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A Quiet Evening at Home

Written by Malcolm (April 2001)

It was a basement flat, at the bottom of a flight of stairs off a busy London street. Once below the level of the iron railings, it was dark. I followed her down the fight of steps and she reached in her handbag for her keys. There was little space on the bottom step, and we were very close. I could smell her perfume and feel the shape of he buttocks through her thin dress. As she reached up to turn the key, I kissed the back of her neck, and put a hand on her hip. The door opened and we tumbled through, into the darkened room. I kicked the door closed with my foot and spun her round. She put her hands on my shoulders and pulled me to her. We kissed, she leaning back against the wall, I, leaning into her. She ground her mons into my groin, and I hardened.

As we kissed and ground, my eyes became used to the moonlight., and I began to take in the room. We broke apart, and she declared 'I need a drink'. I heard her kick off her shoes, and I though immediately of her small, perfect feet, which had first attracted me to her, and I hardened further. In the dim light, at the far end of the room, was a kitchen area, divided off from the main room by open shelving which was well stocked with bottles and cooking utensils. Beyond that, french windows leading into a moonlit garden. In the shadows, she was moving around gathering glasses and a corkscrew. I was blinded momentarily as she opened the door of a refrigerator and extracted a bottle.. Realizing how dark it was, I moved to find a lightswitch. Don't! she said, and I stopped. 'I'm sorry...but I like the moonlight', she explained. Anything she wanted was fine by me, and so I turned back towards her and found a chair in the middle of the room.

The walls of the flat were decorated with large-framed pictures of abstract art, painted, or so it seemed in the moonlight, in pastel colours. The ceiling was low, and there were no light fittings. Clearly the lighting came from the table lamps that stood on numerous small tables in the corners and alcoves of the large, irregularly shaped room. I heard the pop of a cork followed by the glug of wine being poured, and she came over carrying two glasses, handing one down to me. Again I could smell her perfume, this time mingled with the bouquet of the wine. She sat down on the floor by my feet and put an arm across my lap. 'What a wonderful evening!' she sighed, and took a long pull from her glass. I took a sip before I replied:

'Yes it was quite magical, but maybe its not over yet'. She chuckled in a surprisingly lascivious manner. Then with a complete change of tone she enquired primly 'what did you have in mind?'.

'An early night would suit me', I yawned, jesting, and she punched my leg with considerable force. She turned to face me, on her knees, and I gripped both her arms above the elbow. 'O.K. then' ,I said, if you really want to know, I'd like to suck your cunt until you come'.

Even in the dimly lit room I could see the astonishment on her face. I the month or so that I had known her, we had kissed, and I had squeezed her buttocks a few times, but we had never approached real intimacy. 'Well, you're a dark horse' she said and stood up abruptly to walk back to the kitchen. She put her glass down heavily on the table, and I thought I had blown it. Then I heard the rustling of cloth and I saw her bend forward. She was removing her underwear. 'What flavour would you like?' she asked a few moments later, and I saw she was holding up two jam-jars. 'Strawberry, raspberry or plain?' she continued. My pulse began to race. She was offering to flavour herself for me! I swallowed hard and replied 'You can't gild the lily! Plain please!' The jars hit the table with a clatter. 'Pity!' she said, 'I'll never get rid of this jam'.
I wondered whether the humour concealed a little nervousness. She returned to my side, sipping her wine. She kissed the top of my head between sips, and I smelt again the indefinable aroma she had. Perfume certainly, but also something more earthy that suggested passion, and it had a powerful pull. She stood in front of me as I sat, legs apart, her arms on my shoulders and my hands on her hips. Her breasts were at eye level. I began to kiss them lightly through the material of her dress, and I felt her nipples become erect. 'That's nice' she murmured. Suddenly she stood up straight, grasped my ear, and pulled me to my feet. 'Come on then, or are you all talk?'

