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Double Stuff Weekend: Parts I -IV

Written by Anon (March 2001)

Saturday morning. We had finished our coffee and were simply enjoying the early morning sun , listening to some light jazz coming from our dinning room stereo. It was still early enough not to be disturbed by the traffic noises as most were at home or maybe still asleep. Once all the leaves returned, our home was completely hidden from both roads and even the car sounds were muted and seemed far away. Peggy looked like she was almost asleep ( and very sexy with her hair pined up in back and wearing only her white cotton panties. )

I started to get all warm and worked up again, just watching her and thinking about our fantasy love making last night. A few minutes of this kind of thinking was all it took, I wrapped my hand around my half swollen love muscle and beginning a nice slow massage. Peggy and I prided ourselves in being open to each others sexuality and would often just lay close and masturbate ourselves while we talked about our feelings and explored warm thoughts.

This morning was just perfect for that kind of sharing. I found myself gazing at her cotton covered love nest and picturing in my mind how excited we would get each time she would shave it fresh. Her smooth pussy lips were very sensitive. I was still lost in my thoughts when I noticed that she had started massaging her breast, softly pinching her nipple. She was sharing some of the same warm feelings.

Our chairs were close and I could easily reach over and touch her, but after last night it seemed appropriate just to be close and share the warm morning. After a few minutes of wandering in our warm thoughts, I was fully hard and Peggy had slipped her hand under the elastic of her panties. I continued pumping my cock and I was reaching for the squeeze bottle of Peggy's favorite lubricant… my thoughts, were to put a few drops on my cock and then help Peggy remove her panties and squeeze a few drops on her flower.

Before I could get the bottle opened, we heard someone coming down our driveway, so I quickly put the lubricant back into my robe pocket and ducked in the house to grab my shorts. Not surprising, Peggy simply removed her hand from her panties and continued to enjoy the morning sun……….. By the time I got my shorts on and back out to the deck, whoever it was had parked over in front of our garage and I headed down the steps to greet them. It turned out to be Larry.

As the two of us were coming back up the steps, I told Peggy who it was, giving her a chance to cover up, but , it was no surprise when she kept her eyes closed and called out a pleasant "Good Morning Larry". He following me up the steps and I watched his expression as he stepped around from behind me. Peggy was sunning not far in front him and covered only with warm sunshine and her little cotton panties, I watched as he pointed and a smile came over him, like a little boy who's mom had just handed him a fresh package of cookies, saying he could eat as many as he wanted… I just smiled, and asked if he wanted some coffee.

He was obviously distracted, but eventually reminded me that he didn't drink coffee and maybe some juice or a soda would be just fine. I went in to get him some juice and yelled back "relax and enjoy the morning.. we have plenty of time to get the work done". I delayed my return just a moment by standing in the shadows of our dining room, just to see how both Larry (and) Peggy would react in their first quiet moments. Not surprising, Larry had retreated to the corner of the deck, quietly watching her warm nudity, and she was enjoying every moment of it. I think Larry was about to start some small talk when I came back carrying two large glasses of juice. I sat in my chair and motioned for Larry, pointing to the end of the lounge that Peggy was lying on and at the same she moved her legs over to make room for him. ( Let me take a moment to tell you about Larry. First , I have to tell you that he was one of the finest hard working and quiet guys we ever worked with. He got along with everyone and always did more that his share of any job. He was never sick, never missed a days work and was only late for work once, last fall. Since most of our other help had missed whole days without any explanation, I wasn't too concerned, but Larry said he was sorry and would explain later.

As I was closing up, Larry said that he wanted to explain what happened. I told him not to worry about it, but he insisted and went on. Apparently he had a late evening the night before and all the gas stations in his neighborhood were closed and when he awoke the next morning, he left without thinking about his gas situation. He explained that between his home and his job were all of the old ethnic and very white communities and that from past experience, a single black man could not but any gas, nor for that matter even stop and ask for help, without getting into trouble. He said, he did the best he could to stretch his fuel but could not make to the safety of another black community or at least a neutral one. His fuel ran out and so did his luck.

In fifteen minutes a police car stopped and after some unfriendly questioning, looked like he was going to have to go to the police station, when another friend drove by, recognized Larry and stopped to see if he could help. Well two things saved the day. First his friend had spare gas in his trunk and second his friend was white… Larry said again that he was sorry and I told him that I couldn't see where it was his fault and shook his hand. (It's sad to think that we still live with such prejudiced people. ) We began talking about working on the deck and it was obvious that Larry was distracted by Peggy, to the point that I motioned him to enjoy looking at her while we continued talking. Now, Its only fair to tell you that Larry's choice of working attire was always, faded, old, baggy, sweat pants on cooler days and a cutoff version of the same for warm days.

He was about the same age as Peggy , just a little taller and also in very good shape. You know, one of these guys, that all women noticed because his body muscles looked like they were chiseled on. In addition, even with his baggy sweat pants, his soft love muscle stood out proud and made a very noticeable bulge. We finished our juice and I told Larry I was going to gather up what we needed to get started on the deck. When I returned, he was watching Peggy intently.

