobsters offering protection.

As he acquired the contacts in the business he opened up a shop for himself in the needle trade. It was in the rag business (that's what they call the fabricating of women's apparel) where he met his wife, Maria. She was a seamstress who worked for him from Spanish Harlem but acquired the knack for discovering the coming spring and fall fashion in women's clothing and could make the patterns to make cheap copies to be sold in department stores and dress shops to the public. If they were right for the season's production they made big profits and if wrong they would be stuck with unsold merchandise. Not only was she tall and good looking but also necessary for business so he married her.

They knew their stuff and became extremely wealthy. With the second bottle I lost my normal restraint to talk about myself and from his urging I told him about my wife and myself. Getting a little tipsy, he insisted on taking me home by cab to my apartment. Releasing the cab he helped me in where he met Jean and accepted her offer to a cup of coffee while I plopped down on the couch and fell asleep. I don't know how long he stayed and talked to Jean but he was gone when I awoke hungry. Jean gave me supper cold and rattled on how she was impressed with my new friend, Oscar. She accepted his offer to join him and his wife to go out some evening. Maria was to contact her to make plans. Friday my wife called me at work and told me that Maria did call and made a date for tonight and we will be picked up by Oscar at 7 to go for a meal at a gourmet restaurant, then to a disco for some dancing to follow that with a nightcap at their place all at his expense.

We were ready when the buzzer to our apartment rang; Oscar downstairs was waiting for us, and we came down Jean in her tight short evening dress with slits on the sides with a wrap, and I had on my regular dark suit. Oscar gallantly held the rear door to his Mercedes for us and off we went to a fancy French restaurant in Queens. Oscar made it a point to sit next to my wife when we were seated at the restaurant while I sat next to Maria. The food was great but I couldn't help noticing that Oscar was toying with my wife under the table while Jean pretended to resist and was obviously enjoying it.

Maria asked me if I knew Kendrick and Margaret Vander K . I told her, 'Their family came from the original Dutch settlers in New Amsterdam and are prominent among the elite here. We knew them well as we grew up together.'

'As you no doubt know, they moved to Toronto just recently and we were sorry to see them go,' Maria said and she nonchalantly continued, 'We were swinging with them and we are now looking for a nice young couple to swing with again.' Jean giggled but I didn't have the slightest idea what Maria was talking about. After supper when Oscar and Maria went to get the car and I had Jean alone I asked her, 'What's this swinging bit anyway?'

'Everyone knows that, swinging is where two couples exchange spouses from time to time for sex and intimate sharing,' explained Jean.

'No way will I go for that,' I insisted, 'I'm not going to let Oscar screw you. I'm no pervert.' 'Don't be a prude,' chuckled my wife, 'Besides how do you know it's Oscar that wants to screw me, maybe it's Maria.'

'That's sick,' I sputtered, 'We're not going to participate in that kind of stuff, I will not have it.' Our disagreement was interrupted when Oscar drove up; he got out to let us in and away we drove in the Mercedes to a disco.

I was pissed as Oscar plied Jean with drinks to break down her resistance at the disco where he took liberties pawing her at every opportunity both on and off the dance floor. In fact, she seemed to like his attention and made it a point to nuzzle up to him. I was going to put a stop to it when fortunately he said, 'Let's go to my place for a nightcap.'

We drove to an area in Battery Park City Development where the most expensive condominiums were overlooking the Hudson River and parked in a secured parking area under their building

. They had a unit on the 7th floor and Oscar bragged that it cost him a Þ million for his unit unfinished and he contracted to complete it himself at great expense. Their unit was spacious and well furnished. Their hired help to maintain it and serve them were not about when we arrived a little after 11 in the evening.

Jean gave her wrap to Oscar and he threw it over a chair, and Maria induced me to give her my coat and tie to get more comfortable throwing them over the same chair. Oscar asked if martinis were OK and he proceeded to shake some in a decanter and poured us each a drink. We were in the playroom as Oscar called it; it had a small bar in a corner and a music center where Oscar put on some slow dance music. Jean downed her drink and Oscar led her to the dance area for some intimate dancing placing one arm around her back and the other hand in front in the slit of her dress on to her hip.