Now she took my left hand and led me toward the stairs in the far corner of the room, beside the french windows. 'They lead up to an extension on the back of the house', she explained. They we spiral, very narrow and steep with a thick pile carpet. A rope handrail was swagged between hooks screwed into the wall. The plaster had a rough, Tuscan quality. A stronger light filtered down from above. She led the way slowly, and we ascended clockwise. My face was level with her buttocks, and I put my right hand on her ankle. Her flesh was warm, smooth and dry. As we ascended I traced the outline of her toes, and nuzzled her behind with my cheek. She stopped at the top of the stairs, and I stopped two steps below. I noticed the light was coming from an open bedroom door, and from a wall light above the bed against a far wall.

The landing immediately beyond the stairs led to this bedroom, but the were other doorways, all dark. More low tables lay around this landing, amply decorated with objet'art. Allowing my hand to ride up her leg and come to rest amongst the soft folds of flesh, I twisted my hand and my fingers found the moist crack. I began to explore. She gasped, and I stopped, withdrawing my hand, wondering if I had been too precipitate.
I kissed the back of her neck, hand on her hips, and she reached round, pulling down slowly the zip that held her dress. I followed the zip down as it descended, planting kiss after kiss on her spine until I reached the cleft in her buttocks. The dress slipped to the ground, and she was naked. In this stronger light, I could see the curve of her shoulders and see the outline of her left breast, just below eye height. 'Take two steps down!' she said, quite harshly, and I did. She bent forward, putting her hands on the floor in front of her. The two perfect orbs of her bottom were thus presented to me at face height, with the neat folds of here vulva clear between. Her pearl necklace hung down below her small, rounded breasts, and I could see her face between her legs as she looked back towards me. 'Please!' She said urgently, 'suck me NOW!'

I put a hand on each buttock, and began to pry open her vagina, slowly and gently. I found her clitoris, forward amongst the curls of her pubic hair and I began to caress it gently. I kissed her buttocks, working from left to right and back again repeatedly, each time a little closer to her sex. At each pass I licked another of the soft luscious curls of hair aside. Soon her own juices began to flow and my face was smeared as with honey. She sighed and bent lower, resting her shoulders on her crossed arms, and with her vulva now fully exposed, I began to apply my tongue to her clitoris. She began to moan softly. I was beginning to feel uncomfortable as my erection strained at my underwear. I reached down and unzipped, all the time gently licking. Her vulva was swollen and wet, and her cries became louder. She gasped as I released my cock, whether at the sight of it or at some particularly effective tongue-stroke, I could not tell. Her knees were beginning to sag and finally she collapsed sideways onto the top step and screamed huskily 'Don't stop now!'. She had hooked her left leg around the newel post, and I pushed the right one to the floor, parallel with the step.
I could now see the full beauty of her, her pubic hair trimmed to a small, narrow stripe that bordered her engorged fanny, and I applied my tongue with renewed vigour, tasting her divine saltiness on my lips, plunging into the depths of her silky tunnel.
As I lapped at her she opened herself with a finger and mewed: 'there, just there. Oooo…'. I grasped her left buttock with my right hand and pushed my thumb into her vagina. That pushed her over the edge. She grabbed my head roughly, and arched up. Her hips bucked upwards twice, very sharply, and she let out a long moan. Her vagina gripped my thumb tightly for a moment, then slackened, and a fresh flow of juice engulfed her pubic region. I took one last, long, loving lick, and stopped. I leant my head on her stomach whilst my heart rate returned to normal.

As I lay there, I began to cool. My shirt clung to me, and my erection loosed. A series of aftershocks shook her body, and she began to tremble. 'I need a shower' she said. 'OK, I'll get us a refill and join you. I planted a kiss on her stomach. I got up and started downstairs. 'Don't be long!' she called over her shoulder. In the kitchen, I took off my bow-tie, shirt and trousers, and hung them over the back of a chair. I returned upstairs with two glasses of wine, dressed only in my shorts.