In my absence, Peggy's teasing mood warmed and she had started pinching her nipples and rubbing her mound through her panties. I walked over and quietly sat beside her and motioned for Larry to come over also. The two of us just watched and said nothing to disturb her warm mood. We both knew Peggy was sharing one of those warm female moments that many guys dream about, but never get to see for real. Her mood hadn't changed from earlier and soon she had slipped her hand under the elastic of her panties and traced little circles on her flower. Her eyes were closed.. her lips parted just a little and her nipples were firm and in a few minutes, she shared her first mini orgasm with us. I had almost forgotten that Larry was standing quietly on the other side and now he was gently massaging his cock. I smiled when he saw me watching him and went back to watching my wife.

With her eyes still closed, she reached her left hand over and began rubbing my leg, gradually working her fingers under the edge of my shorts, finding my cock head. It didn't take long for her to get me hard and in a couple of minutes her body shuddered in another early morning orgasm. I told her quietly.. "You are truly beautiful Honey, thank you". She just laid there for a minute enjoying her glow… and pleased with what she had started in both Larry and I. I leaned over giving her a gentle kiss, and whispering to her "Would you like to play some more?" She quickly nodded yes and gave me another warm kiss.. I motioned for Larry to come over and take my place beside her while I retrieved her lubricant. Judging from the big smile on his face, he was getting over his awkwardness, quickly walked around and sat down.

By the time I got back to the deck, Peggy was massaging her mound through her panties and had her hand under the leg of Larry's cutoffs. This was a new experience for all three of us, so I put my finger to my lips motioning Larry to be quiet. He smiled and started to get up and I quickly motioned for him to stay where he was. I could see that her hand was eagerly reaching for his cock and watched her mood warm up when she finally wrapped her fingers around him. Larry surprised me, he was being very patient and letting Peggy enjoy her mood. My turn again. I stepped around to the other side of the lounge, slid my fingers under one side of her panties and motioned for Larry to help with his side. Peggy lifted herself just enough to allow us to remove them and giving Larry his first 'up close and personal' view of her shaved love nest. I sat down, saying to Larry in as quiet a voice as I could muster, "Slow and easy guy.. just take it slow and easy, let her enjoy you quietly."

My cock had grown firm and I needed out of my shorts, so I got rid of them and motioned for Larry to do the same. I don't think Peggy wanted to let go of him, but that was the only was she was going to see his love muscle for herself.. His sweats were quickly down to his ankles.

It was time for Larry to surprise me again. His cock was at least 3 inches longer that mine and huge around its base. His cock head was different shades of purple and black ( and Peggy's massaging had worked some of his pre-come to the end).

Since I am endowed with just a little more 6 inches, he must have been 9 or 91/2" and he was still firming up. His cock head and the first 3 or 4 inches were about the same as mine, (except for the powerful black colors) but the rest of it thickened to the point that I was concerned about my wife. (After 15 years of marriage and sharing all of our sexual experiences with each other, I was sure that she had never been stretched by this much manhood.) I asked him to "be gentle", "I asked him not to put his entire cock in her unless she really wanted him to". He looked up and started to ask how he would know as I explained, when she wanted my deepest penetration, she would pull her knees all the way up and use her legs to pull us together. Hell, I was starting to feel like I was Larry's trainer. I lost his attention because Peggy was massaging his thick cock and encouraging him to touch her swollen pussy lips with his free hand. I handed Larry her lubricant and motioned for him to squeeze a few drops between her legs.

I didn't know that watching another man pleasing my wife was going to be such a turn on, but, I was really enjoying myself . It was time to squeeze a few drops on my own swollen cock and I handed the bottle back to Larry for him to do the same. Peggy continued stroking him as he leaned over and began to gently examine her pussy lips.. exploring her most personal parts, tracing the entrance to her love canal, but not touching her sensitive flower bud. This was too fantastic for words, but I'm doing the best I can.

There was no air moving and the sun was adding to our heat. I could now, clearly smell the sexual aromas coming from the two of them. Peggy reached down for his hand and gently slid his fingers in. Larry's answer to this treat was to bend over, gently kissing and touch her with his tongue. I wasn't able to watch his fingers any longer , but her slight smile and her increased breathing told me that he was providing her with exactly what she wanted. Peggy began pulling lightly on his arm and he moved his body over hers, looking up at me, as if to say, is this ok? The answer was obvious by my smile, and I motioned for him to pay attention to her.

She parted her legs allowing him room for his knees and wrapped both her arms around his shoulders. Although, I couldn't see it, I knew Larry's cock was against her treasure and that she was feeling his heat for the first time. Larry was being very cool.. slow soft kisses.. probing with his tongue.. and then whispering close to her ear. I wasn't able to hear what he said, but I watched as she reached down between them, wrapping her hand around his swollen cock. Larry had to lift his body a little, giving her the room she needed and soon she was massaging and rubbing his cock against her slit.

