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The Photographer

3 tales by Linda Chorlton
(April 2001)

The Photographer, First Tale

I have always had an interest in photography that went beyond the enjoyment of looking at nude pictures in Playboy. So last autumn, I decided to take a course offered through the local Tech College in photography. We did a number of different subjects in the course and one of the outside assignments was to do a series on a human subject.

I talked to Toni, a gorgeous brunette that works with me into being my model. At work, I'm known as a kind and quiet man who is "safe" but not particularly exciting. I have never been very aggressive with woman and am sort of plain looking. Toni knew that she was safe and that all I wanted were some nice pictures. She agreed after I promised that she could have copies. She wore a blue evening dress and had her hair styled specially (also an expense I absorbed) for the session.

It went smoothly with me taking two rolls of film of her doing close-up and glamour shots. After developing the pictures in the class, I took copies to work for Toni and she was so pleased she showed them to all our co-workers.

I got lots of praise for the work from both my co-workers and the class. A month later, Christine (another co-worker) approached me and asked if I would photograph her. I agreed and asked to bring what she wanted to pose in to my house that Saturday.

Christine is a tall, very slender brunette with an extremely tight body and a small chest. She is very quiet and reserved at work. I rented some extra lights and set up a backdrop in my basement (I hope to add a darkroom too). Christine showed up wearing workout clothes with a small bag. She said that she wanted to start off in that, so we went straight to work. I talked her through a number of poses.

After I was done with the first roll, she went to the bathroom to change. She came out in a tiny strapless orange bikini. My mouth dropped to the floor. I regained my composure and we went back to work. I had her pose many ways being sure to get a couple closeups for myself and a couple with her facing away from the camera (what a honey!).

After two roles of film , Christine went back to the bathroom and changed back into her workout clothes. She thanked me and told me she was looking forward to seeing the pictures. I stopped by Christine's desk on Wednesday (I had borrowed a friends darkroom to develop the pictures) and gave her the pictures. She left them in the envelope and said that she would look at them later. I can't blame her for not wanting the whole office drooling over her in a bikini.

Thursday, she came by my desk to thank me again and to ask if I would do some more. I agreed to have her come over again Saturday (who wouldn't!) for another session. Saturday morning, I once again set up my equipment for the shoot. Needless to say I was quite excited.

Christine showed up at 10:00 wearing another workout suit and carrying her bag again. This time she excused herself and went straight to the bathroom to change. I played around with the equipment wondering what type of surprises she might have for me today. I was hoping that she might have brought along another bikini. She came out of the bathroom wearing a skimpy teddy! I was having a hard time concealing my excitement.

Christine explained that she wanted some special pictures for her boyfriend to remember her by when he was away on business. She laid down across the set with one hand supporting her head and the other running along her side.

Her brown nipples were clearly visible through the top and I could just make out a small dark patch through her sheer white panties. Needless to say, I started shooting away. Soon, I had her moving all around so I could get a better pictures (not to mention a better view!).

When I went to change film, she said she was going to change into something else. I was disappointed, figuring that I had seen all that I was going to. Five minutes later she came out wearing a black silk night shirt and white stockings. It was not transparent as the teddy had been but her nipples still cast an interesting contour through the silk.

The shirt was slit near the bottom on both sides and I could just catch the tops of the stockings. They apparently were being held up by a suspender belt!. She laid down belly first on the set and I started shooting closeups of her face. If she had been a little better built, I would have had some good cleavage but as I mentioned earlier, Christine is slight. I walked around her back and saw that the shirt had ridden up her backside exposing part of each cheek. She didn't have any panties on!

My bulge was getting tougher and tougher to conceal and walking was getting painful. I moved back to the front of the set and put my camera back on the tripod (help conceal the shake in my hand). She rose up to a semi kneeling position and unbuttoned a couple buttons on the shirt. Then she took part of the left shoulder and leaned her head over it. She stared up at the camera and I took some shots.

It was one hot pose! Then she kneeled at a 90 degree angle to the camera and worked the shirt to expose the side of her thigh (without showing any of her privates) and the suspender belt. I was out of film again (I don't know how I noticed!). As I was changing film, Christine got up and got a drink (I had set out some white wine). She brought a glass over to me and asked me if I would promise to be discreet. I thought it a little strange to ask after she had already had the pictures shot but agreed that it would do neither of us any good to circulate anything at the office.

She made me promise to give her all the negatives but said that I could keep some pictures for myself. Then she said that it was time to get back to work (I thought maybe she was over by the tone of her conversation).

She sat down on the set and undid all but one button on the nightshirt. One of her small breasts peeked out from one side of the shirt. Not knowing if it was on purpose or inadvertent, I quickly shot some pictures. It was on purpose, as she lowered her shirt to her lap exposing both tits.

