Friday, January 16, 2009

The Bartender

Written by XAngel (March 2001)

She sat at the bar gazing off at nothing twirling her wedding rings
loosely around her finger when the bartender's voice brought her back to

"You OK Lady?" he asked. She nodded and ordered another drink.

"You waiting on someone? You look a little uptight or something."

She laughed and told him that he was starting to sound like a
typical bartender. He chuckled at her and agreed that she was right.

They chatted back and forth when he had a chance to. He was an
attractive man with dark hair and eyes. She noticed that he was really tall.
She always did have a weakness for tall men.

Hours passed almost as quickly as her drinks emptied. By midnight
she was pretty well toasted.

"Why don't you tell me what's wrong Sugar. A woman like you in a
place like this, something has to be wrong." He was right. Something was
terribly wrong. She told him how she had just found out that her husband had
taken another woman on what he had called a "business trip". Obviously, it
wasn't a business trip at all.

She began to sob as she laid her story out for her all too caring

"Oh now honey you have to stop working yourself up like this." He
handed her a tissue. "Any man that would betray a woman like you is a fool."

It was almost closing time and there was only one other person in
the bar with them. He left shortly after they had started talking and they
were all alone. She collected herself and decided that he was right. As
soon as her husband came home, she would tell him to get out! She didn't
need that crap in her life.

With the alcohol controlling most of her thoughts, she started to
really look at this man that had become her confidant. He was young, in his
mid twenties she imagined. He was stunning to look at and had a smile that
could melt the heart of teenage girls and women alike.

He started to clean up behind the bar and get ready to close
everything down.

"If you need me to get out of here so you can shut everything down
just tell me and I'll go." She hoped secretly that he would tell her that he
wanted her to stay.

"Well, you really aren't supposed to be here right now, but since I
own this place I guess I could bend the rules just this once."

"This is YOUR bar?" She couldn't believe that a man so young could
have himself established so well.

He nodded his head and went off to lock the doors and turn off all
the neon signs in the windows and the lights.

"But you're so young. How did you manage to pull this together?"

He started to explain that it had been a family business and his
father didn't want to deal with it any more since he had many other things on
his plate and had given it to him to run.

"And by the way, I'm not that young." He laughed softly.

"Oh please, you're a baby compared to me."

"Yeah right. You're what, 28, maybe?"

She laughed and thanked him for what a woman of 36 years considered
a compliment.

"I'm 36 honey. And you are what? 23?" They both giggled and he
informed her that he would be 25 in just a few months.

He walked over to the juke box and dropped a quarter in the slot.
He pushed the buttons without even looking at the lists inside and the
speakers began to play a slow, soft melody. He walked over to her and
extended his arm inviting her to join him on the dance floor. Slowly they
began to sway in the empty room.

She rested her head on his strong shoulder and he pulled her close
to his chest. She could feel his raging heartbeat pounding away deep inside.
He was so young and vital. She realized that she wanted to take this young
stranger into her bed and forget her troubles with her cheating husband. The
song ended and she broke their hold of each other.

"Have you eaten anything today honey?" She shook her head no and he
frowned at her. "Let's get out of here and get something in that stomach of
yours other than booze.

He took her hand and headed towards the door. She stopped him and
looked into his eyes.

"I just went to the grocery store yesterday. We could just go back
to my house and I could whip something up for us if you want." Oh how she
hoped that he would say yes.

"You sure you want to do that, Sugar? I mean we just met and you've
had quite a lot to drink tonight. Maybe you should think about that one for
a while."

She took his hand in her's and leaned into him. "I'm sure." She
raised up on her toes and kissed his cheek.

They left the bar hand in hand and got into his car. No way was he
going to let her drive. He just hoped that she didn't pass out on the way to
her house since he had no idea where she lived.

They made their way down the city streets and into a very nice

"Turn right on the next street and it's the third house on the

He did as she instructed and pulled into the driveway of a huge
French colonial house with large white pillars. He got out of the car and
went around to her side to open the door for her. They walked down the
sidewalk and to the front door.

She turned the key and opened the door and they stepped inside. She
pointed in the direction of the kitchen and asked if he would like to join
her in there or wait in the sitting room. He put his arm around her waist
and walked with her into the kitchen.