I followed the sound of running water to the en-suite bathroom off the bedroom. The room was small, very warm and the smell of apples filled the air. Low wall lights gave of a peachy glow, and the room was sumptuously decorated with beautiful ceramics and thick drapes. She was sitting in front of a mirror, removing her jewellery. Sitting there with her hair awry, her naked reflection in the mirror, I wanted her again. The room was already beginning to steam up from the shower running in the corner. I handed her a glass, and took a pull from my own. Dipping a finger into the glass, I let a drop of wine fall onto her left breast. She squealed, and slapped my behind. 'I'll go first' I said, and stepped into the shower. The shower had three jets, one on each wall, and they met in the middle in a veritable torrent. A low shelf was built into the walls, and on this was arranges a legion of bottles, sponges and other beauty items. Above the shelf the walls were all mirrored.

I let the water run freely over me, and found some shampoo to massage into my scalp. I closed my eyes to stop the soap getting in as I rinsed, and the door opened. When the water had cleared from my eyes, I saw she had joined me. She began soaping herself between her legs with a large sponge. The mirrors presented me with a myriad of images of her, from all angles. It was almost too much, and again I felt myself harden. She noticed, look up and smiled. 'Wakey wakey!' she said. 'I'm glad your hard-on has returned. 'With a vengeance! I said, feeling the skin of my cock stretch toward breaking point. She applied the sponge to me then, and spun me around until her breasts were against my back. Cupping my balls in one hand, she began to masturbate me with the other. Her technique was masterful, and I began to lose control. I pulled away. 'Not so fast!' I exclaimed 'there's no hurry.'

I spun her round again so her back was to me, and began to massage her shoulders. She leant into me, and I kissed her neck. The water cascaded all around us, running in rivulets down our bodies to the shower tray. I turned my attention to her breasts, applying a little more soap and massaging them gently. Occasionally squeezing, I toyed with her nipples. I could feel her breathing deepen and she ground her buttocks against my groin. I could see her reflection in the mirrors and the glass door of the shower, her body glistening with water. My heart began to pound. Suddenly, she leant forward, crossing her arms onto the shelf that ran around the shower at waist height, and rested her head in her arms, thrusting her bottom further back into me.

'Please!' she gulped, 'do it NOW!'. I needed no second bidding. My hands followed the rivers of water flowing down her back and down between her buttocks.

I began to tease apart the lips of her vagina, and she rose onto tiptoe. Grasping my cock in my right and with my index finger extended, I began to search for the soft pad of flesh toward the front of her vulva which hid her clitoris. The tip of my cock began to nuzzle between the lips. She moaned and planted her feet further apart. I did the same, and, leaning back , began by small thrusts to explore the depths of her. Once I had opened her fully, I began deep, rhythmic stokes which began with my glans just parting the lips and ended with my stomach slapping into her buttocks. I reached up and turned off the water. She turned her head and looked at me over her shoulder. Her eyes had lost focus and she was panting. 'Good?' I ask innocently. She turned away. 'What do you think?'.

The water had all but run away and the only sound was the slurping of our sex and the slap of skin on skin. I continued to pay attention to her clitoris with my right hand and she moaned 'You just don't know how good that feels!' I began to thrust faster, pulling her onto me by grasping her hips. 'No!' she cried 'Slower, and touch me like before!'. I obeyed, and the moaning began again. I reached up with my left hand and fondled her breast. Two thrusts later she began to come. He muscles gripped me tightly and her vulva flooded with moisture she howled 'Oooooooo!. She came down off tiptoes as the orgasm swept over her and my cock slipped out on the next stroke, slipping up between her buttocks. I reached down and thrust two fingers into her soaking pussy and her legs gave way. We collapsed together onto the floor of the shower, my fingers still deep inside her. Her vulva pulsed on for a few seconds more. 'Ahhhhh!' she said, and was still.