They were absolutely gorgeous, small and pert with the brown nipples standing out. I was in seventh heaven. She unbuttoned the last button on the shirt and threw it off the set. She was now sitting indian style with nothing but the white suspender belt and stockings. I still couldn't see her pussy because of the way she was sitting. After I shot a couple more frames, she laid on her belly facing me. I caught a glimpse of her pussy as she laid out. She has a really tight butt and the cheeks looked really firm.

She rolled over and stood up with her back facing me and looked over her shoulder at the camera. Finally she turned around and I got to view her in all her glory. She had a neatly trimmed pussy with a thin downy looking bush. I had run out of film again. I practically tore the camera apart and reloaded in record time as I didn't want to miss this opportunity of a lifetime. Christine had sat back down when I turned around to the set. She was sitting with her knees up to her chest.

She said that she wanted some extreme closeups and spread her knees partly and put both hands down on both sides of her pussy. I moved in for the closeups as she pulled the lips apart showing the pinkness inside.

I couldn't believe Christine was such a hot lady under her quiet exterior. A finger entered the slippery folds and she frigged in and out a couple times as I shot away (with the camera). She rolled over on her belly and stuck her ass up at me.

I snapped a couple more shots of her brown and pink holes as she continued to slide her finger in and out of her pussy. She rolled onto her back and I could see that her eyes were closed.

The pace of her finger had picked up too. I shot away and found once again that I was out of film. As I changed film, I saw that Christine had not noticed my absence (or my presence at that point) and was furiously moving her finger in and out and pulling at her nipples with the other hand, alternating from tit to tit. I got back just in time to capture her face at the moment of climax.

As she came down to earth, I snapped a couple more shots with her hand laying next to her wide open pussy with the juices clearly visible on it. After a couple minutes, she reopened her eyes and looked up at me and blushed slightly.

She had made very little noise during the whole performance (just a occasional whimper and some deep breathing, Christine was definitely not a screamer!). She could plainly see my bulge. She told me she would take care of my problem and thank me properly for the pictures if I promised to respect her relationship with her boyfriend.

She told me that she wouldn't let me fuck her but she would give me a blowjob. She motioned me over to her and reached up for my zipper and lowered it. She reached in my shorts and pulled my cock out. I have an average cock (six and a half inches and a little thicker than some) and she complimented me on it. She guided me back to a seat near the tripod and sat me down, taking the opportunity to lower my pants and shorts.

As I sat, I kicked them completely off. She kneeled down and took my cock in her mouth. It was unbelievable. She sucked gently on the tip and ran it down, a little deeper each time. She pulled it out and licked the underside down to the balls. She engulfed the head and went all the way down to the base. She raised her head to the tip again and started tonguing it while her hand grabbed my base and began to jack it. I reached over and picked up my camera again. I finished out the roll of film taking pictures of her sucking my cock.

After having been as excited as I was for the last hour (it seemed much longer), I didn't have much staying power. I was soon shooting my load down her throat. She was obviously skilled and took the whole load without missing a drop. I sat on the chair totally spent as she gently stroked my cock with her small hands. After I regained my power to speak, I thanked her. Christine made me promise that I would tell no one of our session (any part of it) and reminded me that I had promised her the negatives. She got up and went to the bathroom. By the time she came out (dressed once more in the workout suit), I had put my pants back on and was turning off the lights and cleaning up.

She thanked me again and kissed me lightly before leaving. I went to my friends house on Sunday to develop the film. It took me most the day to do it, but I wanted to get it right. I wanted to be sure that all the pictures came out right because Christine had said that I could keep a set of prints.

I had to do it right the first time as I had promised to return the negatives and would not get a second chance. The results were quite impressive and I did a lot of blowups. Monday, at the office, I told Christine that I had her prints and negatives out in my car (I didn't want to take the chance anyone could get a hold of them in the office).

After work, we walked out to the car and I gave them to her. She thanked me again and I told her that I should be thanking her. I told her anytime she wanted another shoot, To just let me know. Thursday, she came up to me at the office. She said that she had given the pictures to her boyfriend as a birthday present. He (and she) were both impressed with the results.

She admitted that she hadn't given him the pictures of her frigging herself or the ones of her blowing me. She didn't think he could handle that. I still can't believe that this experience happened to me. Not only did I have a great experience, my camera work has improved.

The Photographer, Tale - 2 by Linda Chorlton

After my last adventure, I realised that I wouldn't be happy unless I did some more nude photographs. Christine was still around work but hadn't shown any interest (I was too timid to ask her). I decided that I didn't want to risk approaching anyone at work since I wanted to keep my little hobby a secret. I decided to place an ad in the classified section of our local paper. I kept the ad vague saying that I wanted models for figure and glamour work. I had them respond to a post office box so I could retain my anonymity.