Inhibitions gone by the alcohol Jean wrapped her arms around Oscar's muscular wide shoulders and rested her head in the nape of his neck. When Oscar slipped his hand from Jean's hip to her crotch that was going too far and I would have stopped him then and there but for the fact my own cock awakened to contradict my wishes and tented up in my pants. Maria seeing my condition said, 'Let them have some innocent fun, and besides let me show you some amusing toys I have at the other end of the room.'

Maria took my hand so that instead of stopping him I follow her to the wall directly opposite to them. She pressed a button that caused a panel in the wall to slide open disclosing objects hanging behind it.

Taking from the wall a pair of cuffs separated by a chain about two feet long she clamped them shut on my wrists and being caught by surprise I failed to stop her. 'Wait a minute,' I said, 'This is not my thing.' Ignoring me she spun me around and slipped a thin strap around my elbows and pulled it tight in back fastening my arms to my sides immobilizing me.

I protested, 'Stop right now and release me.' Not paying any attention, she turned me around again and unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my pants, down came my zipper and she yanked my pants and shorts to my hips causing my erect cock to be exposed.

'Oh my,' she said, 'We have to do something about that, we don't want you to have a premature ejaculation and messing up my rug.'

Still protesting she took a leather cockring with snaps from the wall, wrapped the thin adjustable leather band tightly around the base of my prick together with another thin strap under my scrotum so that my prick and balls engorged stood hard in front of me but prevented me from releasing a load. Turning around I observed Oscar and my wife; he had her spread out face down on a lounge with her legs out over the end, her dress pulled up to her waist, her panties off, and her plump ass available to be penetrated. Sheathed with a well-greased rubber the bastard placed his thick, long cock to her asshole and with a thrust proceeded to bugger her. Jean gyrated and yelped with pleasure and pushed back to take the whole darn thing up her ass. I was so turned on by the sight that my own cock would have shot but for the cockring I was wearing.

'Your wife's a real slut,' Maria chuckled, 'Let's see how much we can get out of you. Bend over boy and we'll see if you can take it as well as Kendrick.'

Maria took from the wall a fancy strap; about 3 feet long with a multibraided handle, pulled me over and let me have it hard across my ass. 'Yeow,' I screamed, 'I don't go for this at all.' ' I don't care; it is fun to break you,' she said as she let me have two more times hard across my ass. 'Yeow,' I screamed again, 'Stop immediately; this is painful and I'm no masochist.'

'Aux contraire, you really want it and need it. All you rich pampered young men want to be controlled and abused,' she replied, and her wicked whip landed across my ass again as the sadist continued her torment. 'After all Kendrick didn't like it either,' she continued, 'But he accepted it for me.'

I could see out of the corner of my eye that Oscar having finished fucking my wife's ass, with her in his arms walked over to watch us.

He had a big smile on his face as he whispered something in my wife's ear. As Maria laid it on I lost all will to resist; it was painfully but exhilarating and I knew I was hers to play with and obey. Deciding to disrobe me she released my hands from their bounds, my shirt and undershirt were pulled off; my pants were pulled down and removed with my shoes, socks so that with my prick erect in front of me restricted by the cockring aching to climax I was completely naked.

I was humiliated and aroused at the same time; my adrenaline was flowing. 'Enough of this fun time for you,' Maria said, 'On your knees, boy, it is time for you to satisfy me.' and she put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me down. Placing a collar around my neck with a leash she led me on my knees to a chair; with her dress up and panties down she sat and yanked me so that I directly faced her hairy twat.

Pulling my head in she pressed my lips to her wet smelly pussy and said 'Lick me good.' I knew what to do although I never licked pussy before and started slowly on the outside of her pussy lips and licked causing a reaction as she twitched. Slowly I worked my way along her puffy lips and tasted the wetness of her flow. As she moaned. I moved in and lapped up the increased moisture that accumulated.