Presently we got up and stepped out of the shower. We towelled one another dry, and sipped the wine. We were both still breathing deeply. 'My legs just gave way' she said. I grinned 'I wonder why?' She grabbed me and cupped my balls. 'I think you may have had something to do with it' she said. She stood so close and smelt so good. I began to feel the urgency again. I put down my wineglass, and put my hands on her buttocks. I pulled her toward me, and began to lift. My cock was squeezed between our stomachs and she put her arms round my neck. I shifted my grip lower until her thighs were horizontal, and her feet had left the ground. I moved backward towards the door, pushing it open with my back, and went through into the bedroom. I put her down on the across the bed, standing back to admire her. She looked like a goddess lying there, eyes closed, still flushed from our exertions, and perfectly relaxed, her legs apart displaying like a precious jewel her bower of pleasure.

Her skin tone was a perfect match for the chenille bedspread upon which she lay spread-eagled, and the bedspread in turn matched the colour wash of the walls, again finished with a rough plaster finish. The bed was large and low with the head and foot fashioned from chucky blocks of natural oak. The were many large cushions scattered about the head, and she pulled one of these under her neck. I leant forward, kissed her left breast, and slipped down beside her. she turned towards me and we kissed. I could hear a clock ticking somewhere and minutes passed as we embraced. As we broke off she stretched, arching her back like a cat. She let out a sigh. 'My turn!' she said. She got up ad sat beside me on her haunches. I dropped my hand into her lap and began to stroke her stomach. 'Ah-Ah' she said this is MY show now', and brushed my hand away. As she began to revive my flagging erection with vigorous hand movements, I watched her breasts sway gently and her hair, which had begun to dry, began to fall around her shoulders. She swung her left leg over my legs and squatted again, this time sitting on my upper legs. She still had firm hold of my cock and was caressing the glans. She reached forward to get something from the dresser, and in doing so pushed a breast into my face. I sucked enthusiastically at the nipple whilst reaching down and grabbing her buttocks. She straightened up, the breast being whipped away, and my hands trapped between her bottom and my legs.

She had in her hand a bottle of massage oil and she began to drip the cold fluid onto my member. The effect was like an electric shock. My already solid member became harder still as she tossed the bottle aside and began again to masturbate me, with long firm strokes. Finally, she sat up, releasing my hands. I felt the tingle of pins-and-needles as the blood flowed back into them. She shuffled forward on her knees until her vulva was poised above my cock. She grabbed the bottle again, and pulled my hand between her legs. She splashed a little oil on my fingertips. 'Open me!' she whispered. I began to stroke at the folds of flesh until I found the warm deep entrance to her pussy. She reached behind and guided my cock into the opening, pushing my fingers aside. She wriggled her hips until she was sure of her position, and abruptly sat down.

The resulting bolt of pleasure shot through me and I thrust upward by reflex. Our bodies met with a slap and we dropped back to the bed. 'FUCK! I exclaimed. All other language had left me. She began to ride up and down on my member, and I reached forward, finding the massage oil and sprayed it liberally across her breasts She looked down at me, almost triumphantly as she worked me mercilessly towards my climax. I struggled to sit up, resting my weight on my elbows. She put her arm around my neck and pulled me to her, bouncing harder and higher all the time. As her breasts slid up and down my chest, I could feel the hardness of her nipples against mine. I buried my head against her neck and kissed. Each downward stroke sent a pulse of electric pleasure through me, and my cock seemed to grow still further. I gripped her buttocks and let out a stream of incomprehensible gibberish, sprinkled with those street works which floated to the top 'You cunt is sooo good! So soft, so tight, again! again!' I bucked up to meet her downward strokes.

Eventually our gyration became so uncontrolled that we collapsed sideways, and fell apart, giggling uncontrollably. She struggled onto all fours and pushed her bottom toward me. Her knees were apart and her shoulders rested on the bed. She reached round her own buttocks and spread her cunny lips for me. I stroked her soaking cunt briefly with my left hand before pushing urgently into her slot. I began to pound mercilessly, pulling her onto me from her hips. After a minute or so I paused with my cock buried deep in her, enjoying the feeling of being totally swallowed by her, and ground my hips against her bottom, massaging her buttocks as I did so. She looked at me over her shoulder, her hair totally mussed and said huskily: 'turn me over'.