There is no way for me to describe how exciting this was, watching and knowing what was about to happen.. seeing my wife openly sharing with both of us.. we were hers.. the stark contrast between her white and pink, now being covered and about to be penetrated by his powerful, black, thick……. I must have closed my eyes for a minute, because I heard Peggy let out a little moan and when I looked again, she had slipped about half his love muscle inside her.

My coaching was working and I could see that Larry was holding back.. only the first 4 or 5 inches were inside her and she was truly enjoying every bit of it. Each stroke was slow and easy. He would stop at the bottom and then slowly do it again. My cock was rock hard and my mind was awash just trying to imagine what my wife was feeling. Larry was kissing her softly.. then biting the bottom of her ear and whispering again. (There will never again, be a day, when I can't visualize her, with her knees spread wide, welcoming him, and needing him.. encouraging him and making the little girl sounds that she always makes when she's approaching her orgasm. ) I really wanted to reach over and touch her but kept my hands to my self ( literally ) slowly massaging my cock and really enjoying and sharing their pleasure.

Since Larry was still holding back and was in fact supporting his body a few inches above her, she was able to move and express her intensity by arching her back and humping him in the same way she does with me. It seemed like they slow fucked for half and hour, but it was probably more like 10 or 15 minutes and now it was obvious that Larry was about to sample one of my wife's orgasms up close and personal. With her arms wrapped around his neck and her tongue buried in his mouth, she curled her body up against his. Her orgasm was much longer this time and would not completely go away until she was fully satisfied and exhausted.

They laid there quietly for a few minutes and I was beginning to wonder weather Larry had shot his load and I had missed it. I felt kind of stupid asking so it seemed like a better option to give my wife a long kiss, tell her again how exciting she was and maybe she would let me know. Larry pushed himself up on his knees, leaving just his cock head inside, his cock was coated with her love juices, but, there was no sign of his seed. I guess it was time for me to mind my own business and encourage them to finish what they had started. I slid back into my chair and squeezing Peggy's hand, placed it on her wet love nest. ( This is one of her favorite sex play activities, I would sit between her legs just like Larry is doing now.. my cock head still inside, and encourage her to masturbate.) Fantastic… Larry was taking it all in and loving every moment of it. In just a few minutes, she was there.. he had leaned over her, resting on his arms, with his head down watching every moment of her orgasm.

He started pumping her again with his cock coated in her fresh juices. Her arms were around his neck and pulling him to her in a more demanding and intense way as he continued to slide more of his cock in on each stroke. Larry was also getting to the point where the slow and easy was no longer foremost on his mind.

Peggy had both her hands on his cheeks and was encouraging him with each stroke. I watched as her fingers found his brown hole and she raised him to another level. In a few moments, she was pulling him tighter between her legs and pulling her knees up at the same time. The sounds coming out of her were absolutely earth shattering and it was now obvious that Larry had his had entire cock buried in her. I watched as he pumped and listened as she whimpered , calling his name, softly at first, but louder and louder, over and over, "Fuck me Larry, fuck me.. fuck me good." and "Don't stop.. don't stop now.. don't stop ever." ( I watched in fascination, almost trance like, what fantastic sharing, and I'm sure he had no intentions of stopping. ) Larry was truly taking my wife to places she had only dreamed of, and as I watched, he pumped and pumped, still permitting her the freedom to move. Peggy had curled her pussy up under him and with her legs wrapped around his back, providing for the deepest penetration she could get. With her pussy that high, Larry was stroking her with the full length of his powerful cock, his balls began to make slapping noises at the bottom of each stroke. Peggy's whimpering had now become louder and non-stop, but the slapping of his balls against her was getting my attention.

I had to get up and stand by the foot of the lounge to see, and what I saw made me envious for the first time. Each time he would pull out , her pussy lips griped his cock like he was pulling her inside out. Her little girl juices, once clear and thin were now covering everything and were forming a milky ring around the base of his cock. I have no idea how long Larry fucked her that hard, and only slowly did I realize that he was making a kind of snorting or grunting sound with each stroke, when finally a change covered his entire body. First, his loose sack skin tightened up, then each of his back muscles knotted, and finally his ass cheeks clenched together.

There was no disguising the fact, that his load was on its way up from the depths of his balls, through his powerful cock and down again into my wife's stretched, hot pussy. When I say he was Cumming, I mean it was closer to convulsing. His paused at the bottom each time to deposit his seed in the deepest part of her. Finally he slowed.. then stopped……. Her pussy now full and completely coated with his hot sperm……… I sat there quietly listening to their breathing and waited while his cock finished draining into her. I couldn't say a word, and wouldn't have even if I could.

Larry moved first, pushing his upper body up and still looking down at Peggy. Finally, he withdrew his cock and I could see for the first time what my wife had known for some time. When I described his cock earlier, I thought he was fully erect. Now , his entire cock had thickened to the same size as the base of his shaft and his cock head bulged in every direction, turning reddish purple. As he pulled away, they were still connected by a thick string of his cum that finally broke from him and splashed back to her thigh. Larry stood up and it was my turn to fill her belly. She laid there quietly, her legs still spread, some of his cum just starting to leak out and run down her crack. I knelt between her legs and slipped my cock head inside.