She was now bucking and moaning even louder. I dug in and pressed my tongue, nose and face as far as I could go so that I tasted and smelled her nectar and she yelped, moaned and pressed my head in as she climaxed.

'Well done,' Maria complemented me, 'You're a good pussy licker.' I know I shouldn't have been but I was aroused and proud of myself. 'You did well,' Maria said, 'I'm going to reward you. Stand up, boy,' and as I stood up she and removed the cock ring relieving the pressure that the darn thing placed on my prick and balls. On her left hand she put on a latex glove and greased two fingers before inserting them into my asshole; grabbing my cock with her right hand wiggled the fingers in my asshole, I pumped and shot my load onto my pants that was on the floor at my feet.

'You certainly made a mess on your clothes, take them and go to the bathroom; wash up so that we can all retire.' There in the bathroom on a chair neatly folded were a pair of pajamas and after my shower I put them on. They fit. As I walked out I yelled, 'Hello, where is everybody?‚ 'In here,' came Maria's response, 'The second door to your left is our master bedroom.'

Entering, there was my wife in a skimpy nightie in the arms of Maria half under the covers in a large king-size bed and Oscar emerging from an adjoining bathroom in only a pajama top with his large cock in front of him. Wishing me a good night he got in bed and pressed himself to the back of my wife so that she was sandwiched between the two of them. 'I'm sorry there isn't enough room for you in bed with us,' Marie said, 'But you can sleep on the cot along the wall or in our guest bedroom next door.' I choose the cot.

Marie switched off the lights so that only the night-light remained on. In the dim light I could see under the covers Oscar had penetrated my wife in her rear while the two girls were toying with each other's crotch with their hands. The silence was broken by the grunts of Oscar and the passionate yelps of the girls.

As they climaxed I masturbated in my sheet above me in bed. The room again went silent as I pushed away my messed up sheet and under the remaining covers I dozed off to a well-needed sleep. When I awoke in the morning, the three of them were gone but pinned to my pillow was a note that said, 'You will find in the adjoining bathroom all that you will need to clean up, a razor, toothbrush, mouthwash and etc. After you clean up join us for breakfast in the dinning room.' In the bathroom I discarded my pajamas and proceeded to wash and shave and in walked a young, beautiful, dark-skinned maid carrying on a hanger clothes for me. Being naked, I was shocked by her unannounced intrusion and tried to cover my private parts. She took it all in stride and said, 'I'll hang your clothes on the hock here on the wall. Oh my, I see the whip marks across your bottom that Maria must have placed.

I got just the thing for that.' In the medicine cabinet behind me she took out a jar; opening it up and taking a glob of ointment in her hand she proceeded to rub the soothing lotion on my ass cheeks. It felt good but notwithstanding I was humiliated and my prick responded by getting aroused. Fortunately she left me without further words or attention.

The clothes fit well, and I wondered how they could discover my size and get them for me so fast; in tan slacks, a fancy sport shirt and a herringbone sports jacket I looked quite dapper when I joined my hosts in the dinning room for breakfast. Both Oscar and Maria acted as if nothing unusual occurred the previous night and insisted I sit with them and my wife to be served by a young butler who offered to get me any breakfast I preferred.

At breakfast Jean dressed in slacks and a blouse that our hosts must have supplied, told me that she and Maria were planning to spend the afternoon having their hair done and shopping and will see me back at our apartment at about suppertime. Oscar said that he would have spent the afternoon with me but unfortunately he had to show a very important buyer for a chain of department stores his wares in women's clothing but would drive me back to my apartment before picking up the buyer. On the way back to my apartment Oscar asked if I enjoyed hockey and if so he had a couple of tickets for tonight's game.