I ran the ad for one week and sat back and waited for the responses to come in. At the end of the week, I went to the post office to see the response. There was only five letters in the box.

One was from what was obviously a hooker. She talked about sex and what she would do to me if I was "generous". I decided that I wasn't that desperate. Another one had included a picture, said that she didn't do nude work but would pose in swimsuits.

I put her aside hoping to find a more likely candidate. The third letter said that she posed for "tastefully" done nudes and that her rate was £200.00 an hour. She included a picture and did not look particularly pretty. I knew I couldn't afford her rates and was beginning to get a little discouraged

. The fourth was from a college student named Angela. She said that she was working her way through school. She said that she had never modeled before but thought she could learn quickly.

Angela wrote that she was 5' 8", 36-24-34 and weighed 135. She also said that she had light blonde hair. Now this was more like it. The fifth letter was from a girl who had done some modeling before. She included a photo and looked quite nice. She had a resume from previous jobs and said that she would like to arrange a time for me to view her portfolio. I got the impression that she was a more serious model than I could afford and might not be willing to do the type photos I wanted. It looked like Angela would be my best bet.

I called her number when I got home. A pleasant female voice answered and I asked for Angela. The girl told me that Angela had gone home for the weekend and would be back Monday. She offered to take a message but I declined promising to call back Monday evening (Angela had classes most of the day I was told). The weekend dragged on and I mapped out my strategy.

By Monday night, I was nervous. I needed to calm down as I wanted to sound professional to allay any fears Angela might have. I called and a different female voice answered. I asked for Angela and she replied that it was her speaking. I told her that she had answered my ad and that I was interested in interviewing her. She dropped her voice and sounded a bit tentative when she asked for the details. I arranged to meet her at a local college hang out to discuss details. I figured that this would give both of us a chance to check each other out and help put her at ease since she would be on her home turf.

I showed up at the appointed time with a small folder of some of my previous work. I had include a couple of the more discreet shots of Christine (my only nude work at that point). Angela showed up late and seemed a bit nervous. I knew that I would have to go slow. She seemed bigger than life (not fat), was well built and had a soft sort of roundness to her curves. I tried to relax her by getting her to talk about herself. She said that she was working her way through school and was having a hard time finding enough work to support herself given the time constraints of her classes. She said that she had a part time waitress job but it didn't cover all her expenses.

She asked what the modelling job paid. I told her that I would pay £100.00 per session and that could increase later on. I said that each session would be about two hours long and that I could work around her schedule. Angela then asked what she had to do. I told her I wanted to shoot some glamour, semi-nudes and nude shots (I gave her the folder to look at). She looked around nervously and lowered her voice and said that she would do it.

We agreed on Thursday evening and I asked her to bring along a swimsuit, a nightgown, and to wear a dress to the session. I planned to take it slow the first night. Angela showed up on time in a maroon dress suit with a white blouse. She seemed tense and nervous. I took her to the basement and gave her a quick tour to show her the bathroom for changing, the dark room (a new addition), and finally the studio. I gave her a glass of wine and told her to let me know at any point in the shoot if she was uncomfortable. I took a couple quick pictures while she finished her wine and told her how lovely she looked. She seemed to relax a bit and I guided her to the set. I could tell I was going to have to talk to her a lot and reassure her (with Christine there had been very little talking).

After about ten minutes of talking her through various poses, I asked her to remove her suit jacket. She tensed momentarily but soon fell back into the rhythm. I soon ran out of film in both cameras (I had gotten a second camera so I wouldn't have to change film as often) and suggested to Angela that she go change into her swimsuit. She nervously trotted off to the bathroom to change. She still hadn't come out when I had finished reloading. I went down the hall and knocked on the door and asked her if she was alright. She nervously replied that she would be out in a minute.

A couple minutes later, she came back into the studio wearing a robe that I had placed in the bathroom for her. I asked her if she was nervous and she admitted that she was a little nervous. I told her how beautiful she looked and that she had nothing to be afraid of. After a couple more minutes of reassuring talk, she took the robe off and started posing again. She was wearing a white one piece suit.

Though it showed her curves well, it was not terribly revealing. She started to relax and I soon had her doing Marilyn Monroe style pin up shots and enjoying it. After I had shot another two rolls of film, I asked her to go change into the nightgown she had brought. She picked up the robe and headed to the bathroom. I reloaded the camera. I knew that I needed to pick up the pace a bit as we were already an hour into the session and I hadn't seen anything you couldn't see on TV. Angela returned wearing the robe again and went straight to the set (a good sign). I asked her how she was enjoying the session and she said that it was fun. I took a couple of shots of her face as we talked to let her know it was time to get back to work. She took the hint and removed the robe.