She pulled forward and my cock slipped out, springing upwards. She rolled onto her right side, and lifted her left leg to pass in front of me. I caught it as it passed vertically in front of my face, hooked it over my right shoulder and sat astride her other leg. I shuffled forward until my member was again at the entrance to her. With my glans nuzzling in the lips of her vulva, I put a thumb on her clitoris, spreading my hand across her mons. With the other hand I grasped her right buttock, pushing my thumb into the cleavage to the very back of her cunt. I massaged vigorously with both thumbs, and then resumed my slow, deep penetration of her. She whimpered unintelligibly, moaning at every stroke, her eyes closed and her hands grasping at the bedspread.

After a time she opened her eyes and look towards me 'need…leg…out…' she said between thrusts. I realized that I was putting my weight onto her right leg, and she had grown uncomfortable. I stopped, and sat back on my haunches. She rearranged herself until she was sat in front of me, a leg either side, and rested her head on my shoulder. 'DON'T. STOP.' She said, her voice dripping with sex. So I pushed her back down onto he bead and leapt astride her, pushing her further legs apart and pinning her arms to the bed either size of her head. I paused for breath, and gazed hungrily at her body laid wanton below me, legs wide apart. Beads of perspiration trickled off our bodies. 'FUCK ME NOW!' She screamed.

Clearly she too was finding all this too much of a strain on her vocabulary. I lunged forward, but my cock bounced off her mons and I missed. 'IDIOT!' she spat. The urgency was clear in her voice. I drew back for a second attempt, and she tore a hand free to guide me in. Our pelvises met with a resounding slap and the bed bounced. Her breasts quivered exquisitely with every thrust. I has lost all sense of finesse behind a red mist of sexual desire, and she began egging me on with a stream of desperate entreaties: 'Fill me! Fill me! Fill me! Deeper! Deeper! Deeper! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Harder! Harder! Harder! Ride me! Ride me! Ride me!' Her body was bucking beneath me and I could feel she was about to come.

Her vagina began to pulse and flood with juice. I squelched down on her swollen, open fanny again and again, feeling all the time the fluids collecting in my balls. This time she came suddenly, aching her back and thrusting up to meet me. 'OH GOD!' she cried, and buried her fingernails deep into my buttocks. With a series of sharp contractions, her orgasm reached its height. My animal instincts took over, and I needed to finish this. I slammed down once more, and came hard and fast, pulsing cum into her in wave after wave, my body locked into a paroxysm of pure pleasure donated by the goddess that had fucked me. I subsided on top of her and our mouths met. We kissed.

I returned from the bathroom a few minutes later having washed and dried myself. I had put on my shorts to contain my still distended cock as it returned to normal size. She lay on the bed still, on her back, one leg pulled up and her arms above her head. Her eyes were closed and she looked utterly spent. Sensing my presence she murmured 'I'm so tired. And thirsty. Glass of water please'.

I went back to the bathroom and returned carrying a glass of water and a warm sponge. She sat up to drink and I sponged her down, returning several times to rinse the sponge in warm water. On the last visit I brought the dressing gown I found hanging on the back of the bathroom door, and a tin of talc.

She had lain down again, this time on her front. I sprinkled the talc liberally over her back and began to massage it in. 'Mmmm… that's nice', she murmured dreamily. I rubbed the talc into her neck and legs, and I swear I heard her purr like a cat. Anyhow, after a long while, she arched her back, stretched, and turned over. 'This side now, slave', she chuckled, and I complied with another liberal sprinkling of talc. Carefully avoiding the sensitive parts of her body (she might be ready for another round, but I certainly wasn't!), I massaged the talc deep into her skin. As I finished the last toe she said 'That was the best fuck I've ever had - you can come again'. 'It certainly seems to have broadened you vocabulary' I said.


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