He offered to pick me up around 7 for the game after which we could get a corn beef sandwich and beer at a deli and call it quits for the night since he gets up early on Sunday for Mass, he and Maria being observant Catholics. This was fine with me for I was pleased that he was willing to never mind the previous night when Maria sexually abused me and Oscar fucked my wife. Let bygones be bygones. When I got home to our apartment and after giving it a great deal of thought I came to the conclusion that we could be friends but in no way will I swing with them; after all I'm straight and not a sexual deviant. When Jean came home about 5 with packages, she suggested pizza as she didn't want to bother with supper and with a little rest was planning to go out this very night with Maria cruising; what in the hell is cruising? I ordered the pizza.

After supper when they arrived Maria and my wife went cruising in the roadster that they came in and Oscar and I went by cab to the hockey game. Oscar was quite friendly and outgoing both at the game and at the deli and acted as if nothing untoward had occurred. He was both civil and considerate and I was left with the impression that when I explained to him I just wanted to be friends he would be agreeable

. Jean got home from cruising about midnight and was euphoric from her junket to the S&M and gay bars that Maria took her to. She couldn't stop talking about her experiences and whom she ran into. To her surprise some of our best friends were participants who begged my wife not to disclose their proclivities, one was a cross dresser and another was a faggot.

Maria and Jean had a great time by judiciously applying a strap on the bare bottoms of some of them who were turned on by the whipping. When we went to bed Jean took the initiative for sex; got on top and wore me out. On Sunday I told Jean that we would put an end to this swinging thing. No self-respecting man would or should condone his wife having intercourse with another. Jean insisted as a liberated woman she had the right to swing if she wanted to since it was widely practiced among people who were chic and it need not threaten our marriage.

'After all,' she stated, 'Oscar doesn't take it seriously, Maria doesn't mind, and besides, Henry, you have to admit you enjoyed sex with Maria.' 'It is perverse, what kind of man do you think I am?' I said, 'and I will not put up with it.' I was getting nowhere with her and I realized that there is no way to reason rationally with a woman. I resolved that I would settle this with Oscar directly since as a man he will understand.

On Monday I communicated to Oscar at his place of business by E-Mail the following, 'It is most important that we get together as I have a very important matter I wish to discuss with you. Can we meet at 4:30 this afternoon at Dante's? If no, E-Mail me a reply that you can't make it.' Not having received a reply I showed up at 4:30 and went to the end of the bar, and found Oscar talking to a large man there. He waived me over and introduced me to Tony a big man and business associate and pointed to the Irish whiskey and suggested I have a drink. Indicating to Tony that he had something private to discuss with me, Tony excused himself and left. Having full confidence I knew Oscar would understand my position in regard to swinging and I presented my objections. Oscar listened patiently but voiced no comment to what I was saying.

Pouring another shot in our whiskey glasses he put some water in both our water glasses about half full. To my amazement took my water glass to the fly of his pants, he opened it and pulled out his large thick cock and squirted some piss into my water glass and placed the water with piss down in front of me. I couldn't have been more shocked by what he had done. Putting his cock back in his pants, he picked up his drink and said 'Cheers,' and drank it together with his chaser.

It was totally unreal; I didn't know what to do as he watched to see what I would do. Downing my whiskey I picked up my water glass with piss and hesitated, what to do; should I put the disgusting mixture down and leave or show my submission and drink it? Undecided I couldn't make up my mind. Impulsively, I drank it. A big smile appeared on Oscars face as he said, 'I thought so; I knew what you wanted the first time I saw you admiring my cock in the steam room. Come so that we can continue our conversation in private.' He took my hand and led me to a long hallway in back of the bar that led outside.

On one side of the hallway were the men and women's bathrooms and opposite were a couple of doors to separate rooms that the patrons of the bar used to do their thing unobserved. Oscar led me into the first private room and turned on the light. The room was quite ordinary, a couple of easy chairs with a table and lamp in the back, a large heavy oak table in the center of the room and a lounge along a wall with other chairs. Oscar removed his coat and tie and instructed me to do likewise.