She was wearing one of those big football jersey that came down below her waist. I guess 20 year old college students haven't had time to learn to appreciate sexy nightwear (such as the nightdress 29 year old Christine had in my first episode). It looked like she was still wearing her bra. Well if I couldn't start at the top,

I could start at the bottom. I moved her around the set and had her lie on her belly. As she got down, I saw that she was wearing plain white panties. After a couple of shots on her belly, I asked her to remove her panties for some semi-nude teasing shots. The moment of truth had arrived. Was she going to chicken out or were we going to start to make some progress. She hesitated a moment and then reached back. She lowered the panties without exposing anything. I asked her to stand in a profile stance.

She rose carefully. I asked her to raise the bottom of the shirt so as to cover her front but give a side view of her thigh and behind. She did so slowly. She had a great behind. I told again how beautiful she was and asked her to turn her head to the camera and give me a big smile. She did so rather self conciously. I told her that she could put her panties back on while I reloaded the camera (only one camera was used up but I could tell she needed a short break). When I returned, she seemed more relaxed. I asked her if she was ready to go on.

She said yes and I requested that she remove the jersey. A look of panic shot through her eyes but she was a trooper. I was right about the bra as after she removed the jersey, she was standing there in just her bra and panties. I tried to relax her as I shot some more poses. Finally, I asked her to unhook her bra. She complied and finally dropped it to the floor. I hadn't realised how well built she was. She had large firm breasts that did not sag (the advantages of youth) topped by large pinkish brown nipples. I posed her in some poses to show off her beauties and to relax her for the final stage.

I had her stand facing away from the camera and asked her to remove her panties. She lowered them to her feet and stepped out of them. She had a beautiful round behind. After a few shots, I had her turn around. Her pussy was covered by a thick growth of light gold pubic hair. I had her pose in a couple of different poses and finally had her recline on the set. I knew time was growing short so I decided not to push her any further for this session. Angela put the robe on and went to the bathroom to dress. When she came out, I paid her in cash and threw in a little bonus as an encouragement.

Her eyes lit up as she counted the money. I asked her if she wanted to do another session. She did not hesitate at all as she replied in the affirmative. I told her that I would call her next week (it was too expensive a deal to do too often). I waited a week before calling Angela to set up a second session. She sounded genuinely glad to hear from me again and told me that she had been scared that her hesitant performance might have turned me off her. I reassured her that it had not and that I was looking forward to the next session.

We set up a time for Monday evening. I did tell her that I hoped to move a little quicker this time. I also suggested that she might want to trim her pubic hair. She said that she would do what she could. I also asked her her size so that I could pick up a couple things for her to wear. Angela showed up Monday night in a sweater and jeans. As it was autumn, she was wearing a couple of layers underneath and looked every bit the typical college student. I asked her to go to the bathroom and remove the bra but leave the rest on as I wanted to start with some cleavage shots. We quickly got to work and I had her unbutton a couple buttons on the blouse under the sweater. I had her lean over and shot a couple of shots down her front. I asked her to remove the blouse altogether but to leave the sweater on.

When she returned from the bathroom, I shot a couple more cleavage shots. Her nipples looked so cute peaking through the tight sweater. I decided it was time to try out some of the things I had bought her. I gave her a tiny red string bikini and asked her to change into it. She laughed when she saw the size of it. Apparently the first session had succeeded in getting her over her shyness. She came down the hall wearing just the bikini (she hadn't bothered with the robe). As well-built as she was, the little pieces of fabric barely concealed her charms. She pirouetted to show off the suit (she was really getting into it) and we went right to work.

Red was a good choice for her. Unfortunately, as it was autumn (and she had never worn this bathing suit in her life) the light bit of tan she had remaining clashed with the white skin exposed by the suit. I could see pubic hair coming out the leg openings of the tight bottom and wondered how good of job she had done trimming the hair. I told her that she could keep the suit as long as she brought it along when ever I asked for it. She thanked me but said that she didn't know if she had the guts to wear it in public. After both cameras were empty for the first time, I went to my little bag and pulled out a sheer white teddie (very similar to the one Christine had worn).

I also had bought her white stockings and a suspender belt to show off Angela's nice long legs. She went down the hall to change while I reloaded the cameras. We were only twenty minutes into the session and making good progress. Angela took a little longer (she told me she had to figure out how to use suspenders) but returned wearing the robe. She quickly shed it when she reached the set though and laid down. The teddie was translucent and showed her body well. After about a half roll of film, I had her remove the teddy top and strike some more poses. When the first camera ran out of film, I asked her to remove the panties.

I could tell that Angela had not done much of a job trimming her pubic hair. After a couple shots, I told her it was time to do some spreads (we hadn't done anything that risky the first night).