As I lowering my self closer I began to whisper in her ear. She spread her legs just a little allowing me to finish sliding in and I experienced for the first time, heat and pleasure I never knew possible. ( We used to joke about sloppy seconds, and talked about it as though there was something wrong with it. ) Trust me, was I ever wrong. I didn't know it was possible for the human body to create this kind of heat and I'm still not sure weather it came from Larry or Peggy, but I was sure that this was one of the hottest and most exciting sexual experiences I ever had.

Pumping her slowly, and whispering, I said, "I love you bad girl"… you have been very bad, haven't you."…(she nodded her head slightly)

"Your hot pussy is all full of another man's cum, isn't it. " (she nodded again and held me closer.) "Thank you for such a hot fuck." Each stroke deep into her started her little whimper again and each stroke released a little more of his cum, coating my nut sack as well as seeping down her crack. There was no way I was going to match his satisfying performance nor was I even going to try. I just want to fill her with my seed and tell her how much I loved her.

Larry was sitting close and as I was whispering and slow fucking her , he leaned over and slid his tongue in her mouth. This was all she needed to bring her orgasm back to a high level and her orgasm was all I needed to start my hot load flowing. Perfect… hot.. more completely satisfying.. still draining.. empty…….. I pushed myself up slowly and looked down to watched as my cock pulled out of my wife.

My hair was matted and my entire nut sack was covered with a sticky mixture of their cum. Larry and I talked quietly and watched as the mixture of our love juices continued to ooze from Peggy. I could tell she was ready to come back into our world when she reached over and wrapped her hand around his cock again.

It seemed like now was the right time to suggest a trip to our Hot Tub.

Double Stuff Weekend. Part II 'the Hot Tub'

Larry and I got to the hot tub before Peggy, I'm sure she made a stop in her bathroom, not wanting to add our combined love juices to the clear waters of the tub. I climbed in first and found my favorite seat in the deepest water. I enjoyed being covered to my neck. Larry got in opposite me and moaned out loud. We were joined by Peggy in just a few minutes and she was soon scooting down, to bring her nipples to water.

Each of us were lost in thoughts of our early morning sharing and relaxed in the warm water. When I opened my eyes, Larry had moved closer to Peggy but seemed unsure, again, weather, his touch would be welcome. Soon Peggy reached over and wrapped her hand around my cock and I could see that she had Larry's cock in her other hand and was slowly jacking the both of us at the same time. She had her head laid back with her eyes closed and I wanted Larry to see just how playful I knew her to be. By now, he was getting back into her mood and I was beginning to get another hard on.

With a gentle tug on her arm, I slid her onto my lap and wrapped my arms around her. I think her comment was something like "I hope this isn't going into turn into a tug of war. You guys be nice now and take turns." My hands were cupping her tits and I was making motions like I was offering them to Larry, but when he started to move over toward her, she raised her foot and began massaging his cock. This firmed me up even more and she wiggling her ass on my cock. Since the hot water removed her juices and made entering her uncomfortable, I was content to touch and play. I could see that she had both her feet between his legs, squeezing and massaging him . She turned her head toward mine and gave me a soft kiss. I closed my eyes to enjoy her kiss, and sensed that she was lifting her body, so I brought my hands around behind her, supporting her right at the waters surface and when I open my eyes, Larry had moved off his seat and was gently kissing the inside of her thighs.

Peggy had one leg on each of his shoulders and was pulling him closer with the backs of her feet. He was holding her up and massaging her ass at the same time. Peggy and I both watched as he finished kissing her thighs.. then all around her pussy.. and finally, looking in her eyes, parted her lips and began a very warm tongue-fucking. She turned her head and gave me another deep, long kiss, probing my mouth and placing one hand on the back of my head.. her other hand on the back of his head.. Her orgasm came quickly and with a series of shutters. Her whimpers were muffled by my mouth but her intensity was unmistakable. ( We use to joke about the perfect moustache ride. ) This had to come close.. I backed up some and Peggy released her grip on his head enough to allow her body to sink back into the warm water. Larry moved over to the highest seat and Peggy moved between his knees. She gave him a Big thank you Kiss. She had her tongue in his mouth and I watched her hands massaging his cock.

At the same time, he had her titties in one hand and started fingering her as well. I was trying to find some place to kneel, in amongst all the legs and feet, when Peggy got up , placed one knee on each side of him and slid into his lap. She continued her kiss and started to slow hump his thick cock. I moved closer, slid my hands around her, gently pinching her nipples. Larry started making his low grunting sounds again and for a moment, it sounded like he was ready to shoot another hot load. She was humping him pretty good with my hands on her hips, both encouraging her and helping her fuck him. I wanted to feel her pussy lips stretched tight around him, so I moved my hand down to find her back door. I turned out that she was only riding his shaft like she had been doing mine earlier and as I began to finger her brown hole, his shaft was rubbing the back of hand. It was very natural to place my other hand under his swollen cock and hold it up against her pussy lips. Larry closed his eyes again as she quietly rode his cock . With the hot tub water set to 104 degrees , all three of concluded it was time to get out and cool down. Peggy passed out some towels and both Larry and had the same idea at the same time. Both of us started drying Peggy, I started on her shoulders and back and he started on her breasts and belly. By the time I started sliding my towel between her cheeks, his towel had already found her pussy. (I don't think I had to be concerned about him being comfortable with our sex play any longer. ) He was pleased, he got there ahead of me and said so.

