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Nipple piercing

Written by Connie (August 2000)

Quite a lot of your fantasies began to center around having your nipples pierced because of the fantasies your husband would tell you about when you made love.
You secretly wanted to make love to another woman - it had been years since you had done that back in college and it was so exciting - so taboo - so romantic that you longed for it greatly.

The more you thought about it, the more you wanted to have another lesbian affair, and you wondered if your husband would really arrange for it and allow you that pleasure if you really did get your nipples pierced.

During the times your husband was away on business, you would masturbate and think of getting pierced. Your strongest fantasy involved being pierced "against your will" while in various bound positions.
Subconsciously, perhaps you thought this would allow you to become the lesbian bitch you've always wanted to be without asking for it.

You finally decided that you would get your nipples pierced the very next time your husband went away on business, but you had the problem of finding someone to do it.
Lacking a reliable and safe person to do the piercing, you wondered what you should do. Then, just as fate sometimes gives us a push, you met a woman named Lisa, who was a friend of a girl that does your nails at the salon.

She had come by to visit your nail tech one day, and you just began to chat. She was a very sexy lady, maybe a little younger than you, who seemed very self confident.
While talking to her you noticed an odd shape under her shirt at the end of each breast.

Well, she immediately realized what you were looking at and matter-of-factly explained to you in hushed tones that she had both of her nipples pierced several months ago.
Lisa had gone to a local person that she highly recommended - his name was Steve. Lisa also shared with you that she was bisexual and asked you what you liked. You just blushed. You both went to the back of the salon to the ladies room and Lisa showed you her nipples.

At the base of each nipple there hung a heavy gold ring. Lisa explained that when her Mistress had pierced her, she had used permanent rings that had been glued together. She said she found the thought of never being able to remove her nipple rings for the rest of her days very exciting.

She said her Mistress would use the rings while training her to be her love slave. Lisa said her Mistress would pull on her tits with chains connected to the rings, and attach heavy weights to each ring as a form of punishment.

Sometimes she would have her tits joined together by the rings with a sexy gold lock for the whole night. She explained that her most intense punishment was when her Mistress would chain her to the floor by her nipple rings and then make her rise up to lick her cunt.

She was always chained just inches from her Mistress' soaking pussy, and if she couldn't reach her with her tongue, she would be whipped on the ass.
To avoid the beatings, Lisa would get up on her hands and knees, exactly like a bitch in heat, and have to pull away from the floor, fully extending her tongue.

The chains would pull miserably at her sweet nipples, but she loved the pain and the reward of licking cunt. Lisa let you touch her nipples and rings, and you found them (and her) to be very erotic.

When you pointed out that she was very matter-of-fact about this with someone she hardly knew she confessed that it was because she was attracted to you. And thus began a very interesting friendship.

Lisa arranged for you to meet her friend, Steve to discuss your desire to have your nipples pierced before your husband came back to town. The next night you met Lisa and she took you over to Steve's house. Steve was a good-looking black man in his mid thirties who you could quickly tell knew how to please a woman, especially a horny white woman in her mid forties, with sex on her mind.

Over drinks later that evening, Steve and Lisa helped you decide what you wanted to do about getting your nipples pierced. You decided that you wanted 14 gauge rings - nice thick ones - the same as Lisa had. And you wanted the rings to be permanent - you didn't want to turn back. You knew that after you had been pierced that people would notice your nipples, depending on what you wore, but that was exactly what you longed for.

You also decided that you wanted to enact your fantasies and have it done "forcibly". The fear that the pain would be more than you could deal with was your main concern but you also found this to be very exciting.

Steve agreed to pierce your nipples the next night, and invited you to come back with Lisa in your sexiest outfit. After a great deal of thought, you asked that nothing be used to dull the pain except ice (which was recommended by Lisa). The next morning, as you showered to get ready for work, you ran your hands over your nipples and thought about what lay in store for you later in the evening. Just touching your nipples gave you the most exciting orgasm - you held your breath as you shuddered with excitement.

All through the day, you found yourself feeling very scared at times and excited at others. It took a great deal of will to keep from backing out of the arrangement. After work, you shaved your legs, took a long bath, and then got all dolled up. You met Lisa in your sexy leather miniskirt and a sheer white blouse. You both then drove to Steve's house. Initially, all three of you just sat in the living room and talked for a while about the fantasy part of what you wanted.