I had her spread her knees apart and started to shoot. I stopped and said to her that I was disappointed that she hadn't done a better job trimming the pubic hair. She blushed and apologised. I decided it was time to take a chance.

I told her that she would be of little use for me looking like that and that we might as well stop now. Of course I can't pay you for an entire session. She looked downcast and explained that she really didn't know what I wanted it to look like.

I told her that I would help her out and we could take care of it now and continue on with the session. She seemed hesitant but with Christmas just around the corner, I knew she had the financial incentive. She agreed and I went to the bathroom for some scissors, a razor, baby oil, shaving cream and a towel. I was about to live out another one of my fantasies.

When I returned to the set, I told her that this little operation would make a good series. So I set her up and took a few "before" pictures

. I laid the towel under her and reached for the scissors. I told her I wanted to trim her bush to a small rectangle just above her pussy lips which I wanted to shave bald.

I told her that this would help when she wore the red bikini. She just nodded and laid back. I start to clip the hair starting at the top and working down to her pussy. I roughed it into the shape I wanted and then headed down to the lips.

I snapped a few more pictures and started trimming the hair around the lips. I was extremely careful as I didn't want to cut her down there. I couldn't believe I was actually getting to do this.

I let my hand brush against her cunt. It was time to get the razor out. I noticed that Angela was being very still and had closed her eyes. I shook the shaving cream can and squirted it above her pussy. She shuddered, but maybe it was cold, not a sexed up thrill. I took my hands and spread it around the lips down to her anus. I took the razor and started at the top. The rectangle began to take shape.

Then I worked back down to the lips. I had to put a finger inside her cunt to hold the lips so I wouldn't nick her. I heard her inhale deeply as I did so. I worked that finger around cunt as I cleared the remaining hair around her pussy. I worked down to her anus but left the one finger in her cunt and worked down a little deeper. I reluctantly removed the finger and took a couple more pictures.

Then I took the towel and cleaned up the remaining shaving cream from her pussy. I must admit, I thought I had done quite well. A quick couple of picture and then I broke out the baby oil. I told her that it would help sooth the newly shaved skin. I smoothed it in and pushed one finger back in the pussy.

Not meeting any resistance. I poured some more oil around her cunt and added a second finger to the first. I started moving them in and out, not making any pretence that I was soothing her skin.

Her breathing picked up and her beautiful breasts were heaving. She started a slow whimper that started rising in volume. Finally, she came (I could feel the release of more juices even with the baby oil) letting out a loud squeal. I slowed the pace of my fingers and start stroking the outside of her pussy.

She opened her eyes and looked around the room as though she were trying to regain her bearing. I took a couple more shots and grabbed a mirror. I asked her if she wanted to look and held the mirror between her legs.

She raised up and looked down at the mirror. Her eyes widened and she said that it looked "neat". She tentatively reached down and ran her hand through the hair. There was only one other thing that I wanted to accomplish during that session.

I reloaded the cameras as Angela continued to admire my handy work. I reached back into the bag and pulled out a dildo that I bought for the occasion. After what Angela had just gone through, I hoped she was ready to try some herself. So far, she had mostly been passive. I walked back to the set and put the dildo down near Angela's leg.

She looked up and put the mirror down when she saw the dildo. It was fairly large (8" X 4.5") and pink. I talked calmly to her and asked her if she was ready to do some more shots.

She looked apprehensive but nodded her head. I took the baby oil and spread it on the dildo. I handed it to her and she took it tentatively. I went back to my camera and started shooting pictures. At first, she just slid it around her newly cleared pussy.

She finally put the tip to her lips and started to slowly insert it. After she had put in about three inches, she removed it and ran it around her pussy again. Then she inserted again a little more forcefully. After she had about five inches, she started to stroke it slowing in and out. After about three strokes, the low moaning started again.

She was pushing more and more of it in with each stroke. The level of noise began to rise as the pace of the stroking increased. It looked like she was getting at least seven inches of the dildo in. With a loud shriek she pushed the whole thing in and left it there. She must have been coming again. Then she reopened her eyes and looked at me and she blushed. She removed the dildo and let it fall to the floor. I had finished both rolls of film so I told her that she had done a great job. She reached over and grabbed the robe and put it on.

After she returned from dressing, I paid her and showed her some of the pictures from the previous shoot. I made some small talk and asked if she would be interested in doing another shoot soon.

She said that she would check her schedule but thought she could do it the next week. I asked her if she knew anyone else who might be interested in modeling. She hesitated. I reassured her that I still wanted to use her as a model.

She said that one of her roommates might be interested.

She said that she would check. Hopefully, I'll have something more to write about soon.