She rummaged through the refrigerator and found stuff to make
sandwiches and a bottle of white wine since she was way too drunk to really
cook and not really hungry, for food that is. After making the two of them
something to eat, they sat on the bar stools in the kitchen at the island
counter. They sat and ate laughing about this and that.

She fell silent and stopped to just look at this man. She gazed into
his deep brown eyes. He was obviously of Native heritage. His short haircut
made it easy for her to trace his facial features with her eyes. She looked
up into his eyes to find him starring just as hard at her as she was at him.

He slowly leaned into her and placed his mouth against her soft
lips. She parted her lips, inviting his tongue to enter her petite mouth.
Warm hues of wine still lingered in his mouth and she drank them in becoming
lost in his passionate invasion of her mouth.

They began to paw at each other. Tension rose between them like the
sun in the eastern sky at dawn. One slide of her hand between his legs told
her that the tension wasn't the only thing rising. His manhood was bulging
behind his tight jeans. She could feel his chest muscles tighten at the
sensation of her touch.

He moved his hands down to her chest and cupped each of her ample
swelling breasts in his hands. He began to lightly rub against them, teasing
her senses. Her taught nipples began to harden further from his soft touch.

He rose from the stool and placed his hands around her waist. He
picked her up from her seat and put her on top of the counter, knocking the
plates onto the floor. She pulled at the back of his shirt trying
desperately to give herself a look at his muscular chest. He raised his arms
and removed his shirt letting it fall to the floor.

Her nails dug into the skin of his now bare back almost to the point
of drawing blood. He grabbed the collar of her shirt and pulled hard,
tearing the buttons from her blouse and ripped it from her body. His hands
firmly grabbed her tits through her lacy green bra. She reached around her
back to unhook her bra and slid the straps down her arms giving him his first
look at her beautiful breasts.

He quickly dropped his head to her chest and began to tug lightly at
her nipples with his teeth. His tongue traced circles around her perky
hardening nipples. She threw her head back moaning in pleasure. Her husband
never made her feel this hot.

His hands roamed down her body to her thighs and slid under the hem
of her skirt pushing it higher up her legs. Underneath he found thigh highs,
garters, and a matching green thong. His hands cupped her ass cheeks as he
continued to lick her tits. She let her arms fall to his waist and began to
fumble with the buckle of his belt.

He noticed that she was having some difficulty with it so he stopped
only long enough to unclasp everything and work his jeans off him and kicked
them into the growing pile of clothes in the floor.

He moved back in between her legs and pushed her skirt back up well
above her thighs. He grabbed the small straps of fabric holding her panties
on and began to pull them off her. She lifted her ass off the counter and
her panties slid down her legs and joined the pile.

He pushed her back onto the counter with her back laying flat
against the cold marble. She was totally exposed to him now and the
temptation was too great for him. He lowered himself to his knees and his
mouth pounced upon her glistening clit. He moved his tongue in small circles
at first, stopping briefly to flick it softly against her clit. Her body
began to shiver as he quickly brought her to climax. How could this total
stranger know so easily what drove her wild?

His mouth seemed to be glued to her cunt. He refused to release his
hold of her until she had climaxed three more times. She thought she'd lose
her mind lost in passion and orgasmic bliss.

He stood up and pressed against her clit with his rock hard cock.
He was huge!

"You are going to tear me in half with that thing." She soon
realized that she was dead wrong when he entered her full force and her pussy
swallowed him inch by inch. He was fully imbedded in her and began to slowly
move his hips back and forth. He glided in and out of her with ease touching
the deepest part of her sex.

She raised herself up to a sitting position and he grabbed onto her
hips slamming her against him. He picked her up off the counter and began a
ruthless assault of her body, pistoning himself into her and back out again
harder than she had ever been fucked before. God it felt so good.

His eyes began to roll back in his head and moans escaped his lips
as he began to pulsate deep inside her cunt. She could feel the hot streams
of cum pounding against her pussy walls like small rockets. He tightly
wrapped his arms around her engulfing her in his passionate embrace as the
last of his cum escaped the head of his softening cock.

With his arms shaking he picked her up removing himself from her and
sat her down on her feet on the cold kitchen floor. His arms quickly wrapped
back around her and they kissed softly enjoying the left over feelings of
such torrid orgasms.


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