After you had relaxed somewhat Lisa and Steve took you down to the basement where you found a large wooden X - frame waiting for you. Lisa sexily began to remove your clothes while Steve began to undress in front of you.

As you were being strapped to the X - frame you found yourself becoming frightened once again but also becoming very excited and very wet. When you was securely bound, Lisa removed her clothes and began to explore and fondle every inch of your helpless body.

Not wanting to miss out on a good thing, Steve joined her and soon they were playing with your breasts, biting your nipples and stroking and licking your pussy. After a short while it became obvious that they weren't going to let you cum no matter how much you begged them.

Lisa declared that you were much too noisy. She then removed her panties, rubbed them up and down her glistening slit, and then stuffed them in your mouth.
She then stepped around behind you and fastened the gag with one of her stockings. You just let out a muffled moan.

While Steve went back upstairs Lisa proceeded to clean your right nipple and the surrounding area with alcohol and then tied a piece of dental floss very tightly around the base of your nipple (which by now was extremely hard). She explained this would cut off the blood circulation to your nipple and make the piercing easier for you.

Steve soon returned with several needles, the nipple rings you had selected, and a bowel of ice. While he prepared these Lisa went behind you again and soon you felt a vibrator working on your pussy from behind. After a few moments, this was joined by another one working on your ass.

It was quite frustrating being virtually unable to move your body but you gave it your best effort and succeeded in thrashing your hips back and forth a little. Steve took two ice cubes and applied them to the sides of your right nipple for a little while. He just smiled at you and sexily ran his tongue over his lips.

After a moment, he put the ice cubes away and picked up a very serious looking needle. He quickly unwound the dental floss from around the base of your nipple and then roughly grasped your swollen teat with his thumb and forefinger. Steve then expertly pulled your nipple away from your body and positioned the needle along side the back of the nipple.

At this point you decided you didn't want to see the rest so you closed your eyes, held your breath and waited for what you knew was coming and were helpless to stop. You didn't have long to wait but even though you were ready for it you were caught off guard when Lisa suddenly forced a vibrator up your ass a moment before Steve pushed the needle through your nipple.

The pain was unlike anything you had imagined and as it spread from your nipple to your breast and through the rest of your body you screamed into the gag and struggled in vain against your bonds.

The pain felt as though it spread over every inch of your body but the worst of it subsided very quickly and you found yourself on the brink of an earthshaking orgasm which gave you another reason to scream. During your orgasm you opened your eyes and looked at your right nipple.

The thick needle was sticking completely through your soft tender meat. Steve had done a perfect piercing and as he let your breast hang naturally down, you saw that the needle was exactly horizontal.

Steve gently kissed your lips, softly bit and then pulled away from your lower lip, and asked if you were ready to continue. You whispered through your gag, '"yes" as you continued to stare at your nipple. You watched with excitement as Steve slowly pulled the thick needle completely through your nipple, expanding the hole with the needle's thickness.

Little by little, as he removed the needle, he threaded your first nipple ring into the aperture that had been created. You moaned as you watched your soft tender skin being stretched as you became permanently pierced. The pain you felt was mixed with excitement, and humiliation and realized you were about to have another orgasm. Lisa smiled a wicked smile as she handed Steve the liquid metal glue that would permanently join both ends of the ring.

Steve looked you in the eyes, seeking approval to permanently fix both ends of the ring. Knowing that from now on, people would be able to see your rings through the sheer blouses you wanted to wear, you trembled with excitement.

You just shyly nodded yes to Steve, and looked down at your breast. Steve then joined the two ends together, forever encircling and penetrating your sexy nipple. Lisa and Steve gave you a few moments to calm down and adjust to the sight of the new sexy gold ring through your right nipple then they proceeded to do your left nipple the same way.

This time you were determined to watch the needle pass through your nipple so you kept your eyes open and didn't allow yourself to be caught off guard when Lisa inserted the vibrator into your ass. It was so exciting despite the pain. You watched as you voluntarily gave your sex to this stranger, and he pierced you so everyone would see that your nipples were to be used, as your Mistress or master would see fit.

This time the pain was joined by a rapid series of orgasms that left you drained as you watched the needle being replaced by the other nipple ring. Lisa then removed your gag but left you tied to the X - frame while both she and Steve went back upstairs.