I was still in a state of shock by drinking that nasty brew and complied without question. He turned me about and undressed me by yanking my trousers and shorts down to my hips exposing my prick and ass. Flustered, I objected, 'Now wait a minute, you said we would continue our conversation.

What are you doing?' Pulling his belt out from the loops of his trousers he said, 'Bend over,' and gave me a lash across my ass. 'This to make the point that you are to serve me without question,' he explained as he gave me two more. 'Yeow,' I screamed and he lashed me again across my ass. 'Please stop, this is unbearable,' I begged but he paid no heed and gave me a couple more. My prick got hard notwithstanding the pain and humiliation he was inflicting on me. 'Spread your legs,' Oscar demanded, 'We must get your pants off to do this right.'

Of course I obeyed as he pulled down my pants making it easier for him to lash my ass. No mercy shown as he applied that wicked belt across my ass. 'No more,' I cried, 'I can't take no more.' 'Sure you can,' he generously said, 'I'm not through yet,' and he gave me some more across my ass. Being satisfied he stopped and said, 'Enough of this, now on your knees, I'm going to teach you the fine art of cock sucking.

I do miss Kendrick. He became quite an accomplished cocksucker after extensive practice; maybe you can also if you put your mind to it.' Not wishing to oppose him after my whipping, I dropped to my knees to comply. Pulling out his magnificent cock from his trousers he place the head of his penis to my lips and said, 'Open up and swallow my cock; you'll like it and take it all the way.'

Opening my mouth, I mumbled, 'It's much to big. Pushing it in, he said, 'You can handle it if you try. Relax; you can handle it by swallowing it as it goes down and concentrate. You'll enjoy it, all my little cocksuckers do.' He held my head with both his hands to get the proper angle and pushed it down my throat; with a great deal of effort I avoided chocking; savoring it, I willingly accepted it to please him.

As he reversed direction I took a deep breath and sucked that enormous cock as he pulled his cockhead to the front of my mouth. Repeating the process I grabbed my own cock and back down my throat his cock went. Pushing it in and out he grunted with pleasure and he finally said, 'I'm coming, swallow, bon appetite.' And he shot copiously in my mouth and I swallowed his discharge as I shot on my pants that lay at my ankles beneath me.

Taking the tail of my shirt he wiped clean his cock and said, 'Clean up the mess you made with the paper towels you will find in the cabinet there; get dressed, compose yourself and meet me at the bar. We can have a drink and continue our conversation at the bar.' Having done the best I could in cleaning up under the circumstance I joined him at the bar, I needed a drink bad. I had mixed feelings from the experience; I never even contemplated submitting myself to another man's carnal pleasure by sucking him off yet down deep I knew I got a high from it but how could I now face him? After I downed the drink that he poured me and offered me a second, he said, 'Don't get me wrong, I can understand your reluctance in seeing me fuck your wife. I accept that.

Besides I am willing to accommodate you since I'm more interested in you then your wife. Besides Maria likes your wife and wants to have her so that the two of them can play together. It's you that I want to swing with. I especially like young society type guys like you who appreciate the privilege of giving me head.

So don't worry I'll lay off your wife.' With these comments and after another drink to calm down, we parted with the understanding that we will get together again soon.

I went home to my apartment to give this a great deal of thought.

End of Part One

Swinging with Oscar and Friends ˆ Part 2 Metamorphosis

Upon getting home I couldn't get it out of my mind. How could I have drunk Oscar's piss and sucked his cock? I'm no faggot, what came over me? Sure, Oscar is rough and a brute; he is strong, powerful and stirs in me a need to give in to him but I can't permit this craziness to go on. Rationally I know this is sick and I must fight against my will to submit to him. After all if Jean found out, what will she think of me? Friday afternoon I left work early to confront Oscar and went to Dante's Bar to let him know that I will not be his plaything to abuse and will not participate again as he wants.