The Photographer, Tale 3

Christine's Return

I was at my desk when Christine came to see me. She asked if I'd like to do another photo session on Saturday. Not being a fool, I quickly agreed. I called and cancelled a shoot with Angela Wednesday night. It was getting to expensive to have her come in every week. Since I had a "free" model in Christine, I decided she could wait awhile. Angela sounded disappointed but I told her I would call her the following week and reschedule.

Saturday could not come fast enough. Christine showed up wearing a red and white striped blouse and blue jeans. I took her to the basement to see the improvements I had made since her last visit. She seemed impressed by the dark room. As we were making small talk, I asked her how her boyfriend was enjoying his pictures. She said that he had discovered some of the pictures of her giving me the blowjob (She had only given him the more discreet nudes). He had blown his top and now they were history.

She didn't seem particularly upset about it. I suggested that we might want to get started. Christine excused herself and took her bag to the bathroom. I was looking forward to whatever surprises that bag might contain. I wasn't disappointed. Christine came into the studio dressed in a red see- through negligee. It had been over two months since our first session and I forgot how breathtaking her beauty was. Her small breasts, topped by tiny brown nipples showed clearly through the negligee. She had red trainers and a matching red suspender belt and stocking set on. We quickly went to work.

Christine exhibited no shyness and soon the negligee had been removed. She posed in the red stockings and suspenders. She said that she wanted a break and retreated to the bathroom. She didn't even bother with a robe, her naked ass cheeks holding my full attention as she walked down the hall. Christine returned, still wearing the red stockings and suspender belt. She paused to sip her wine.

She picked up one of the photo albums I was working on. This particular one had pictures from my sessions with Angela. Her eyes nearly bugged out. She insisted on viewing all the pictures. She complimented me on my finding such a good looking woman to pose. When she saw the pictures of Angela using a dildo, she asked if I still had one.

I pulled out the dildo and she took it and returned to the set. Soon I was shooting pictures of her sliding the plastic toy in and out of her pink slit.

After about ten minutes of masturbating with the dildo, Christine looked up at me and told me she would rather have the real thing. I took that as an invitation and joined her on the set. Now that her boyfriend was gone, I was going to have my opportunity. His loss would be my gain.

She helped me lower my pants and remove my shirt. We kissed and her tongue entered my mouth. Her hand encircled my already erect manhood. My mouth engulfed her nipple, biting and licking first one, then the other. I tongued my way down her flat belly. She was already quite moist when my tongue entered her pussy.

A noise escaped from deep in her throat. She spread her legs farther to allow me better access. I sucked her clit lightly between my teeth and she pushed her mound into my face. Her taste was intoxicating, her pink rim was heavenly.

Christine reached for my cock and pulled on it. When I lifted my head, she said she wanted it now. She rolled over on her stomach and lifted her ass high in the air. I stepped up behind her and slid the head of my cock against her slit.

She yelled at me not to tease as she pushed back against me. I slid the head in and pushed. I was soon in her to the hilt. She started to push back against me and started a rhythm. I stroked to meet her thrusts and soon we were in sync. I soon reached the point of no return. I felt her muscles tightening against me as I shot my jizm deep into her. We laid there, joined at the waist, for several minutes.

I reluctantly pulled out and Christine rolled over on her back. She smiled up at me and told me to take some pictures. I reached for my camera and captured her sweaty cum filled form. A little of the sperm was visible leaking out her pussy lips. She grabbed the dildo and put it against her cunt. It composed a pictures of her beautiful pussy, leaking sperm that had apparently come from a plastic dildo.

Christine asked me to arrange to see a photo shoot with Angela. I didn't know how Angela might react to the idea but Christine suggested that I introduce her as my assistant. She said she would help load the film and move the lights. I told Christine about the shoot I had scheduled for Wednesday.

She said that she would come early to help me get ready. Christine said that she needed to clean up. She invited me to join her in the shower. I soaped her up and she returned the favour. She dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth. She was very skilled and I soon had another erection.

The hot water was running out and I suggested we adjourn to a place where we could be more comfortable. We went to my bedroom. I asked her to sit on my face as I love face-sitting as a precursor to sex, so much better than feeble groping at a pussy. I went towards the bedand soon found myself on my back in bed, looking up at her incredible pussy. She lowered it to my outstretched tongue.

As she rolled on my face, she asked me about Angela. Since I could do little more than grunt (besides, its impolite to talk with your mouth full), she lifted off my face. She slid down my stomach and lowered her pussy on my rigid pole. I told her the details of the shoots I had with Angela.

We were going at a much slower, less frantic pace than before. Christine seemed particularly interested in my trimming of Angela's pussy (Christine already kept her bush trimmed but left hair outlining her pussy).