All we got from Peggy was "Be careful, you guys, the two of you have made me very sensitive. "

Both of us grinned and continued drying her down to her toes. Her turn. I handed her my towel and stood in mock attention, and Larry was quick to join in the fun. In one quick step, he stood beside me with a little boy smirk and was ready to be dried. Ha. ( I think he was more ready for a blow dry.) She took our towels, stepped around behind us and did her best. We weren't helping very much and when she tried to dry my crack, I pinched the towel with my cheeks. After scolding me she turned her attentions again to Larry. Quickly toweling his back she told him to spread his legs.

He did so and then she told him to spread his cheeks. He did, and again, she gently dried his crack. With that, she stepped back, in front of us and finished. We stood there, first, just waiting, then each of us looking disappointed , when she smiled and reached out and wrapped her hands around our cocks. I smiled and gave her a small kiss while Larry played with her breasts. She knelt in front him, massaging him with both hands, holding his cock up and looking at it with a loving smile and finally licked the slit and kissed his swollen head.. Moving over to kneel in front of me now, she began jacking me off and at the same time reached her free hand between my legs to finger my ass hole.

I was loving it, but I think Larry felt cheated. He was smiling and a little envious when she kissed my fully erect cock and slipped my swollen head in her mouth. Larry watched as Peggy continued to jack my meat and hold my cock head between her lips. He reached down to begin stroking his cock when she stopped him, saying "No no, these are mine to play with, you just be patient."

When she was satisfied that she had me fully erect, she moved again, to kneel in front of him. She began by lifting his organ , feeling his weight, then lightly running her fingers around his pubic area , touching his sparse and short curls of black hair and lightly scratching his nut sack. His sack had no hair at all and hung down at least 3 inches.

She must have been doing something right, because his cock was inflating nicely and soon she had lifted it up, softly kissing and licking along his underside. Larry brushed her hair back so he could watch her lips and tongue working on him.

She held his balls cupped in one hand and began jacking him off. She had his cock head in her mouth and gently pulled his dark skin toward her lips. After only a minute or so, I could hear her jaw pop. I knew it was painful because it had happened to us many times before. She only paused for a moment, then continued, she was determined to please him. I was fascinated, watching him grow in her mouth, knowing how she must have felt to have his huge cock inside her earlier. She continued pulling his skin and massaging his nuts, when her jaw cracked for a second time, I could see the pain on her face. She stopped this time, stood up in front of him and apologized for not being able to open her mouth wide enough.

"You are just too large for my mouth right now, but I promise I will made it up to you. "

With that, she rubbed his swollen cock against her pussy, then, continued to hold him between her thighs.

With her arms around his neck and holding his cock, he smiled and agreed to her promise.

Double Stuff Weekend: Part III Laid back, playful and relaxing afternoon.

By this time it was well after 1pm and the three of us were ready for some winding down. Peggy wanted a little more sun and we thought kicking back for a while was just what we needed. Peggy took one of the towels and walked down to the low wall separating our yard from a small stream. She looked very sexy, lying there with just her panties on. Larry had retrieved his cutoffs and flip-flops and was stretched out on the lounge, I had my favorite chair.

About half way through my cold beer, Larry wanted to know if we were still going to work on the deck?, "and what, ruin a perfectly good day to relax." Judging from his smile, that was the right answer.. Now that the quiet part of our morning was gone it was time for some good music, so off I went to turn on some light jazz and asked Larry to go down and see if my wife had planned anything for lunch.

Larry was walking back across the deck and mumbling some message from my wife, but I missed it completely , as I was still distracted by the bulge his love muscle made in his shorts. He had touched places in my wife that had never been touched before and stretched her to a point, where I was expecting her to react in pain. (Boy was I wrong.) I tried not to envy him. Peggy finally came up the steps with her little nipples bouncing in the sunshine.. I made some comment about 'sleeping beauty' and Larry just put on a big smile and greeted her with, "Nice tits lady."

That got a chuckle out of both of us, I guess it was time to stop worrying about his comfort level. Peggy said, she had some nice steaks in the frig and turning her body, wiggled her tits at Larry in mock tease. " I'll cut up some salad and veggies, who wants to help me?"