He was at his regular place at the end of the bar drinking his usual drink with his friend Tony. When he saw me, he waived me over and poured me a drink. I met Tony before but now Oscar told me about his friend and business associate. Tony was big and strong like Oscar, owned a trucking company and handled some of Oscar's shipments. Oscar bragged that Tony knew how to handle himself against the same guys that are always trying to muscle in. Oscar had a good rapport with Tony.

As I drank with them waiting to get Oscar alone to have a heart to heart talk with him, Oscar spotted a friend of mine, who just entered the bar and stopped halfway down the aisle to talk to someone. It was Alfred who I knew going way back; we grew up together and went to the same private schools; he was now an instructor at City College, a good-looking fellow with a delicate and sensitive personality. When Oscar saw him, he said, 'Excuse me, I have some unfinished business with Alfred.' When Oscar drew close Alfred became very apologetic to Oscar over something. From what I could hear and make out it was because he missed a meeting with Oscar and he was trying to explain that he called to cancel, as he had to attend an important faculty get-together.

Oscar would have none of this as he berated him for his failure and insisted if they were to remain friends he would be punished and he led him away to one of the rooms in the back. I could not help but notice that as Oscar led Alfred in the room, Oscar pulled his belt from the loops of his trousers. 'My God,' I said to Tony, 'He's going to whip poor Alfred.' Tony laughed and said, 'Oscar's certainly a son of a bitch and he sure is going to whip Alfred's bare ass good and proper but no doubt he will forgive him and let him suck him off.

After all they are friends.' Tony with a knowing smile patted me on my ass and further commented, 'Besides, I‚d like to know you better,' and poured me a drink. As we drank and talked Tony got behind me and said, 'You have a charming rear which I'm sure needs some attention,' and he rubbed up against me in back. 'Now wait a minute,' I protested, 'I'm not what you think. I'm no faggot.' 'I know that or I wouldn't be interested,' he said, 'I like fine gentlemen like you who show resistance.

That's part of the fun in making out,' and he wrapped both his hands around me from the back so I couldn't escape and held my hands on top of the bar with his right hand from one side of me and from the other side unbuckled my belt in front with his left hand. 'I don't consent,' I protested, 'Stop immediately, I don't go for this shit.' Paying no attention he continued to pull down my fly and lowering my pants and shorts down to my hips exposing my dick and butt pressing his hips on to my ass.

Notwithstanding my desires I responded otherwise and my dick hardened. Noting the reaction of my stiffening dick he pressed on by lowered his fly to bring out his large cock and pressed that large thing along the crack of my ass. 'Now just relax, it may hurt a little at first but as you get use to it you'll enjoy the experience. I'll be gentle, use plenty of lubricant and a rubber, I practice safe sex.' 'No, no, no, I've never had it up my ass before.

This is rape,' I insisted. 'Oh yes,' he explained, 'I love breaking in a virgin. You'll love it; all you spoiled rich guys do. Just relax and take it like a man.' He followed through by inserting a cold jellylike cream to my asshole and with his large cock with a rubber on pushed forward and slid that darn thing up my anal channel and parked it there for me to get use to the intruder and calm down. As I was bent forward and he was holding his cock up me in place,

I glanced over and saw that Oscar had exited the room in back alone and stopped to talk to a large black man, who after Oscar had said OK went into the room containing Alfred. Oscar then walked over to us with a big smile on his face. Certainly when Oscar discovers Tony raping me he will rescue me. 'Well, well, well, what have we here?' Oscar said to me, 'I see Henry, you can't restrain yourself and couldn't wait for me to take care of you. Oh well, I got off with Alfred but, Henry, you need not get jealous; we can get together some other time.' He then turned to Tony and said, 'Enjoy.'

Wasting no time, Tony proceeded to pump his wicked cock in me finding the pathway easier to travel as I adjusted to accommodate him all to Oscar's amusement as he watched the spectacle. Unwillingly I soon found that it was turning me on and pushed my hips to meet his lunges with erotic pleasure. After a dozen strokes with a groan he said, ' I'm coming,' and as he shot I grabbed my cock and shot onto my pants that now lay around my ankles on the floor.