She said that she might let me do it to her someday. She had been picking the pace up slightly. She seemed to reach and orgasm and stopped. I still hadn't shot my cumload. She pulled off me and lowered her head to my belly. Her mouth engulfed my rampant, waving cock. Soon she had me shooting down her throat. She dressed and thanked me.

She said that it was always exciting to come and visit me. She told me that her ex-boyfriend had less of an appetite then she did and tended to be boring in bed. She kissed me at the door as she left. At work on Monday, I invited her out to lunch. I found that she was a fascinating person of many different dimensions. We shared more in common than our lusts. It scared me because I realised I could really fall hard for her.

She had made it clear to me that she was just looking for a little fun and was not looking for a serious relationship so soon. Also, I doubted that she would ever be interested in me as I am sort of plain and have six years on her. In contrast, she is the epitome of class and grace and could have her choice of men.

If I hadn't discovered her weakness for exhibitionism, I doubt that she would even give me more than the time of day. Christine invited me out to lunch on Wednesday. She said that she was so excited about the upcoming shoot. She even took my hand under the table and slid it under her dress. I let my hand slid up her thigh and under her panties. Her cunt lips were indeed wet. She pulled my hand out before I could do much more than grope her and said that I would have to wait till later.

That evening, Christine showed up at seven. We set the lights up and got the equipment ready. I instructed her in changing film and handling the equipment. I had asked Christine to dress conservatively so as not to intimidate Angela. She had worn blue jeans and a sweater. I found a hat and had her put it on so as to make it harder for Angela to recognize her from the photos I had shown her in the first interview.

The door bell sounded and I told her to wait for us. I was a little worried about how Angela might feel about the presence of another woman. I had not called her in advance, fearing a negative reaction. I took her coat and explained that I had an assistant to help for the evening. She looked at me nervously.

As we entered the studio, she actually seemed relieved to see that the assistant was a woman. I explained that Christine was just learning to be a photographer and had offered to help for some pointers. I told Angela, that if it was alright with her, she would help out and even take some pictures. Angela agreed and went to the bathroom to get changed. I had set out the white teddie for Angela to wear.

She came back wearing the robe. I asked Christine for some light levels checks,and then asked Angela to remove the robe. I took some pictures and spied Christine out of the corner of my eye. She was staring at Angela and I could tell she was excited.

I had Angela remove the top half of the nightgown and had Christine step forward and take it from her. Christine got a close up view of Angela's large tits.

I took a shot and stopped. I asked Christine to get some makeup to use some pink rouge to highlight Angela's nipples. Her hand shook as she used the brush to apply the make-up. Angela's nipple hardened in response to the light touch. We shot some more film and I had Angela remove her panties. I was glad to see that she had been keeping the hair around her pussy trimmed.

I told Christine to change the film in a camera. When she returned, I asked her if she wanted to take some shots

. I sat back and watched Christine pose Angela every which way. Christine moved in for close ups and placed her hands on Angela, moving her to the pose she wanted (I had refrained from much touching in posing the girls as I didn't want to scare them off). Christine asked me to get the dildo. I saw Angela blush at the mention of the toy. I handed it to her and she hesitantly started to use it. Christine reached down between Angela's spread legs, telling her she was doing it all wrong. Christine took the plastic dildo and shoved it fully in Angela's cunt. Angela let out a gasp.

Christine stroked her fingers over Angela's pussy as she replaced Angela's hand on the dildo. Christine returned to the camera and took some more pictures. I suggested a break. Angela put the robe on and we sat and drank some wine. Christine asked Angela how she liked posing and Angela replied that she found it exciting. Christine said she might like to try it some day and Angela said that she should. Having set the trap, Christine asked me if she could pose too. I told her that would be a great idea.

Angela looked nervously at me, like she wanted to leave. Christine moved to the center of the set and pulled her sweater off. She dropped her pants and kicked off hers shoes. She asked Angela if this was how to do it as she mugged for the camera. Her white bra and panties soon joined the pile of clothes on the floor. I looked over to see how Angela was taking the show Christine was putting on.

Christine said that she was having fun and could see why Angela enjoyed it. I suggested that Angela join Christine for some pictures together. I pointed out the contrasts between them (blonde vs. brunette, big breasts vs. flat chested) would make them good subject matters together.

Angela removed the robe and joined Christine naked on the set. At first I had them pose in pretty tame poses. At one point. I had them stand back to back, their asses against one another. I had Christine stand behind Angela and fondle her breasts. Angela looked hesitantly at me but allowed Christine to do it. She even closed her eyes as Christine fingers worked on her nipples. Christine was fascinated by Angela's big breasts.

At this point, Christine decided to take over and reached for the plastic dildo. She slid it into Angela's pussy. Angela moaned and Christine worked the pink toy in and out of her. She grabbed at Angela's big breasts. Angela was getting quite vocal. Christine guided Angela to lay down on her back. She pulled the dildo from Angela's pussy and soon her face had replaced it. Angela shook her head back and forth, her hands intertwined in Christine's hair.