Larry was quick to volunteer, on his feet and reaching for her as she went through the door. She was ready for him this time.. she stopped and bending forward a little, was rewarded with his cock pressed to her butt. She wiggled, against him and scooted off to the kitchen. (Just in case you are reading this without having read the first parts, let me tell you about both Peggy and Larry. Peggy and I have been married for fifteen years, she's 5'4"and weighs 107 lbs. She is proud of her size 34 titties and is a very loving and sexually playful girl. Larry is a good friend and helps out part time in our business. He is about her age, 5'9" , maybe 160 lbs and the finest young black man we've ever met. Enough said. ) Can't do steaks without cleaning and heating the grille.

I had it all ready in about 15 minutes so off I went to see how they were doing in the kitchen and wasn't surprised to find them together. Larry's arms were around her from behind and Peggy had her hands inside the front of his shorts

. " That's a strange way to make salad." was the best I could come up with, as I was passing through on my way to get rid of my morning coffee. We had diner out side with Peggy seated between the two us. Both our conversation and the touchy-feely stuff had warmed to nice level. When we finished lunch and had carried all the stuff back into the house, Larry said something about getting ready to leave… it was my turn to keep our warm day from ending.

"We're not doing anything special, why don't you hang for awhile?" "If you leave now, Peggy's going to think you don't like her cooking or worst yet, your already tired of her." That produced a whole new look on his face and it was obvious that he really wanted to stay. The sun was now on the other side of the house, so we headed upstairs for the remainder of our afternoon. Peggy had put her favorite little top back on and led the way up the steps much to Larry's delight. I asked Peggy if she was up for watching a re-run of our favorite classic (Behind the Green Door)?" She said "sure, why not." and plopped herself down. Larry moved in next to her and she quickly curled up close to him.

A couple of minutes later and the three of us were being entertained by 4 or 5 healthy women bringing Gloria ( a very young Marilyn Chambers ) to a very well done orgasm, and knowing we were about to see the Green Door open. Peggy was quietly massaging Larry's cock, her hand disappearing inside his cutoffs, while Larry watched the show .

I gently rubbed her thighs and love nest though her panties. When the Green Door opened and the co-star walked over to Gloria with his thick, black cock fully erect, it was time to remove her panties for the second time today. She lifted her butt as soon as my fingers were under the elastic, and no sooner were her panties gone did she have her little shortie top up, over her head and on the floor with her panties. I added my shorts to the pile and Peggy was tugging on Larry's cutoffs as she sat down again.

I retrieved the lubricant.. put a few drops on my cock and watched Peggy as she lightly scratched her nails along the length of Larry's cock. ( Our movie had progressed to the point where 'Gloria' was still warm from her oral orgasm and was watching her partner slide his cock into her for the first time. If you pay attention to her eyes and nipples you can see she's not acting. )

All three of us were warming to each others touch again and anticipating more. Peggy was cupping his balls and kissing him lightly as I was unfolding her moist lips and massaging my cock . Peggy knew from the sounds, that our movie had reached the point of 'Gloria's serious fucking and wanted Larry's cock in her mouth while he watched the orgasm.

I could see her tongue making circles around his cock head as she began jacking his shaft. After just a few more minutes 'Gloria's cunt was being filled and soon we were watching her co-star pull his glistening cock out. In an effort get more comfortable, I kissed my wife's pussy and asked if they would like move down to our king size bed? Peggy nodded and led the way downstairs. Peggy and Larry started in playful conversation.

He was gently pinching her nipples and trying to kiss her as she playfully pushed him down on the far pillow. She began playfully examining his cock and asking him how much he masturbated. She wanted to know if he jerked off every day and then got him to promise she could watch. Meanwhile, she continued playing with his nut sack, lifting and scratching beneath them and at the same time slowly stroking his shaft.

I could tell she was in her 'let's play at fucking' mood. I rubbed her back and was thinking about working my finger into her crack when she lifted one leg and straddled Larry. Even though her mood was playful, I knew a few drops of her lubricant would be welcomed. She leaned back allowing me to lubricate both her lips and his cock as it lay there against his stomach.

Larry made some remark about "no longer being responsible for his actions" and Peggy's response was a playful "Be quiet and fuck me." I placed his hands on her breasts, and leaned over, telling her "Ooooh……your going to be a bad girl again.", then bending over to kiss and encourage her. She gave me deep, wet kiss and I could feel her lifting and working his cock in.. when our kiss finally ended, he was deep inside her. The three of us just talked and did soft touchy things until Peggy needed to kiss him.

Now with her tongue in his mouth and her tits pressed tight to his chest, her pussy lips and brown hole were exposed. Continuing to do my part, I squeezed a few more drops in her crack and knew she would welcome my finger. I only touched lightly.. first her cheeks with both hands.. then her crack with just my finger tips.. and finally working down to her stretched pussy lips. I watched, as his cock slid slowly in and out….. Peggy was doing all the moving and he was loving it.

My finger had worked into her brown hole a little when I heard her asking, if he would like to fuck her doggy style.. I made some room for them and Peggy was soon bending over, deep kissing me as Larry was sliding his love muscle in from behind. The kiss was fantastic, ( your wife gives you a very different kiss when another man is working his cock deep inside her.) I could tell from the motion, he had started slow pumping her and her mood started to change from playful to hot. She stopped massaging my cock and moved her head down to take me in her mouth.