The pain in your nipples had subsided to a dull ache when Lisa returned about 10 minutes later. When she picked up a vibrator and began fucking you while gently stroking and licking your clit, your nipples grew harder and began to throb with renewed vigor.

None of your begging was able to convince her to stop or to let you cum. By the time Steve returned you were screaming and thrashing around quite seriously so they untied you and put heavy leather cuffs on your wrists which they then attached to an overhead bar. With a wicked grin Lisa raised the bar until your toes just touched the basement floor.

Then Lisa went to Steve and removed his underwear. His cock sprang out and you were amazed at both his length and girth. Lisa dropped to her knees and pulled his thick foreskin back with her sexy red fingernails.

Then she took Steve's sexy cock into her mouth and began to lick and suck him in a way that was sexier than anything you had ever seen. Once this young black stud was completely hard, Lisa stopped licking and he stepped up behind where you were hanging.

You felt his hard cock against the crack of your ass as he reached around you to fondle your pussy. You could feel heat coming from it. As he played with your pussy, Lisa stepped up to you and gently licked each of your throbbing nipples.

Then Lisa spread your legs and you felt Steve's cock head rub up and down your slit from the rear. He gently lifted you up, and then lowered you back down. You gasped as you slowly descended onto his pole for the first time.

As his cock head pushed past your labia, Lisa knelt in front of you and began to suck on your clit. You gasped as you felt inch after inch of your lover's thick black pole impale you.

After a moment, he was completely inside you. Then Steve let go of your hips so all of your weight was on his cock. Your toes were now off the floor and you hung only from your hands, riding on Steve's cock completely. Steve took his hands away from your hips and reached around in front of you and cupped each of your breasts.

A shudder ran through your body as you watched him gently flick his thumbs over your nipples. Then he grabbed each ring and gently pulled away. You exploded, bathing his beautiful cock that was buried deep in your womb with your love juice. Lisa hungrily lapped up the juices that began to drip down your thighs.

You were panting heavily as you asked Steve to fuck you. His hands moved from your breasts to your hips and he began to slowly pump into you from behind. Despite the pain from your nipples, and the fact that you were hanging just barely on your tiptoes, you pushed back to meet each thrust. Steve gave you many gut-wracking orgasms as he pounded your pussy.

Finally, you felt him increase his rhythm, and his cock became even stiffer, if that was possible. You tightened your pussy with all of your remaining energy as you eagerly got ready for your black lover to plant his manly seed inside you for the first time. You moaned with pleasure as you milked his thick black meat with your cunt, wanting every ounce of his hot white sperm in your belly.

Tears were running down your checks as you felt him withdraw. Lisa got up from her kneeling position and gave you a sexy French kiss. She smiled at you and brushed her hand across your face and told you she was proud of you. Then you felt Steve kiss you on the nape of the neck as he thanked you for letting him fuck you. He told you he really enjoyed using you and that you were a good fuck.

They left you hanging there to watch as Steve draped Lisa over a whipping bench, entered her from behind and thoroughly fucked her.

Afterward, they took you down and back upstairs where Lisa helped you dress. She handed you a bra with nipple cutouts so your piercings would not get irritated while they healed.
After putting your bra and blouse on, you looked in the mirror. Both nipples were very erect, and your new rings were very obvious.

Lisa just smiled and gave you a slight kiss on the cheek.
"Now's not the time to be shy, lover," she said. "You've wanted people to see that for a long time, haven't you?"
You just meekly nodded yes, and let her embrace you.

She gave you a tender hug and suggested she drive you home and put you to bed. Lisa asked when your husband would return to town and offered to spend the next few days with you.

She would help you care for your piercings as they healed. She explained it would be about 3-4 weeks until your nipples could endure any serious play and then your training would begin in earnest. As you both got in bed together for the first time, you wondered how your husband would react when he returned home.

You didn't know for sure - he had always encouraged you to get pierced, and you knew he wouldn't be jealous about another woman. You knew you were about to begin a new and exciting relationship with a very sexy woman - one where you were completely submissive and she was always dominant.

It was scary and exciting at the same time. And that is what you longed for. As you embraced and Lisa pushed your head down between her soft thighs for the first time, you felt her run her hands over your breasts.

She was very careful about touching your nipples, and as she ran her fingers in small circles around your tits, you thought of your black lover's cum inside your cunt.

Smiling, you began to eat your new Mistress, feeling more sexually gratified than ever.

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