She shouted that she was cumming. Christine slowed her pace and then kissed her way up Angela's stomach. She spent a good deal of time on each tit. Finally, she reached Angela's mouth. Angela hesitated, I don't know if she was reluctant because as she later told us, that she had never been with a woman before, or, that Christine's face was covered with her own fanny juices. Now that Christine had joined the shoot, I had to change the film in my cameras myself. I returned to find the girls sixty-nining.

Christine was on top with Angela underneath with her face buried in hairy minge. I wondered if they even knew I had left the action. I shot away, shooting close- ups of first one girl with her face in the pussy of the other, and then the other one. I saw Christine tense like she did when she came, then she returned to tonguing Angela's cunt. Five minutes later, Angela was moaning loudly once again and had stopped sucking Christine. Christine pulled her head up and asked me to fuck her.

I quickly dropped the camera and my pants and came up behind her. She had lowered her head back and was kissing Angela's pussy furiously. I entered Christine's very wet cunt, my balls hanging down in Angela's face. Angela tongued them occasionally but was too caught up in her own pleasure. I leaned over Christine's and watched her sucking Angela's cunt. I was getting close and so was Christine.

Angela was already cumming loudly. Christine pulled her face from between her thighs and told me to pull out and come over Angela's face. I didn't have time to ask Angela and I'm not sure she was in any state to answer. I pulled out of Christine's tight cunt.

She quickly spun around as I started to shoot all over Angela's face and chest. Christine was licking the sperm up before I had even stopped spurting. Christine continued to lick Angela's face and chest while I caught my breath. Christine took the plastic dildo in her hand and pushed in Angela's pussy. Angela was soon moaning again.

Christine pulled the dildo from Angela's cunt. Angela looked up to Christine disappointed and moaned "please fuck me". Christine slid two fingers in and stroked them in and out. She pulled me to her side and replaced her hand with mine. Her cunt felt so tight. I removed my left hand and replaced it with my right. I sucked the juices off my left hand.

She tasted marvelous. Christine had moved over Angela's head and was lowering her pussy on her face. I heard Christine tell Angela that she hoped that she would do a better job of concentrating on sucking than she had done before. I decided to make the job more difficult for Angela so I lowered my head down to her beautiful shaven pussy. I sucked her slowly and patiently, not wanting to deny Christine her dues.

Angela tasted sweet and her pussy already was a swamp of juices from the earlier workout. I heard Angela start moaning and slowed the pace even more. I could tell Christine was enjoying her ride on Angela's face. She shook and I was fairly certain that Christine had cum. I decided it was time to forgo courtesy and dived in full force. Angela was soon moaning loudly, still trying to work on Christine's cunt. I rose up and entered Angela swiftly.

She was extremely tight but also extremely ready. I stroked my cock in her and she moaned louder. We fucked furiously for ten minutes before I could not hold back any longer. I came deep in her pussy. After I withdrew, Christine dived onto Angela's cunt and licked her clean.

She then did the same for my cock. We took a breather and I poured drinks for everyone. Angela confessed that this was her first experience with a women and the first time with more than one partner. Christine admitted that she had previous lesbian experiences with a roommate in college but hadn't done anything in the past six years. She told Angela about her previous modeling for me and we showed her some of the pictures. Angela said that she had really enjoyed the experience but was ready to go home.

She dressed and I saw her to the door. She reluctantly took the money, only after I convinced her that it was for her modeling. She said she did not want to become a prostitute. I asked her if she would consider posing for us again. She said that she had a lot of things to think about but that she might. I found Christine in the shower when I returned to the basement. I decided to give her a little time to herself and proceeded to turn the lights in the studio off and put away my equipment. I was just finishing unloading the film from the last camera when Christine emerged from the bathroom wearing the robe.

She kissed me and asked me if it was alright for her to stay over (she had brought clothes for work). I certainly wouldn't turn down such a fine offer. We adjourned to the upstairs and I made us a light snack.

We talked for hours. I was really feeling close to her and think that she was feeling the same way. Reluctantly, we retired to the bedroom. We made slow passionate love, unlike the mad animal-like way we had done before. It was the first time we used the missionary position.

It was very intimate and tender. Afterwards, we dozed off. The alarm sounded very early in the morning (considering the late hour we had been up to). It was nice to awake to the sight of Christine draped naked over me. Unfortunately, work awaited us that morning so there was no time for other things. We dressed and headed off to work.

Christine went into work and I waited a discreet time before following her.

We have seen each other many times since, but Angela left college, to look after her infirm brother, way down south. That was the end of my first "freezer".


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