She had her leg knees spread wide, allowing him room and I watched his balls swinging a little with each stroke. He had one arm around her, playing with her breasts and supported himself with the other. I massage her mound and softly ran my finger tips over her clit. Peggy was in little girl heaven and was rapidly getting to the point where she needed a serious fucking. Her body shuddered with another mini orgasm. In another minute she let me go and pulled away from him also, laying down again in the middle of both pillows.

She asked for her other pillow as he was positioning his cock again, and lifted her backside enough for me to slide the pillow under. Larry started slow fucking her and even took a minute to slide his fingers down, massaging her clit to another warm series of shudders. Soon, it was time to get serious. He laid down on top of her with his weight now on his elbows, starting a series of long deep strokes. She was encouraging him quietly with "I need you Larry. I need your cock now. I need you to be hot, and fill me with your cum.".. and.. "Fuck me… Fuck me good."

I leaned over to the other side of her head and spoke her quietly.. "enjoy baby. . be hot.. and full.. I want to watch him fuck you and fill your beautiful pussy.. then to Larry.. "Thanks for sharing her with me and doing for her what I couldn't. Fuck her good, my friend, fuck her long and deep. " I moved back to my knees and down a little so I could watch his cock sliding in and out of my wife and began jacking my own cock slowly.

The sight of his thick shaft stretching her lips with his balls lightly resting on her brown hole was simply, unbelievable. Larry was more intent now and the tempo of his long slow strokes had quickened. I had to stop massaging my shaft and squeezed my cock head to keep from shooting my load. Peggy was making her little girl whimpers and Larry had begun his low grunting, I really wanted to watch his cock stretch and fill her at the same time so, I reached over with one hand and lifted his dark sack up, wrapping my other hand my wife's stretched lips.

It was obvious that both of them enjoyed my help and soon Peggy was curling her pussy up under him and pulling her knees back to her shoulders, giving him the deepest penetration possible. I watched Larry's back and ass muscles for indications of his orgasm while feeling his shaft slide in and out. Peggy's orgasm started first.. her fingers digging into his back and her feet clamping him into her wetness.

In another minute, his back muscles knotted and cheeks clamped together.. and finally his nut sack tightened in my hand and his thick, hot seed was flowing into my wife. I encouraged him to fill her more by gently massaging his nuts and watched as his strokes became shorter.. and shorter.. his hot cum filling the deepest parts of her.

They laid there quietly for a while , draining his cock as I continued to massage his balls. Finally when he got off her, he looked over, gave me a big grin and a " Thanks for your help." "Relax , you two were fantastic.. it was all I could do not to shoot my load here on the bed." Both of us gently rubbed her breasts.. touched her cheeks.. then slowly, he pulled his cock out and made room for me. Peggy never opened her eyes, her pussy still curled up over the cushion, the only trace of their love making was a thick, white foam ring surrounding her pussy lips.

By now my cock was aching for her love nest and anticipated being coated by the thick hot load he left in her. I slid my cock in, laid down slowly, not putting any weight on her, talking quietly at the same time.. "I love you baby, are you ready for another load in your hot pussy". "Fill me again. . Just take your time and fill me again." My cock disappeared in her pussy, bathed in his cum and engulfed in her heat. It's just not possible here, for me to do justice to how good it feels. ( I suggest, you find a good friend and try this with your wife.) I fucked her slowly, wanting these feelings to go on forever, but she was whimpering again with each stroke and soon, sharing another beautiful orgasm. That's all it took .. it felt like my seed traveled from my toes.. burning and flowing into the hot mixture she now had deep in her. I continued, just slow stroking her and talking to her softly. When I turned my head, I could see that she had been massaging Larry's sticky cock as I fucked her and he was actually quite erect again. I just smiled and told her, "Your being a bad girl again. See what you've done. I think this nice man wants to fuck you again." I pushed myself up and watched as my glistening cock slipped out of her. A long string of cum plopped back on her thigh as I moved over making room for Larry. They were both smiling at each other as he positioned his cock again, continuing to look in each others eyes as he moved his body over hers, sliding the full length of his meat back into her.

The mixture of warm cream, was now oozing down her crack and forming a dark puddle on her pillow. I leaned down close to her and asked if she was ready again, telling her softly, "This time will last longer than the first and he will be fucking you, deep and hard." She turned her head and kissed me quiet as he began to slow fuck her for the second time tonight. And again, her kiss was told me just how much she loved his cock buried deep in her pussy.

She squeezed my hand and as I was moving back down to watch, I placed her hand on Larry's ass and encouraged her to pull him to her. How fantastic. I was able to slide my hand between them and rest my fingers on her stretched pussy lips and at the same time resting my other hand on his ass, following each stroke deep into my wife. I told him "Fuck her good, my friend… fuck my wife good. . . no. . fuck 'OUR' women good." I could smell the mixture of our musky cream oozing from her and feel the heat building again in both of them. Finally, his strokes were getting shorter and her whimpers were running together.