Having no further use of me Tony withdrew his cock from my rear, dispensed with the rubber, cleaned off his cock with the tail of my shirt and after returning his prick to his pants, patted me on the ass and said, 'good boy, you did well, we have to do this again; keep in touch.' Oscar with a big smile on his face said, 'Tony and I got some important business to discuss and why don't you and Alfred finish the bottle of liquor and I will send another on my tab. He's coming over and it looks like both of you need a drink; see you later,' and he left with Tony to talk business.

As I pulled up my besmirched pants, I turned around and saw Alfred with a funny look on his face and a shuffle in his walk obviously as a result of the black man doing to him what Tony did to me.

When he drew near he said, 'If you promise not to tell my wife what happen to me, I promise not to tell yours. I sure can use a drink.'

Over drinks we each related how we first met Oscar and how we got involved with him and his friends. We resolved to keep in touch since we had now something in common. When I got home half drunk I told my wife that I had ran into Alfred and had some drinks with him but didn't tell her the obscene details. All I could think about for the next few days was what they did to me and how I let them. I masturbated. My mind told me that I must put an end to their degenerate treatment of me but I knew down deep that I wouldn't. Is it possible that I'm really a pervert? No, no, no, I will not accept that. After all, I'm a happily married man and my wife will surely help me through my problem with them.

My wife, Jean came home that day from a shopping trip with Maria, quite excited about some purchases. I couldn't believe it when she told me she made some interesting buys at an adult sex store and she wanted to show them to me. This did not forebode well for I knew she and Maria had become good friends and were doing some crazy things together, but this was too much; who knows what she wants to do with that kind of stuff. I told her in no uncertain terms that I did not want to see what she bought and that she could not keep them in the house.

'Don't be a prude,' Jean said, 'After all I bought them for you,' and she brought out a large bag to show me her purchases. I was dumbfounded, as she emptied the contents on the table. 'What the hell is this crap?' I demanded to know as she proceeded to show me a pair of cuffs, a leather collar, an adjustable cockring, a butt plug, some nylon rope, a leather ballgag and a fancy three-foot whip with a braided handle. 'You're not going to use that disgusting stuff on me,' I declared, 'What kind of pervert do you think I am?'

'Don't play the innocent with me,' she said, 'I know what you've been doing with Oscar and Tony.' 'How did you know?' in shock I asked.

'Alfred's wife told me all about it and now that I know of your inclination, I'm going to give you the opportunity to also satisfy me.' And before I could recover from her bombshell she cuffed my hands and wrapped the nylon rope around me so that I was defenseless. 'Please honey, let me explain,' and before I could say another word, she pushed the ballgag into my mouth and fastened the straps around my head so that I couldn't eject it.

'It's OK, I understand; you can play with Oscar and Tony. I suspected it before and now that I know for sure you are a submissive I will help you to live your fantasies. However, there will be some changes made around here and I'm sure we'll both get a kick out of it,' with these comments she proceeded to drop my trousers and shorts to my ankles so that I was naked from the waist down. Attaching the cockring to the base of my prick, she said, 'I don't want you to come too early,' and turned me around and bent me over.

Across my ass she administered that wicked whip and it hurt but all I could do was take it and she gave me a sound licking. My dick immediately hardened and my ass smarted from the well placed stokes that landed across it. How could my beloved wife beat me so? 'I know this must hurt but you must take it and show your love of me by subjugating yourself to me and accept the strokes of the whip for my pleasure and show who's on top,' she pronounced. How can I contradict her now?

Forcing me to my knees to show her mastery of me I first was required to lick her bare ass by forcing my tongue into her asshole and lapping her there, then to her pussy until she climaxed and finally she let me jack off to relieve my urges. I accepted my new status and knew that Oscar, Tony, my wife and others would have their way with me and my needs would be subordinate to theirs.

Somehow I relished the change; it was a Metamorphosis.

The end of part two

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