I squeezed more lubricant over his nut sack and gently massaged them with both hands and then, reached a finger down to Peggy's brown hole, working some of the oozing cum in with my finger tip.

She was floating high in almost continuous orgasm now just waiting for his hot load.. her fingers were clamping his back muscles.. demanding his cock… demanding his hot seed.. the sound of his body slapping hers.. the heat coming from both of them.. his grunting.. and finally his muscles knotted and I could feel his balls tighten.. his load was flowing.

I could feel balls and cock pulsing as he continued pumping his hot load.. It was finally time to lay still and drain his seed, his cock muscles constricting and pumping the remaining seed into my wife. Even though my cock was rock hard, I needed time to recharge.

Larry finally slid his cock out and laid on his side beside her. The three of us curled together spoon fashion, with Peggy in the middle facing his back and my cock resting in her hot oozing crack. I could see Peggy's arm around him, I'm sure she fell asleep with his sticky cock in her hand.

Double Stuff Weekend, Part IV 'Sleepy time'

It must have been about 2;30 or 3;00 in the am when I woke to his snoring. The musky smell of our seed was strong as I reached down to touch Peggy's love nest. Her crack was still very wet and my fingers played over her brown hole and to the edge of her lips. She responded to my touch by backing closer to me and parting her legs slightly. I kissed her shoulders and continued fingering her as she reached her hand to play as well. Soon she was tasting and licking her finger tips like a school girl.

I wanted to feel my stiffening cock in her again so I pulled her butt closer and slid between her legs. My cock was soon coated with our combined love juices and slipped in her pussy with ease.. slow pumping and softly touching her back was just perfect. We called these our quiet fucks, each time we played did not have to be a mind blowing experience. My cock would slide in deeper if she would slide down some and angle her butt more at me, so I gently pushed her shoulders away from me and she ended up with her head resting on Larry's stomach and his soft cock in her mouth.

What a perfect way to wake up. The slow fucking was great but Larry's cock got hard again and in another minute he was positioning himself between her legs . I quietly pulled my cock out and lay beside them as he worked his cock in and started fucking her again. Peggy held my hand as he slow pumped her and continued to grow inside her. All three of us were just quiet and warmly sharing each others body.. filling each other's needs..

This time he fucked her very gently, just slow and quiet , looking directly into her eyes as his nuts tightened and his lot load filled her. He finished and rolled off her and I took his place. Again his hot cum bathed my cock and I knew this was going to be regular event in our lives. In just a few minutes I was adding my cum to his and Peggy was completely full again.

Some real sleep was welcomed. I was still up early , about 6 or 6;30 I put some coffee on and headed up to the loft to catch the early morning news. An hour or so later, I was finishing my second cup of coffee, when I could hear the unmistakable sounds of Peggy whimpering. I quickly muted the sound on the TV and listened quietly. I reached down and massage my cock as the now familiar sounds of their tempo increased .. the slapping of their bodies and finally his grunting as he emptied his load in her belly. I waited few minutes and went down to join them.

Peggy was just coming out of our bedroom, pulling her shortie top on and Larry was standing in the kitchen looking a little lost. I greeted them both .. "Who's ready for some coffee?" Larry said he would like some juice but he really had to get going. I got a nice good morning kiss from Peggy and as she walked over to fix her coffee I could see his cum leaking down her thigh. She finished fixing her coffee and headed off to the loft to enjoy it. Larry sat at the kitchen table, he seemed quiet again, like he wanted to say or ask something.

It came out kind of awkward, but he managed to ask if he would be invited to do this again. I gripped his hand and gave him a strong hand shake and told him he was welcome anytime. His ability to please Peggy would have her needing him often. I invited him to spend each weekend with us and rummaged through a drawer looking for our spare house key. "Here, I told him, take a key to our home and know that I start my days early, so if your nuts are full, just come over and wake my wife.

She has always enjoyed early morning fucking….. and we'll plan on you spending your weekends with us." That really produced a smile , and a vigorous hand shake in return. He finally had to go and called up to Peggy. She was downstairs in a flash, giving him great good buy hug and kiss. He pressed her body to his , kissed her and left wearing a nice bulge in his cutoffs.

I wrapped my arms around my wife and we both watched as his car went up the drive.. she turned around still in my arms, kissing me and said she needed me right now.. I followed her back to our bed and watched as she slipped out of her top and laid down, pulling me gently down on top of her. The musky aroma of warm sperm hung in the air and as I knelt between her legs, I could see his cum still coated the inside of her thighs and pussy.

She smiled, looking into my eyes as I worked my cock in and said in a very soft voice, "I want you to get used to finding me like this. I want his cock in me often.. I want to feel his hot balls on my cheeks and his cum filling me…." I smiled and after a few strokes, my cock and balls were again coated with a warm mixture of his cum and her juices.

What could I say. I didn't tell her about next weekend.

Every detail is true … only the names have been changed to protect the well fucked. We strongly recommend you try this at home………. Double Stuff Weekend…

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